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You really need to click through and see this video. [h/t]. Because guns.

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  1. Hey, I found all those guns I thought I lost in that boating accident, feel free to contact me about starting a satellite studio…

  2. We used to do arm exercises with 11 pound FN FAL and occasionally with an M60 but no one in the class looked like that!

  3. yeah all pointing the guns at each other. gotta love hoplophobes thinking they re being smart and funny when they are being idiots.

    They are scared because the data show more and more Americans own guns, more and more women do as well and this is making them desperate to mock it.

  4. I took my only yoga class at Healthtrax in East Providence, RI years ago. I was the only guy in the class of about 20 students. Someone farted and it wasn’t me.

    • I’ve tried going to yoga on a number of occasions but there’s always at least one rude lady that gets in my face until I pack up my lawn chair and beer. What about inclusiveness?!

  5. They’re anti-gun because they think gunny folk are reactive and violent smarmy, shallow and unsafe, like they are. Loaded? Loaded?! L O A D E D?!?!! Jeebus, these people have it so almost, not quite right, they are completely, dangerously wrong. GUNS ARE NOT A FASHION ACCESSORY. The power in wielding a gun is not to make you feel better. This “power” and “energy” is not at all fluffy, nice, and safe … that’s the point. These are the same people who go forage with bears, until the bears forage on them.

    This is exactly the crap that emerged when the left-coast crystal unicorn huggers got hold of various Asian arts post WW-II. Yes, energy, empowerment, owning your own power (in the Joseph Campbell sense), etc. none of it the way they took it. And absolutely not that “grab some Chi on the way in, from a bunch of live guns bin” nonsense.

    This is the same crap as some dilettante gushing about another 3rd-hand, watered down take on “meeting their shadow” they got from some 500 word piece in “Embrace Your Karma, Weekly.”

    Read the late Donn Dreager Sensei on the martial ways. Read Ellis Amdur Sensei. If you need a gentler introduction read C. W. Nicol. For bog’s sake.

    • Perhaps it’s time guns did become ‘fashion accessories’.

      Not to condone unsafe acts or A-Ds, but liberals have lead the ‘conversation’ for decades now, and any honest gun advocate would affirm this: we people of the gun are beat daily by those same people who will accessorize with guns, but who now are putting us down for our beliefs.

      If– and that’s a BIG ‘IF’– guns become fashion accessories byt he ‘rich and famous’, perhaps our children will become less picked on in schools for pointing fingers, gnawing pop-tarts into gun shapes, etc.

      Not to mention the safety aspect: what idiot would attack a person who has a gun accessory, not knowing if it’s real and loaded or just a trinket?

  6. Very obviously, that is NOT California.

    At just a glance… and I was periodically distracted, yup… seems at least 4 out of 5 of those firearms were totttttttally illegal in Cali. There was about 150 years of state penitentiary in that gym, and maybe another 50 years for magazines and having too many white people assembled in one yoga class (which I am pretty sure is also a law in California…).

    So yeah, they makey the funsies, hammin’ it up… but it would’ve been almost believable if they’d’ve ditched assault weapons and clips with high capacity rounds, and spiritualized with a bunch of Thordsen stocks and Mossberg pumps instead.

    Fun Fact: I gotta go to San Jose for A Very Special Commie Christmas… assembling my AR/AK Equality SJW shirts, et al

    Be safe. Especially don’t yoghurt yerself.

  7. Also did anyone notice there is one lady in there with that looks like a Hi-point carbine? At about a minute it. And I don’t thin anyone is currently make a real ‘prop’ for one of those. And truth be told… it would probably be cheaper to buy a real one.

  8. Well I thot, if them girls can go play with guns doing yogs, that’s pretty neat. I hope this becomes a trendy thing. AD’s the owner of the shop I bet looked them over. Don’t know for sure, might have missed something, it appears those are brought from home, and if they’re not they probly soon will’s IALL good

  9. Perfect to combine with gun a metro gun buyback? Grandma can drop off dads ol 45 and it will be put to good use.

  10. “This is my rifle, this is my gun, this one’s for fighting, this one’s for watching chicks in leggings and air cooled, shoulder fired, magazine fed…oh hell, I’ll be in my bunk”

  11. This is tangentially connected to the topic of this post: Women will do anything to shamelessly objectify themselves, and then blame the, “male gaze,” when they start feeling stupid for their decisions. I have seen it with so many other activities: video games, comic books, etc. Are guns next? Gun yoga? Seriously? Bitch, get real. When things get overly feminized, they go south soon after. It starts with stupid shit like, “gun yoga,” and in a few years women and their allies are screeching about the epidemic of, “gun rape,” in our culture.

    • “Are you staring at my chest?”
      “Yeah- you wear that low cut u-neck top, because you wanted me to notice your shoes,

  12. Did anyone actually catch on to the fact that this is SATIRE? Endo does a lot of satirical pieces, and they’re adding to it with this one. Robert, please post “satire” under the video, as not to confuse the masses.

  13. This brings back my memories of Rifle PT when I was in the army. You could use any weighted long object. But president Thomas Jefferson did say use a rifle for your walks instead of a ball. He said playing ball does nothing for you. But walking with a rifle adds to or exercises the mind. Or something to that effect.

    I wonder what would happen if I started rifle PT on my front lawn or backyard???

  14. Took a page from this shooter’s book I see. Except she’s done it with live fire for years … Looks rather difficult – pass.

    But a yoga class like this?! The average non-shooter yoga student should stick to spandex and lattes. LMAO But makes a person think. Maybe it’s not a bad idea to incorporate more “free-spirited” ideas into our sport that aren’t normally included. Videos like these do reach a demographic the NRA does not. What’s next??

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