Gabby Giffords wants to ban the Silencerco Maxim 50
courtesy SilencerCo
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Gabby’s group can always find something to ban…and use to raise more cash . . . Gun reformers search for the next bump stock

On Wednesday, the gun-violence prevention group founded by former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) will release a report detailing nine products — all commercially available under current federal law — the advocates say are designed specifically to circumvent long-established gun checks and therefore pose a threat to public safety. …

The products singled out by the group are a combination of obscure accessories and military-style firearms that, like bump stocks, are hardly household names. They include binary triggers, which modify firearms so one round is fired with the pull of the trigger, and another upon the trigger’s release; trigger cranks, which allow shooters to fire more rapidly with the turn of a handle; and incendiary rounds, which ignite when they hit a target.

The list also features modern AR- and AK-style pistols, which can be concealed like handguns but have the firepower of rifles, and .50-caliber rifles, which can fire rounds accurately for a mile and retain the punch to pass through a house.

Also listed in the report: pistol arm braces designed to help disabled people shoot safely and muzzleloaders, but especially the SilencerCo Maxim 50. Oh, and note the use of the term of art, “gun reformers.”

Rancho Tehama police knew Kevin Neal had guns (courtesy AP)

Of course they did . . . Police knew ‘madman’ had guns before killing rampage

At a tense news conference, police conceded that neighbors had repeatedly complained about Kevin Neal firing hundreds of rounds from his house among other erratic and violent behavior.

Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston said authorities responded to neighbors’ calls several times, but the 44-year-old Neal wouldn’t open the door, so they left.

“He was not law enforcement friendly. He would not come to the door,” Johnston said. “You have to understand we can’t anticipate what people are going to do. We don’t have a crystal ball.”

They knew he’d been charged with felonies. And they knew about the restraining order.

Retired Brevard County State Assistant State Attorney Gary Beatty

There are no simple solutions . . . Why mental health test for gun ownership is a slippery slope

During my 30 years as a prosecutor I encountered many cases where a defendant’s mental status was an issue. I both utilized and challenged, “mental health experts” from throughout the country.

You can hire an accredited “mental health expert” to testify under oath to any conclusion you need. There are few objective criteria about “mental” health. Conclusions backed up by objective standards on which “experts” on both sides agree are rare. Ultimately a jury of lay persons decides whom to trust.  Feedback I’ve gotten from many jurors is they disregard the “psycho-babble” from all the experts.

Then there is the problem of biased experts. I’ve gotten some to admit their opposition to the death penalty leads them to “always find a mental deficiency” that would preclude imposition of a death sentence. Outcome-determinative bias is likely in experts who personally advocate gun control.

Eric Holder wasn't interested in prosecuting prohibited persons who tried to buy guns. (courtesy Daily Caller and Getty)

Because talk is cheap and action costs time and money . . . Obama Rarely Prosecuted Criminals Who Sought To Buy Guns Illegally

Daniel D. Roberts, who in 2009 was named Assistant Director of the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division, confirmed that more than 100,000 criminals each year attempt to buy guns even though they have rap sheets.

“When I was there, it was running around 100,000 a year of firearm purchasers that tried to go through to buy guns. I think it’s more than 100,000 now,” he told TheDCNF in an interview. “That should trigger a referral to the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) for investigation for lying on the forms.”

Two of every 10 gun denials referred to the ATF was sent to field offices for prosecution, a Justice Department report by the Bureau of Justice Statistics in 2013 and 2014  found. Eight of ten never faced prosecution, according to the report.

The Washington Post discovers straw purchases are a thing.

Note to Washington Post: straw purchases are already illegal . . . One illegal gun. 12 weeks. A dozen criminal acts. The rapid cycle of gun violence.

Six days after the Glock was purchased on Aug. 4, 2014, it was used in a gun battle that wounded six at a birthday barbecue a few blocks from Nationals Park.

