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Moms who failed at pushing gun control are now running for office.

May they know the same amount of success in these efforts as they have in trying to push gun control . . . Moms who became gun control activists are now running for office

Gustafson, who lives in Ankeny, Iowa, on the outskirts of Des Moines, says the qualities that come with being a mother – tenacity, problem-solving and persuasion skills — have made her team effective activists and will make her a good legislator.

“We can polite you to death. We are extremely persistent. We don’t take ‘no’ for an answer, but we will bring cookies,” she explained. She said she honed her skills talking to the most hardened NRA supporters and learned not get her feathers ruffled.

“Mothers are used to getting toddlers and teenagers to do things they don’t want to do,” she said.

After surrendering his guns, Jonathan Pring found out that virtue signaling can result in blowback.

Mike the Gun Guy discovers there’s a big commitment gap between gun controllers and Second Amendment supporters . . . Man Who Turned His Guns In After Las Vegas Should Be A National Story

If only I had a nickel for every time that some GVP (gun violence prevention) advocate or influencer complains about the “power” of the NRA without mentioning the degree to which opposition to the NRA on social media is so tepid and weak. When some deputy sheriff from Podunk makes a statement about how he supports concealed-carry, the NRA shouts out the message from here to kingdom come. But here’s a guy who made a remarkable statement about the risk of legal gun ownership and the GVP community responds to his message with a big yawn. Shouldn’t the Brady Campaign invite Jonathan Pring to come to DC and accept an award? Shouldn’t Gabby and Mark fly out to meet with him? God knows they go everywhere else.

If GVP is ever going to reverse the continued growth of support for gun “rights,” even among people who don’t own guns, their activists must become much more aggressive about using social media to promote their point of view. The video posted by Jonathan Pring showing him giving his guns to the cops should have been the featured post on every GVP Facebook site. And that’s the way you reach out to a wider audience rather than continuing to talk only to folks who already agree with what you say.

The Nation says 4 million Americans have anger issues and own guns. So?

The Nation argues against itself . . . Almost 4 Million Americans Have Anger-Control Problems and Are Packing a Gun

The NRA calls for better mental-health care as a way of deflecting calls for gun control. But even if more gun owners received treatment for mental-health issues, (Duke University professor of psychiatry Jeffrey) Swanson says that, while his team “did find that many of these individuals would meet criteria for some kind of psychopathology, it didn’t tend to be the kinds of disorders that characterize populations that are involuntarily committed and would thereby lose their gun rights under existing federal law.” Many of these angry gun-owners abused alcohol or drugs, or suffered from depression, anxiety, PTSD, compulsive gambling, and other personality disorders that would not make them ineligible to buy a gun or two—or seven.

And even if more limitations were imposed on people with mental illnesses, it’s important to keep in mind that most mentally ill people aren’t prone to violence—mental illness alone is a bad predictor of gun violence. According to Swanson, the mentally ill are responsible for around 4 percent of violence in this country, “so even if we somehow rid society of mental illness entirely, we’d only reduce the violence by a marginal degree.”

So what’s the point of the article?

Beretta APX Pistol Promotion Offers Three Magazines and One Holster For Free

Beretta is offering three free magazines and a free holster with the purchase of any new APX striker fired pistol until December 31, 2017. For details on this promotion visit the online promotion page.

With the APX, Beretta delivers to the civilian market a pistol platform with superior performance in durability, reliability, accuracy and ergonomics. Nearly five years of incorporating both extensive laboratory research and feedback from hundreds of professional end-users ensures the APX is built to accomplish the mission, be it duty related or for personal protection.

The NRA doesn't buy politicians but gun controllers do.

You can never “buy” a politician, you can only rent one . . . NRA Doesn’t ‘Buy’ Politicians, but Gun Controllers Do

An October 2015 New Yorker article by James Surowiecki came to a similar conclusion. The piece quoted UCLA Law Professor Adam Winkler, who explained why NRA is able to influence politicians without spending as much as other interest groups, stating, “N.R.A. members are politically engaged and politically active. They call and write elected officials, they show up to vote, and they vote based on the gun issue.”

A few of the more honest gun control advocates acknowledge this reality. In 2016, the president of Global Strategy Group, who was hired to consult for gun control group Americans for Responsible Solution, said to Politico, “[NRA’s] money isn’t that big… It’s not what they do. Their power rests in their stupid postcards and their ability to terrorize members on the Hill and have them panicked about their rating.”

Gun control supporters who peddle the myth about NRA money aren’t only wrong, they are ignoring team gun control’s own sordid history of buying politicians. And forget Michael Bloomberg for the moment, gun control supporters have purchased lawmakers using taxpayer dollars.

