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In an interview last week, Former FBI Director James Comey stated he refused to carry a gun when he was with the bureauI. In fact, it ‘s likely that one of the nation’s chief law enforcement officers never carried a gun at any time during his career.

From inews.co.uk:

In his memoir, A Higher Loyalty, James Comey writes of his time at the FBI: “In every staff meeting, 80 per cent of the attendees had a gun on them. I eventually grew accustomed to seeing a pistol in an ankle holster when the deputy director crossed his legs during a meeting.”

He was permitted to carry one himself but chose not to. “I was surrounded by armed people all day long. If I wasn’t safe in the hands of the FBI, then our country was really in trouble.”

Mr Comey spoke of how he worked with the Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence on engaging with the NRA to improve drugs laws during the early part of his career as a prosecutor.

Comey grew up in Yonkers, New York and obtained his Bachelors of Science at the College of William and Mary in Virginia, well before Virginia passed a shall issue concealed carry law.

He obtained his law degree from the University of Chicago at a time when it was illegal to possess pistols there that hadn’t been previously registered with the city. Only government officials such as aldermen were allowed to carry firearms in Chicago.

After graduating from law school in 1985, he clerked for a New York Judge and joined the law firm of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher. In 1993, he joined the law firm of McGuireWoods, LLP, based in Virginia. He became a partner in 1996.

In 1995, Virginia passed a shall issure Concealed Carry law. In 1996 he became a special deputy counsel of the committee investigating the Whitewater real estate scandal involving Hillary and President Clinton.

1996 was the year James Comey began a five-year term as Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia. He likely would not have been able to carry at work, as a federal lawyer in government offices. He was a U.S. Attorney from 2001 to 2005.

From 2005 to 2010 he was Vice President of Lockheed Martin, headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland. Concealed Carry permits are difficult to obtain in Maryland. Comey might have been able to get one given his powerful and connected position, but we have seen no evidence of this.

From 2010 to 2013 he was General Counsel at Bridgewater Associates in Westport, Connecticut. Concealed Carry permits can be obtained in Connecticut with some difficulty, but there is no evidence the James Comey had one.

In early 2013, he became a Senior Fellow at Columbia Law School, and served on the board of HSBC holdings until July of 2013. Columbia University is in New York City, where carry permits are nearly impossible to obtain.

He was appointed as Director of the FBI in September of 2013.

Given that Comey has stated that he didn’t carry a gun as Director of the FBI, it’s very likely that he never regularly carried a gun in his life.

This is important. The mindset of a person who has chosen to be unarmed is radically different from one who has chosen to be armed.

Machiavelli states it well in The Prince:

Because there is nothing proportionate between the armed and the unarmed; and it is not reasonable that he who is armed should yield obedience willingly to him who is unarmed, or that the unarmed man should be secure among armed servants. Because, there being in the one disdain and in the other suspicion, it is not possible for them to work well together.

James Comey decided to be unarmed. It’s not surprising, then, that he is in favor of infringements on the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment offers him relatively little. He may see armed people as threats.

Thus, he has no problem with restricting the right of the people to be armed. Those restrictions don’t affect him personally. He is infringing on other peoples’ rights, similar to legislatures that spend other peoples’ money.

Politicians who have chosen to never carry a gun shouldn’t be put in charge of people who do so every day. It is no coincidence that most presidents had personal experience in carrying guns.


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  1. Why am I not surprised? What is shocking, though, is that a tool shed like him was put in charge of the nation’s chief law enforcement agency.

    Then again, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised with that, either.

    • Remember this is the eunuch that did not even know about the rules on “internet sales” of firearms at his confirmation hearing.

      The only thing that has changed is that we now know it was Hillary Clinton who kept them in a box.

      P.S. There is a longstanding tradition of resignations of all policy makers at the Department of (In)Justice turning in their resignations when a new president is elected. This management policy ended when George W. Bush came in because the Socialist Democrats and the press (really the same) whined.

  2. Maybe a little off topic, but it seems Comey never had a real law enforcement experience before becoming the director of the FBI. After all thats happened it doesn’t surprise me Obama made him the head of the FBI.

