Time for UK subjects to turn in their guns. Again.
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Police launch two-week weapons surrender in England and Wales

People in England and Wales have two weeks to hand in guns, other weapons and ammunition to police stations without being punished for possession.

People who surrender firearms will not automatically be charged, but will be if they are later connected to a crime.

The National Ballistics Intelligence Service says many firearms are held in ignorance of their illegality.

Police said families do not know what to do with firearms left behind by elderly relatives.

Assistant Chief Constable Helen McMillan said police were “realistic” that they were “not going to get hardened gang members” surrendering their arms.

But it makes perfect sense to disarm the law-abiding population to ensure a bigger supply of victims and justify our existence.

Fortunately, gun crime never happens in the UK (courtesy dailymail.co.uk)

Because gun crime never happens in the UK . . . ‘They would have blown off my head’: Man recalls the horrifying moment armed robbers raided his home as he slept in his bed

John Schefman, 68, was sleeping next to his wife Silvia at their home in Bittern, Victoria when they were rumbled out of their slumber by loud bangs outside about 3.30am on Saturday, according to the Herald Sun.

‘I saw the big barrel came through the window and he told me to f** off or else he’d blow my head off,’ he said.

courtesy birminghammail.co.uk

But we were told UK subjects had been disarmed . . . Children as young as ELEVEN caught carrying firearms in West Midlands

From January to October 31 a total of 342 children and teenagers under the age of 18 were investigated for offences as serious as possessing a shotgun and threatening another person with a blade on school premises.

The new stats reveal that 21 of these youths – including the 11-year-old – were investigated for firearms offences, including possessing a shotgun, air weapon and firearm to commit crime. Birmingham has been hit by a string of lethal gun crime in 2017. In just three months there were 57 firearms discharges in the city earlier this year.

The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) is just an inconvenient detail to be overcome . . . Appeal Offers Hope for Newtown Families in Suit Against Gun Companies

They are deploying a novel strategy that the families and their lawyers say could pierce the sweeping shield created by federal law that protects gun companies from litigation and has thwarted countless lawsuits after their weapons were used to commit crimes.

Supporters believe that if the court clears the way for a jury trial, the gun companies’ internal communications — which the companies have fought fiercely to keep private — would surface in discovery, a potentially revealing and damaging glimpse into the industry and how it operates. It could also chart a legal road map for the survivors and relatives of victims in other mass shootings as they pursue accountability.

Just more of the same . . . PATHETIC: Politico pushes cartoon implying the NRA is WORSE than ISIS and al-Qaeda…

Now, they don’t even consider that the organization they are demonizing also produced the dude that CHASED and SHOT DOWN the murderous a-hole in Texas this week. Yes, that dude was an NRA instructor, but these degenerates are so hateful that they’d demonize the very dude that took down the evil shooter.

One of the 26 murdered in Sutherland Springs was an unborn child.

The ACLU can’t count to ten and the media can’t count to 26 . . . The Media Doesn’t Want to Talk about the 26th Victim of the Texas Church Massacre

Media outlets across the country are apparently having difficulty counting. They can’t seem to get the number of victims right in last week’s horrific Texas church massacre. While many correctly reported that 26 people were killed during Devin Patrick Kelley’s maniacal rampage, many others went to great pains to avoid reporting that an unborn child died at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, last Sunday. Or, if they did report the baby’s death, they reported it as a footnote, careful to separate the unborn child from other victims.

Take, for instance, the Chicago Tribune, which wrote, “Kelley shot and killed 25 people at the church. Authorities have put the official toll at 26, because one of the victims was pregnant.” The newspaper didn’t want to get caught recognizing the humanity of the unborn baby, so they deferred to “authorities.” There wasn’t a deceased baby, there was a pregnant victim, according to the Tribune.

Clearly, the solution is to prohibit even more people and enact universal background checks . . . People who can’t buy guns

Since Devin Kelley killed 26 people in Sutherland Springs, Texas, questions have arisen surrounding what circumstances keep someone from purchasing a firearm.

Why it matters: Kelley was convicted of domestic violence against his wife and child, and therefore was not legally allowed to own a firearm. According to the Gun Control Act of 1968, anyone convicted of a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence is barred from owning a firearm. However, the Air Force (which issued Kelly a bad conduct discharge) failed to enter his conviction into the National Crime Information Center database.

No one wants to take your guns away. Allegedly.

Remember, no one wants to take your guns away . . . Hand over your weapons

The United States’ astronomically high rates of firearm violence aren’t rooted in some unique American propensity for derangement and delinquency. Studies show our levels of mental illness and basic criminality are on par with other wealthy countries.

Other common explanations, like the social fissures created by our racial diversity, have been debunked by researchers, too. The only explanation left — an explanation borne out by a number of careful studies — is the sheer size of the American arsenal. There are 310 million handguns, shotguns, and semi-automatic weapons in American homes, garages, and waistbands.

