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“That is the right of Publix to make a decision like that, but I also have the right to call it out. To be clear, this became political because of the donation to Putnam and the lack of response from Publix until there was an outcry. The victims in Parkland did not make this political.” – Fred Guttenberg in David Hogg still waiting for $1 million GoFundMe donation from Publix [via]

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    • I think SJWs should be charged with extortion, blackmail, harassment, obstruction of commerce or unlawful interference when they create a mob frenzy to oppress a person or business who is simply exercising their rights.

      If someone says or does something you don’t like, you shouldn’t be able to harass a company until they fire that person or you will show up at their business to disrupt it until you get your way. Nor should you be able to summon a SJW mob to punish a business by creating public outrage because someone did something that is within their human rights.

      A person should not feel pressured to be someone they are not due to fear that a mob will make sure they can no longer work a legal job or run a business. When they are not on the clock they can be and do what they want as it is within their human rights. They shouldn’t be compelled through Communist coercion to conform. They have a right to work, speak and express themselves…

      Inner state commerce law is there to stop such coercive tactics between states and to maintain capitalism. If state and federal government cannot block a lawful business, why can David Hogg and his accomplices do so? Is it because he is white male privileged and a son of a FBI agent?

    • Florida Laws Chapter 836

      836.05 Threats; extortion.—Whoever, either verbally or by a written or printed communication, maliciously threatens to accuse another of any crime or offense, or by such communication maliciously threatens an injury to the person, property or reputation of another, or maliciously threatens to expose another to disgrace, or to expose any secret affecting another, or to impute any deformity or lack of chastity to another, with intent thereby to extort money or any pecuniary advantage whatsoever, or with intent to compel the person so threatened, or any other person, to do any act or refrain from doing any act against his or her will, shall be guilty of a felony of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

    • It is either “Demanding money with menaces” or “Gaining financial advantage through deception“.

      In short EXTORTION or FRAUD.

    • It’s not.

      It’s this:

      Exploitation: exploiting or tending to exploit; especially : unfairly or cynically using another person or group for profit or advantage.


    • Sounds like extortion to me. Also sounds a lot like the old PROTECTION RACKET!
      Until this a**hole finally gives up & goes away, why isn’t the do-nothing Sheriff’s Dept. arresting him for trespass every time he shows up on the property?

    • See post immediately above. It doesn’t meet the legal definition of a crime. This is a legal shakedown.

      • I wouldn’t be sure of that. We will protest and smear your reputation if you don’t pay us money, is extortion under most state extortion laws.

        Though I don’t really know of any other organizations or individuals who have made “political protests” or threats and an offer to stop them if they are paid or some other favor is garnered.

        Probably wouldn’t stand up to court scrutiny. That said, it is at best legal extortion and thuggery.

  1. I’m not usually one to just let ‘er rip, but if I were there I’d be very disappointed with myself if I couldn’t fart as I walked over these idiots.

    • PBJ’s make me fart for some reason.
      I’d eat two or three and then go grocery shopping there.
      Good call Gov.

      • Despite my last name, I’m just not one of those guys who can fart on demand.

    • I would hope you had an accident with several of those farts as you stepped of these snowflakes

        • trip….and then sue somebody…this is an unsafe condition that they allowed to exist…why didn’t they call the cops and have them removed immediately?

    • There was a video being shared in a local FB group of which I am a member, of another member of the group going around a Publix during the “die in” protest. He is a rather large fellow (easily 350+) and was wearing a kilt. The video consisted of him doing his grocery shopping, and periodically squatting waaaaaay down to retrieve an item from the bottom shelf, inevitably an item which required him to squat directly over a protesters face. Twice that action was paired with a not-inconsiderable escape of flatus from his bowels. I do not know what, if any, undergarments were under the kilt. Regardless, it was quite possibly the funniest video I’d seen in a long time. The best part was the expressions on the faces of the protesters after he stood back up. Thousand-yard-stare like they had looked into the abyss and seen it looking back.

    • He thinks ge deserves a pension for that 15 minutes of “work”. Typical Millennial.

  2. When I last worked in a grocery store, the manager would kick out anyone who was barefoot – health code I suppose. (Looking at the kid with a tossed off flip-flop)

    • Publix managers are instructed to be as non-confrontational as possible. Publix tries its best not to be in the news.

        • Starbucks-style? Whatever Publix does, they’re going to look like the big bad corporation bullying a small child. (I know, he’s an 18 year old man, but you know, fake news and all.)

          Best thing they can do is to take the path of least resistance and do nothing. Let these brats wear themselves out. Let the public tire of listening to them. Don’t engage them. Don’t give the media any new material or angles to cover.

        • Publix is EXTREMELY well managed as well as the largest private employer in the State of Florida. They know what they are doing.

  3. This is a clear case of trespassing and extortion. Call the police and don’t apologize for keeping your store accessible to paying customers.

  4. I hope they didn’t do this were I live.

    It might be right when I need to by a bunch of watermelons.

    From the looks of it I would be forced into carrying them all in a precarious manner around the protesters because they are not leaving room for a cart.

    Hopefully I won’t trip on someone and drop any.

    • I am an old man and as the result of injuries to my knees sometimes I can not lift my legs more than a few inches of the ground while walking. At least that would be my excuse. I wear steel toed cowboy boots a lot.

  5. If a customer should happen to step on one of their crotches or boot them in the temple when walking by whose fault would it be?

  6. Ironicatbest must eat crow. I’ve been shooting with a friend since 0700 this morning. He had a Larue AR, I my MAK. We put them through the ringer, then gave each a slimly river bottom mud bath. EAT CROW IRONICAT,the AR continued to function when the MAK failed. I humbly apologize to the AR bashing. I got my $100 bet back however on the AK will fire 5.56 out of its 7.62 chambering.

