Parkland Survivors Road to Change Show
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Parkland school shooting survivors bring gun-control message to Dallas

The Parkland survivors’ Astroturfed magical gun control mystery tour rolls into Texas . . .

Formed by the survivors of the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Fla., the group kicked off a “Road to Change” bus tour that will travel to 75 cities in more than 20 states throughout the summer.

The bus tour, launched in early June, will stop in Houston and San Antonio over the next few days, before making its final Texas stop in El Paso on Tuesday. Then, the tour heads west to New Mexico and beyond.

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  1. Remember…when the rights were written…women could not vote…blacks were less than a full person…
    as for laws to keep guns unloaded or locked up…good luck enforcing them…and I ask then if it would be OK to own a machine gun (real one) as long as I kept it unloaded or locked up when not in use?
    bans don’t work…did not work for booze or illegal drugs…maybe harsher penalties for gun crimes of all kinds?

    • The major underlying cause of Chicago gun violence is the lack of effective punishment for those using firearms to commit crimes. It’s almost like the leadership is encouraging gun violence….

    • Oh, those looking to destroy rights will be happy to enforce storage laws. Sure, they’re effectively unenforceable without shredding 4A and 5A in the process, but what are 4A and 5A to the anti-rights crowd?

    • I’m not sure where you’re going with this. I mean, you are kind of making the antis point that the 2nd Amendment is ripe for “updating” and changing the Constitution is hunky dory because that’s what we did with universal suffrage and slavery, which were bad.

      Is that the point you are trying to make?

  2. Gallup needs to start asking what the responder considers the NRA as being, or at least asking why they (dis)like the NRA.

    • If Dems base their opinion on LaPierre’s public statements, they might believe that the NRA is the group that lobbies against climate change and efforts to limit global warming. No surprise that support for the NRA is falling among Democrats.

      I wish the NRA would focus on gun rights, which is what I pay them for. Running off anyone not in lock-step with Trump does not help us.

      • Exactly.

        It is possible to not think the NRA hung the moon, AND be a strong supporter of gun right at the same time.

        Crazy idea, I know. Almost like the world wasn’t the binary, black versus white horseshit the media machines would have us all believe.

  3. I’m tired of reading crap from people so g**d**m stupid that they completely fail to understand that the Second Amendment is about freedom, the ability to fight against tyranny. It’s not about a militia, it’s not about hunting, it’s about killing people (i.e. self proclaimed rulers) who are oppressing the rest.

  4. So now it’s “assault style” weapons? What IS that, exactly? Anything beyond what you’d see in a cowboy movie?!? Is anyone else getting tired of the left’s inanity when it comes to this issue, or with supposedly “conservative” news accepting the left’s nonsensical definitions unchallenged?

    What I would LOVE to see is a law restricting federal and local law enforcement, private security and executive agencies from the use, stockpiling or bearing of any weapons, bullets or magazines not legal for average citizens to bear in every jurisdiction. After all, government employees do tend to “lose” quite a few, and they don’t NEED them to write a ticket. By the left’s reasoning Private security carrying weapons MUST be putting their charges in greater danger by carrying ANY weapon.

    • I dunno man, those cowboy movies are pretty assaulty. Just look at how fast Chuck and Clint can shoot.

    • If gun laws are so effective, apply them to the cops also. After all, why would they need an AR if it’s illegal for the rest of the citizenry to own one?

      • Well, I’m told that the only purpose of having an AR-15 is to kill lots of people quickly, so there you go. Apparently police have them to commit massacres.

  5. “Revamp” the 2nd Amendment?! This is how insane the Left is. What if someone on the Right said, “hey, let’s revamp the 13th Amendment.” That’s exactly how stupid that comment sounds. Unbelievable.

      • Putting that solely at the feet of Democrats is a tad disingenuous, don’t you think?

        Never mind the complete flip of who the parties represented a few decades after that event.

        • “The flip” is not as dramatic or as quick as liberal professors would like everyone to believe. The GOP and Eisenhower wanted the CRA 10 years before a few democrats decided to take credit for it.

        • Not as much real flip as everyone believes. Look at the Bush and Clinton dynasties. They love one another!

        • Sorry, swarf, but that is right at the feet of FDR. He could have shut that crap down before it got started. He wanted to violate the human and civil rights of those folks.

          Fast forward a couple of decades and you have dems like George Wallace.

        • Ordered by the Democrat president, approved by Democrat appointees to the Supreme Court who were formererly Democrat cabinet members/senators (and at least one KKK cultist) that were confirmed by the Democrat senate. These camps were then funded by the Democrat house and Democrat senate who could have easily stopped it by including “none of these funds shall be used on concentration camps for American citizens” in the budget. The objectors, like Governor Carr, were Republicans. In what way isn’t the Democrat party to blame?