Liverpulian knocks two people off of a scooter before opening fire on them.

Fortunately this kind of thing never happens in England. Oh, wait . . . Man rammed scooter pair before gunman fired shotgun at them

Details of the incident in Kingsheath Avenue, Knotty Ash, emerged after Paul O’Neill, the driver of the Audi which knocked the pair off the scooter, appeared in the dock at Liverpool Crown Court.

O’Neill, 50, who walks with a stick, pleaded guilty to possessing a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence and dangerous driving on August 20 last year.

Charges of possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life and conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm were dropped.

The idea of registering over 350 million firearms in the United States is laughable.

It’s always been a pipe dream of the left . . . Flawed Idea of Gun Registration & 347 Million Plus Firearms

And the record of registries doesn’t provide hope for their supporters. Canada found that its long-gun registry costs billions of dollars while doing nothing to reduce crime or save lives. A parallel effort at keeping a ballistic database of handguns in Maryland—which is a registry in all but name—also resulted in not one criminal case being solved.

There is also the matter of the number of otherwise law-abiding people who would refuse to participate. Despite the stringency of the NY SAFE Act, including a requirement to tell law-enforcement about the “assault weapons” owned in the state, as Tom King, president of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, put it, the registry “still may be law, but the people of New York state have repealed it on their own.”  Of course, it’s only the law abiding who would have to register their weapons. Under the Haynes v. United States (1968) ruling of the Supreme Court, demanding that felons do the same would violate their right against self-incrimination, since they’re not supposed to be in possession of firearms.

California's gun control scheme is a fraud and a sham.

Misplaced priorities . . . California’s gun safety sham

California lawmakers love gun control. Gov. Jerry Brown signed no less than six different bills designed to restrict gun and ammunition sales in the Golden State last year alone, and a number of the leading candidates to replace him as governor are running on a platform of even more regulation.

There’s not an aspect of legal gun ownership that isn’t in their crosshairs, so to speak.

But at the very same time that Sacramento politicians want to punish legal gun owners, these same lawmakers just passed Senate Bill 620 — which would strip mandatory sentencing enhancements for criminals convicted of committing a felony with a gun.

After all, why waste valuable prison space on somebody who robbed a liquor store with a sawed-off shotgun when we clearly need it for the dangerous lunatics who use the wrong gender pronouns?

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    • ‘…as Tom King, president of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, put it, the registry “still may be law, but the people of New York state have repealed it on their own.”’

      Why can we not get this through our heads? Popular repeal or nullification is all it takes. If the citizens of the State of NY can effectively nullify the tyrannical statute of the SAFE act then why not do the same nationally on the NFA ridiculousness?

      One guy owns an unregistered suppressor, of course the BATFE boys are gonna come nail him. If millions of gun owners all flouted the law and stopped paying the tax and all the nonsense what are they gonna do? They don’t even have enough personnel to process the paperwork timely or go out and inspect FFLs…you really think they’re gonna come arrest hundreds of thousands or millions of people with “illegal suppressors”?

      Tyranny is fought firstly with peaceful mass non-compliance.

      • “One guy owns an unregistered suppressor, of course the BATFE boys are gonna come nail him. If millions of gun owners all flouted the law and stopped paying the tax and all the nonsense what are they gonna do?”

        There’s a difference. The SAFE Act required rifles already in the hands of the people to be registered. The problem with this is that the state doesn’t know where those rifles are, or who has them.
        Silencers, OTOH, are different; in order to buy one you have to register it first. If you don’t pay the tax, you don’t get the silencer. To have one that’s not registered, you’d need to build it yourself, or steal it, both illegal actions. Not something millions are going to do.

  1. “Mothers are used to getting toddlers and teenagers to do things they don’t want to do,” she said.“ perfect for dealing with politicians!

    • I see your Glenn Danzig and raise you… Johnny Paycheck

      She told me not to smoke it
      But I did and it took me far away

      • It has been stated that Jim Morrison was an influence to Danzig’s artistic aesthetics and music. As to how much though, is debatable. Other influences of his range from Marilyn Monroe to H.P. Lovecraft.

  2. I love that, alcohol (Jack Coke?), drugs (Ambien), depression? PTSD? sounds like some of us who have been in the military (not in the rear with the gear types). The question is will you claim it on retirement? HELL NO! I will never will let my service dictate my firearm ownership!

  3. ‘Beretta is offering three free magazines and a free holster with the purchase of any new APX striker fired pistol…’

    Sounds like sales have been disappointing. Sometimes I think that companies should stick to what they do well. Maybe Beretta should stick to hammer-fired DA/SA pistols and let Glock handle the strikers. Perhaps they’d have an easier time convincing the average gun buyer that the 92s and PX4 Storms are great pistols than selling yet another plastic abomination. But then I think how Ruger needs to bring back a new and improved P series pistol. Of course, Ruger does everything well, so maybe they’re the exception to the rule.