It was fired three days later at a woman driving along a District highway listening to R&B, a victim who happened to be an off-duty D.C. police officer headed home from a nightclub. She kicked off her Louboutin heels and punched the gas pedal trying to catch the shooters.

The same night and less than two miles away, the Glock was fired again at a man stopped at a traffic light in a hulking Yukon Denali. In a coincidence, he, too, was a cop and a random target, in plain clothes and driving into the District to testify in a murder trial.

Oh look…another good guy with a gun stops a serious crime . . . ‘Hero’ pulls gun to stop woman from being raped on Austin trail

An Austin man takes his weekly trail run armed with a flashlight, cell phone — and a handgun tucked in a Velcro belt. Last month he pulled out the  weapon to help rescue a woman who was being sexually assaulted.

Josh Williams, 39, was running about 5:30 a.m. on the north side of Austin’s Hike-and-Bike Trail when he heard a woman screaming and pointed his flashlight in her direction, KVUE-TV reported. He saw a man on top of her and realized she was being sexually assaulted.

“I came up, pulled my gun and told him to get off of her,” he told the station. “I said, ‘Get on your knees and show me your hands.'”

Business Insider says a US national buyback program would result in the destruction of 40 million guns (courtesy Business Insider and AP)

These 4 countries have nearly eliminated gun deaths — here’s what the US can learn

A US buyback would mean destroying 40 million guns, but on a statewide level the undertaking might not be so massive.

Forty million? Is that just in Texas?

Sen. Chris Murphy is about to DO SOMETHING about guns (courtesy Daily Mail and Getty).

Don’t get between Chris Murphy and a reporter or a camera . . . Dem senator: ‘Super close’ on bipartisan deal on guns

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) said on Wednesday that senators are nearing a bipartisan deal on gun legislation following a number of high-profile mass shootings.

Murphy’s office pointed The Hill to comments made last week by Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas), who said that he would talk to Democrats about strengthening background checks – an initiative that gained some bipartisan momentum earlier this month after a gunman opened fire on a church in southern Texas, killing 26 people.

It was revealed shortly after the attack that the gunman, 26-year-old Devin Kelley, was able to slip through the system and purchase firearms, despite a known history of violence.


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  1. “He was not law enforcement friendly.” In this day and age of easily startled cops who shoot unarmed women in pajamas and concealed carry permit holders, who are eager to kill pet dogs, and who view citizens the way they did locals in Afghanistan and Iraq, it’s not wise to be law enforcement-friendly.

    • Actually most LE who are veterans of actual combat are some of the most relaxed and calm officers out there. It’s your never been nowhere, never done nothing, gotta prove themselves types, that are jumpy and mouthy.

  2. “Feedback I’ve gotten from many jurors is they disregard the “psycho-babble” from all the experts.”

    If juries are doing the coin flip on the decision of mental health, than the whole courts/justice system needs to be beaten out of the loop.

    CT and their reps can F off.

    • Read for comprehension. His point is that juries have figured out that the pshrink business is BS and drivel (or worse) and ignore the noise. But good news they call themselves “scientists” so their prog views on “climate change” allows them to vote for “global warming is too real”.

      • Read for facts. Both sides bring “experts” to “establish” mental capacity. Jury ignores both. The jury then makes the decision (of their own inkling).

  3. According to today’s news, the Rancho Tehama gunman turned over his guns when served with the restraining order. At the time of his death, he had two unserialized (i.e. 80% lower) ARs and two hand guns that “were not registered to him.”

    • All the more reason that the cops should have done their job and investigated. I would think a judge would issue that search warrant in his pajamas if they had ever even tried. Just a case of lazy (or scared) cops not doing their job. They don’t need a crystal ball if they make the minimum effort…

      • It’s not like you really need superpowers to deduce that a guy with a rap sheet to there popping off rounds is breaking a law or anything.

      • Don’t even need a search warrant if someone who is a known prohibited person is reported to be shooting firearms.

        They could go right in.

    • Oh so the criminal was… Wait for it… BREAKING THE LAW! Who could have guessed? Maybe dems and rinos just need to give us more laws to make these things even more illegaller.

