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We’ve suspected for a while now that it’s only a matter of time before Facebook’s Mark “Fight ISIS With Love” Zuckerberg pulls the plug entirely on all gun-related content. They banned all FB-facilitated firearms transactions a few months back but, well, you just can’t stop the signal. But if Marky-Mark ever does enact an outright ban, we may have a Canadian beet farmer to blame thank for making it possible . . .

Colorado Candidates Give Away Guns To Make A Point, Get Attention – As good a reason as any to participate in politics these days.

Concealed guns in church: Mississippi approves Church Protection Act – Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

House speaker allows legislators to carry guns into Capitol – “Speaker Gowan strongly believes in the Second Amendment and is not going to impede on the rights of lawmakers who have been vetted by the people of Arizona.” Regular citizens, however, are still SOL.

Mississippi Defies Feds in Brave Struggle to Bring Guns to Church – “…Republican (solons), who are promoting the cause of honoring the Prince of Peace by insisting on the right to shoot and kill people right there in His sanctuary, are preemptively concerned that the godless socialists in Washington might interfere.” You didn’t really think New York Magazine was actually going to play this one straight, did ya?

Squirrel hunt leads to Arkansas school lockdown – Must be some really ornery squirrels.

Bloomberg View: NRA fairy Tales demand the right response – “Supporters of reasonable gun regulation will have to engage American culture in new and innovative ways to make progress and save lives.” That assumes you accept the premise that more gun control “makes progress” (whatever that means) and saves lives. The People of the Gun don’t.

Chicago off to deadliest start in nearly two decades – You don’t say. Why are cities run by ardent anti-gunners such violent hellholes?

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  1. “This isn’t how we do things in Canada.” This isn’t Canada, it’s AMERICA. Stay in Canada if you can’t handle freedom.

    • Mr. Seitz just isn’t following the right buy/sell pages. Plenty of AR-15s for sale if you know where to look.

      • I understand that Facebook does not ban FFLs posting guns for sale, only private sellers, right? If so, Forbes either missed or glossed over it, and Seitz missed it completely.

        • Which makes things somewhat interesting in Canada, since all (legal) firearms owners are federally licenced. By their standards then, Canadian firearms buy/sell pages would be A-OK, wouldn’t they?

  2. To room full of crying children;

    “There, there, children, none of this will ever happen to you as long as you just never touch a gun! The 3 pigs used a gun, and the wolf just ate them!”

    Kids: …..wwwaaaaaaaah!!!

    “Riding Hood tried to use a gun, but the wolf just took it away and used it on her before she could pee on herself!”

    Kids: …..waaaaaaaaAAAAHHHH!

    “And remember Goldilocks? She was too scared to shoot the bears, so they raped her all night and threw her dismembered corpse into a field to be gobbled up by vultures like the wannabe redneck NRA gun nut she is!”

    Children: (panicking, trying to escape) WWWWAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

    “(to self); WTF? This works on all the grownups I know…”

    • poor goldilocks got the worst of it , even baby bear got in on it. Thats terrible,just terrible

  3. Actually, it is how we do things in Canada. Sure, not for a restricted firearm like the AR-15 (which is why he mentioned it instead of an SKS or a Vz-58 or a Tavor), but for non-restricted there really aren’t all that many rules. Does the buyer have a valid PAL? If yes, go ahead and sell- pack that gun up and ship it Canada Post right to the buyer’s door.

    • still rhymes with bigot tho.

      Unless he ditched his armed security detail and I missed it.

  4. “Supporters of reasonable gun regulation will have to engage American culture in new and innovative ways to make progress and save lives.”

    That’s the same crap they say about every six months…all the while they recycle their same old tired, illogical, factually inaccurate feces on a tired public time and time again.

  5. When I was in high school we were shut down when a squirrel went full kamakazi and tried to eat its way through a generator. Killed all of the power to the middle and high school and got us the rest of the day off. I can just imagine it squeaking Toro Toro Toro before taking that fateful bite.

    • Must have been a lawn mower dealer . . .

      If he was a Kamikaze squirrel, he’d have squeaked “Banzai!!!”

      If the furry little bastard squeaked “Tora Tora Tora!”, he was confused about his location and thought he was attacking Pearl Harbor. 😉

  6. The New York rag is not alone in its feeble attempts to lie about the new MS Church Protection Act. Earlier today I was perusing Google to read the full text of the MS Church Protection Act as my pastor had asked me a question about it. There was an article about the bill (HuffPo) that said that it authorized churches to train members to carry guns, which was a crock. Churches aren’t training anyone: they’re asking volunteers who already possess concealed carry permits with an instructor endorsement (a.k.a. an enhanced concealed carry permit, required for legal church carry in the first place). Then there was another kook news site (Raw Story) talking about making “unaccountable soldiers” “who can legally kill people like cops do”. That’s real nice, there. And they think people should consider them news sources when they don’t know jack about the pertaining laws or even the wording of the one they condemn, setting aside the blatant disdain with which they do it? It’s enough to validate the concept that hoplophobia is indeed a stupefying mental disorder.

  7. Self respecting gun owners and people who value their privacy should not use Facebook. It was/is a DARPA backed program used for tracking and profiling. Mark Zuckerberg is a tool. Do yourself a favor and delete your account. You can make it through the withdrawals from posting your food porn and boring status updates about how awesome or unhappy you are. Trust me.

    • Yeh facebook, like they aint getting enuff info already. New news here, cops are using drones to help evaluate, car wrecks, floods and help assist in fugitve capture, Cool, beats clay pigions all to hell, accept the cop said they can fly up to 600ft. Someone should invent a radio frequency dissruptor, theyd make a fortune.

  8. “are all part of the NRA’s outreach to bolster a declining gun-owning population.”

    And here i thought the ranks had been increasing.

  9. Facebook is terrible to start with, the most arrogant company on the net. They block our holster ads all the time, with the reason that it promotes the sale of firearms. They don’t even pay attention to what they’re disapproving, as long as it has anything to do with firearms they’ll black list it.

  10. About the FaceBook bulls**t, how about we all post pics of us holding various lengths of pipe, and flood the system with false positives…?

  11. R-Kansas pest control… least it wasn’t Alabama. Love the AR skinny jeans combo. prob undercover trying to look like the hip kids. Mmmmmmm doughnuts!

  12. I seem to be missing something here, what level of special stupid does one have to reach to be unable to recognize a picture of a firearm without an image recognition application ?

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