Gavin Newsom
California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced legislation aimed at letting private citizens file lawsuits to enforce a ban on assault weapons. The bill is modeled after a Texas law that lets private citizens enforce a ban on abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli, File)
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Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday backed legislation that would let private citizens enforce the state’s ban on assault weapons. It’s modeled after a Texas law that lets private citizens enforce that state’s ban on abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected.

Newsom said he hopes the proposal forces the U.S. Supreme Court’s hand on the Texas abortion law. He said it will either expose their “hypocrisy” if they should block California’s proposal that affects the gun industry and not the Texas law on abortion.

“Or it’ll get them to reconsider the absurdity of their previous decision,” Newsom said, adding: “There is no principled way the U.S. Supreme Court cannot uphold this California law. None. Period full stop. It is quite literally modeled after the law they just upheld in Texas.”

The Firearms Policy Coalition, an advocacy group, pledged a court challenge should the California bill become law.

The proposed firearm restrictions are “really just modern-day Jim Crow laws designed to suppress the exercise of human rights the tyrants who run California don’t like,” the group said, promising to “litigate wherever needed to protect the rights and property of peaceable gun owners in California.”

— Julie Watson and Adam Beam in California bill would allow citizens to enforce weapons ban

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    • The snitches would have very short life spans. Especially in today’s violent world.
      Turn in the wrong sort of person and even the fleas on your dog would be doomed.
      Lots of thugs simply hate do-gooders.

  1. Hey Gov. That “living” document you idiots are so fond of ammending…….. read the second one word for word. Even you should be able to figure out why we need it!

    • RE: “The proposed firearm restrictions are “really just modern-day Jim Crow laws designed to suppress the exercise of human rights the tyrants who run California don’t like,” the group said, promising to “litigate wherever needed to protect the rights and property of peaceable gun owners in California.”

      When you have a state full of history illiterates who are ignorant enough to have voted for g. newsom it means every “peaceable gun owner” has some educating to do. Preaching to the choir does not cut it.

      The unidentified “group” does not need to stop by a mention of Jim Crow. They need to hang every racist and genocide atrocity attributed to Gun Control throughout history around the neck of gavin newsom and the entire democRat Party…Where It Belongs.

  2. “There is no principled way the U.S. Supreme Court cannot uphold this California law. None. Period full stop. It is quite literally modeled after the law they just upheld in Texas.”

    Unless, of course, the talking heads are right and the Court’s prepared to strike down Roe.

    Then they could say that one’s a right and the other’s not so, your law is struck down and abortion goes back to the states too, have a good day Mr. Newsom.

    Then again, they need not strike down anything other than your (proposed) law. They could just tell you to kick rocks because the 2A isn’t an abortion issue.

    • No matter how many times I read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, I see no mention of a right to murder an unwanted baby. I do see the 2nd Amendment every time I read though. No twisting of principles necessary.

      • Well that there is is the problem in a nutshell. You CAN read. These leftists CAN’T.

        Having no process for logic, only emotion is another problem

  3. A law that encourages citizens to inform on each other for exercising a God given human right. Did I understand this correctly? Sounds like a strategy from the secret police manual. Has anyone else heard of the Gestapo? The Stasi? The KGB? Maybe Newsome finally finished his correspondence course. The N. Korea School of Crushing Human Rights.

    • Inform on each other, – – -, and just the other day on ttag we had the BATFE wanting disgruntled spouses/ex’es to do the same for a Valentine’s happy.

    • To Flag Waver.

      Yep and the head Nazi is the Governor of Texas. His anti-abortion bill is just like the Breeding farms in WWII Germany. And his burning and destruction of books reminds one of WWII Germany as well.

      • Abortion is destroying the black community in America. But that’s what racist bastards like you and margerat sanger want. Or wanted in her case.

        • To Jethro W M

          Could you elaborate on your rant and quote——————-Abortion is destroying the black community in America————quote

          Exactly how????????????????

        • The majority of babies aborted in America are black. The black community is the only demographic in the US that has actually lost numbers.

          Simple enough for you to understand. But you knew that, already. That rant about unwanted babies growing up to be criminals shows your true thoughts about the black community, dacian the nazi.

        • Jimmy. This is why I call him dacian the nazi. All socialists have some fascism in their belief system. dacian the nazi doesn’t even pretend that he’s nothing but an old school hitlerite.

