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Anti-violence protesters shut down inbound Dan Ryan: ‘The people won today’

Mayor Rahm Emanuel let Pfleger shut down half of a major artery into his benighted city. Would he have allowed Guns Save Life to so the same thing in a pro-gun rights protest (as if)?

To “accommodate” protesters, troopers had initially closed the two right lanes and the shoulder of the inbound Dan Ryan near 79th Street about 9:30 a.m. Hundreds of city and state vehicles — including ambulances, tow trucks and prison buses — were deployed to create a barrier between the marchers and the two lanes kept open to motor traffic as protesters made their way onto the Dan Ryan about 10:15 a.m.

By 10:45 a.m., the march ground to a halt near 76th Street as Pfleger and the Rev. Jesse Jackson tried to negotiate with state police to shut down all lanes for protesters.

“They are killing us already,” one anti-violence protester said after being told he could get killed in traffic.


Nevada Schools, Student Settle Lawsuit Over Pro-Gun Clothing

Anti-gun bigotry takes another hit . . .

The Washoe County School District and the boy’s attorneys announced Friday the district has updated its dress code to no longer ban clothing that promotes weapons and has allowed the student to wear a Firearms Policy Coalition T-shirt.

The statement says the school district will also pay a portion of the boy’s legal fees.

School district attorney Neil Rombardo says the school district took an “immediate corrective response” once the lawsuit was filed and says the district understands the importance of individual student expression.

Historical Roots Of The Second Amendment

Worth a read . . .

Ignorant of history, the gun-grabbing Left never lets us down whenever there is some tragedy involving a gun.  Google “repeal the Second Amendment” and you get almost 2.5 million hits.  If anything, this illustrates the stupidity and ignorance of those espousing those ideas.

While still British subjects, colonial Americans recognized the “right to bear arms” as a natural right.  These are rights granted by God or nature that cannot be restricted by any government or official.  The concept did not begin with the Bill of Rights, but was enforced in the psyche of 18th century colonists and rooted in English history from whence they came.  During the Middle Ages and through the 17th century, every Englishman was not only allowed to own a firearm, but they were expected to own one.  The individual right to own a gun had been settled in 1689.  Further, it was understood that this referred to an individual, not a collective right as some argue.  The British Declaration Bill of Rights in 1689 listed among other grievances, the British throne’s violating the individual right to own firearms.  From contemporaneous notes from Parliament, the debate centered on the 1662 Militia Act which focused on the confiscation of private arms.

John Feinblatt Shannon Watts Everytown Moms Gun Control

The NRA looks to the Supreme Court for salvation

Everytown’s John Feinblatt never misses a chance to oversell his anti-gun narrative . . .

In the wake of so many defeats, the NRA is counting on President Trump and the Senate to deliver them a Supreme Court Justice who will validate their increasingly radical and unpopular worldview. They are sure to pull out all the stops in support of nominees who would join with the court’s most pro-gun members and overturn years of established law. 

So far, the public discussion around Kennedy’s retirement has focused largely on reproductive rights, immigration, and health care. But the first step to defeating the NRA’s Supreme Court strategy is talking about it.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Mexico President Far Left Gun Control
courtesy and Getty

‘HUGS, NOT BULLETS’: Mexico’s New President Reveals Plan To Stop Drug Cartels

Socialism, amnesty, less jail time and more gun control — what could possibly go wrong? . . .

On Friday, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Mexico’s newly elected president, revealed his new plan to combat Mexico’s drug war which includes legalizing drugs, instituting gun control, and reducing punishment for criminals.

Olga Sanchez, Lopez Obrador’s proposed interior minister, told Reuters about the new administration’s “transitional justice” plan to stop Mexico’s deadly drug cartels which will involve “leniency for those who admit guilt, truth commissions to investigate atrocities and the granting of reparations for some victims.”

“Not only will it be amnesty, it will be a law to reduce jail time,” Sanchez told Reuters. “We will propose decriminalization, create truth commissions, we will attack the causes of poverty, we will give scholarships to the youth and we will work in the field to get them out of the drug situation.”

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  1. So, Mexico is fixin to implode even more then it already has. Build the wall, built it ten feet taller, militarize it, swarm it with drones. Drones on the ground, and in the air.

    • Look, it’s simple.

