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“For years, our leaders have assured us that guns make places safer, that Arizonans should be able to pack heat in their public library, in their college classroom, in any government building not equipped with X-ray equipment and lockers. If that’s true, why then are the rest of us unable to bring our guns in (Speaker David) Gowan’s…er, I mean the people’s House?” – Laurie Robert in Roberts: Why can legislators carry guns when the rest of us can’t? [at]


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  1. Laurie,

    On a quiet Saturday afternoon, you might kick back and give this a listen. Many questions, even excellent rhetorical ones, will be answered.

      • I HATED that book in high school. I still quote that line though. I think that was my biggest take away from that book.

        • That’s too bad, because it shows exactly how comunism (and socialism) works. Been there, have a t-shirt.

          Now if we only didn’t move closer and closer to 1984 here.

  2. Could also be they knew that would never go through, so they have taken an incremental more moderate step that direction.

  3. You see, you are forgetting a fundmental principle of gov’t, so stated and credited to Washington (there is debate to the origins, though it doesn’t matter if G.W. truly said it; it still rings true.)

    Government is not reason. It is not eloquence. It is force.

  4. Come on over to Texas! Our Capitol building is open to lawfully armed visitors.

    Once again the myth of Arizona’s oh so pro-2A environment deflates. Once again, Texas comes out on top.

    • I wouldn’t pack it up and head on to the showers based on this one topic.

      AZ has Constitutional and I don’t foresee Texas getting that far in this decade, or possibly even the next.

      Not that I’m against Constitutional carry, I just don’t think the FUDDs will support it, currently. Some baby boomers need to die off, to put it plainly.

    • Considering it is legal to carry concealed without a permit in AZ, and has long been legal to open carry in AZ, without a permit..and Texas is just now sort of catching up, I think Texas should mind its own business.

      No guns in the capital of AZ? It will probably happen. Either that, or it already happens and isn’t enforced.

    • And when you get to Austin, you realize that while they scan your LTC (am I the only one that keeps reading that as Lt. Colonel?) you can hear DPS grousing about it?

      1) you know DPS has to be lobbying to get that taken away, and all they need is one incident to make it happen

      2) AZ doesn’t have anything to scan, while Austin has a record of my visit.

    • What myth? AZ has Constitutional Carry, state law pre-emption, state law that prohibits employers from barring storage of a firearm in your vehicle on work premises. The only way things could get more pro-gun at the state level would be to start trampling on property rights, and as I caution our liberal friends quite frequently, be careful what you wish for.

      Most of the restrictions in Arizona (the one in the quote above and a few others aside) come from the Feds and have to do with Federal jurisdictions.

      Now I don’t disagree – all government facilities from the state level on down should be open to legal carry. Give us a decade – it’s probably going to happen.

  5. According to John Lott:
    ” At least 16 [states] allow permitted carry in their capitols: Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Even more allow guns to be carried in legislative areas.”

    Time for Arizona legislators to grow a spine and get with the program. Make it seventeen.

  6. The restaurant/bar ccw mandatory + no open carry is another ciritical point at arizona outsite no right to campus und k12 carry.
    Another stupid point the have droped honoring the regulary idaho permit and honoring only the enhanced as the only not auto reception ccw LOL

        • Don’t laugh at the home schooled, they had a several year streak of winning national spelling bees. I’ve met many products of government education who were far worse than this guy, and who also struggled with the most basic arithmetic.

          But if you insist on laughing, there’s also a trend in “unschooling” which is even more “loose” than homeschooling.

        • “But if you insist on laughing, there’s also a trend in “unschooling” which is even more “loose” than homeschooling.”

          A clarification if I may.

          Unschooling is a most unfortunate term since it does not really mean what it sounds like it means. And, of COURSE the ‘media’ and other social punditry have taken the “emotional” meaning and run with it…(not unlike “sexual predator” which actually means something VERY different than how it’s used on pop culture).

          Unschooling, as it is practiced, generally refers to a school that rejects “formal, teacher-led curriculum” and embraces “student interest led” learning.

