Chinese LASER rifle AK-47
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China brings Star Wars to life with ‘laser AK-47’ that can set fire to targets a kilometre away

But is it in the 40-watt range? . . .

China has developed a new portable laser weapon that can zap a target from nearly a kilometre away, according to researchers involved in the project.

The ZKZM-500 laser assault rifle is classified as being “non-lethal” but produces an energy beam that cannot be seen by the naked eye but can pass through windows and cause the “instant carbonisation” of human skin and tissues.

Ten years ago its capabilities would have been the preserve of sci-fi films, but one laser weapons scientist said the new device is able to “burn through clothes in a split second … If the fabric is flammable, the whole person will be set on fire”.

Kaitlin Bennett Kent State Are Twitter Threat

Leftist Stalks Kent State Gun Girl; Takes Photos & Threatens to Assault Her in Restaurant

More politically motivated public harassment . . .

After her graduation photos with an AR-10 rifle went viral, Kent State graduate Kaitlin Bennett received countless death threats online from leftists. While many of these threats have come from incensed, anonymous liberals from all over the country, this past weekend Bennett received a much more credible one from just across a restaurant booth.

On Saturday night, Bennett and her friend Natalie went to eat at a restaurant in northeast Ohio. Just a week ago, Natalie herself was a victim of online harassment, after leftists on Twitter bullied her off the social media platform for supporting the 2nd amendment. Not having seen each other since, the two met at the restaurant to escape from the online drama for a night.

Shortly after the two sat down however, a group of young, overweight women entered the restaurant and immediately gasped when they laid eyes on Bennett. The group took out their phones and proceeded to snap photos of Bennett and her friend, making her feel visibly uncomfortable. Not only did they have to change booths because of the harassment, but the restaurant threatened to kick the group of women out if they continued.

Puerto Rican gun control firearms arming personal defense

Puerto Rico, Up in Arms

Read what Puerto Ricans — American citizens — have to go through to get a gun legally . . .

The spike in homicides coupled with the lack of police presence left many Puerto Ricans uneasy. “There isn’t an adequate number of police to protect the citizens. There just isn’t,” says Jose Robles, a retired police officer who lives in Aguas Buenas, just south of the capital, San Juan. “That was evident in the emergency following Hurricane Maria.” He claims that while police were manning lengthy gas station lines and managing traffic during the power outage, officers “had to leave the people without security. They couldn’t do both; there wasn’t enough [of them]. That’s the truth.”

Robles believes that if people want to stay safe from carjackings, home invasions, and armed robberies, they have to arm themselves. And in the nine months since Maria, many Puerto Ricans have done just that: after the storm there was a 60 percent island-wide jump in firearm-possession applications, as compared to the same period one year before.

Like all American citizens, Puerto Ricans have a right to bear arms, although the territory has what its governor, Ricardo Rosselló, calls “some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation”: among other restrictions, residents need to provide three affidavits of “good reputation,” join a gun club, pay at least $300 in fees, and wait up to 120 days to be approved for a firearms license. Some local politicians hope to change that: a bill presented by Senator Nelson Cruz Santiago last year would streamline the process, making it much cheaper, faster, and easier to get licensed. (The amendments are opposed by the governor, and the bill has yet to go to a vote.)

Demetrius Nathaniel Pitts aka Abdur Raheem Rafeeq Cleveland Terror Attack

BREAKING: Terror Attack in Cleveland Planned for July 4th Thwarted

He planned to use bomb in a truck. It’s almost as if a determined murderer will use just about anything to carry out his plan . . .

The FBI Cleveland Field Office just held a press conference detailing the arrest of Demetrius Nathaniel Pitts aka Abdur Raheem Rafeeq on Sunday morning for planning a possible terror attack during Independence Day celebrations later this week. Among the sites Pitts scouted were Voinovich Park and the U.S. Coast Guard station.