          If he’s unable, or more likely unwilling, to see this it is to his great discredit.

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, Abortion is destroying lives of Black babies. Is that too difficult for your mind to grasp? Any one of those aborted children could have been a great man or woman. Think about it.

        • to Jethro W M

          I knew you would be dumb enough to fall for getting baited.

          OK Moron these are the actual facts in race increase and decline. Once again I made a fool of your ignorance.

          In fact, the decrease in births among the white population has led to a dip in the number of people under age 18 in the past decade, a drop exacerbated by the fact that the much larger Millennial cohort has aged out of that group, replaced by a smaller Generation Z.

          Over the past decade, Asians had the biggest growth rate of any demographic group, increasing by almost 30%. Almost two-thirds of that growth was driven by international migration.

          The Hispanic population grew by 20% since 2010, with almost three-quarters of that growth coming from a natural increase that comes when more people are born than die.

          The Black population grew by almost 12% over the decade, and the white population increased by 4.3%.

          You are out of your league Jethro the High School flunk out.

          Of course you and your fellow ignorant Far Right fanatics will with the wave of a hand scream “Since it does not support my ignorance I refuse to believe it”. I am sure Fox News is your only source of news.

        • Where did you get your advanced degrees, dacian the nazi? You talk like an uneducated person and your level of discourse is rarely above 3rd grade.

          White decline is not based on abortion. It is a product of fewer folks starting families. Simple really. Younger whites choose career and the single life style over family.

          Abortion, which you fascists own, has a truly terrible impact on the black community. But to paraphrase you if the black kids weren’t aborted they’d just grow up to be criminals. Shows where your mind is.

        • to Jethrow w m

          One more time Moron.

          Quote—————Abortion, which you fascists own, has a truly terrible impact on the black community.————-quote

          What impact? Define impact. Define what is terrible.

          When a black woman wants an abortion this is not terrible because this is the choice she has made to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. You may scream terrible but she would tell you to suck a fat one.

          For your information Jethro

          Definition of fascism
          1often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

          This is exactly what your Lord God Trump attempted in his 1923 style beer hall putsch of Jan 6th 2021. And he ignored every previous rule of law that other Presidents adhered to i.e. a peaceful transition of power.

          In short he tried to establish a one party rule and put himself as absolute autocratic leader after he was legally defeated in a Democratic election. And remember he even tried to have Mike Pence killed, a Republican.

          Again that makes you the Fascist. Too bad you have no idea what the word even means.

          That makes you the Fascist you Moron

          Give up you are out of your league Jethro

          And by the way Jethro it was YOU who claimed the black population was declining. Cannot you even read the stats I gave you, the population increased Moron.

        • Of course you would deny being a nazi, dacian. Al Capone denied being a criminal. And if you believe that you are not a nazi then I got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.

      • Actually, dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, it is you Leftists who are the Nazis and Fascists. Their roots like yours rest in socialism. I remind you of Musssolini’s Ghost writer, Giovani Gentile, the Italian socialist who was honored by your other hero Adolf.

        Then of course we have you rother heroes, ANTIFA and BLM thugs.

      • No matter how many times I read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, I see no mention of a right to murder an unwanted baby. I do see the 2nd Amendment every time I read though. No twisting of principles necessary.

    • ” Has anyone else heard of the Gestapo? The Stasi? The KGB?

      Yeah, I’ve heard of them. I’ve also heard about the CIA, FBI, ATF, NSA, DHS … the list goes on and on.

  4. I guess he forgot that a federal judge ruled that California’s regulation/banning scheme for assault weapons is unconstitutional , the right to possessing weapons is an enumerated right, and there is no explicit enumerated right to receiving an abortion. I must say that I fully support abortion rights. Women have the absolute right to choose to abort their black or brown baby before they have a chance to become a criminal. I say this tongue and cheek because this is what actually happens.

    • Officer Bill

      You would have been in your glory and worked for free at Auschwitz. I am sure you spend your time drawing up plans for an American one.

      And of course you will deny we had a Black President voted one of the top 10 best Presidents in History by Scholars. And you will deny we have thousands of black lawyers, and teachers and many black Legislators.

      Someday I will spit and piss on your final resting place and smash your tombstone to pieces.

        • I knew that Jethro would defend the forum rabid racist Herr Hauptman Storm Trooper Bill that is why no civilized nation would want either one of them within 1,000 miles of their country.