  4. “…modern AR- and AK-style pistols, which can be concealed like handguns…”

    Yeah, nothing says “concealable” like a 20″ long “pistol” that weighs five pounds. I carry one in an ankle holster every day.

    • They just assume every gun owner wears pants 8 sizes too big and from the year 2000 like their lovely gangbangers. Jncos still around?

      • I can’t agree.
        What they are actually thinking goes something like, “It’s a pistol, therefore it’s concealable.” To them, a pistol is a pistol, a rifle is a bolt action, and semi-autos are M-16s (or “weapons of war.”)
        Their ignorance of guns is monumental, and accounts for the idiotic laws they want.

    • “Oh, and note the use of the term of art, “gun reformers.”
      No. Don’t let them get away with that. Guns cannot be reformed. Nor can they be controlled – except by whomever is holding them. The proper term is Gun Owner Reformers. The laws they want to pass to insure our reformation are called Gun Owner Control laws.
      We must immediately and firmly correct anyone, anywhere, at any time using the improper (and frankly dishonest) terms.

  5. Similar to the Texas shooter. Neighbors heard full auto shooting several times at night prior to the massacre declined to call the police. Shit-fer-Brains seems to have become epidemic in the USA.

  6. I guess I will get an AR pistol with brace, binary trigger… In .50 Beowulf. I wonder if slide fire could make a bump brace? Why not? If not I could then SBR it and put a bump stock on it. Bump stock plus binary trigger would just go super duper fast! Then use incendiary .50 Beowulf rounds. Just have to add a grenade launcher to it and bayonet, maybe a TrackingPoint. And a silencer to make it totally silent. Yes, the ultimate evil gun.

    • You forgot the barrel shroud, flash hider/silencer (To make you super invisible) The
      Folding-collapsible-bump stock, Hi-capacity ammo magazine-clip, Semi-Automatic-Fully-Fully Automatic-Automatic-Automatic-1,000 rounds per second Mah-sheengun, tactical nuke bazooka-bayonet lug, And a pull-the-Tactical-trigger-and-a-tiny A-10 warthog-flies-out-of-the-barrel-and-shoots-the-target-with-a-30mm gatling gun-with-one-pull-of-the-trigger, and don’t forget the MOST DANGEROUS ACCESSORY OF THEM ALL!!!
      “THAT SHOULDER THING THAT GOES UP” ………….oh, Jesus i just pissed myself from fear.

  7. Getting a psychologist to say yes or no to someone’s competence to own a firearm is NOT the problem.
    Politicizing mental health and Constitutional Rights is the problem.
    Imagine needing to prove mental health to buy a firearm under, say, Obama:
    You will very quickly find yourself labeled as “mentally sick”, because you want a gun so badly.
    Especially if you didn’t vote for him.
    Right now, in China, you can be diagnosed by the government with things like “political mania”, a symptom of which is a pressing desire to take part in the political process (voting)!
    When the government decides your mental health, and the Rights this allows/forbids, you will very quickly see the government use B.S. illnesses to disarm and silence people.
    That is why the “just taking a psych test” for a gun purchase must never be allowed.

    • Lyndon B Johnson ran a campaign slandering his opponent as mentally ill. LBJ is the guy who heavily pushed for and signed the GCA. He was, by all accounts, nuts. Flashing his dick to the press, mass producing busts of himself (in two colors!) and several other signs he was the one that was nuts.

      If that doesn’t tell you it’s a bad idea to let the government deny people their rights based on being “mentally ill”…

  8. “Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston said authorities responded to neighbors’ calls several times, but the 44-year-old Neal wouldn’t open the door, so they left.”

    Wait, are you telling me that all you gotta do to avoid the police is not answer the door?

    Tehama County is gonna be paying a buttload of money after this goes to court.

    • If they don’t have a warrant, yes. It sounds like they would have had every reason to get one for this dirtbag though. Then they get to kick down your door if you don’t answer.