According to the FBI, the investigation into Pitts began last year after a tip indicated that he was making extremist statements and expressing support for Al-Qaeda. The case was originally overseen by the FBI office in Cincinnati, where Pitts resided at the time, and then transferred when he moved to Cleveland this past May.

Pitts, a convicted violent felon, had expressed his intent to conduct U.S.-based terror attacks and his support for Al-Qaeda.

David Hogg Gun Control Diane Feinstein
courtesy and AP

David Hogg: How to Fight the Gun Lobby

Oh David, do tell. Who are we kidding…this was written by one of his professional gun control org handlers . . .

The NRA, as an organization (not the individual members), takes pleasure in attacking grieving kids who have survived a mass murder. That befuddled gun-runner, Ollie North, recently called my friends and I “civil terrorists.” We are nothing but school kids pitted against the most powerful lobby in the country. The NRA and politicians that are funded by them are being exposed; the young people can see through the lies that we’ve been force-fed for years.

After February 14th of this year, my friends and I were filled with pain. To realize your community will forever be struggling, your school reduced to a statistic, is utterly heartbreaking. As angry as we are, though, we will never stoop to the NRA’s level; we will never be cruel, because hate never wins. Slick propaganda and professional liars might oppose us, but we gun violence survivors want to convert our pain into action. No one else should experience what we did.

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  1. What’s the Power Supply? The Soviets produced a Pyrotechnic Laser Pistol back in 1984 that could fire Eight Shots to a range of ~60-meters…

        • 2000 seconds of a 500W laser from a battery pack is possible, but it won’t be small. That’s 277.78Whr. A good 18650 battery has about 12Whr of power, so with something like 24 18650 cells at a weight of 1.1kg would be able to do that.

        • No idea, but it’s pretty trivial to convert voltages with an appropriate circuit, so that’s not a significant detail in determining the battery pack.

      • The whole story originates here:
        Please note: “15mm calibre weapon”??? A laser weapon of 15mm bore size? Hmmm. I wasn’t aware that lasers had bores. Because they don’t.
        The article also only mentions one model of the “new device” but shows two completely different photos. It also stresses that “if fired at a person for long enough the weapons would start to burn a hole in their body”, but then also says: “can pass through windows and cause the “instant carbonisation” of human skin and tissues”.
        Is anyone else’s bullshit detector going off yet?

        • The left uses threats of violence against law abiding gun owners. It’s asinine how un-self aware these people are, but I guess with the roar of that much cognitive dissonance it would be hard to think. That would be a justified homicide, right there.
          Do you wanna get shot?! Because that’s how you get shot…

        • Bullshit detector? I was having fun with the 4″ diameter magnifying glass on the front of a supposed laser. I think what we’re seeing is a high powered tactical lighting system, such that if you hold it directed at something at close range for a few seconds, it will melt/ignite some materials, no laser or deliberate weapon involved.

      • The most powerful Laser to date by the US Navy is a AN/SEQ-3 105-kW Slab Laser. And so far only one ship has it is LPD-27, USS Portland. By 2020, the US Navy plans to place one on an “Arleigh Burke” Destroyer for additional Testing and a Land Base System as well…

        • And then there is the Airborne Laser Lab, may have been discontinued by now. A 747 with experimental laser weapon system on board. LONG time ago.

          • As far as I know the 747 Airborne Laser was “Boneyard’d” in 2011. But as far as “Bore Size”, I don’t have a clue. The Laser was a 20-kW “COIL” Laser, which was “Cutting Edge” technology in 1998…

  2. Can’t wait for the war for the moon. To determine who will control all that helium-3, the oil of the 22nd century. No blood for helium-3 man!! Personally I’m kinda sad I’ll miss out on that shit.

    • Boeing developed a 10-kW Pulse Fiber Laser with a 22-kilometer range, that can be set up by a squad of 8 troops in ~10-minutes. Comes in three components (Laser, Targeting System and Power Supply) which has a total weight of ~650-pounds…

    • Have to deal with the Moon Nazis first.