        • Speaking of ‘civilized’ why am I welcome in europe and you are not?
          Breaking headstones and pissing on the dead is a fascist kind of thing to do. Is that why europe won’t have you?

          A person that is supposedly highly educated, as you claim to be, would be welcome anywhere on earth. But you are not.

        • jwm,

          dacian the dimwit always brags about what an “educated” person he is . . . but if you ask for particulars, he goes silent.

          Personally, I’d be shocked if he even has a GED, he writes and “reasons” like a pouty, stupid middle schooler, at best.

          His only value on this forum, that I can determine, is to (i) be a subject of ridicule for thinking people, and (ii) provide a punching bag for freedom lovers. He is too stupid to insult.

        • And many of these civilized countries with socialized health care don’t allow foreign residents to use the health care for at least several years unless they pay full fee.

        • To Double Cross the man who claims to know everything about nothing and what he does not know is not worth knowing.

          Every European nation has different rules. And even those that do have any restrictions do not prevent you from taking your insurance with you from your home country. When I went to Europe my family doctor advised me to do just that and get travel health insurance which can be with many policies an add on.

          One more example of many Double Cross

          As of 2016, a new healthcare system for foreigners, known as Protection Universelle Maladie (PUMA), allows access to state healthcare after three months of residence. … Temporary visitors to France from the EU/EEA/Switzerland can access public healthcare if they have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

          The French healthcare system | Expatica

 of 2016, a new,after three months of residence.&text=Temporary visitors to France from,Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

        • to Jethro W.M.

          If you ever bought a home in liberal France they would boot your Nazi ass out faster than a French cat can jump off a hot tin roof.

        • dacian the nazi. I decided not to buy the cottage after the French .gov reaction to Bataclan. The ‘liberal’ French .gov can teach us a thing or two about fascism judging by the way they cracked down on their people.

        • I said “Some Countries” without being specific. You found an example that suits your argument. Give yourself another red star.

          If you want to go to settle in France, I would note it would be a very good idea to speak fluent French otherwise the locals won’t want to know you. They give us Aussies some lee-way because of our actions in WW1.

          Also, I work most of the time from complete memory, where you have the resources of “Revolution Command Central” at your disposal.

      • A significant portion of my family was Romanian Jews that died in the death camps. Try again.

        We already have what are effectively political prison and prosecutions so how much worse could setting up a couple of death camps be? We also have death camps disguised as Women’s Health Clinic. I could care less but a lot of people do.

        Since the women in my life have never chosen the option of abortion I’ve got a whole lot of kids and they all think like me. We’re going to be around for a while.

    • Like California listens or actually cares……

      Like every unconstitutional law: pass it, we fight it locally, it gets sent to the ninth, then en banc, then hopefully SCOTUS. By the time it reaches SCOTUS, decades might have passed and if we do win in the end, all Sacramento says is ” oops, my bad” and tries again another way in another day and the circle continues.

      I don’t know that the solution is. I’d like to blame Sacramento but they’re only there because of idiot voters…..

  5. Gotta make sure it’s safe for the horses to trample those uppity parents when they complain about the school teaching second graders it’s racist not to shove eggplants up their asses.

  6. “There is no principled way the U.S. Supreme Court cannot uphold this California law. None. Period full stop.”

    There’s a big difference between gun ownership and abortion that has nothing to do with taking a life. It’s written down somewhere. It begins with a ‘C’ and rhymes with onstitution.

    • Dud Brain

      if you think the court has any credibility you have a naïve child like mind. It pays no more attention to the Constitution than it does to its past decisions.

      • Well, dacian the stupid, I have my issues with SCOTUS, but . . . for YOU to question ANYONE’S credibility is a freakin’ laugh riot.

        Q: How can you tell when dacian the stupid is posting another dishonest, lying, idiotic comment??

        A: You see that stupid avatar (which is, strangely, quite appropriate for dacian the halfwit).

        You are too stupid to insult. Go pound salt in your @$$.

        • To our forum clown who claims to have 4 law degrees and wrote numerous books, none of which he can remember the titles to.

          Just one example you dim wit of the courts disregard to pervious rulings would be the overturn of Roe v/s Wade or do you live in a fking cave. Its a done deal and only to be finalized this spring.

        • dacian the DUNDERHEAD Speaking of clowns, you are in that category for sure.

          We are still waiting for us for you to expound your intelligence on the firing sequence of a cartridge.