    Problem with gun registration (besides the obvious) is that the most optimistic (by gun grabbers’ pov) realistic outcome is at least 100 million illegal guns on the streets due to non-compliance. These guns will on average last a century or so. It would take several generations for the USA to become the UK. But then they’re like a bunch of virgins trying to explain sex to the experienced.

    • “Maybe Beretta should stick to hammer-fired DA/SA pistols and let Glock handle the strikers.”

      I haven’t been a fan of Beretta’s handguns, but I can tell you the APX is a very worthy competitor to GLOCKs, Smiths and Walthers. It’s a very well made pistol.

      • I’d expect no less from the granddaddy of all fi rearms companies. Now they just need to convince the public to buy it.

        Still fugly though.

      • Now, Gov, you’re not still sore you didn’t win it are you?
        Yeah, I said before that I’d have traded it for something else I actually wanted, but I have to admit it does feel good in the hand… most of the customers I show it to agree. 🤠

        • Um…

          …well yes, there is that too.

          But I’m generally a fan of their DA/SA hammer-fired pistols. Even though they don’t have revolving cylinders.

      • May be well made, but I already have my Glocks and I’m quite happy with them. Beretta can do nothing to make me interested in their APX anymore than Ruger can with their American, Wather their Creed, etc. etc.

        And not especially when they’re competing with used Glock’s that one can get in the mid 300 range.

    • The only guns that Beretta makes that interest me are their tip up barrel pocket guns in .22 and .25, the .32 is so big it may as well be a 9mm Nano. If Beretta brought back the 950 Jetfire and made a few changes here and there and got the price for one brand new between $250-275, I might be all over it, but for a bit more money I could get an NAA Sidewinder in .22 Magnum, which is much more powerful than .25 ACP and is an even smaller gun.

      I do really like the look of those PX4 Storm pistols tho. If Beretta offered a rebate on those to where I could get one for real cheap, I might do it.

      • I had a 92 for several years. If you want a semi-auto pis tol that will never, ever, ever have a malfunction of any kind ever, the 92 is YOUR pist ol. The wife has a Storm sub-compact. Great pi stol, just a little fat and heavy for it’s intended purpose, but she wanted something that wouldn’t abuse her at the range, so it works for her. The trigger’s better than the 92 in both DA and SA. Keep an eye on GunBroker for a while and you can score a new full size Storm for <4 bills shipped and transferred. My only issue with them is the barrels are too short. Give the compact a 4(ish)" barrel and I'm a buyer right now.

  4. “Mothers are used to getting toddlers and teenagers to do things they don’t want to do,” she said.

    The same can be said of pedophiles.

    • And that, I think, is what Mike the Gun Weasel was lamenting: this douche was roasted on social media for his “look at me!” stunt and the leading gun bigots didn’t come to his rescue.

      • It just occurred to me. Maybe this is Mike the “I’ll lick your boots for 5 minutes of attention”‘s pup. You can tell by the complete degrading of themselves for the need to draw attention to their virtue’s selves. It’s a family trait, like the lack of balls.

    • I am reminded of the Sean Penn/Charlize Theron debacle. At least Sean may have gotten some value out of the trade, if he retained enough of his manhood to enjoy it.

      • Sean also has the funds to buy ANYthing he wants…at any time. Some of us have to save for that special purchase.
        Sorta like the rich ones that already have armed security…state of the art alarms…asking for everyone else to give up their guns.

  5. That call should’ve went something like this:

    “911 what’s your emergency?”

    “Yes, I just recently saw that shooting on TV and would like to turn all my guns in to you guys.”

    “… sir you want to do what?”

    “I’d like an officer to come to my home and collect my guns for a turn in.”

    “Sir do you have an actual real emergency?”

    “Well, no, but-”

    “911 is reserved for emergency calls, and calling 911 without an emergency can lead to citations for tying up phone lines while actual emergencies are being called in”-


  6. ‘The Nation argues against itself . . . Almost 4 Million Americans Have Anger-Control Problems and Are Packing a Gun”

    This is a perfect example of just how easy the “mental-illness-gun-prohibition” argument can slip into arbitrary judgments about a person’s mental state. Make no mistake: “mental-illness” is nothing more than a handy label that will be used as a convenient excuse to take people’s guns. The definition of anger-control, for instance, is so nebulous that just about anybody at one time or another can be labeled as having “anger-control” problems. And once you are so labeled, your guns are gone. This is not therapy, it’s tyranny. This is right out of the Soviet playbook. There, you could be placed in a mental hospital for the “crime” of criticizing the worker’s paradise.

