SIG SAUER P320 Drop Safety Trigger Recall Upgrade
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Trigger warning

CNN — yes, CNN — gives an excellent accounting of the SIG SAUER P320 drop safety debacle . . .

Callaway initially told CNN he was satisfied with Sig Sauer’s responsiveness.

“They conducted themselves well. I notified them of my demand they fix these weapons, and they complied within six months, which is pretty reasonable,” he said.

But when Callaway was told that Sig pistols had shown the drop fire malfunction in mid-2016 during testing for the Army, and had fixed those guns by April 2017, he was aghast.

On the phone, Callaway could barely contain his anger.

“So why wouldn’t they send us the right ones ahead of time?” he asked. “If they knew about this problem ahead of time, before they shipped these pistols, that’s egregious.”

Retired FBI agent: Secure your gun before any backflips, please

A decent retention holster could have prevented this from the beginning . . .

Yes, agents often attend after-work social gatherings and would thus be in an armed capacity. Social drinking while armed — while not something the agency condones — may occur under these circumstances. We do not know whether alcohol was a factor in this incident, which occurred just after midnight Saturday morning and could have been far more catastrophic.

FBI candidate appointees are taught early on during their new agent training at Quantico to safeguard their weapons by secreting and securing your weapon farthest from people you encounter. And though it’s been almost 28 years since I attended this training, as I recall, there weren’t many practical application scenarios that involved maintaining positive control of a sidearm while performing ambitious backflips at a bar.

Pennsylvania eighth graders issued bulletproof backpack plates as graduation gift

Will their high school have armed teachers and staff? . . .

The entire graduating class at a Pennsylvania middle school was gifted bulletproof backpack plates as they prepare to head to high school next year.

Students at St. Cornelius in Chadds Ford, Pa., were outfitted with the “ballistic shields” thanks to a donation from a local company, according to Fox 29. The report notes that Unequal Technologies developed the ultra-thin shield and designed a 10-by-12-inch plate that can slip into a backpack.

The bulletproof backpack plates were also handed out to 25 faculty members at the school.

Ray Ball Jo Anne Butler Americans Shot Mexico Murdered Bahia de los Angeles

American couple shot dead in Mexico home in apparent botched robbery, official says

Americans don’t have the right to armed self defense in Mexico . . .

“It was an attempted robbery, and an individual went to defend his property, and that’s when they shot him,” Octavio Lopez, a top local government official, told the Union-Tribune. “This is the first time we’ve had something like this happen.”

Neighbors told the newspaper they believe they were killed over a dispute involving a 22-foot-long fishing boat at the property. A neighbor, who asked not to be identified, said they heard gunfire at around midnight and saw an SUV pulling a boat toward the water. However, the thieves were unable to successfully move it.

Another neighbor, identified by the newspaper as former off-road racing champion Roger Mears, discovered the pair’s bodies. Authorities said Ball had 18 gunshot wounds and Butler had two in her legs.

Jodie Foster Silence Of The Lambs Gun Clarice Starling Gun Control

Jodie Foster Speaks Out on Current State of Gun Control: ‘We Are At a Dire Place in History’

Because we don’t hear from enough Hollywood elites pontificating about gun rights from behind their armed security personnel . . .

Oscar-winning actress and four-time director Jodie Foster doesn’t consider herself a political person. “I have a thousand opinions, and I certainly give money and do a lot of things behind the scenes,” she said in a recent interview with IndieWire, “but it’s not my personality to believe that celebrities have the expertise to try to influence other people’s ideas or their feelings, politically.” However, she has a keen understanding of how the undertones of some of her features often fuel inherently political discussions.

More than a decade after her role in “The Brave One” lead her to speak out about gun control, the topic remains at the forefront of America’s culture wars, and Foster is still advocating for the kind of legislation she touted back in 2007. Now promoting her starring role in “Hotel Artemis,” Foster took the occasion to return to the hot button issue. (Incidentally, Foster’s new film is set in a clandestine hospital for criminals, but it’s one ruled by a number of rules, including “no guns.”)

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  1. Mexico? Even the mexicans are willing to risk dying to leave there. Who would leave the US to live there?

    • Obviously somebody who appreciates the profound meaning of the words ‘100% puro de agave’.

    • I been there. Could have got a huge place. One problem… it’s Mexico. Sure, you can live like some Hollywood celebrity, but for how long will you survive? It’s different if you can have a bunch of guns and everyone in your family is prepared to use them.

  2. I don’t think the federal agent was carrying a hi-point, but the back flip incident would qualify as a low-point in …

    I’ll show myself out.