          I doubt you hold the Constitution in the same regard as you do Karl Marx’s Manifesto.

        • dacian the stupid,

          I would ask you to quit lying about my education, but you are incapable of telling the truth. For the last time, @$$wipe, I have ONE law degree, ONE MBA (quite a common degree combination, if you actually knew anything), my original BA (required, in most states, to get into law school, so that one’s implied), and a second to get into B school, because I didn’t have enough business credits in undergraduate. NOW, make an effort for your feeble little “brain” to try to remember that, buttnugget.

          And dacian the idiot, please tell us you know NOTHING about the doctrine of “stare decisis”, without SAYING you know nothing about “stare decisis” . . . oops, you already did that. With your brilliant “analysis”, the Supreme Court would have been obligated to uphold Dredd Scott, you complete, patethetic assclown.

          Please stop pretending to education or erudition; you lack either.

          You are too stupid to insult. Go pound salt in your @$$.

  7. Abortion in America, as across much of the globe, has become a money making operation from the murder of the most defenseless of children.

    The propaganda that convinces us that it should be normal and frequent instead of extremely rare shows how easily we can be fooled.

    The other propaganda is that governments will always be nice and helpful. But history shows us that disarmed citizens get murdered by the tens and tens of millions by big government.

    I am from Texas and I don’t agree with the tactic of the our law. If it’s murder to abort a baby, then the government should arrest and lock up abortionists.

    However, we do have it and I can see where it will save innocent, defenseless life. They have not been investigated, served a warrant, arrested, given a trial, found guilty by a jury of their peers and lawfully put in prison for decades awaiting the death penalty.

    The way a similar law would work in California would be reporting government officials that violate the right to arms, thus helping pave the way to genocide.

    Newsome’s law is not identical. Newsome, not the freedom loving citizens of California, is the Stalin, the Mao, the Pol Pot in the story.

  8. I am sure the Hypocrites on the court will try and lie their way out of this one as far as ruling the California ban is different from the Texas ban on abortion. After they rule it will be grounds for impeachment for all of the lackey Trump appointed judges. The sooner we get rid of this scum that has turned the court into a circus of politics the sooner we save the court from being disbanded altogether. They have lost all credibility with the American people. They have shown they have zero respect for past court decisions and base their new decisions on blatant and sickening partisanship.

    quote——————They specifically criticized a company called Wee1 Tactical, which markets the JR-15, patterned after the popular adult AR-15 assault-style semi-automatic rifle.——————quote

    The depravity of the gun industry knows no limits. This is not a joke this gun actually exists.

    This new child size AR15 actually has a skull and crossbones and a pacifier on it. If it were not for the horrendous depravity of this gun it would be actually hilarious.

    They even advertised it as “Now you can have a gun just like your Mommy and Daddy’s AR-15. Has the gun industry completely lost their minds???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Its amazing they do not include instructions on how to take it to school to mass murder their fellow students.

    I am sure European and Asian Nations are asking the question: Has the people of America all lost their minds???????????????

    • Perhaps the gun industry marketed the child size AR 15 so that the next time a lunatic far right adult decides do mass murder people with an AR 15 he can take his kids along with their miniature weapons to help him kill people.

    • dacian the stupid,

      “I am sure European and Asian Nations are asking the question: Has the people of America all lost their minds???????????????”

      Only if they read one of your illiterate, rambling, senseless comments, dacian.

      If you don’t perceive the difference between an enumerated and protected Constitutional right, and one that was literally invented (“emanations from the penumbra”?? AYFKMRN????), . . . but, then of course you don’t, because you’re an idiot.

      You’re too stupid to insult, dacian. Go visit the cable.

      • Dear Lamp: You might want to find some new material. Your current stuff just isn’t effective. Perhaps your imaginary colleagues at your pretend law firm can help you out.

    • “Its amazing they do not include instructions on how to take it to school to mass murder their fellow students.”

      That is not the intended use of the firearm.

      Only a deranged individual would think such thoughts.

      • to Wannabe Paratrooper

        quote—————-That is not the intended use of the firearm.————quote

        Only a deranged full blown paranoid Far Right Lunatic would not realize that these weapons were made for killing large numbers of people in the shortest space of time. They are weapons of war and mass destruction.

        I might add the majority of the worlds big and even small game were made extinct from single shot muzzle loading weapons so blow it out your rectum when you claim rapid fire killing machines are necessary for hunting.

