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LA City Council President Mitch Englander Un-Blocks Critics of His 3D Gun Blueprint Ban After FPC Threatens Litigation

Weasels gonna weasel . . .

Today, Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) has scored another important victory for free speech. According to an e-mail from the office of Los Angeles City Council President Mitchell Englander, they will no longer block FPC and the other individuals who were barred from viewing or responding to his official government Twitter account. Englander, a Republican, is a proponent of gun control and bans on free speech.

Last Friday, Englander moved City Attorney Mike Feuer to “prepare and present an ordinance that will enable the City of Los Angeles to prohibit and/or regulate the printing, manufacturing, possession, distribution, sale or transfer of 3D printed firearms of any kind as well as the blueprints detailing the specifications of a 3D printed firearm.” The L.A. Times reported last week that Englander also wants the California Legislature to make possessing home-built firearms and firearm blueprints a felony crime.

Englander posted about his proposed ordinance on Twitter, saying that he “introduced legislation making the possession, download, or distribution of 3D printed weaponry blueprint files a misdemeanor in LA…” But Councilmember Englander blocked FPC and some members of the public critical of his legislation from commenting on the issue and even viewing his Twitter account (@Mitch_Englander). FPC took immediate action, and on Sunday, sent his office and the City Attorney a pre-litigation demand letter.

North Carolina Lemonade Stand Robbed Gun

A 9-year-old North Carolina boy was robbed at gunpoint at his lemonade stand

The neighbors need to buy some $10 cups of lemonade from this kid . . .

When you open a lemonade stand you expect to slice a lot of lemons, sit outside in the heat and make a few dollars. You don’t expect to get robbed at gunpoint.

But that’s what happened to a 9-year-old boy in Monroe, North Carolina, on Saturday, officials said. The robber pointed a weapon at the boy’s stomach and got away with a metal tin that held his earnings — all $17.
The police recovered the empty tin nearby, along with a hat, a bicycle and a weapon — a BB gun — believed to belong to the suspect, Union County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Tony Underwood said at a press conference.

Blocked from distributing plans for 3D-printed guns, “crypto-anarchist” is still in the DIY gun business

They haven’t outlawed CNC milling machines…yet . . .

The group’s primary product is the “Ghost Gunner 2,” a machine the size of a classroom trash can capable of milling gun-shaped metal parts into legal firearms. Wilson and his coterie sell the Ghost Gunner and metal parts to the public, who can use the materials to create a fully functional firearm at home.

Federal law does not require any tracking information or serial numbers for guns made at home that are not for commercial sale. They are unregistered “ghost guns,” essentially indistinguishable from a store-bought M1911, Glock or AR-15 except for their lack of digits.

“Plug it into the machine, machine takes it the rest of the way, a magical metaphysical line is crossed where it went from being a piece of metal to legal firearm,” Wilson explained, holding a sample frame that had recently been converted to a legal gun.

Man Shot By Ex-Girlfriend Charged With Home Invasion: Cops

Another one of those defensive gun uses that Gabby Giffords says never happens . . .

A man who found shot on the floor of a Des Plaines apartment building on July 4 was charged with home invasion Thursday, police said. Officers responding to a call of shots fired around 9:33 a.m. at an apartment building in the 1200 block of East Washington Street found a man lying on the floor who had been shot multiple times. Police and prosecutors reviewing the case determined the shooting was justified and approved felony charges for the man, who remains hospitalized.

Jonathan Warner, 22, of the 5300 block of West Hirsch Street in Chicago, was booked into the Cook County Jail medical division last Friday after firefighters initially took him to Lutheran General Hospital. Police said he was expected to fully recover from his wounds.

Police said an investigation determined that Warner broke into the apartment of his estranged girlfriend while armed with a handgun.

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  1. Got’a a print of JMB (Gun God his-self) framed 1911 blown out view with all the dimensions of the parts. Even got one from Browning Company on a shotgun. If I wanna do some metal work and such. Worked in a machine shop for a few years. Make knives, weld, If I wanna spend the time I could make one from scratch.

