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Town’s gun-sale restriction plan draws fire from the NRA

This didn’t fly in Chicago. We guess it won’t fly in Piscataway, either.

The battle over gun control is coming to Piscataway amid a contentious Democratic primary, as local officials weigh an ordinance that would make it very difficult for weapons retailers to set up shop in the township.

A public hearing is set for June 14, nine days after the primary, on a proposed municipal ordinance that is apparently without precedent in New Jersey.

It would prohibit gun shops from opening within 1,000 feet of schools, parks, houses of worship, university campuses — the Rutgers University football field is in Piscataway — medical facilities, bars and other locations.

parkland kids summer tour road to change gun control march for our lives

Parkland students will tour the nation to register voters and demand change

It must be an oversight that CNN doesn’t mention who’s paying for this summer’s magical mystery useful idiot tour . . .

To date, they’ve largely focused on gun control legislation, encouraging young people to vote and holding politicians accountable — specifically, those beholden to gun rights groups.
This is why we’re going to Tallahassee
Now, in an effort to combat low voter turnout, particularly in midterm elections, they’re embarking June 15 on a two-month summer tour. Along the way they plan to call for more action on gun control and stage voter registration drives in 50 cities, spanning 20 states.
They’ll also be visiting every congressional district in their home state of Florida.
broward coward scot peterson parkland RSO deputy
courtesy AP

Broward Deputy Who Stood Outside Parkland School Says He’d Enter ‘in a Heartbeat’ Now

Some people just don’t know when to go away and keep their mouths shut . . .

CBS News reports that an interview with Peterson will air Tuesday on NBC.  They discuss his initial call into dispatch, “Be advised we have possible—could be firecrackers—I think we have shots fired, possible shots fired.” Seconds later he followed up with, “Make sure we get some units over here, I need to shut down Stoneman Douglas.”

But he did not enter the building.

Peterson says if he knew then what he knows now he would have “been in that building in a heartbeat.”

london bloodbath knife crime shooting gun control stabbing

LONDON BLOODBATH: Man stabbed outside POLICE STATION as violence rages on

Life in a gun-free utopia . . .

The shocking incident is the latest in a long line of stabbings and shootings in London over recent weeks.

On Saturday a young man was blasted in the face during a double shooting in Peckham, south London.

That came an hour after a separate incident which saw a man stabbed multiple times in Greenwich, south east London.

The 22-year-old shooting victim is still in a critical condition following the incident on Wodehouse Avenue.

A second victim, aged 25, suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

david hogg gun control al sharpton parkland
courtesy and AP

David Hogg, the anti-gun extortionist with Al Sharpton style

Still to come: Hogg’s Tawana Brawley and Freddie’s Fashion Mart moments . . .

David Hogg, one of the students from the Parkland, Florida, shooting incident who’s now gone punch-drunk on anti-gun juice, has set his sights, it seems, on companies with ties to firearms dollars, with a goal to figuratively disarm and decimate them — to get them to cut all ties with the firearms industry — and if they don’t, to be prepared to cough up some money.

It’s a shakedown style of First Amendment-ing. It’s what made Al Sharpton much of his money. Yes indeed, Hogg’s got the Sharpton flair.

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  1. The coward of broward is just that and no interview is going to change his status. His boss is an idiot.

    • A guy who interviewed him was on NPR last night.

      It was like hearing a reporter in the ’50s describing how Adolf Eichmann feels like a “victim” because he has to live in South America under an assumed name.

    • Cowards are always brave. Just ask them, they’ll tell you all about it.

  2. Broward Cowards should be ostracized from society. I say we should give them every bit of bullshit David Hogg is giving us and the NRA. We should make it so they have to change their names and flee Florida before they find peace. Honestly, that would be better than what the anti-gun crowd is doing, they are harrassing PoTG in every state. Except Arizona. Or maybe they just know better than to try in Arizona.

  3. Piscataway Will get their way. After all the Supreme Court has now set the precedent that you have no right to buy a gun. And that a county, city, state or even the entire country Could literally overnight ban all guns stores and be perfectly constitutional.

    Like I have said before many times. Nearly all judges hate gun owners and going ownership and want all gun owners to die.

      • Teixeira v. Alameda County.

        SCOTUS refuses to hear it. So they must agree with it. If not they already have set the precedent.

        • Turning away one case makes gun ownership illegal nationwide?

        • “SCOTUS refuses to hear it.”

          SCOTUS declines to grant cert. to the vast majority of cases presented to it.

          The SCOTUS associates who want to change constitutional precedent will decline to grant cert. until they believe they have the votes to win it. Justice Thomas is ‘chomping at the bit’ to give the 2A the respect it deserves, but realizes the necessary votes aren’t locked in yet.

          So we play the long game and wait until that change arrives…

  4. I use to feel sorry for the British. But they made many terrible choices they now have to live with them. I know many old sci fi films from the 50’s and 60’s that predicted they future.

  5. “David Hogg one of the students” – – – Not Just One of the students, he is a hero, the boy who charged headlong into the flame of gunfire, disarming multiple assailants, administering first aid to the wounded, receiving multiple gunshot wounds shielding his girlpigfriend from danger. One Of The Students, indeed.

    • Interestingly, apparently he wasn’t even at the school the day of the shooting.

      • That’s not true takes about 5 seconds to debunk. It was a poorly worded quote from an interview pulled out of context. We need to get out facts straight if we are going to effectively criticize.