        • “I might add the majority of the worlds big and even small game were made extinct from single shot muzzle loading weapons so blow it out your rectum when you claim rapid fire killing machines are necessary for hunting.”

          Debating something I did not say? How intelligent of you.

          “Only a deranged full blown paranoid Far Right Lunatic would not realize that these weapons were made for killing large numbers of people in the shortest space of time. They are weapons of war and mass destruction.”

          The parroting of false information is not a sign of maturity. Paranoia is being afraid of advancements in technology. Semi automatic weapons have been the norm over 100 years now. ARs are the same as any other semiautomatic. Only differences in semi weapons have been ergonomics and better materials for manufacturing.

          As for weapons of mass destruction? Get back to us when you know the difference between a WMD and semiautomatic rifle.

        • You seem to have a real thing for the AR-15. What are your thoughts on the Ruger Mini-14? Is it less deadly because it looks more Fudd friendly? It was the spree killers weapon of choice in the late 1980s to early 1990s. Then the AK47 was the choice gun.

          We all know what your “Caravan of Death” will be armed with on your campaign to bring social justice to the masses.

        • to Double Cross

          If you had a 4th grade level reading comprehension you would not have had to ask anything about my views on the Mini-14 as you would have already known.

          And I assume your rather cryptic racist rant on “The Caravan of Death” is a reference to desperate and helpless refugees fleeing death from drug gangs in Central America.

          But who knows your rants half the time are only strange delusions that no one is quite sure what you are ranting about.

        • If you’ve made comments on the Mini-14, they have not been recent or a small signal lost in the large amount of noise you make.

          The “Caravan of Death” is a reference to a Chilean death squad during the Pinochet era. Probably ancient history to you.

        • dacian the DUNDERHEAD Speaking of mentally deranged, have you ever gotten that mental evaluation? Sure doesn’t seem like it.

          And just for posterity, what are your “views” on the Mini-14. Do you know what caliber it is? Do you know who makes it?

          Pray tell, impart what little knowledge you have without resorting to looking it up on Google?

        • To Double Cross
          And you still did not “get it” about the Mini-14 and my views. Anyone with any reading comprehension would not have had to ask the question even if I had never mentioned the gun but you proved that was way over your head.

        • dacian the DUNDERHEAD, The AR-15 is a “sportsman’s” rifle. I personally own 2 and use them for varmint hunting.

          We are waiting for your “views’ on the Mini-14. Pray tell, do you know who makes the Minni-14? What caliber(s) does it come in? We have a few spare seconds. Tell us all you know.

    • No matter how many times I read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, I see no mention of a right to murder an unwanted baby. I do see the 2nd Amendment every time I read though. No twisting of principles necessary.

    • dacian the DUNDERHEAD, We really don’t give a rat’s behind what your buddies in Europe or Asia think. This is not a Leftist-Socialist country as you might want to make it. It is the United States of America which is government by the US Constitution. You know that document you love to hate as it prevents you from imposing your Leftist-Socialist ideology which America has sound rejected. You Lefties just love to try to equate your anti-gun radical agenda with the Texas attempts to ban the murder of unborn children. You are not even in the same ball park with that kind of rhetoric,

      You anti-gun radicals keep trying to claim that the AR-15 and its variants are “assault rifles” when in fact there is NO such thing as an “assault rifle”. That was a term you Lefties cooked up to try to gin up the public using the word, “assault”. The fact is that an AR-15 is a semiautomatic rifle which does not fire as a machine gun as you try to make it out to be. It is extremely difficult for you to make an AR into an automatic firearm. Dummies like you would have us go back to the old flintlock rifles.

      Here is a fact for you; a moderately trained shooter can fire a bolt action rifle almost as quickly as a shooter with a semiautomatic firearm. It take just something we call practice. And either shooter will have comparable accuracy.

      • WEB III no one cares what you have to say. Now get back your room at the group home before you get busted for being on the computer after lights out!

        • WEB III Is A 🤡 The only clown here is you and your compadres.
          Speaking of group homes, aren’t you one of those hippie druggies that infested some communities and tried to set up your Communist Utopia? How did that work out for you, Lefty?

          Clearly you are one of those idiots that doesn’t know squat about firearms.

          Time for you to go and be a good little Commie and get back to the commune.

