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GLOCK 43 EDC Concealed Carry IWB Summer

A GLOCK 43 makes for a great IWB EDC gun, even on steamy summer days. I know because like Will Duncan, I carry one, too. But I have to clean it more often…or I do, whether it really needs it or not. I just imagine all of the sweat and grime that accumulates during a day of carry. Maybe that’s just me. Do you clean your EDC gun more in the summer, too?

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  1. Nope. I never IWB carry so don’t worry about it much. Small guy with big shirts always has me covered and I don’t have to tuck in a shirt unless there a funeral😃

  2. (pulls pipsqueak gun out of pocket holster and blows the pocket lint out of the hammer and back of slide)
    Okay. Done.

  3. Not sure about Glock, but if you carry an S&W M&P series or a Springfield XD series IWB left-hand, be sure your holster covers the extractor. In those guns, the extractors are NOT corrosion resistant like the other parts. These extractors will RUST in one hot, sweaty day.

  4. You realize the reason ironicatbest moved to Japan and then disemboweled himself fearing he’d be deported back to the blood filled streets of the U.S.A was because TTGA did not feature a pocket watch with attached wrist straps on one of your EDC Pocket Dumps don’t you?


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