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There’s a reason we set up trail cams. Well, there are several.

One of the main ones is to capture evidence of deer that are sometimes are too good to believe. Whether these photos were doctored or not, these are certainly some weird-looking ungulates. Thank goodness someone caught them for all to see.

Have you ever seen deer this strange-looking in the wild? There are few things that astound quite like nature can, and these deer are living proof.

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  1. The last pic of the two deer getting ‘frisky’ seems to indicate to me it’s not just people that bait their dates with food as an excuse to try and ‘get some’.

    It’s just nature at work.

    *snicker* 😉

    (As Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay once said – “I threw a burger down her throat…”)

  2. Okay. I liked Buckethead. That was good.
    Game camera galleries are great fun – you’ll often be treated to some closeups of the deer’s nasal passages as they check out that softly ticking doodad strapped to the tree over there. 🤠

    • Yeah, but one deer had a dueling dual-nostril thing going on.

      Poor ‘Bucket-head’ I can just imagine how he got it – Sees a bucket on the forest floor, sniffs it, sees if he can make it move with his antlers… Hey! What’s this shit? Get it off of me! Nooooooooooo!

      Just imagine all the crap he gets from the other deer. What doe wants to let him mount her with that stupid-ass bucket in his rack?

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