  3. D-Day. The bloodiest day for the US military, outside of the Civil War. Here’s to them.

  4. How you could have Jodie Foster’s stance on gun control, and then star in The Brave One, boggles my mind. IIRC, there are at least 3 scenes where the absence of a gun costs an innocent person their life, or the presence of one saves them, including after she buys one illegally to avoid licensing and waiting periods.

    • Expecting self awareness and principles from an actor? At the same time?

      Oh that’s funny right there!

      • Can you trust someone who lives is a lie? Fake teeth, fake boobs, fake accents, stage name, etc. It’s no surprise they become drug addicts.

  5. Wait, at least one of the LEOs claiming they got shot by a P320 admitted that she was only removing her holster from her belt when the gun allegedly accidentally went off – NOT that her gun was dropped? The one thing that all the testing showed was needed for an accidental discharge?

    Hmm…Something doesn’t smell right about that particular story…

    Clearly the first generation P320s had issues with being drop-safe, and it’s pretty messed up that the company fixed the same issue for the MHS trials four months before acknowledging the problem publicly. But an AD with a gun that was holstered and not dropped sounds more like a holster issue than a drop-safety issue…

  6. The entire graduating class at a Pennsylvania middle school was gifted bulletproof backpack plates as they prepare to head to high school next year.

    can you say ”drama” class???????????????

    in my day in schools (30 years ago)

    we had 2 things in abundance

    Far less drugged up kids!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and ex military (BRASS ball carrying) Teachers….that you respected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    or else!

    • And I can tell you the school is in the least likely place for any violence. You would not believe the costs of the neighborhood.

  7. In Japan, high school delinquents carry metal plates in their bookbags so they can beat on each other with them…or at least that was a thing I saw repeated in various comic books and video games in the mid-2000s.

    • They only did that after school or on weekends. Specifically, the biker gang kids or yakuza enforcers. They don’t really exist like they used to. A dying culture.

      R.I.P., bozozoku.

  8. Retired FBI agent: Secure your gun before any backflips, please

    So, I read that link. He goes on and on about the fool who
    1. Was printing like crazy, and that’s just inexcusable.
    2. Failed to retain his weapon, likewise not acceptable.

    But what he doesn’t expound upon is the one thing that I think is the crux of the problem:
    3 Booger hook on the bang switch is criminally negligent. But we can’t expect a mere FBI agent, retired or otherwise, to know the simple basics of firearms handling, can we?

    • I don’t know if there were any 120 mm Soviet mortars in Normandy. Perhaps by then they were using the 12 cm Granatwerfer which they based on the Soviet mortar.

    • I suppose it depends what side of the lines employees and factories found themselves. Rome was taken June 5th so Italy was fairly split in half by D-Day. I’d imagine the bulk of Beretta was forcibly moved north by the Nazis and the rest dynamited before the allies…. I know a fair amount of Italian rifles were issued to the Volkstrum and other non-elite units, but they were unreliable and had questionable ammo quality. I’m assuming that the Italian slave laborers making Beretta guns and ammo weren’t too happy with the Germans by that point.

    • Italy fought on both sides during the war. The rank and file Italians hated the Germans. Il Duce was the driving force behind Italy siding with Hitler. 1943 Italy signed on with the allies. Italian units, navy, army and air force fought alongside allied units. The battleship Roma was sunk by the Luftwaffe as it was attempting to join the allies.

  9. Rich people move to Mexico. Thinks its safe. But its not. They never have heard of MS13. They never followed the news. Fools. Very sad for their relatives.

  10. Yes in the Sig 320 the actual trigger component weight is 35% lighter, not trigger pull weight.
    I guess we will have to explain physics the the Lame stream media,it would probably go over as well as Civics and Constitutional history has been under stood by the Leftist Pravda.

  11. “Americans don’t have the right to armed self defense in Mexico . . .”

    I don’t do foreign crap holes,hell I don’t do some crap hole states in the continental U S.

  12. Kids now have the diminishingly small risk of an active shooter to worry about. Now back when I was graduating from 8th grade (1968), after trudging through 8 miles of snow to get to school, my classmates and I had to do duck-and-cover drills, and worry about atomic incineration!

    • The Left’s successes over the past 50 years is based on the tactic of creating public hysterias.
      Not facts, but hysteria based on lies.
      They kept increasing the hysteria factor until they created the ultimate hysteria of global warming with the assertion that EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE WORLD IS GOING TO DIE!!! if you don’t obey their demands.

      These back plates are simply a method to create hysteria against guns and they are fvcking evil for creating un-necessary worries for millions of kids.

      • I find much in your analysis to agree with. Increasingly apparent over time until recently flagrantly self evident in years prior to the current administration. Previously I had considered much of our public policy at all levels generally dysfunctional, the results at odds with the stated intentions, and accepted the explanation of incompetence and corruption. I now believe it much more than incompetence.

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