      Seriously though I’d bet on an independent moon like in that Heinlein book. Maybe not at first but eventually.

    • Most likely , Hostile Aliens…According to “UFO lore/Fringe research” somebody’s already THERE! Colonized…Now wouldn’t that be a hoot! An interesting “Invasion Theory” straight out of a UFO conspiracy theorists nightmare! Part of changing politics to ban personal human freedoms Earth-side 🌎…Now wouldn’t that bring a whole new meaning to the Term “Illegal 🚫 👽 Alien?!” Lol!

    • “Can’t wait for the war for the moon.”

      It’s a coin toss who that will be. I think the USA understands the implications of a manned lunar base by the Chinese or the Russians and will build their own in 10 years. Russia is making noises about building one, but they don’t have the money currently to swing it. Technology-wise, they are at least as proficient in aerospace engineering, at least on the practical, day-to-day aspects of living in a vacuum environment.

      So, who the hell knows? The driver will be who can figure out practical fusion energy first. It just so happens the easiest fusion to accomplish is deutrium – Helium 3 as far as the fusion temps and pressures are concerned, and that’s where the problems now are. Yet the nearest supply of that fuel is on the moon…

        • Yup! Remember the Secret WW2 attempts to knock out Nazi Germany’s ” Heavy Water Factories!” Because THEY were in the race to create “Atomic Warheads for THEIR V2 series rockets!” We never knew how lucky we were! If THEY did…France and The UK would have been Radioactive craters…

          • Germany detonated their First Atomic Bomb in the Fall of 1944 on a Northeastern Coastal Island “Rugen” off the German Coast. Their Second Atomic Bomb was detonated at the “Ohrdruf” POW Camp near Thuringia, Germany in 4 March 1945. It populated by mostly Soviet POW’s used as Slave Laborers. Germany didn’t have a Plane big enough to carry it. Even Imperial Japan had an Atomic Bomb program. Their predated ours by 7-years, but didn’t detonate it until 11 August 1945 in Konan, Korea (now called Hamheung, North Korea) killing ~80,000 Korean. Their Second Bomb was Dismantled by the Soviets had just declared war on Japan within days of the Detonation. And the thought of eating Borscht with Chop Sticks for the rest of there lives was unappealing…

        • I know that, Sitch.

          The nuclear fusion fuel source with the lowest technical requirements for ‘ignition’ (actual nuclear ‘fusion’ generating usable energy, like at the core of our Sun) is forcing together under heat and pressure one (1) Deuterium (2H2O) with one (1) Helium-3 (H3).

          All the other candidate reactions require drastically higher operating temperatures and pressures, and we’re having problems with engineering the very easiest operating conditions.

          The Deuterium is the easy part. Easy to get and separate from abundant seawater. The Helium-3 is the hard part. The closest supply in usable quantities is on the lunar surface, in the lunar soil.

          Hence, why we must get it from the moon. And why wars may be fought there…

        • Deuterium is H2 (1 proton, 1 neutron, 1 electron). H3 is tritium (1 proton, 2 neutrons, 1 electron). And FFS, H2O2 is frelling HYDROGEN PEROXIDE. Do you people even science?!

        • Ya, Sich, Germany was first with an atomic bomb, and Japan was an almost close second.


          That’s why, when the U.S. set off its first two (which were the first-ever two) it took Russia ONLY another 4 years, and some commie-jew [Rosenberg / Fuchs] espionage (don’t worry, we killed the MFrs. Publicly), to duplicate the feat. Then the U.S. faked landing on the moon first.,

          It’s like the Wright brothers. First in 1903, not repeated BY ANYONE until 1908.

          • I gave you Dates and Sights, try looking them up. The Japanese Atomic Bomb was first reported in a copy of “Stars and Strips” in 1993…

        • ““Rugen” off the German Coast. ” . . . was a German “resort” town. Always. The most significant thing the Germans built there was a bridge to access the island from the mainland. But I bet you think all of that holiday traffic would be perfect “cover”.