  6. So now Bloomie and maybe Georgie Soros are paying the way for these Jr. commies to spread more disinformation on what no one is interested in hearing. Who cares what a kid who is reading a script has to say?? Why haven’t they said who is paying their way??
    The Broward Coward also has something to say now? Not going to change my mind of what a failure of a human he is.
    British want to take the points off of knives. What other idiocy is next?? I would bet it will hurt more if you get stabbed with a butter knife.
    What a world we are living in today. Its laughable.

      • use to be standard issue in some neighborhoods….but they’ve gravitated to guns now…

  7. “….It would prohibit gun shops from opening within 1,000 feet of schools, parks,”

    I remember in the early 80’s in Houston the City was trying to get rid of the adult bookstores and passed a similar kind of zoning law. They managed to weaponize it by getting a Church to open up in the other end of the strip-mall and then file a complaint against the adult bookstore. It didn’t matter that the adult emporium had been there ten years and the church ten days, the bookstore was too close and had to close/move.

    I’m not saying NJ would do anything so evil. Unless they could do that without getting caught that is.

  8. If he would have known that it was not firecrackers he would have hobbled into the building and got into a firefight with the more mobile man? He stood outside because he was confused at to what was going on?

    If you honestly thought it was fireworks why would you not run into the building to catch the kids lighting them? It would make more sense if you thought it was a rifle going off and you were too scared to risk your adult life to save children. Did you think it was a bunch of Chinese kids celebrating the Chinese New Year at school? It took you ~6 minutes contemplating what to do?

    What a hero:

  9. I have a question that I’ve never heard asked. Where was Hogg during the shooting? If he didn’t come under direct fire I don’t think he can be a legitimate survivor. If he was two buildings away and ran out with his hands over his head and the shooter never layed eyes on him he was in little more danger than anyone else in the general vicinity. Now, if a 55 grn. FMJ whizzed passed his ear at three inches? Yeah, he’s a survivor. But, where was he, and his other vocal “survivors” when the shooting happened? Just asking.

  10. Parkland students like Cameron Kasky? Cameron’s father, Jeff Kasky’s scandal-ridden history with One World Adoption Services, Heart to Heart Adoption, Andy Moore, Anne-Christine d’Adesky and Laura Silsby.
    Fun Fact: Jeff and Cameron Kasky are also connected to Nellie Ohr of Fusion GPS fame.

  11. Swinestein hopes people follow Dick’s sporting goods into the poor house.
    How droll.

    • Indeed. I wonder what kind of book-cooking right-think mathe they are using to get their numbers. When Dicks files for bankruptcy after the midterms, I wonder if will get any press?

  12. “Parkland students will tour the nation to register voters and demand change
    It must be an oversight that CNN doesn’t mention who’s paying for this summer’s magical mystery useful idiot tour . . .”

    Baracula the smartest man it the world wanted change,he and the Parkland Anti Constitutionalist’s can Keep Their Effing Change,Americans will keep their Constitution,all of it.

  13. Do these Parkland punks get salaries?!? If not they’re dumber and more naive than I thought possible…Hoggboy won’t have a lasting career ala Sharpton. He ain’t black enough😄

  14. The road trip activities will have far fewer students since its summer and the kids are not participating just to get out of class. I expect carefully filmed photo ops , tight camera angles and all kinds of MSM trickey to make a handful of ‘ activist / actors ‘ look like much larger numbers.

    Trolling them on their stops will be fun though.

  15. $5 says Hogg will be a used car salesman by 30. Look, the left always turns on their own when they are no longer useful. Hogg’s usefulness to the left will likely end on election day, and the support he is getting now will dry up faster than a speeding bullet. As far as his future, he may be toast. A smart business will not hire an aspiring revolutionary, and now that he has gotten his 15 minutes of fame, he cannot escape his fate of limited employment opportunity. What a dumb @ss.

    • Lenin and Stalin had a term for people like Hogg. “Useful fools” who were guaranteed to be the first against the wall when the revolution happened.

      Revolutionaries can be a problem post-revolution criticizing the flaws and failures of the glorious new order. Who needs revolutionaries when the revolution is over?

  16. “Now, in an effort to combat low voter turnout, particularly in midterm elections, they’re embarking June 15 on a two-month summer tour. ”

    To be followed by a fall tour for a $15 minimum wage, and a winter campaign for border amnesty.

    It seems inevitable that the Parkland students are going to end up being used as puppets for every agenda item of the folks who are orchestrating and funding their “movement” (i.e. Bloomberg, Watts, etc.)

  17. Hogg getting fat off the teat of the anti gun lobby. Wonder how much that’s setting Bloomie back.

    And of course the safety officer would enter now that he’s figured out the consequences of being a shitty person and that people don’t like it when you leave children to die.

  18. To the Broward Coward: You’re to late, a little too yellow and a couple of testcles short.

  19. I know this has been said trillions of times, but what they’re doing with those kids really is pure evil. Those kids truly have no idea what they’re doing. They’re just being manipulated to achieve a political agenda; nothing more. I mean, this is the same age group that wants to eat ice cream for dinner… and they’re being dragged into public policy? It’s despicable.

  20. That’s not what I heard the coward of broward say this a.m. on the morning “news” show. He said it all happend to fast to think about going in or not going in. He was just reacting. I bout spewed my breakfast across the room. That fat f#cker was waiting on retirement and was not about to get shot doing his job. That’s all there is to it.

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