        • See what I mean? WEB III the dotard and FUDD can’t even put together a coherent sentence, let alone thought. But he’s still orders of magnitude smarter than his alter ego Lamp the wife abuser and pretend attorney.

        • WEB III is a 🤡 What you really mean is your are ducking, dacian the DUNDERAHEAD. Tell me just how many different screen names do you go by? If you don’t understand what I wrote, I suggest you take a good reading comprehension course.

          It’s you Lefties and Commies that just love to try to belittle good folks. It’s the only way you can feel better about your insignificant self. (sigh) Sucks to be you, huh, dacian the DUNDERHEAD.

          I suggest you go to the local BOCES for that reading course. And while you are at it, you might want to take a good English language course, one that stresses capitalization, punctuation, grammar and spelling. At lest try to complete your education and get that GED, as you dropped out of high school at the grand old age of 15 when you failed your courses/

  9. Abortions used to be back alley coat hangers, then a goody two shoes Democrat decided the mothers lives ( prostitutes dieing from infections)were more beneficial to society alive then dead, then .Gov got involved and it’s been a sht storm ever since.
    Abortions and The RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS have nothing in common.
    Always this ‘moral’ word trickery.
    To uphold the constitution to my ability.
    Let’s Go Brondon

    • Possum, the problem is that prostitutes had people to go to that could mostly do the job without killing the “mother”, the ones who were dieing were young teens that did not understand their monthly cycles or just couldn’t control themselves.
      There are parents out there that will send a pregnant daughter away and not allow her to keep the baby(and many more that tell them they will). Some will put her on the street, because having an unwed mother for a daughter isn’t what society says is ok.

  10. The Far Right are sickening hypocrites always and their own worst enemies.

    Its a well known fact that unwanted children often end up in orphanages which cost the tax payers millions. The children who are often abused both by the orphanages and by the foster families grow up as damaged people. The young men turn to crime and murder and the young women end up getting pregnant and going on welfare which is a further drain on taxes.

    Unwanted children very seldom end up having a normal life. It is to the orphanages advantage that they do not let people adopt them because the longer the unwanted children are in the system the more secure the government employees jobs become.

    The Far Right Hypocrites of course never adopt these unwanted children either (they are to cheap and stingy) but scream from the roof tops about paying so much in taxes that are needed to run orphanages and pay foster parents who seldom get to keep the children very long before the kids are ripped from their household and given to yet a new set of foster parents. Its no wonder the children grow up with so many mental problems its not safe to let them out in society.

    The Hypocrites on the Far Right scream incessantly about their 2nd Amendment Rights but do everything to take away basic human rights of women who want to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Nor do the Far Right care about how many children are killed in the home from gun accidents or school shootings.

    The Far Right have always treated women as sex slaves and have been opposed to them having jobs or even having the right to drive an automobile. There is zero difference between the Far Right Fanatics riding around in pick up trucks waving AR15’s and the Far Right Islamists riding in pick up trucks waving AK 47’s, none what so ever. Even both of their bronze age mystic religions are almost carbon copies of each other.

    • There are so many abortions now, that there is a shortage of healthy babies to adopt. You can adopt a baby with cystic fibrosis, or maybe an older child who had had life experiences that you know nothing about(maybe damaged goods?). Abortion on demand and used for birth control is just wrong, every one is a tragedy.
      Personal responsibility is the key, here.

      • rt66paul,

        “Personal responsibility” is not something dacian the stupid is even aware of. He is still nursing his fantasy that someday the revolution will come, he’ll be important, and he’ll get all the free shit he wants, but is too f***ing lazy and stupid to work for.

        The reality is that, IF the revolution comes, his worthless, stupid @$$ will be the first one put against the wall and shot. Which is, overall, a net positive.

        • to the Demented Lamp that went out in his head.

          And this Moron claims to be a lawyer. What a joke.

          If you knew anything about taxes and welfare you idiot you would not have to be told that the greatest amount of “free stuff” is stolen by corrupt Republicans that give billions in corporate subsidies to the filthy rich who in turn feed some of it right back into the Republicans pockets.

          Its even more obscene when you realize the rich do not pay taxes but steal the taxes of the working people and steal so much that the people on welfare that are truly needy get shortchanged because of their theft.

          But this is way over your head. And again you claim to be a lawyer. You are a joke and the forum clown.

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD It is certainly clear that you know as little about law, taxes and welfare as you do about firearms.