      A 100 meter minefield from ‘Sea to Shining Sea’ will take care of most of the problems…

      • As long as you x-ray scan every single vehicle that enters.
        And there are some places where you can’t build a wall or mine.
        Plus…we have the problem of al the ones that come in legally and then don’t leave….
        that includes a LOT of people from countries OTM- other than Mexico as well

        • As long as you x-ray scan every single vehicle that enters.

          The rules are simple. Nothing goes in. Nothing goes out.

      • No, what we need is a moat filled with hungry alligators. When some mom gets on TV moaning about where her son is, we give her a bucket of alligator poop.

    • I think we should take the Michael McKean route in Coneheads and bury a line under the border and fit the Mexicans with collars that explode when they cross the border.

  2. The government creates most of the problems in (any) society.

    The more power you give a small group of humans the more your life will be ruined by them. Majority of humans will do what’s best for them, not what’s best for humankind. It’s normal for people to focus on their life and their family. You can never have a perfect civilization when it’s based on government control.

    A Communist utopia can’t exist because it must be ran by humans. I don’t think most people would be cool with being ruled by robots.

    • Sure. That’s assuming that everybody is like you, thinks like you, and wants what you want (hint: thats called Utopia). But, there are citizens and groups of citizens who want execute and extort at will without any resistance. If they can grow large enough, they will over power any “normal” citizens or groups of citizens who oppose them. The groups and organizations formed by “normal” people who are meant to figure out what behavior is intollerable (legislature), the people chosen to push back against those incorporated bad actors (executive), and the people who review the actions and decisions of the other two bodies of citizens (judicial) will inadvertantly form the “government”….. I’m pretty sure Family Guy did an episode about this.

  3. So long as the robots provided three hots and a cot, free drugs, and video games, an alarmingly large percentage of humankind would be very content.

  4. “[The NRA] are sure to pull out all the stops in support of nominees who would join with the court’s most pro-gun members and overturn years of established law. ”

    I wish.

    “The individual right to own a gun had been settled in 1689. Further, it was understood that this referred to an individual, not a collective right as some argue. The British Declaration Bill of Rights in 1689 listed among other grievances, the British throne’s violating the individual right to own firearms. From contemporaneous notes from Parliament, the debate centered on the 1662 Militia Act which focused on the confiscation of private arms.”

    “It is often asserted that the world has made a great deal of progress since 1776, that we have had new thoughts and new experiences which have given us a great advance over the people of that day, and that we may therefore very well discard their conclusions for something more modern. But that reasoning can not be applied to this great charter. If all men are created equal, that is final. If they are endowed with inalienable rights, that is final. If governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, that is final. No advance, no progress can be made beyond these propositions. If anyone wishes to deny their truth or their soundness, the only direction in which he can proceed historically is not forward, but backward toward the time when there was no equality, no rights of the individual, no rule of the people. Those who wish to proceed in that direction can not lay claim to progress. They are reactionary. Their ideas are not more modern, but more ancient, than those of the Revolutionary fathers.”

    • Wow! Thank you Nanashi!
      Your comment has the eloquence of a statesman and the raw impact of self-evident truth.

      The ‘progressives ‘ bill us as ‘bitter clingers’ but our philosophy is still both the most radical idea in the history of civilization, and has the added value of being practical and just.

  5. Mexico is verging on becoming a failed state. We have no way to fix it without invading; leaving us with only the wall we desperately need as the only viable solution.

    • What do you mean “verging on”?

      There is a way to fix it, though the wall greatly helps with it: Repeal the controlled substances act. The cartels lose most of their income overnight. Rackets, kidnapping and trafficking alone can not substain organizations of their size.

      • Yeah and the drug runners will go back to their previous occupations of engineers, doctors, and financial analysts. Right.

        Let’s not lie. There will be a sheet load increase of local street and home crimes to compensate for lost narco income. But since I don’t live near the hood I guess I’m interested in watching this grand social experiment.

        • Do you realize just how large the drug market is? There is simply no way to make up even a fraction of that lost income that the cartels aren’t already doing. Home and street crimes? Really? I assume you’re talking about things like burglary, but when have those EVER been the purview of organized crime? Those types of crimes are too inconsistent and too hit and miss to be worth employing on an industrial scale

        • Yes, but the point still stands. You’re going to be imploding an economy, run by criminals. All those criminals aren’t going to suddenly become hardworking, taxpaying, upstanding citizens. They’ll simply go into other avenues of crime. But I’m all for it, really. I say let’s play the game and see what happens. But we shouldn’t fool ourselves into thinking it’s the cure all of societies ailments, as it’s often claimed online.