      • If they believed he was a felon/mentally deficient person illegally in possession they would have probable cause and/or be able to obtain a search warrant. If he’s on bail then its likely there were conditions and obligations where the police had additional options outside the realm of PC or getting a search warrant.

        • IANAL…
          Probable cause can be tricky.
          In a case like this, where there are reports of gunshots, PC probably doesn’t exist. Especially without reports of injuries from said gunshots. Reports of illegal actions that the police can’t confirm while on-scene are not reliable, in many cases.
          Now, if the police were at his door, and they heard gunshots out back, then PC could be argued.
          A search warrant, with the reports by neighbors and proof of him being a prohibited person, would be easy, I would think.
          But, looking at it from the county’s side, is it worth the time, hassle and cost? (Cost, especially, is a major factor.)

      • I find it exceptionally hard to believe they did not have probably cause to enter his residence, or that a judge wouldn’t grant a warrant to search for firearms, or that he didn’t have some form of limited rights or restrictions because he was out on bail.

        IMO the only thing that is super clear here is that the government yet again failed to do the job it forced us to entrust to them…

  9. “Can be concealed like handguns but have the power if rifles???”

    Didn’t these idiots go to high school??? Transfer of energy is force * distance. A pistol has a much shorter barrel, and good luck using an AR-15 pistol as a CCW!

    She really did get shot in the head!

    • To be fair, she isn’t the one floating these stupid ideas. She’s barely mobile and sentient after the shooting, much like Jim Brady was. Look to her handlers for the real evil.

    • when the green tip ban started up, (armor piercing rounds + AR pistol = cop death!!) i asked the same question. does the average AR pistol have enough barrel length to get the average AP round going fast enough to actually P A?

      I never found a good answer. sure, the bullet is probably moving quicker than your average 9mm, but the trade off in weight might balance the scales.

  10. “advocates say are designed specifically to circumvent long-established gun checks and therefore pose a threat to public safety.”

    .50 BMG, .500 S&W magnum .50 AE, .50 Beowulf and any other .50 cartridges are not designed to circumvent anything. It’s just that’s as big as you can go without going through the NFA and the paperwork for a destructive device.

    • “Baah, we habe set the limit arbitrarily at 1/2″ and those evil gun makers found a loophole and make them half an inch big! We need more regulations! No matter that these guns have been used in commission of ZERO CRIMES. (They could be used effectively by militia, scarry.) Do it for the children!”

  11. How many of those 100,000 initial DENY results were caused by name matches or other such mechanical problems, and were later converted to PROCEED when the person appealed? Or could have been converted if the person had the resources to pursue the appeal process?

    All those initial denials aren’t necessarily evidence of the need for higher rates of prosecution. The erroneous ones are evidence of the need to fix the system that led to the initial denials. A person who lacks the means to appeal an inaccurate initial denial has been unjustly denied exercise of their civil rights, just as surely as poll taxes or literacy tests.

  12. In 2010 persecution of NCIS violations achieved 13 guilty pleas or convictions. In 2009 it was 32, 2008 43, 2007 48, 2006 73
    See Table I

    Washington State passed universal background checks, UBC, on all gun transactions. In two years the have filed charges on one (1) person. Then he had to tell then he broke the law. They aren’t sure when the trial will be. He’s disappeared and so has the gun.
    The supporters of the UBC claim “50 people were stopped from buying a gun.” When asked “How many prosecutions?” The answer was ….crickets….

  13. Crappy Giffords cannot think for herself and is a puppet of her husband Snark and Smelly and users in congress. She is now a Anti-Gun Hypocrite, but has several videos showing her and that commie husband of hers shooting guns on their property. Snark and Smelly was denied the sale of a gun by a shop in Tucson. Their dlaim was that he was trying to make a straw purchase. Because of Snark and Smellys Anti-Gun stance, they justdid noto want to sell him a gun.

  14. The USS Giffords has been having serious problems. For no reason aat all it will just stop in the middle of the ocean. It suffers from computer memory lapse

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