      • Hey, how do you like reading the word trumpshit? Or we could all just agree to debate like gentlemen. Deal?

        • I can’t speak for “Jug”, but for myself, reading the word “trumpshit” literally doesn’t affect me at all. Neither does “Drumpf” or “Cheeto man” or “literally Hitler” or any other term. At worst they might make me smile a little and laugh because it all sounds so infantile. I know on the left it’s kind of required that you get offended by every gust of wind, it’s all a game of victimization one-up-manship. Or we could all just agree to not treat other people like we’re a kindergarten teacher that needs to police their language when it makes our feewings hurt a widdle. Deal?

        • Doesn’t bother me in the least Mr. Turyn.

          In fact, I love the taste of liberal tears, especially liberal angst-sweetened with all the Trump WINNING!!

        • Well, unlike O’bung’hole, it doesn’t describe someone who tried to turn a superpower into a third world socialist hellhole. But cry some more for me commie.

        • looks liek aour frend Richards Twitter:

          Note about half is posts are just name calling. says he doesn’t own guns but ‘shoots guns in Florida” so he is an expert? according to the gun control lobby he shoudl not be able ot shot guns at all since this would in their schemes involve exchanged of possession.

          he also seems to think speed loaders (the five shot replacements for revolvers) shoudl be illegal.

          richard is a nasty name caller and now a proven hypocrite

        • Richard. Can I call you Dick for short? Why don’t you stop lecturing us on speech and maybe lecture your comrades on not assaulting and harassing Cheeto Presidents’ supporters in public?

        • Richard you are not speaking to G W Bush on these boards, the ball less, spineless establishment RINOs were removed from office. The days when Leftist Liberals get to dictate things like speech and actions are GONE. Buckle up butter cup its going to be a long ride for the Despicable Dems and Hussein Obama azz kissers. We are just now beginning to fight back.

    • Hoover also was a shyster. Hoover establish the FBI with traditions of lawless overreach. Pretty clear nothing has changed.

    • Comey was Deputy attorney General ( second in command) under W. Bush. When Attorney General John Ashcroft recused himself from the “Plame Affair”, James hired a Special Counsel to investigate. Sound familiar? Comey approved enhanced interrogation ( water boarding) of detained suspects and felt detainees could be held indefinitely. Does that sound like a Lib? Neither Dems nor Reps like James Comey, but facts matter. Comey is and has been a registered republican and has contributed to Republicans running for office.

    • Comey is a paid “STORMY DANIELS” by Hillary and has been for years. He is paying off his brother’s mortgage?? He didn’t indict her for Whitewater? For breaking the espionage act? He has been in her pocket since he learned it would be profitable.

  3. In fairness, if you spend much of your life and career in places where you generally can’t (legally) carry a gun, it can take a real mental sea change to start doing so when you finally are in a place where you can. So this perhaps isn’t very surprising.

      • It does if you understand there are other options available. For me, that was something I didn’t really learn, or internalize if you will, until I was in my early 30s. The place I was raised, and the places I went to school, just plain didn’t have much visible gun culture.

        • The place I was raised, and the places I went to school, just plain didn’t have much visible gun culture.

          Same here. Saying it another way, you don’t know what you don’t know.

          The tipping point for me was when I learned that my spouse’s cousin had his concealed carry license and my father encouraged me to get my own since I was operating my own business. I realized it was achievable (in spite of fairly onerous and expensive requirements) and went for it.

          Needless to say, there is no turning back. Once you realize how much more your personal security is actually secure, you have ZERO desire to become vulnerable again.

  4. Many, many law enforcement agencies are run by “administrators”, who piss themselves in the general vicinity of a firearm. Especially federal agencies.

  5. “James Comey stated he refused to carry a gun when he was with the bureauI”,however he would wear J Edgar’s dresses.

  6. “I was surrounded by armed people all day long. If I wasn’t safe in the hands of the FBI, then our country was really in trouble.”

    Just like all of us.

  7. I never carry a gun either unless I’m shooting somewhere. I live and work in safe places and don’t travel to or through dangerous areas with any regularity, so I don’t see how carrying a gun is likely to make me any safer. In reality, it would probably put me at greater risk. I hurt myself often enough as it is. There have been a scarce few times I wished I had a gun on me in the moment, and I and everyone else involved escaped those incidents unharmed or relatively unharmed.