Ultimately, if gun-control advocates really want to stanch the blood, there’s no way around it: They’ll have to persuade more people of the need to confiscate millions of those firearms, as radical as that idea may now seem.

New York state senator Brad Hoylman really does want to confiscate your guns.

One more time…no one wants to take your guns away . . . Lawmaker to reintroduce gun confiscation bill

State Senator Brad Hoylman, a downstate lawmaker, says during the new legislative session he’ll reintroduce a bill called the Safe Homes Act.

Under that bill, when police respond to a domestic violence call where a gun is on the premises and make an arrest, the officers would have to to seize the gun and any firearms license owned by the person being arrested.

This is different from what police already do during domestic violence calls. State Police tell 2 On Your Side that during these incidents, they would seize a firearm, only if it was owned illegally, or if they were concerned it could be used to do harm.

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  1. “People who surrender firearms will not automatically be charged…”

    Oh just charge them and throw them in the gaol. You know you want to.

    “There are 310 million handguns, shotguns, and semi-automatic weapons in American homes, garages, and waistbands.”

    What, none in holsters?

    “They’ll have to persuade more people of the need to confiscate millions of those firearms…”

    What could go wrong?

    • “There are 310 million handguns, shotguns, and semi-automatic weapons in American homes, garages, and waistbands.” Bolt-actions and lever-guns don’t count? Better close that loophole.

    • I held my nose through his article and he’s all about legions of police confiscating 60 million guns or so. He lacks the testicles to lead the effort himself. He’s defend it by saying he’s not LE but he’s asking his representative to do it.

  2. Just pointing out that Bittern Victoria is in Australia and not the UK, but your co.ment is spot on. Despite strict regulation there is still crime committed with illegally possessed firearms.

      • They won’t be able to. Once they start killing people trying to confiscate guns, every single one of these gun control advocates is going to get a case of terminal lead poisoning.

        • You don’t actually think we would limit ourselves to the people who would be showing up in our neighborhoods, do you? If they pass confiscation laws, the anti-gun leaders and celebrities who pushed it, and the politicians who voted for it would be at the top of everyone’s list.

  3. liberals want to take guns away when armed home invasions and mass casualty events are a daily occurrence. Right. I’m limited in my selection of what I can legally own. If you have the beautiful legal standing to get cartridge guns and ammo, buy 5 guns and bury 4.

    • “If you have the beautiful legal standing to get cartridge guns and ammo, buy 5 guns and bury 4.”

      When it is time to bury your firearms, it is time to use them.

  4. ‘The United States’ astronomically high rates of firearm violence…’ – compared to who? Our neighbor to the south maybe?

    ‘Other common explanations, like the social fissures created by our racial diversity, have been debunked by researchers, too.’ – Well that’s good to know. Here I thought the mostly black neighborhoods in Chicago had a higher violent crime rate than the rural, predominantly white mid-west.

    ‘The only explanation left — an explanation borne out by a number of careful studies — is the sheer size of the American arsenal.’ – Someone remind me, how many guns are there in Mexico?

    ‘They’ll have to persuade more people of the need to confiscate millions of those firearms…’ – Try it if you really want to see what ‘blood in the streets’ looks like.

    No wonder people dismiss these ‘studies’ out of hand.

    • The explanation, more frequently, is that they focus on the guns and not the people.

      They really want to add in the suicides and criminals shooting each other in order to make the U.S. stats looks as bad as possible and even when forced to admit that a significant percentage of gun death in America is suicide and criminals, not random Americans shooting each other, they will segregate the shootings from all other data on violent crime, pretending that those crimes somehow aren’t so important.

      More guns are used in violent crimes in America, possibly, because they are efficient and available, but in the gun control utopias what are the alternatives to guns that violent criminals use? It’s not like the criminals go away or stop committing crimes just because it is difficult for them to get a gun.

      • Yes, it’s so much better to be hacked to death with machetes than to be fatally shot…

        I think another stupid pet trick they try is to compare our total number of firearms deaths (suicides included) to the total number of countries with 20-30% of the population and 2% of the firearms. Kind of like claiming that Californians suffer way more Golden Gate Bridge deaths than any other state. Well… duh.

      • The real explanation for the higher murder rate in the US (relative to other Western nations) is very simple, but rarely discussed for fears of racism. And that’s all it is – race. When you only look at the white murder rate in the US, it matches the murder rates of overwhelmingly white European nations.
        Going by the 2014 FBI homicide statistics, whites (including Hispanics) committed 2756 homicides. This group (whites and Hispanics) number around 246,660,710. That gives a homicide rate of 1.12 per 100,000. The total US homicide rate, however, is around 4.88 per 100,000.
        But when you only consider whites and Hispanics, the homicide rate of 1.12 per 100,000, you’ll notice that this rate is lower than many European nations (Sweden is 1.15, France, 1.58, Finland 1.60, etc) and only slightly higher than other European nations (Denmark is 0.99, the UK is 0.92, Germany 0.84, etc).