          “Thuringia, Germany” (all of it) was taken over by the Russians in 1945 [strangely without helping any of their nuclear efforts].

          Any search in the Stars and Stripes archives for “Japanese Atomic Bomb” comes up “See Sich the lying cack-sacker”.

          Try leaning harder during strangubation.

    • Don’t think we won’t be fighting in space sooner than you think. Also, don’t assume we’ll win that fight:

      • “Navy Officer” ? ? ? Whose F’ing Navy? “Old Navy” ? ? ?

        Don’t even matter. Nut-the-F-up, MFr.

        “Don’t assume we’ll win” ? ? ? FU

        Always throw yourself at that shit like you can’t F’ing lose. That’s just a PSA, I don’t give a flying F if you do, just quit trying to infect the world with wet-shit and quit quoting commie MFrs like POS communist Fing (D) Center for a New American Security

    • As I recall, he said something about a 40-watt Plasma Rifle, not a Laser. A 40-MegaWatt Laser would be about the size of a WWII Mk. 16 16-inch Rifled Naval Gun. Even the “Terminator” would have had trouble lifting one, much less aiming one and shooting it…

      • Well, maybe you could talk Chuck Norris into carrying it for a demo, although he wouldn’t actually need it for anything, of course.

      • That’s why we have 6.5 CM. The BC is so good that you get the performance of a 40 MW laser the size of a 16″ gun in the overall cartridge length of a .308.

    • Star Trek Type 2 Phaser set to disintegrate
      …Oops, I mean Stun…..That’s the Ticket….

  3. Gotsta get me one of them Chinaguns! If it’s real dayum…I would volunteer my old self protecting Natalie. How about it TTAG guy’s and gal’s??? The Moose-lim wannabe is the Pitt’s. Broadcast on fakebook is NOT advised😏

  4. …among other restrictions, residents need to provide three affidavits of “good reputation,” join a civics club, pay at least $300 in fees, and wait up to 120 days to be approved for a voting license. – I wonder how that would go over?

    ‘Shortly after the two sat down however, a group of young, overweight women entered the restaurant and immediately gasped when they laid eyes on Bennett.’ – Trigglypuffs!

    How is it that the commies think that they can ‘punch’ a known gun owner ‘in the head’ without fear of being perforated?

    • The only thing more ridiculous than a fat guy in a jacket that’s too small is a skinny guy in one.

      • Don’t make fun of that jacket. It’s from the suit his parents bought for his 8th grade graduation…

    • How is it that the commies think that they can ‘punch’ a known gun owner ‘in the head’ without fear of being perforated?

      They call us violent, but they know that’s a lie.

      I believe the answer to a herd of trigglycows pointing their smartphones at you is to smile, whip yours out and point it at them.

      • Yep. They call us violent because they are violent, and SJWs always project their own mental state onto others.

        If we were anything like what they claim, they’d never dare to pull stupid stunts like this one. Reality is, they’re control freaks who can’t stand the thought that someone dares to disagree with them, and opposition in any form makes them irrationally angry.

  5. Yup I got my Puerto Rico concealed carry permit after Maria. (The process is hell and cost $850+) I remember that after the first month it was insane when ever I tried to go in to a gun shop it seemed like everyone and their mom was trying to start the process for getting a firearm permit and ammo was scarse.

    • Ha! It totally does.

      “Just because you’re really, really, really goodlooking doesn’t not mean you can’t die in a freak gasoline fight accident.”

      “Just because you’re a really, really, really good little socialist doesn’t not mean you can’t cash in on a gun-free school zone incident.”

    • Hogg is more like the male model friend of Zoolander. You know the genius at the gas pump that was pouring gasoline over each other while they were smoking?