    The reality is that no one should be criticized for not carrying a gun if they are either not comfortable with them, don’t feel the need, or simply don’t want to, and no law abiding citizen who feels the need to carry to protect themselves, their families, or others should be criticized for carrying responsibly.

    • I agree with everything you say, except that we’re not talking about a private citizen, we’re talking about the head of federal law enforcement who is apparently a raging hoplophobe. If he were a baker everything you said would apply. If he were a general I’d be shaking my head too.

      • The Head of the FBI who had a an armed FBI driver and armed security whenever he left the building. Why would he ever need a gun for the few short years he worked for the Bureau? Some elite bureaucrats don’t live like the rest of us.

      • Damn few military officers are gun nuts. Hell of a lot are of the carry a hammer/carry a gun because it’s part of the field uniform. Then you have those who pretty much think firearms are pretty much icky.

    • It’s no skin off my nose if you or anyone else decides you don’t need to own a gun or bear arms in your daily life. You’re good to go with what works for you, and I’ll do what works for me.

      The unfortunate reality is that far too many of the people who choose to go about unarmed think that everyone should be forced to make the same choice — which isn’t a choice at all if you’re forced into it.

      Since Comey has thrown his high-profile public support behind people who want to remove my freedom to choose, his own choices are fair game for criticism and ridicule.

    • That’s your choice. However there is no such thing as “safe places”, or “safe parts of town.” Bad guys can travel just as easily as you can.

    • Responsibility is the issue. Lawful carriers are doing so because they want to take responsibility for protecting themselves and those around them. Those is don’t choose to when permitted are either relying on someone else to pick up the slack, ignorant or not capable. Whichever it is looks bad for someone in his position.

    • “I never carry a gun either unless I’m shooting somewhere. I live and work in safe places–until the moment that they are no longer safe, at the most inopportune time–and don’t travel to or through dangerous areas–until, completely unexpectedly, the area I thought was safe becomes dangerous–with any regularity, so I don’t see how carrying a gun is likely to make me any safer. In reality, it would probably put me at greater risk. I hurt myself often enough as it is. There have been a scarce few times I wished I had a gun on me in the moment, and I and everyone else involved escaped those incidents unharmed or relatively unharmed–except that the next time, the circumstances are different, and I and everyone else involved does NOT escape unharmed, or even relatively unharmed.”

      There. I fixed it for you.

      The most unexpected things can happen in the most ordinary of lives; Fires start in kitchens, cars crash in the blink of an eye, planes DO fall out of the sky at amazing speeds, and berserker assailants can appear randomly and without prior warning.
      One never needs a fire extinguisher in the home, until suddenly one needs one desperately. One never needs the cute little life-vest under the airplane seat–until water starts coming in the doors. One never really needs a seat belt or an air bag–until the instant of collision.
      And no one really ever needs a handgun–until one does, desperately, and at that moment it is too late to come to the stark realization that just because it’s never happened before, it is not impossible for it to be happening NOW.

      If you are convinced that ‘it can’t happen to ME,’ and you are afraid of hurting yourself, no, you should not carry a handgun.
      I am pleased, however, that you do not with to deny that right to others.

      • in my country i am denied that right. have i ever needed one, thankfully no but i also carry myself with confidence and am always aware of my surroundings. that makes a big difference. would i carry if i was afforded the right as i rightfully should? damn right i would though i would also hope i never needed it, same as first aid gear or a fire extinguisher, both of which i have needed at times. BTW i am a sport rifle and pistol shooter here in australia

  8. This Bio is why I’m wary of Amy Barrett.
    No 2A record.
    AND a bunch of reasons to expect her to be anti.

  9. “I was surrounded by armed people all day long. If I wasn’t safe in the hands of the FBI, then our country was really in trouble.”

    Kinda like how wealthy people in nice neighborhoods with no crime have no problem banning guns…

  10. “If I wasn’t safe in the hands of the FBI, then our country was really in trouble.”

    With the FBI in the hands of people like you, the country IS really in trouble.