    Thru the same process as most inventions, trial and error, make, test, refine,test. It ain’t as they say rocket science.

    Can’t stop the signal.

  2. Historically it WAS NORMAL for 9 year old american children to carry a revolver hand gun to and from school. They were trained by their parents. Molesters and robbers were shot on site. No questions asked.

      • Demanding ‘citation needed’ every time someone says something ruins any hope of a discussion, especially when arming pre-teen kids would likely be region specific and there may not be any records of something so mundane and probably unimportant for the day.

        Although kids as young as nine, sometimes younger, child soldiers, are all over Africa and South America. Teens are routinely armed in the Texas country side, so I don’t doubt the claim. 9 years old in the 30s – 70s is pretty much the equivalent of a teen today. Just a few decades ago in my own family, the oldest son had access to a shotgun if need be. (Rattle snakes and the like.) I’ve had access to guns for most of my childhood as well, although I didn’t carry one with me.

        If you are that desperate to verify a claim, go look for the answer yourself rather than asking someone to hold your hand and spoon feed it to you. Only unemployed keyboard warriors sit at their desk with a binder full of references, articles, and precious citations while spending their days masterdebating at their computers.

        “historically” could mean just about any date from the founding of America to yesterday. I wouldn’t be surprised if the children of pioneers were armed to some extend, likely farmers as well, and probably some kids going to and from school before the automobile was wide spread and when schools were nothing but a crude single room building.


        • Thank for the positive feedback. I have found TTAG to be a valuable material source for college papers.

        • I grew up carrying a Ruger Bearcat at age 12, while riding the Montana Prairie. I don’t imagine Texas in the 1800’s would have been a whole lot different. Except there wouldn’t have even been the two channels of TV(both lousy) that I did have in the 1960s when I got home.

      • Will anecdotes assist? I received my first personal firearm on the occasion of my 8th birthday and my first handgun at 12. While I didn’t carry them to school until I was 16, I could often be found out and about at 9 and beyond armed with a firearm, and I wasn’t the only one.

        My guns were kept, with their ammo, in my room. No one ever got shot, no one ever acted stupid with them.

        What we have done is infantilize children, teens and adults to the point that most of my peers 30 years ago when I was 10 were more capable and mature than the average 20 year old is now. It is not an improvement.

        How’s this though…once, as a 14 year old sophomore I mistakenly brought a loaded revolver to my high school in my coat pocket. Once I realized i had it, I took it to the principal, who kept it safe for me until the end of the day, whereupon he returned it and it’s ammunition to me. That was about 1991 in a small town in Ohio.

        Guns used to be just tools, and up until the 94 AWB they still were for most rural Americans.

        Back in the 80s and early 90s the parking lot at my HS featured lots of trucks with shotguns in racks visible through the windshields, and with a note from a parent you could bring your shotgun during deer season and leave it in the office so that you didn’t have to go home before going hunting after school.

        The current craze about guns and schools, guns and kids and all this is a really recent phenomenon that used to be found only in the major cities. From the perspective of my generation the children of today are all slow, if not entirely mentally retarded. Their maturity and capability levels in their tweens and early teens are more what when I was a child would have been expected from very small children, 5-6 year olds.

        When I was 10-12 If someone suggested a child that age needed to be protected from contact with firearms we would have all assumed the child in question was legitimately developmentally disabled. That is because if by that age your intellect and impulse control are so poor that you can’t grasp not shooting people just because there is a gun around…well…you’re retarded. Back then though people kept their ‘special’ kids at home where they could care for them, rather than subjecting them and their normal peers to the strain of ‘mainstreaming.

        What we have now is the expectation that nothing anywhere be able to harm anyone regardless of their interaction with it…used to be we learned how not to hurt ourselves, and anyone who couldn’t grasp those basic life skills wasn’t allowed out without supervision. It is not an improvement.

        • Thanks for the positive feedback. I don’t mind providing a Link if a person asks. Our education system long ago gave up teaching kids the things they really need to know. And their 2A birthright is one of them.