      • Hogg is more like Josef Gobbels Jr. He keeps repeating the same lies over and over believing they will become the truth

      • “. . . like anybody can do at any time”


        F MUELLER, AND


        • As I recall, when the FED’s went after John Gotti, the first thing they did was to secure his Taxes Information…

        • John Gotti, believe it or don’t, was not a public service non-profit, makes a difference. Joe R., in his mild-mannered way, is correct, NRA Tax info is public, anybody can get it, no warrant required. Still leaves the question of exactly what the NRA and its financial records might have to do with Russian interference in Hillary’s righteous election.

    • Based on the info that has been developed in the last year regarding this crooked SOB Mueller there isn’t a person put in prison by him that shouldn’t be able to get out. Lying DOJ/FBI POS. If not the “rank/file then certainly mid and upper level management. Even BEFORE Obumer showed up and optimized the racket. RICO opportunity.

  6. Wait a minute! I’ve been recently playing the latest generation of ID software’s DOOM…The “Charged Pulse Energy pistol” that uses unlimited Hell-Dimension “Argent Energy” has Chinese markings on the frame! Say it ain’t so….I was so hoping for the USA to be in the Forefront of such technology! No! Let’s make America Great Again— With the best high tech military hardware!!!! lol!

    • You can bet your ass if China’s got them , U.S. has a one up. The U.S. has got a lazer in space that’s 14ft linger then a 747 but that’s a big secret. Boing had retrofitted one of their 747’s as a test platform to carry it, then presto, never heard nothing about it since. Then came all the go to Mars, fly by Pluto stuff, I think they sent up them weapons and used the Mars , Pluto stuff as a ruse

      • In case your wondering,,” linger= longer” when you got a sore thumb and type fast

      • If it’s such a big secret, how do you know about it?
        Be careful how you answer: if you give ‘them’ the idea that you actually know, your life will be in danger.

        • When the local newspaper wrote an article on this project saving Wichita”s Boing, and how this weapon was going to be an airplane weapons platform and after the initial testing Boing in Wichita was dropped, it only makes sense that it was not for an airplane. No one’s heard anything about it since.

        • IOW, it’s such a big secret that you don’t actually know about it. And have nothing but your imagination to say you do.

  7. So you want to assault someone who is known to carry firearms? Not the brightest thing I’ve ever heard, but it gives me a great idea; let’s just lock all leftist in a room with a live power outlet and a metal fork, and let nature take its coarse.

    • Since lawful CCW folks are more law abiding than the police, it’s actually not that dangerous. Leftists know the cops aren’t going to haul off and start bouncing them because they run their mouths. In the twitter instant karma age of ruining people’s lives cops don’t do that crap anymore, unless they want to commit social and professional suicide… so whats the danger in harassing a law abiding citizen even if they armed with a gun? The cops aren’t going to do anything and neither is society,…. and neither is the person with the gun.

      “Oh no! Look we made a gun owning conservative uncomfortable and now their going to blog! Everybody run for your life! She has a cell phone and she’s not affraid of using the internet!….. and she has gun… *shrug*…. meh…”

  8. Hoogs has truly inspired me to go buy a new gun and donate to the NRA. Life member

  9. Is that a Leupold scope on that laser. I guess the Chinese still have to buy something from us.

    Worked several hurricanes. Last was Katrina. Never went to one where firearms were not at a premium.

    • Leupold scopes are largely made in China, and there’s a lot of bootlegs, some off the same production line.

      • Often a stranger to the truth, the lies are strong with this one…

        “Leupold riflescopes are all designed, machined, and assembled in our Beaverton Oregon manufacturing facility.”

  10. Re harassing the young ladies in a restaurant…

    It’s been said before, but logic dictates that if all gun owners were as unbalanced and triggerhappy as the Left claim they are, there wouldn’t be much of a Left left.

    • As soon as “young, overweight women” were mentioned I immediately thought of les-fems who make up a disproportionately large number of SJWs. Note the S is for Socialist.

      They are good at playing the victim card for sympathy, even when it is not deserved.

    • That coffee that just went through my nose from the explosive laughter…. it was very hot.

