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Former NPR CEO Ken Stern finds out what you learn about guns when you step outside the coastal bubbles.

“I started off this process thinking, as do many of my political coreligionists, that reducing gun violence is simply a matter of will, and of overcoming the Neanderthals at the National Rifle Association (NRA). But I have learned that it is not, and that if we really want to reduce gun violence, we should be focusing not first upon the weapons but on a lot of things around it: poverty, drugs, race, addressing mental illness, opportunity, and gangs, to name just a few.” – Former NPR CEO Ken Stern in An excerpt from ‘Republican Like Me’ [via]



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  1. Pretty amazing what happens when you start ignoring the screaming liberal fake news, and actually go take a look for yourself. Just look at the news today, proven that all the “Trump collision/dossier” BS, was paid funded fake news generated by Hillary and the DNC. Big surprise. Now hopefully Trump sues them all, big league.

    • The only thing they’ve found out in that Russia investigation is that the Clintons took millions of dollars in bribes to hand over 20% of our uranium reserves to the Russians with O’Bama’s blessing. Russia then promptly shipped enough yellow cake to Iran to build at least 10 nuclear weapons.

      But you won’t hear anything about that on CNN. They only do apples.

      • “But you won’t hear anything about that on CNN. They only do apples.”

        CNN, not yet, but it looks like it may be coming, and soon.

        Take a look at these two tid-bits today :

        #1 – from the ‘Washington Post’, no less.

        “Clinton campaign, DNC paid for research that led to Russia dossier”

        What they thought Mueller would dig up on Trump, they caught Clinton red-handed :

        #2 – ‘The Hill’ website is calling for a Clinton special council investigation for the dirt dossier *and* the crooked uranium deal :

        “It’s time for a special counsel on Hillary Clinton’s Russia scandal”

        I don’t want to get my hopes too far up, but we just might get a *very* Merry Christmas, and Hillary might get Martha Stewart’s old federal prison cell as a lump-o-coal for her stocking…

        • “Hillary might get Martha Stewart’s old federal prison cell…”

          I want to believe, but I’ve seen the Clintons get away with so much over the decades. Whoever this unnamed FBI informant is, his risk of committing suicide in the next month or two just went up substantially.

        • “I want to believe, but I’ve seen the Clintons get away with so much over the decades.”

          Here is *why* I think this time my be delightfully different –

          Have you noticed the huge amount of time on camera Hillary has been getting recently?

          To the extent one wonders if she has interest in running for future office?

          Perhaps the Leftist establishment is getting concerned that she just may do just that, and have decided throwing her fat ass ‘under the bus’ once and for all may be necessary for the Left if their party has any chance in the near future…

        • “Calls for an investigation”, in today’s world only means; “look around the problem, but never at it, for years and years until the people forget all about it”. For those who haven’t noticed that, when was the last Congressional investigation that actually led to a prosecution? When is the time for investigating a crime over, and prosecution and punishment to begin? If you or I commit a heinous crime, we get indicted in a matter of days. Why do these govt ‘investigations’ take years, and typically result in no punishment for those under investigation, or some minor staffer taking the blame, no matter how obvious the high crimes?

  2. This guy discovers what many here have been saying for years and suddenly “see’s the Light” and speaks out! Hallelujah! Does not mean he won’t change his mind again when the Devils besiege him, but for the time being it’s a cause for subdued rejoicing.
    Reading the linked source article, the fact this is posted on MSNBC is almost too astonishing, but evidence “miracles” do happen.

    • …poverty, drugs, race, addressing mental illness, opportunity, and gangs, to name just a few.”

      Close but no cigar.

      Just like ALL politicians he doesn’t have the courage to bring up the fact that black families have a 75%+ single parent rate.

      Chicago doesn’t need more gun laws it needs more fathers.

      • Good point! Actually, I found his “transformation” so stunning, I forgot to review what he listed, and many of us have not failed to include the “absent Black father” issue in our list of issues affecting the situation in Chicago and its like.

  3. Stay away from NPR. Stay away from it’s employees and formee employees. It’s impossible to listen to those feminist voiced pansies and their reporting on subjects they don’t understand. Stay away from them, do not interview or participate with them in any way. TTAG, listen up because we don’t want to hear from them here. This is for us, not them.

    • NPR should be privatized and funded by listeners.
      It is a mouthpiece for progressive viewpoints and horribly biased.
      It should not be funded by taxpayer money or given non-profit status because it’s content is fundamentally free advertising for democrats..

      • NPR is already almost entirely privately funded by donations. I find it quite balanced on the whole and a good place for straight news since they are not in the 24 hr news cycle. PBS Newshour is also good if you want the news in a concise and to the point hour.

        • ….almost entirely privately funded….

          But yet NPR and the Democrats cry bloody murder if you try to take the public funding down to zero.

          They obvioulsy feel that the amount is worth fighting for and whatever that is it’s too much for me for their propaganda.

        • NPR…I find it quite balanced on the whole and a good place for straight news

          Did you write that with a straight face? I’m going to give one example. It’s old, but quite indicative of NPR’s bias.

