TTAG at KCR: Night Shooting

Machine guns are fun to watch rip the snot out of targets during the day, but they’re even more fun to watch at night. Seeing the tracers from literally hundreds of machine guns slicing through the night sky was an amazing experience, and the gigantic gasoline fueled explosions were the icing on the cake. Video doesn’t really do the experience justice, but the pictures come damn close. Each picture was taken over a period of one full second.


  1. avatar Aaron says:

    Thanks for posting both the pics and video. When those barrels detonate, you can feel the heat right back to the spectator line.

  2. avatar slicknick8585 says:

    That is badass…a machine gun circle jerk!

  3. avatar Ben Eli says:

    These pictures are actually a great educational tool when it comes to talking about ricochets.

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