    • So I should blame all NRA members for their betrayals, including their current endorsement of a full auto ban and gun confiscation, instead of just the leadership?

        • I predict that in 10 years or less, Hogg will be anxious to tell the world how he was duped and deceived by these assholes. I also predict that he will be amazed that absolutely nobody cares.

    • A laser weapon would likely be somewhat recoil-deficient. Like dry-firing a GLOCK, only better looking.

  11. In the 80’s I had been stationed in Germany. I met an old guy that reminds me a lot of Hogg. He told me of how the allies imprisoned him after WWII, that he was just following orders, and about his time within the Nazi Youth.

  12. Looks like a cheap Chinese knockoff scope on that laser rifle. If so, they won’t be able to hit squat.

  13. Okay, if someone comes up and clocks me in the head in a restaurant, I don’t care, I’m pulling my gun and detaining their asses. Maybe pistol whipping them. They try anything, it will be their last.

    Hogg just sank to a new low. Too bad it’s not with cement shoes in a sewage treatment plant where filth like him belongs.

  14. Hogg looks like an emaciated homosexual rat. And why is Ozzy Osbourne there, standing to his left ? lol

  15. That picture of Hogg and Di Fi look like it was taken for the Ugliest Dog in the World contest tryouts . The woman on the left is there to make sure that they don’t snap at anyone.

  16. China firm develops ‘laser gun’

    If “develops” means “stole from a US defense contractor then removed all safety features. Will burn hair and banners? Or perhaps retinas???

    “PLA R&D” – finance by US consumers and taxpayers.

  17. The left uses threats of violence against law abiding gun owners. It’s asinine how un-self aware these people are, but I guess with the roar of that much cognitive dissonance it would be hard to think. That would be a justified homicide, right there.
    Do you wanna get shot?! Because that’s how you get shot…

  18. a long while back the us army built one. A carbon laser but all it could do was set shit on fire. Huge battery pack and was deemed “not practical” Do you know how bad something would have to be for the US Army to deem it such? I think they used a shotgun frame to build it. Cool idea though. Come on Chi-naa steal the plans for a gauss rifle and build that! A microwave gun would be more fun and grunts could have popcorn in the field.

  19. Wow. Lotta psychos out there. “Paypal me $50 and I’ll punch her in the head” should be grounds to sue the pants off that nutjob.

    And David Hogg calling ANYone else a professional liar is super super rich.

    At least I got a laugh out of it.

  20. Someone should the this little shit:
    1.) open the jacket and fan it back before putting your hands in your pockets.
    2.) Smile once in a while a-hole, you might look less constipated.

  21. Ahhhh…..Davy Hogg…..the college reject who now apparently has written more books than he’s read, is telling us what’s what. I see.

    First of all, the NRA is not the most powerful lobby in the country. That (dis?)honor easily goes to AARP: 40 million old folks united in the heroic struggle for car insurance discounts and government freebies.

    Second, what has the NRA lied about and who, in ultra liberal enclave in Florida, has been “force feeding” these all alleged lies?

    Third, the only liar I’m seeing is Davy boy here, claiming that he doesn’t do cruelty. What were those super market die-ins, then?

  22. “the most powerful lobby in the country”

    The agriculture lobby word like a word with David Hogg.

  23. Just looking at hogg’s weasel’y little face just ruined my day. As for the hogg’s at the restaurant threatening Kaitlin. I guess pigs come in all shapes & sizes , as do commies !! They can all eat shit. Imo !!

  24. The statement couldn’t have come from Hogg—there’s no profanity in it!

  25. China has developed a new portable laser weapon that can zap a target from nearly a kilometre away, according to researchers involved in the project.
    ….and yes, the laser unit can be worn on the head by sharks.

  26. So is this a Assault Rifle Weapon or Assault Laser Weapon like the Assault Motor Vehicles Weapons. Just getting all confused here. 😂😂😂😂

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