  11. Think about what you have just read. Comey probably never carried a gun in his life. That the “royalist” mentality in him. The king doesn’t carry weapons because his knights are there to protect him. He implies that when he speaks of being in a meeting with the deputy director and seeing most everyone carrying a gun but him.

    • “Think about what you have just read. Comey probably never carried a gun in his life.”

      He served in ‘Nam. There’s a very good chance he carried one at some point in his service…

  12. all i read was “sheltered, sheltered sheltered” so of course he’s never “needed” a gun, his bodyguards and gate guards always had them!

  13. “If I wasn’t safe in the hands of the FBI, then our country was really in trouble.”

    Well, being in the hands of the FBI didn’t work out too well for Vicki Weaver.

  14. Annnnnnd I have even less respect for Comey the commie. He probably had a superiority complex ’cause he’s tall.

    • If you’re pondering height of phoney big shots ponder that little shit Rod Rosenstein. “Little big man” complex

  15. So what? Whether someone chooses to carry a gun or not is their problem, not mine. Yes, even and especially if they’re in law enforcement. Seems like a bad idea to me, but other people’s bad personal decisions are theirs to make. Comey spent most of his career as a desk jockey, not kicking in doors. If it’d been the latter and he opted to not carry a gun, that would be notable. However disagreeable one might find his distaste in carrying a firearm while warming an office chair all day, he’s kind of got a point about not really needing one when he’s already surrounded by armed professionals. Again, not saying I think it’s smart, but it isn’t really an issue to be made a big deal of, either.

  16. What an idiot!!! I worked military law enforcement for 7 years with duties far less prestigious and public for crimes far less serious than what the FBI investigates. There was one guy I helped apprehend who threatened to kill me multiple times even years after he served out his sentence and long after I left the military. There may be more who weren’t kind enough to announce their intent. You better believe I carry and keep my head on a pivot.

  17. What is shocking is that he had no law enforcement experience and he is making policy for those who placed their lives in danger. This is the problem with administrators that have been appointed to a top position but have never actually done the job of those they rule over. I have a real problem with managers, supervisors and administrators that do not lead by example. Comey should never had been appointed to this position, he was not qualified. Common in today’s society, many people with “Ology” degrees but don’t have a clue about leadership and what the actual job entails. Total morons, no common sense.

  18. ““I was surrounded by armed people all day long. If I wasn’t safe in the hands of the FBI, then our country was really in trouble…”

    Let’s hope he didn’t go anywhere there was break dancing going on or he might have found out how “safe” the hands of the FBI can be.

    Nevertheless, he is right in that his position allowed him the benefit of having armed bodyguards around him at all time with the specific job of providing security. Something that 99.9% of people don’t have.

  19. Wow, sounds like pretty good grounds for termination (of employment, guys, settle down in back). So that issue is settled, law enforcement and hoplophobic? “You’re fired!”

  20. Traitor to Constitution was never a true Federal Baby Incinerator just a political left wing commie, appointed by an incompetent non citizen President who is trying to destroy this country from the inside, along with the Demon Democrat’s who can’t do anything thing but destroy, obstruct and Tax, pass bad bills that support all aliens and fuck the true American people

  21. Why is it not a surprise that Obama appointed someone who had never been a LEO to the head of the FBI. It is just another example of how Obama was attempting to destroyu the U. S. from within.

  22. I love hearing about limp dick FBI people with an agenda. All such folks should be immediately fired.

  23. It appears Comey has never actually been to any sort of Law Enforcement training.
    He’s been on the lawyer side of things. Not the “carry a badge and arrest people” side.

    Which could explain his absolute cluelessness about how investigations are supposed to work. Comey’s qualifications to lead the FBI may involve kneepads.

  24. So, in other words, Commie never really was a law enforcement officer, just a dime-a-dozen lawyer in a suit. What a twit! Let’s see, appointed by another (former & disgraced) dime-a-dozen shyster, Barry H-U-S-S-E-I-N S0et0r0 – who would have imagined that?

  25. My FBI agent neighbor could pass for a supermodel and she can (and has) gone with me to the range and can out shoot any person I know…
    Open the trunk of her car and it’s literally and armory.


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