  6. These stupid kids don’t have a clue about anything. That’s why they are students….children. Their brains are not yet mature. They are incapable of grasping the big picture. With that, I dismiss them as just more stupid f–king kids being manipulated by deep pockets.

  7. Yes I love MY gun toting preacher. Love them Baptists…no one polled me. Nor do I respond to random calls. Sorry Nanishi. At least Japanese American’s got some sort of “reparations”. That took forever. FWIW I believe FDR was a POS. Peace out…

    • The “reparations” were less than the average wage for each year they were held+inflation+basic interest. That’s how little the government values your freedom.

  8. “…“Road to Change” bus tour that will travel t”

    I don’t want anything bad to happen to those kids. Having said that, however, I wouldn’t be very sad to read a headline about their bus suffering some sort of freak accident that killed everyone aboard.

    I know that makes me a bad person and I’m probably going to hell for having that thought. My only request is if any of you get to hell before I do, save me a seat.

    • Nope… I want them to break down in one of the SW states in an area with no cell reception… I want a bunch of rednecks coming back from the range to stop and help them, while carrying concealed… I want them to take a million selfies of their rescuers and post them all over when they get back to civilization… and I want them to find out, only after all that, that their rescuers were carrying.

      And if wishes were fishes…

    • A bunch of hormonal teenagers on a bus trip with minimal adult supervision. What do you think is going to happen? At least a boost to the teenage pregnancy rate.

  9. Why has no one from MSM asked or reported on who is funding the traveling clown show ?

    Dang, why hasn’t anybody in conservative media reported on it?

  10. Let them jump on a tour bus and go around the country.

    Let Trump stay in DC appointing justices to all levels of the federal courts. Especially scotus.

    10 years from now let’s see which actions had the most effect.

    • That’s the real answer, right there. The Supreme Court is about to be locked for a generation. For better (gun rights) or worse (so very much).

      Ginsburg isn’t looking too spry, either.

  11. Hate to piss in your. Cornflakes Dev, but the 2nd is about militias also. And that they have a right to be formed and supplied well.That’s for the state’s.
    And the PEOPLE have the right to keep and bear arms, that’s for us citizens

    • I think what Dev was trying to say is that the right to keep and bear arms is not contingent upon being a member of a militia. The Supreme Court has definitively held that the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia

  12. The Atheists say Christians who believe in an invisible power are fools. But the atheist believes in the invisible power of government. It’s interesting that more Christians have guns than atheists do.
    I wonder why????

    • Umm, exactly how do you know atheists believe in “the invisible power of government (whatever that might mean)? And do you have some source for atheist’s gun ownership rates? What a silly comment attempting to disparage those with a different viewpoint than your own.

      • Chris T is constantly disparaging those who hold opinions which don’t match his… whether he understands those viewpoints or not. Wait until you read some of his digs at libertarians, most of which prove that he knows absolutely nothing about the way libertarians feel, act, or live – or vote.

  13. Huh… I thought ‘mini me’ would be here already trying to insult people… guess not.

  14. On the 2nd Amendment
    The 2nd Amendment is meant to be a Deterrent. If a Deterrent is successful, then aggression does not take place. As a Deterrent, it does not mean that aggression is inevitable… but is assured if the government moves to seize power away from the people and deny them their Unalienable Rights. The government must always know that the population is armed and will defend the Constitution. The government, whether Federal or State has no authority to write any firearm laws. The very idea that a government entity can write firearm laws is ridiculous, given that the purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to keep the government in check. The government would write laws in its own interest, to protect itself from the people, which of late, is exactly what is taking place, this absurdity defies simple logic. Self-defense is a fundamental right and though not mentioned at all in the 2nd, it is implied because the people are given the right to defend the Constitution, which in essence is self-defense. Ignorant people have allowed our government to make firearm laws, incarcerate, confiscate, and felonize people in the name of some sophomoric concept of safety. Only through a Constitutional Convention should any and all firearm laws be approved and disapproved.
    By Jamie

  15. What would Jesus do? He tells us in his own words after his resurrection:

    Luke Chapter 22
    “35 And he said unto them, When I sent you without purse, and scrip, and shoes, lacked ye any thing? And they said, Nothing.
    36 Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.”

    King James Bible “Authorized Version”, Cambridge Edition

    I really don’t care what anyone else says on this subject.
    If they don’t agree, then they better heed another wise saying: Psalm 144:1
    “Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle;”

  16. It seems these anti rights people are either disingenuous or schizophrenic:
    They insist that the 2A is legitimately limited to exclude weapons of war, while simultaneously insisting that the prefatory clause is the essence of the amendment.
    Given these are mutually exclusive arguments, one must ask; “Does the 2A protect the right to own such arms as are suited to defense from ‘invasion and insurrection’ as the article suggests, or are restrictions of machine guns, explosives and destructive devices legitimate in keeping with the intent of the amendment?”

    It cannot be both.