    • I’m much more concerned about how many closet headcases are licensed as mental health practitioners and are angling for control over the civil rights of others. You’ll see a lot more squirrely characters in a typical psych classroom than you will at the gun store.

      • “I’m much more concerned about how many closet headcases are licensed as mental health practitioners …”

        At first estimate, … all of them.

  7. California, which has registration in all but name, already has passed a law that will require retroactive registration of all firearms not previously subject to registration, which is all long guns purchased prior to 2014 and all handguns prior to 2000. Firearms that are not serialized will require application to the DOJ for issuance of a number, which then must be engraved on the firearm. As it is, there have been cases of police seizing (and refusing to return) “unregistered” firearms under the false belief that “unregistered” firearms are illegal.

    Now that Senator deLeon has announced he will challenge DiFi for her Senate seat, the only opposition to a gun grabbing Gavin Newsome landslide is the former mayor of L.A. (shoe name I cannot spell). At present, there are no Republicans who have the exposure (name recognition) necessary to challenge either one.

  8. effin’ gun-grabbing TWAT should move to ARSE-stralia….plenty of gun-grabbers there to keep her company!

    • A drag pig can still be good eatin’, but a polished turd ain’t good for anything but lookin good at one’s side.

      Wait…. are we talking about the bleached & breathing one , or the Beretta?

  9. As long as califorina continues to harbour illigal aliens. Breaking fedral law i dont see why any law which violates the constitution, should be followed.

    • We can solve a lot of our problems by kicking CA out of the USA. First and foremost, over $40Billion in monetized debt that we’ll never get back. That’s a nice healthy chunk out of the national debt. Not to mention the huge drain on welfare that’ll go away. Also, the voting pool of liberals would be weakened within the US to a point ineffectiveness.

      I know a lot of Californians want out. I say we show them the door and wash our hands of them.

  10. “Canada found that its long-gun registry costs billions of dollars while doing nothing to reduce crime or save lives.”

    …and the grabbers will respond –

    “They weren’t doing it right. We’ll do it *smarter*!”.

    And when we say – [concerning gun registration] “I am a law abiding citizen. Not a sex offender!”

    They will respond – “Good point. You are *now*. What is the serial number?”…

    • The handy answers to any proof that Gun Control and Communism don’t work in real life:

      We’ve never had enough of it before, but now we will!

      We’ve never done it right before, but this time we will!

      (and unicorns fart candy flavored rainbows, too)

  11. Missed the best news of today: Weak on guns Senator Flake is retiring and viciously pro-gun (as in “fought the NFA”) Kelli Ward looks even more like she’ll be Arizona’s senator in 2019.

  12. I am so proud of little Annie G for doing her part to help destroy the democrat party in her state! After her reality check/the election, she will become a bitter, lonely cat lady. I say we all chip in and buy her a shopping cart. She can it fill with her favorite felines and push it down the street while shouting at passers by.

  13. Moms demand action, well honey you had better talk to your husband about that. And what’s the kids to think. Mommie whoring herself out like that.

  14. Over the past 15 years in my career I’ve learned mothers are quite possibly the worst people alive.
    Watching them interact with their children is cringe inducing. When the child begins to cry and scream it’s not because of discipline. It’s because the child is realizing what a broken backwards bitch his mother is.

  15. Soooo……once again, if this reporting is accurate, we have a street rat crazy guy who was–this is becoming a cliche–“known to police”, is that right? Surprise, surprise. I’l bet that somewhere in the documents we’ll find that nobody did anything because they were afraid of being called anti-retarded people.

    Lanza sounds like a perfect example of what would be a good use of involuntary temporary commitment for evaluation, possibly long term commitment.

    “But….but…..pre-crime!!!!!!!” Shut up.
    He’s a whacked out, sociopathic, walking freak show, obsessed with death and murder, and now reportedly expressing homicidal intention and ideation. Lock him up until we’re reasonably certain he won’t mow down first graders, and 20 little kids would be in middle school today.

    Or do nothing, and watch the demographic shifts in this country install a permanent, implacable, one party government antithetical to any exercise of firearms freedom.

  16. “Mothers are used to getting toddlers and teenagers to do things they don’t want to do,”

    Then stick to what you know best, running your house like it’s behind the Iron Curtain, stay the hell out of mine…Yet these are the same people who want me to pay for their health care, abortions, social programs, and any other fanciful thought that blazes through their skull because those are “rights”, as opposed to the rights that are actually written in the Amendments…

  17. Moms against only some violence are demanding anger management? Good for them. They need help. I’m sure Bloomie will cover the costs.

    The first step is admitting that you have a problem.

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