          There are ways to integrate 2A education into all aspects of a kids education. Math, science, history, Art, Music, Grammar, Literature, and Physical education. You can use Arms in all of these education subjects.

          The school boards, principles, and teachers need to support it. And the parents too.

      • Thank you to the people who provided their personal experiences and additional information. It is valuable. My recent college project was about teaching the Second Amendment in grades K thru 12.

        In the 1950s, 9 year old american school children were given gun safety class with real guns in the classroom. After the civil war private military schools sprung up across the country and taught marksmanship to boys.

        This Link has 16 B/W photographs of REAL gun safety training. BTW this has already been on TTAG.

        Wikipedia is not considered source material for a school paper at any grade level. But it is a good place to start to get information. Also sometimes you find a real reference you can use for your paper. This shooting list is starting the year 1840. But I know this list is incomplete. I think the first school “shooting” in american was in the year 1640. An Indian raid on a school killed 18 children and a teacher. I think 3 people survived.

        Many of the shooters were children on this list.

      • There is a great amount of information on who invented designed and built firearms. But almost no information on historical firearms training. You have to really dig for it. Any gun safety training needs to be tailored to the age of the student. As I said before it was historically normal for 9 year old American children to carry guns. The parents determined if the 9 year old was mature enough for daily carry.

        I trust David Barton. Some people don’t. If you don’t then check out the references he uses.

        “When he was dispatched by President James Madison as America’s official Minister to Russia, he left his three sons in the care of his younger brother, Thomas. Arriving in St. Petersburg, Adams wrote with specific instructions regarding the education and training of his boys (George, age 9; John, age 7; and Charles, age 3), telling his brother:

        “One of the things which I wish to have them taught – and which no man can teach better than you – is the use and management of firearms. This must undoubtedly be done with great caution, but it is customary among us – particularly when children are under the direction of ladies – to withhold it too much and too long from boys. The accidents which happen among children arise more frequently from their ignorance than from their misuse of weapons which they know to be dangerous.”

        I believe not teaching children about guns is immoral. It is their 2A birthright.

        • I agree with all of that. My father taught me to shoot on his Remington 121 when I was 6. At 7 I killed my first prey, a gopher. Nothing like turning a living critter inside out with a piece of flying lead to impress upon a youngster that a firearm is not a toy. In a few more years I got the Ruger Bearcat and rode with it everywhere. Guns are just a tool for making a hole, like a drill. But many today cannot seem to grasp that.

        • Right on again;

          Children trained in the safe use and care of firearms do not shoot one another or anyone else, accidentally or otherwise. The number of people who will intentionally murder another is very small. If all were armed all the time, after a brief adjustment period, there would be vanishingly little violence, becaus3 everyone so inclined would already be dead, and anyone who might be inclined to violence would be well aware of its likely immediate lethal consequence.

  3. Making ghost guns or any gun all day long,guaranteed to give Leftards the vapors,it’s so enjoyable to watch Leftard’s have a melt down.

    • it’s my understanding and what I see ca doj website that been able to build up to 10 ghost guns a year in California call mitch Englander office to let them know laws they seems to missed in prior years . ca doj probably crash again when all good citizens apply for their unique serial #

  4. Robbing a 9 year at his lemonade stand…what a POS. I thought THAT only happened in Chiraq😩😖😡

  5. Find the guy who robbed the poor kid, and shoot him. I’ll throw $50 to the kid.

    I really hate the timing this country has. Cody Wilson has been doing this for more or less a decade now, and now everyone wants to complain about it? All of his plans are all over the net already, it doesn’t matter. It would take a lot of legislation just to slow it down. How to we define a brick of aluminum vs an 80%?

      • And aluminum cans too. We can’t have something that dangerous around. Who knows what might happen. Somebody might learn how to make fire:

  6. Husband stabs wife, wife runs away to find help, husband comes back, police shoot him multiple times yet he survives.

    One of the crazier shootings I have seen recently. Luckily she wasn’t being held hostage.

