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We don’t do a lot of straight press releases or sale announcements, but this one from Brownells is worth a mention. They’ve partnered with eleven other industry names you know to support the Special Operations Wounded Warriors with a portion of sales proceeds through July 4. If you need something anyway — and you know you need more ammo, another magazine, or maybe that new carry pistol you’ve had your eye on — why not buy it now and have 5% of the money go to a good cause?

Brownells Partners with 11 Industry Manufacturers To Support Veterans

GRINNELL, Iowa (July 2, 2018) – Brownells, alongside 11 industry partners, will donate five percent of its sales to the wounded veterans support organization Special Operations Wounded Warriors (SOWW) today through Independence Day.

Brownells’ partners in this event also donating five percent of their sales at are:

  • Challenge Targets
  • HiperFire
  • Hornady
  • JP Enterprises
  • Leupold
  • Magpul
  • Midwest Industries
  • Otis
  • Volquartsen Firearms
  • XS Sight Systems
  • Wilson Combat

“Special Operations Wounded Warriors is an incredible organization that makes an incredible, positive impact on the lives of our nation’s wounded special operators and their families,” said Ryan Repp, Brownells Director of Content and Communications. “They’re an all-volunteer organization with 93% of every dollar raised going directly to support their veterans.”

To learn more about this event, visit

The Brownells/SOWW benefit event runs Monday, July 2, 2018, through Wednesday, July 4, 2018 at 11:59 PM.

About SOWW

Special Operations Wounded Warriors is a not-for-profit group that provides outdoor experiences and therapeutic retreats, as well as assistance with medical, physical and mental therapies for both veterans and active-duty members of the Unites States Special Operations Forces who have been wounded in action. For more information, visit

About Brownells

 Serious About Firearms Since 1939™, Brownells is the world’s leading source for guns, gun parts and accessories, ammunition, gunsmithing tools and survival gear. With a large selection of both common and hard-to-find items, and an extensive collection of videos, articles, and gun schematics, Brownells is the expert for everything shooting-related. Committed to maintaining our great traditions, Brownells has more, does more and knows more – and guarantees it all, Forever. For more information or to place an order, call 800-741-0015 or visit Stay up-to-date with Brownells on YouTubeFacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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  1. Much respect to all our warriors. Those of you defending our freedoms. And especially to those of you wounded in the fight. Freedom is not ,nor should it ever be taken for granted. God bless you all. Thank you for your service , you make America great !!

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    The SS and Gestapo, like their Soviet NKVD counterparts in Stalin’s Soviet Union, went on a ballistic frenzy to track down these so called subversive traitors and rebels! Anyway, this true gripping story is about a moral and brave young woman (aged 21) who as a university student and activist takes a righteous stand against Nazism and Fascism

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  3. Who’s looking out for the grunts? The wounded Rifleman, the truck driver who was ambushed, the aircrew who caught frag? What’s their organization?

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