          Back when the Whitewater trials were going on, a reporter (Nina Totenberg if memory serves) was interviewing jurors who had just delivered guilty verdicts. She was really trying to talk them out of their verdict, trying to tell them that the case was so complicated that they couldn’t possibly justly render a guilty verdict. She was told,”no, not at all. When the evidence is all laid out in chronological order it’s an easy road map to follow. It’s not that complicated.” Nina was fit to be tied and couldn’t accept it.

  4. Never click on any of those ads!
    Although that woman in the “truck your eyes into 20/20 vision” is very pretty
    And the previous ad about drivers arrested had a woman with nice breasts
    Chumlee is not dead, don’t click on the celebrities who died link
    I just ignore them

  5. How many voted for Hillary? 65 million? Not going to be able to get every one of them to take a year off for travel in the heartland. Matter of fact alot of them live in the heartland. So this is a simply what we have to live with for the next 1000 years.

    • Really.

      No problems with Satan-worshiping pop-ups on this end , and killing auto-start vids was also easily dealt with.

      The data-field issue is still here, and while double-clicking the boxes and selecting the auto-fill text saves having to type in everything by hand, it still kinda sucks.

      In *BONUS* good news for today, there are calls now on ‘The Hill”s website by the Leftists to throw the HildaBeast fully under the bus once and for all for selling 20 percent of US uranium capacity to Putin :

      “It’s time for a special counsel on Hillary Clinton’s Russia scandal”

  6. “I started off this process thinking. . . ” Should have been thinking all along stupid.

    NPR is a scant bit of paid news wedged between Federal and co-opted Foundation’s COMMUNISM ADVERTISING.

    We don’t look there for answers on anything. Why would we look to this ahole?

  7. NPR guy crawled out of his cave and saw the sun for the first time only because he had nothing left to keep him in the cave.

  8. I’m glad this guy saw the light. I think he’s got a real uphill battle on his hands, however, if he has any intention of winning over his (soon-to-be-former) liberal friends to the side of logic and facts.

  9. A common occurrence: the former liberal, enlightened by the knowledge and narrative outside what NPR, CNN, et. all tell him to think.

    A unicorn: a former conservative who decides to reject reality and facts and become liberal.

  10. I am glad he stepped out of his bubble to see what others are doing and saying.

    His presentation is still rather condescending but I will cut him some slack because he has spent a great deal of time being condescending so it’s a habit for him.

    Can we figure out where he lives (not specifically, just generally) so we can get some of the local POTG to reach out to him for a day at the range?

    • I saw him on Tucker Carlson. He apparently went on a boar hunt in Texas (at Tucker’s urging), so I think he has been handling weapons during his road trip. He actually didn’t seem condescending. He seemed embarrassed in the realization that his biases were wrong.

  11. We all like to bash people on the other side of the political spectrum.

    It can be fun, but it’s counterproductive.

    Note how shocked the NPR guy was to find out that gun owners are actually decent human beings….

  12. Good for him! Saw him on Tucker(?) and was suitably impressed. He probably lost all of his “friends” and business contacts. A pariah to the leftards…

  13. Poor guy, got mugged by some inconvenient truths. Now none of his friends will talk to him any more. (Bonus?)

    As for the rest of them, I wonder … If an NPR-ite has an opinion without visiting the woods, does it still stink?

  14. Well, taking the next step from ex-NPR-guy’s observations, to policy… the anti-gun misdirection fake issue curation by the D-party continues to get people killed.

    They don’t seem to mind. Indeed, they rejoice when it’s those wrong-thinking hicks, who just get what they deserve. They’re indifferent when it’s those inner-city others, who only count as cheap votes and contrived issues to wee-wee up their base.

    One would think when the body count hits the suburbian self-righteous like themselves, it might get their attention. But, no. They’re either so committed or so depraved they don’t care when their agenda kills even their own children. Maybe both.

    And they wonder why people are suspicious of them wielding power.

  15. It is commendable that he went out and got first hand experience on which to base his opinions. We can be all snarky and such, but isn’t his approach what we are advocating for everyone? Kind of like David Yamane of the Gun Culture 2.0 blog. And even if every gun control advocate that goes down this path doesn’t get to the same opinions that most of us have, any exposure to the truth as we see it will be helpful to our cause. Education of these folks is important, even if they don’t convert immediately. Changing close held beliefs and world views requires giving even the open minded liberals many experiences that differ from what they’ve been taught. Be patient with the ones that are receptive even in the slightest bit (and don’t waste your time with those that aren’t).

    I was going to comment on the MSNBC article but decline to register on their website. The are other points most of us could raise, especially when he says : “England is an amazingly safe place. There were only 573 murders in all of England and Wales in 2015 (Chicago by itself is on pace to hit about 700 in 2017) and only about 40 of those murders were with firearms.” As has been discussed here before, England is a lot more violent than the murder statistics indicate, given that crimes are not considered murders unless and until a perpetrator is convicted, IIRC.

    But again, kudos to Ken Stern for his journey toward enlightenment!

  16. ‘Wow – they love their children too!’
    Flyover country knows more about the coastal elites than the coastal elites know about flyover country.
    They think they need passports to go to Branson MO.


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