          What that means, in practice, is rather than force-feeding children formulaic stuff outside their own interests, lessons are planned around things the children express an interest in.

          It sounds loosey goosey, and I suppose it can be, but it’s not always as loose as it sounds. It is just merely a difference in mechanism to decide “what to teach when.” It can be similar to “Unit Studies” where the schedule of units is determined by current events or a period of history that is of particular interest.

          One of the best examples of this I ever read was the tale of two boats transiting the Panama Canal. On one, the family was using the Canal itself as a “springboard” for all the lessons…math, science, history. They were, for example, studying Panama History and Culture while THERE. The schooling was based on looking “out” and interacting with the local environment.

          On the other boat, the children were studying Greek Mythology. It’s not that studying Greek Mythology is “bad,” and the first boat probably DID do units on that subject at some point. The question is the ‘timing’ of it; personally, I see this as an opportunity lost. The children on this boat spent their days inside reading books and NOT seeing the Canal, the local people, etc nearly to the degree of the other.

          Unschooling is more “fluid” in what is studied, too. If a student asks a question, that is, expresses curiosity about something, that subject can comprise a day, a week or much longer in exploration. This is in contrast to the more “top down” approach of “we’ll tell you what to read and when” that curricula based learning embraces.

          Unschooling is not for everyone, but nor does it have to be. That’s the ultimate beauty of homeschooling; each “program” can be tailored to the individual student and adapted as the student grows.

          Hope that clarifies without sounding “defensive.” I certainly did not intend this to have a defensive tone.

        • It does clear up a lot. It certainly isn’t for every child, but for the kid who has an interest in learning, it sounds like a homeschool version of the Montessori method. Both of ours did that for pre-school and were miles ahead of their peers when they got to Kinder (I’d estimate 2nd grade level). That allowed them to spend the year having more fun, explore things they liked, and adjust to the time-structure of school without being pressured at home to meet certain requirements (basic reading, count, write name, etc).

        • I’ve heard a lot of good things re: Montessori from parents with children in the program. It does sound similar and that’s a really good point.

          I really wish the folks that “named” Unschooling had chosen a different term…

      • They don’t believe in following the rules of English. They believe that everyone can write and misspell words if they want to.

  7. Kinda like what’s gone on in Chiraq for years-armed up aldermen(and aldergals) who rail against gunz and carry one. Animal farm indeed…

  8. That is a very easy question to answer. They are our betters The elite Rules do not apply to them as they do us.We should be happy That they let us Own guns at all Because we R The weaker Less-educated Por People That don’t need those sophisticated expensive Firearms to defend our worthless lives. Isn’t that a big bunch of bullshit!

  9. rrrrrrr ole your rrrrrrrrrs. Ariba atrtrriba. I took offense to a post against me. Be lt known. I am a cowboy, i have cleaned toilets, I can not spell or use proper grammer. I am an A merican. I have delivred colts, cavles and, lambs, kept moma sow from eating her piglets. So when you people judge me, I can look at the sun and tell you how many hours we have left before sundown. I can listen to the frogs and the wind and tell us when it will rain. I can look at ant hills and tell us the precipitation of next week. I am a cowboy, I joke around and have fun. I gir drunk once in awhile, thats what I do. I herd cattle on a horse, my dogs do the same. I live in yeee haw Kansas. Most of us are book stupid.,make that ignorant, whatever. We are the salt, we have your back, midwestetn people can be trusted. Texas to North Dakota, just because we kaint spel or talk funny doesnt makr us stupid. I am taking offense to the post of me being a “toliet scuber”, when in fact all my post, all of my post, have been to elicet a rrsponse. I realize that may have been the reason for the “toilet scubber” comment, but please do not look down on those scrubbing toilets. That just wasnt a slap to me but it was a slap to hotel motel, cna’s and direct care profesionals, (Yeh I spelled that wrong, after two cups of coffee I gotta talie up a green broke filly) I really could care less what someone thinks of me. But please do not look down on anyone “scrubing toliets”


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