        It doesn’t matter if the nation is very multicultural or very homogeneous – black and European-white murder rates are always high and low, respectively.
        I offer no explanation for this, nor any solution, but you will find that this holds true all around the world. All I ask is that people stop pretending that guns are a factor in murder rates.

        • The exception to that would probably be Russia which has a homicide rate much higher than the US.

          Hispanics also have a higher homicide rate than whites but lower than blacks. Blacks however have a suicide rate that’s about half of the rate among whites.

          Anyway, none of this matters because most of those people killed in other countries are hacked to death with machetes, so they don’t count. Because gunz.

  5. With all those boating accidents, what with the hurricanes and all, it’s almost like Gaia wants Americans to keep their guns to disarm us, if we won’t disarm ourselves.

  6. The Boston Globe is straight up lying. Fake news indeed. Want to know one of the biggest predictors of criminal behavior? Being raised by a single mother. Whole black families have similar poverty rates to whole white families.

  7. “Assistant Chief Constable Helen McMillan said police were “realistic” that they were “not going to get hardened gang members” surrendering their arms.”

    Law reinforcement, politicians and other crooks know only the law abiding will obey the law, no matter if it is in Australia, the UK or the USA

  8. There are 310 million handguns, shotguns, and semi-automatic weapons in American homes, garages, and waistbands.

    And all the guns are owned by six people. It’s been proved!

  9. It’s illuminating to see the press struggling with Carlin Holcombe’s death. Given that most won’t call him the 26th dead person in that horrific event, one can only conclude that they like legalized abortion more than they hate guns.

  10. I wonder how Australian police would have reacted had Schefman called them and said, “A man with a gun broke into my house. Will you come and arrest him? He’s still here. He hasn’t moved since I hit him in the head with a cricket bat.”

  11. What doe’s the UK and Wales have to do with America’s gun laws? , another litmus test. Inch by inch, law by uncontested law ,one country after another “They” disarm the populace. It’s a global economy,and global takeover. Some small island of freedom must stand up and say NO, it may lose , however it did try

    • As I said above dimwitted smart aleck, nearly defenseless means they have no/negligible air force or air defenses so the terrorist USAF blows them to smithereens, their weapons overall are so inferior they may as well be from another era or planet, and they are so desperate they resort to suicide attacks and/or targetting civilians, and there are countless other metrics any sane person can readily identify (drones for example, the victims of the US military terrorists are more wildly overmatched even than the rebels in Terminator!).

  12. If PLCCA is allowed to fall then Ford, Chevy, Toyota, etc are liable for all drunk drivers, crashes, break down. Liquor companies are responsible to care for all alcoholics. The criminal use of a product, any product, is not the responsibility of the manufacturer, period. If a toaster is used to electrocute a pool full of swimmers, is Hamilton Beach liable? I have a feeling that allowing this to go forward would be ruinous to all companies and the economy and therefore will go nowhere.

    • The reality is that the attorney who pushed this case should be disbarred and the organizations pushing the suit should have their leadership publicaly flogged then thrown in jail for a few years. (I would say lined up and shot, but that would give them victim status.)

      • It would have been nice if the summary above actually explained their “new” legal strategy.

        Which, after reading the article seems to boil down to: The AR-15 was originally designed for the military and it’s too dangerous to put into the hands of the untrained public so the PLCCA shouldn’t apply to it.

        This case should be easily and readily dismissed as baseless once it’s factually established that the consumer, semi-automatic, modern sporting rifle commonly known as the AR-15 was not designed for the military, but merely looks the same as the military version and uses some of the same parts.

  13. Thank you for reporting on Britain….the myth that their gun control laws have worked has been a center piece to the gun grabber attacks on our 2nd Amendment rights here in the states. Gun control has not worked there. Their gun crime rate last year in London was up 42%, and up 23% around the rest of the country. They are following the same policies as our democrat party law makers in our cities, cutting police personnel, cutting police funding, and tying police hand’s with politically correct policies. Add to that the bringing in of violent gang members from 3rd world countries, and I predict you are going to see gun crime out of control fairly soon. They are where we were at the mid 1960s right before the crime rate spiked. Unlike the U.S., their people won’t have guns to stop the predators…and they won’t relax their gun laws to allow good people to carry guns.

    And don’t let the anti gunners distract the coverage when they harp on the low gun murder rate in Britain, as they ignore the escalating gun crime. The gun murder rate results from their criminals not shooting to kill…..yet. That “yet” is what the anti gunners don’t understand. You can’t have spiking gun crime, a social welfare system creating young males who are violent, and foreign drug gangs, and not have an eventual increase in gun murder……

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