        • Other avenues of crime will be planned and finished by individuals, against their neighbors. The people that do crimes to support their own habits would be able to do with 1% of the money they needed before and out taxes would not be used to house them for simple possession of drugs.
          While I am sure that many would use more and cause more needed rehab $ and overdoses, the money freed up by not having so many in prison would(should) lower taxes.

        • Drugs are an impairment vector. Drug users like being impaired, but they can’t survive everyone being impaired, as the need for meaninful employment will still be required, and cars, trains and ambulances still can’t drive themselves. Plus drugs cause more slavery than any other form of oppression, and their dealers should have major pieces chopped off of them.

          No legalization of drugs is even more fucking stupid than the people pushing for it. F all y’all.

        • No, they’ll starve and the problem vanishes within a generation. This is especially so when the lowest soldier barely makes above the minimum wage of unskilled, legal, labor as is.

      • 1. Why would legalizing an illegal activity make people do it LESS?

        2. In Colorado, we now know youth addiction has increased, as now the drug pushers have an unlimited supply of marijuana, and they now target underage users instead of adult users. They set up shop next to middle schools instead of back alleys. Hardly what many would call an improvement.

        • 1: Because it would no longer be profitable.
          2: Because it is still criminal, just not enforced by the state.

          Individual drug use is irrelevant. The only important thing is the criminal empires it supports. If the money instead goes to American farmers, American processors and American tax coffers it’s simply none of our concern what someone does with their time and money.

        • Sorry Nanashi…. I’ve had a front row seat to the evolution of marijuana acceptance in California. Weed is still the biggest street level drug sold illegally (because taxes and government oversight), and gangs still violently push out competition and rip the local weed grows. The only difference is the cops don’t care about marijuana enforcement and there is no challenge to the street level money pipelines. Only suckers and yuppies buy weak ass taxed government approved weed, and that represents such a small part of the marijuana market that the gangs don’t care. Worldwide, illegal cigarettes and alcohol provide more income to violent organized crime and gangs. Those have been legal for a long time…. it’s also the reason why the ATF (the part that goes after tax evasion) is the oldest law enforcement branch in the USA….. That being said, I have no answers. Sorry l, but its easier to throw stones than find solutions. There are no “good” answers. Only hard decisions, slippery slopes, and bitter consequences.

  6. Build the damn wall. Yeah it all went according to the dim playbook. Shut down the Dan Ryan on the nicest Saturday of the year. Rahm(aka Tiny Dancer©) figured he’s up for reimaculation. Let the lower class colored folk show he “cares” for their short brutish existence. At least the Cubs won…😩

    • Dam right !! In my opinion FUCK all the uneducated ” that’s why we call them Leftards ” morons & scumbags & the rest of the trash that want our guns. I am so sick of these people talking trash about our freedoms , our 2nd amendment rights , protect the tyrants . the criminals get guns , rape , Rob & pillage our communities daily. Defend ourselves ? Oh my you can’t be allowed to do that. Watch & learn. We the real patriots have the constitution of these united states on our side. No matter what these shit spewing fools tell themselves. They can all get in line & kiss my ass.

    • And how.

      Imagine for a moment a Mexico that duplicates Venezuela’s decline… and what will happen as a result.

      The Mexicans (and other central/south American countries) are going to vote for socialism/marxism again and again and again – because this political philosophy is consistent with the liberation theology of the Catholic church of central and south America. If they move here en mass, they’re going to persist in voting for this sort of political/economic system as well. It could well be the end of the United States completely if we are invaded by 30 to 50 million Mexicans fleeing a Venezuela-like collapse.

      At least with the Middle East, we have oceans to pose a barrier to entry.

      • Glad to hear I am not the only one who knows the Cathoholic Church is chock full of Liberation Theology, and , yes, this affects the Pro-Marxist Taco Bell Goherments South of the porous Border.

      • If they move here en mass, they’re going to persist in voting for this sort of political/economic system as well.
        Look at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

      • It could well be the end of the United States completely if we are invaded by 30 to 50 million Mexicans fleeing a Venezuela-like collapse.
        Flip Red States to Blue.

    • having a failed and potentially hostile state on our southern border could induce problems much worse than we face today…whether they want to admit it or not immigration currently functions as a safety valve…..a similar situation in cuba some years back nearly did us all in…

  7. “Mayor Rahm Emanuel let Pfleger shut down half of a major artery into his benighted city.”