    I’m not sure which I dislike most: Those who would bind themselves, and the rest of us, in chains of servitude and tyranny, or those who espouse incoherent arguments, regardless of content?
    It seems there is some correlation between the degree of tyranny demanded…
    (It’s telling that demand is truly the manner in which they approach the subjugation of self and countrymen.)
    and the degree to which their arguments are internally incoherent, founded upon false pretenses and generally presented as a series of logical fallacies.

    Is it a function of poor critical thinking that anti 2A rights arguments are often so disordered (only the expected product of inferior intellects) or are such fumbling and absurd arguments the result of first adopting a position and only then considering the facts and arguments pro and con (that is, the product of an [academically] dishonest mind)? Perhaps sycophancy is the root (the arguments and conclusions the product of someone else’s inferior intellect or prevarication).

    Perhaps it’s a vicious cycle; Inferior intellects, devoid of critical thinking skills or the motivation to employ them, biasedly consuming only conforming arguments, regurgitating the flawed arguments with the questionable fidelity of an ill informed sycophant, all the while scrupulously ignoring any non-conforming information.
    Up and down the ranks of these anti civil rights anti liberty types, the ill-informed grant the impetus to the dishonest who, in turn, ply them with praise for accepting the absurd arguments and thus demanding to be further subjugated under laws which self evidently cannot correct the problem to which they are addressed. While the dishonest and controlling celebrate the virtue of the ill-informed and nurse them on flawed dogma, statistical shenanigans and outright lies, the sycophants insist that lies are truth and laws govern the behavior of criminals as they clamor to surrender more of their rights and ours to the very intellectually and morally bankrupt leadership desiring nothing but to remain as such…but I digress.

  17. Good news most Americans like the NRA.

    Good news Republicans. REALLY like the NRA

    Why don’t we know how the NRA polls with independent voters ?

    Why don’t we know how the NRA polls in swing states ?

  18. “….although the Second Amendment, adopted in 1791, was passed to facilitate the formation of a fighting force if invasion or insurrection threatened. Such misreading of the amendment has doomed similar efforts to bring sanity to the availability of guns in America’s high-crime areas.”

    The 2nd Amendment was also adopted to secure the right of the people to protect themselves and their neighbors from outlaws and brigands.

    When the bad guys came to pillage your village, you didn’t call the constable and wait (like the sheeple do now). This is why there is “high-crime areas” in American cities. Everyone is waiting for the constable on patrol (it’s the “not my job, man” mentality, as enacted by law in many cities).

    • There certainly is some “not my job” attitude going around.

      More, in areas of the US that lean more toward collectivist authoritarianism you are more likely to end up in prison for self defense, and people are told to depend on government for all protection (together with the fact that owning guns for defense is as expensive, difficult, and as legally risky as the local and state governments can possibly make it).

      Then, in high crime areas, they know the cops can’t protect them from the criminals who will retaliate if a resident calls or says anything to the police. The latter situation is made worse by city governments and the press who will basically ignore almost any violence that doesn’t fit leftist narratives. Bad situation all around.

  19. These hateful, arrogant kids only reach the OTHER lunatic anti-American, anit-Constitution Fascists. Anyone else just shakes their head and laments the loss of a whole generation of youths to the rantings and ravings of the authoritarian Left.

  20. I’ve no problem with removing “Big Money” from elections. That would eliminate the unions, Hollywood, Bloomberg and the NRA. Given the disparity between the anti’s $$ and the rather paltry NRA $, I think it’s a win for TPOTG.

    • I agree. Each of us, NRA members spent couple of bucks on last presidential elections through our organization. One single person in strong opposition (Bloomberg) outspent all 6 millions of us.

      Power of the NRA is NOT in its money as leftists will have you believe. If the big money get out of politics (big IF) we can only profit.

  21. As the associate pastor for my church, I regularly carry a Glock 43 when I’m there, even when I’m giving the message. As one of the shepherds of my flock, it is my responsibility to have the tools to protect them.

  22. “Parkland Survivors” … except for that one who has a different opinion. And the other one. And the ones still recovering from doing what they could when the whack-job — er — whacked. And the ones who died doing the same.

    So, yeah. “Parkland Survivors”, except for all the others. It’s like the PR people picked who they’d listen to based on what they’re willing to say. It’s almost like their experience, and the “survivor” thing is just to give some emotional weight to the pre-determined position.

    Naaah. That would be cynical.

  23. “To stop gun violence, we must revamp 2nd Amendment, remove big money from federal elections.”L

    From the quote, the executive, the legislature, the courts, and public at large all think differently than they do. So, find a way to jam through what they want anyway.

    It’s like they want a government “representative” of only some people; only them.

  24. Don’t you love how the banner is “road to change”, and road is red, and change is blue? Subtle, you dbags. At least they’re identifying exactly what they want to have happen.

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