    Ladies, don’t stay with abusive men. Buy a gun and learn to use it. Don’t end up like people in China who can’t defend themselves against a man with a kitchen knife.

  7. Who the hell robs a kid’s lemonade stand? Even the most heartless of thugs have to realize the kid has all of $20 at most. Why would anybody do that? It makes no sense from any standpoint, other than to be an utter asshole.

    • Where I was growing up people would beat or shoot kids for their bikes just because they didn’t want to walk.

      Some kids have sex, do drugs and/or carry guns starting at elementary school age. The U.S. pop culture teaches them these things and glorifies it. Very few people are actually religious. The single parent household rate for whites is becoming very high and blacks have an extremely high rate.

      That’s how far American society has degraded for whites and blacks. Asians are still doing very well regardless of the environment they find themselves in.

    • The hat, bicycle, and BB gun he discarded are probably worth more than the $17 he took.

      But then no smart man has ever been accused of robbing a child’s lemonade stand.

  8. The L.A. Times reported last week that Englander also wants the California Legislature to make possessing home-built firearms and firearm blueprints a felony crime.

    did I read that one right?????????

    now this is going to get messy and cost LA millions

    So that makes all the firearms manuals illegal and those posters of gun blue prints or ‘exploded views’ illegal too?

    Ohhh I got to see this done as a law…fires at the libraries…good old Nazi book burning anyone?

    • The Constitution has no place in California — California is not a place for liberty. The U.S. has failed Californians by allowing it to fall so far.

    • They can try. Maybe if they do people out of state can spam state offices with copies…let them deal with that. Then secretly put up posters with the plans everywhere, and watch the First Amendment case fly.

    • Not yet, they haven’t proposed an ordinance yet. Plus there is the fact that California has a certain level of state pre-emption when it comes to regulating guns that might invalidate a ban on any firearm legal under state law. what they don’t seem to understand–or are simply too ill-informed or stupid to look up, is that the State has extensive regulations on the building of homemade firearms that are not “antique firearms” (i.e. black powder). Effective January 1 of this year, you cannot build a homemade firearm without applying in advance for a serial number from the State ($50 plus a background check) that must be engraved on the receiver (rather, to be receiver) to the same specifications as a federal firearm manufacturer. Further, California requires that all polymer homemade 80% lowers have a bar of metal embedded into the receiver of an AR type firearm. In short, it is now illegal in California to build a “ghost gun,” but this idiot is so stupid an uneducated that he is oblivious to these facts.

  9. He may not be stupid.
    It depends on what he wants, if it is “banning”3D guns he is stupid for a number of reasons.
    If what he wants is publicity,virtue signaling and to be reelected he is not stupid.

  10. all a bunch of political Democrat crap, smoke and mirrors destroy the conservative values! When push comes to shove turn about is fair play, they may push the wrong person over the edge especially the anti guerrilla types! sorta like hunting Viet Cong, the mobs never figure that their Families will be targets, in this age of Internet and cameras you cannot hide, but of course that’s what the Democrats want, then they can destroy the constitution by having Martial law declared, the day they do that it will be a Guerilla uncivil war, the perpetrators have no Idea of the cost of the Carnage

  11. Had a coworker – typically very responsible and punctual – who didn’t show up for work one day. Nobody knew where she was or why she didn’t make it to work. Turned out her ex – whom she had a restraining order against – decided to kick down her apartment door then, after she’d called 911 and locked herself and her daughter in the bedroom, he decided to kick that door down too. She put three .357 rounds through his chest. Only thing he “kicked” after that was the bucket. Boss had no problems with why she’d missed work.

  12. “Good Government – Policy so good, you have to be forced to do it. Laws so good they have to be made in secret. Representation so good, we can’t have the people involved.

      • Thanks, “Shall.”

        Say, half-ish me. “So good … you have to be…” is from someone Instapundit-adjacent. I don’t recall exactly who at the moment. It sounds like something IowaHawk would say.

        Developing into the rhythmic riff is me. I think that can be made a little crisper, even. Then I’m gonna beat that one into the ground.


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