  7. I can’t understand why someone didn’t trip over one of these morons in the store. They could have filed a trip and fall suit against Publix , Hogg and his backers.
    Hogg likes to strut around with that scowl on his face like he is some kind of bad ass. Wait until he takes things too far and Bloomberg can’t control him anymore. He will be on his own then.

    • The young lady from Kent State has challenged him to arm wrestle, that might be fun to watch.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^THIS!!

      If I heard that this was happening even near me…

      drive over….enter store…complain and warn all

      trip…yell fire code violation and get paid!

      Hogg wants media time…welcome to lawsuit time and camera coverage of that!

  8. All Hogg has done is draw attention to himself and away from his fearmongering gun control narrative with his shenanigans

  9. Suppose one of the aisle-layers got a peek up the shirt of a Publix customer stepping over, and saw the grip of whatever they have holstered at the four o’clock position. Notwithstanding the histrionics and hijinks that would ensue, would that step-over be considered “temporarily and openly displaying to the ordinary sight of another person”?

    Alas Florida’s HB39, which would have closed this loophole through which licensed concealed carriers are attacked, was withdrawn from the legislature’s consideration a few weeks after the events that launched young Hogg’s career.

  10. The best part of these white bread die ins is that they don’t go all the way. 17 minutes is enough to convince yourself that you are committed to the cause but not long enough to get arrested like the people actually fighting for civil rights did.

    Also to quote Frank Murphy “close your eyes and shut the fu(k up!”

  11. This would be a little evil….

    but set off some party poppers in the back of the store and see how many protesters run out the front door thiniking it a gun.

  12. I wonder if the way to go at this is from a consumer’s-rights perspective.

    For a moment, prescind from the rights of the proprietor of a business. To hell with HIS rights; what about MY rights?

    I’ve entered Starbucks and stood in line for my Extra-Grande Liberal Latte with Double-Obama and now I have to wait in line again to use the restroom along with non-customer “patrons” who need to wash-up, shoot-up or relieve themselves?

    I’ve entered PUBLIX to buy my groceries. Now, I have to thread my way from among non-customer “patrons” who feel compelled to lie about on the floor? They put me in jeopardy of a charge of assault if I should bump into one of them with my shopping cart.

    I think I have a right to engage in commerce with the proprietor without interference from non-customers who patronize the proprietor with their social justice warfare.

    If I have a right to summon the constabulary on my complaint of disorderly conduct on the sidewalk, why do I surrender that right to the exclusive control by the proprietor when I enter a place of public accommodation?

    It ought not be the EXCLUSIVE duty of the proprietor to call for the resolution of disorderly conduct in a place of public accommodation.

  13. If left up to me, I would drop-kick his ass into the heart of Afghanistan for a little wake-up call….those people wouldn’t care WHO OR WHAT he was…as an American he would be fair game and it would be interesting to see how long he’d be allowed to rant and rave or cling to his cry blankie among those people…I have a feeling he wouldn’t keep his head very long…..Hogg disgusts me with his lies and his hypocrisy and I have no regard for him whatsoever.

  14. Buy all the lemon juice in the store, then go up and down every aisle pouring it in the little bastards faces. See how long they will lay there when their eyes are burning.
    Or just hit them with carts and step on them if they are in your way.

  15. Haha idiots across the board on this one. They should have doubled down on their support for liberty they would have more support from at least one base. Another example of if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.

  16. Hogg has simply copied Jackson’s and Sharpton’s intimidation tactics and are trying to use it to get his way, the little egotistic bastard. The way to put a stop to that is to hire a detective to investigate him and his family and get the lowdown on any shady dealings in the past and they will back off fast because they won’t want the negative publicity. Jackson tried that on a company years ago and had a second meeting with the president of the company after making expensive demands during the first meeting. The president after the first, had gotten a detective to produce a file on Jackson and left it out in the open on his desk marked “Jesse Jackson” where Jackson was sure to see it and then the president excused himself for a few minutes. When the president came back, Jackson immediately got up and left without saying a word and never bothered them again.

  17. Lemeesee, if Herr Hogg has repeated his threats in demand of money (extortion), connected with retribution upon failure to pay up , at least twice, it falls within the definitions [see 18 U.S. Code § 1961] within the Federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (“RICO”) federal criminal law.

    RICO was designed and is often used to not just take down the individual offender who may be some sort of leader within the organization, but also to take down the organization of which the offender is associated with and that is also connected with the crime.

    I’m standing by for the FBI and US Attorneys and/or DOJ lawyers to unleash RICO on Herr Hogg & his affiliated organizations

    But, darn, I forgot, the rules do not apply to the “pure” on the politically correct side of the spectrum.

    Can you imagine the fury and prosecutorial resources that would be unleashed if “our side” tried this kind of nakedly transparent extortive shakedown? Not that we would, for all sorts of reasons, but if we did, RICO would be aimed at our side.

  18. “..The victims in Parkland did not make this political.”


    And Freedom is Slavery, War is Peace, and Ignorance is strength.

    Can someone please explain to them that 1984 was not supposed to be an instruction manual, it was supposed to be a warning.

  19. In 17 minutes I could have pissed on every Snowflake’s forehead in that store. I would have gladly taken the consequences. as grownups do.

  20. As an aside. Adam Putnam is the Secretary of the Florida Department of Agriculture. Publix is a, oh yeah, that’s right, a grocery store. Just guessing, but maybe that had a little more to do with the contribution than Putnam’s views on firearms rights. Which, by the way, are outstanding.

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