    This is surprising as Chitcago is a Commiecrat cabal.

    • They have a meeting with you in back room until you tell them what The Truth is. 1+1 = 3 and so on.

    • What in the hell is a ‘truth commission’? Sounds like newspeak to me.
      It is run by the Ministry of Truth and ends with the Ministry of Love..

  8. Mexico is a narco state. That’s why Mexico’s number one export by volume is Mexicans. A lot of them come here because we need seem to have an insatiable need for more busboys and pizza deliverers. And drug traffickers.

    • Ya left out violent !! Drug dealers. We need some of those laser guns pointed at any thing trying to cross our borders illegally. Big signs ” stay out or get evaporated ” if only !!

    • Plenty of fuckers here need slave labor, unpapered forced-to-be-quiet house-help. They need prostitutes, day-laborers, and people to bulk up their sicial program roles for kickbacks. Those are the people that need to get prison time.

  9. Mexico’s head of state is talking about gun control and lenient sentences? Man that sounds like Chicago. He should hire some violence interrupters too!

    Why is it these ethnic events like marches, immigration allegations etc. only being promoted during the 6 months leading up to an election? For all the emails that are leaked by the DNC, I seriously think there’s an set of accounts off the books somewhere that wasn’t gotten. Either that or they were only done via voice.

  10. That’s a shame, I was hoping the state police would have slightly more backbone to resist that con artist.

  11. re: Fr. Pfleger

    Definition of intimidate
    : to make timid or fearful : frighten; especially : to compel or deter by or as if by threats

    Definition of terrorism
    : the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion

    Definition of coerce
    1 : to compel to an act or choice
    2 : to achieve by force or threat
    3 : to restrain or dominate by force

    So by simple definition, the padre is a terrorist, and Rahm is an accomplice by means of supporting this cause. And this is not the first time Pfleger has pulled this kind of stunt.

  12. Whenever I hear of “gun violence” in Chicago, I think of the lyrics of “In the Ghetto” by Elvis from 1969.

  13. “all your business in the street.” no, that’s not it.
    “ducks in a row.” close, but not quite.
    “tough row to hoe.” works on the wrong levels.
    “all your eggs in one basket.” hmmm…
    “behind the eight ball.” maybe.
    “beyond the pale.” well now.
    “by hook or by crook.” both.
    “caught in the crossfire.” wrong narrative.
    “come hell or high water.” flash flooding, it’s a thing.
    “cross that bridge when you come to it.” or when it collapses.
    “cut to the chase.” mounted, with lances?
    “divide and conquer.” closer…
    “even the playing field.” should probably be “level.”
    “fall by the wayside.” or plowed…
    “go the extra mile.” sure, eastbound past the limestone.
    “go with the flow.” not necessarily.
    “good things come to those who wait.” like salvation, and in some cases, virgins.
    “grist for the mill.” we only wanted a simple block of flats.
    “in hot water.” frogboil.
    “in over their head.” seems like a theme.
    “jump on the bandwagon.” or out of its way…
    “two birds with one stone.” heh.
    “last ditch effort.” do not mow; wildflowers.
    “let the good times roll.” these boots…
    “make the best of a bad situation.” heh.
    “movers and shakers.” palumbo.
    “no pain, no gain.” opportunity missed.
    “no skin off my back.” facedown.
    “off the wagon.” up in my grill.
    “on a roll.” bridgeport bacon buns.
    “open the flood gates.” becoming a meme.
    “opportunity doesn’t knock twice.” unless the bell’s broken.
    “pass the buck.” how about buick?
    “put one over on you.” literally.
    “pedal to the metal.” cruise control.
    “road to hell is paved with good intentions.” let no good deed…
    “spinning your wheels.” we used beer and bleach…
    “trip down memory lane.” had to name it something.
    “what goes around comes around.” if you miss the first time.
    “when push comes to shove.” or both.
    “you can run but you can’t hide.” even at night.

    “fish in a barrel.” there it is. perfect. ball dropped.

  14. See who the Mexican peasents voted for in their home country…Now think of THEM illegal coming here and doing the same…Forcing the USA down the road of 3rd world government corruption…And they cry that their country is horrible! But look what they have done!

  15. Build the Wall, because the way Mexico is going, it will be Venezuela in at most, 10 years. Then millions will try to force their way in.

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