        • dacian the stupid,

          O.M.F.G. Are you REALLY trying the “it’s those nasty Republicans who are stealing all the money?” BS? That so CUTE!!

          Tell me, dacian the stupid, if Senile Joe, the serial-child-molester, ever does succeed in getting his idiot “Build Back Bolshevik” abortion of a bill passed, how much of that is going to go to “evil Republicans”.

          You are not simply too stupid to insult, you’re too stupid to breathe. Go micturate up a cable, and go pound salt in your @$$.

    • No matter how many times I read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, I see no mention of a right to murder an unwanted baby. I do see the 2nd Amendment every time I read though. No twisting of principles necessary.

    • dacian The DUNDERHEAD Just where are these orphanages? We don’t have any around here in this part of Up-state NY. We do have a few abortion clinics where the unborn children are murdered by butchers.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, There is little doubt in any American’s mind that you are truly an enemy of the American way of life and what America stands for.

      If you promise to leave the US and never return, we will start a Go-Fund-Me page on your behalf. I am sure we can raise enough money to pay for your airfare and get rid of you once and for all.

        • We’d love to have the adults talk. Let us know when you’re leaving the forum, so we can. “Adults” most definitely does NOT include you, buttnugget.

  11. leaving aside all the breathless, emotion i believe there is an important legal
    distinction between this law and the one in texas. the texas law explicitly prohibits the government from enforcing the abortion ban–hence no government action and thus no constitutional issue. i’m curious if newsom is saying california will similarly repeal its government gun bans and, like texas, now rely solely on civil private party enforcement without government involvement.

  12. The idiots don’t realize that not 1 of their proposed or desired so called gun control laws will do anything to do what the liars in politics claim it would do. None of the laws ever have or ever will make anyone other than tyrants and criminals safer, or keep anyone from either getting a firearm illegally, or prevent or stop anyone who desires to do so commit a crime. The only thing any of these laws will do is reinforce dependence on government for police protection and put more people in danger of being victimized by criminals, or the government enforcement of unjust laws.
    The right to keep and bear arms for personal defense, as well as for possible service as part of a well-equipped and trained ( Well Regulated, per the definition of the time) Militia.
    The Roe decision was considered under a womans right to privacy and her rights to be secure in her person etc. Meaning a woman has the right to make decisions about what she does with her body without government interference. The problem is the rights of the developing human fetus are not considered.

  13. The Texas Abortion ban is reminiscent of Nazi breeding farms of WWII along with their book burning and bans. I am sure the Governor of Texas will soon copy the Charlottesville torch light parades complete racist slurs and with piles of burning books.

    If there is any difference between Adolf H and Governor Greg Abbott I fail to see it. Both were and are racist fanatics and they both have rigged elections by preventing people from voting.

    Both did everything possible to destroy unions and enslave workers.

    Both have tried to privatize public utilities and governmental agencies.

    His handling of the electrical grid was a disaster which killed many people in Texas and he blew it off with a wave of the hand and screamed “But look at how much money we saved (stole) from the people.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD Really? “Nazi breeding farms”? Just where are these “breeding farms” located? “Torch light parades in Charlottesville?” Is this another one of your fantasies?

      I see no difference between you Leftist Fascists and the Nazis. You believe in all power to the government to take from those that have (it’s another method of theft) and give to those too damn lazy to get off they arse and work for what they want.

      You still have to belong to a group like the Leftist-Socialists as you are incapable to making it on your own without government support. If I recall correctly, your goddess Margret Sanger was a racist that set up “Planned Parenthood” for eugenics. She was a known racist as are most Leftists such as yourself. You figure if you can keep the Black folks under your thumb with your welfare schemes that you can keep their votes and thus install your Leftist-Socialist economy on the rest of us.

      Here is a RED HOT NEW FLASH for you, DUNDERHEAD. The Electrical Grid is not run by the government, federal or state.{lease try to get your head out of your arse.

  14. The new Texas abortion law was NOT upheld by the Supreme Court. They merely held that there was not a justification for an injunction temporarily suspending the law until the case against it worked its up through the appeals court system. The law is still under challenge and will no doubt eventually reach the SCOTUS for a final decision.

    • hoosier grand daddy, Just for your edification when a higher court does not issue an injunction, it usually means that the court feels that the pending case where the injunction is sought will not prevail, ipso facto, no injunction is issued. Injunctions are only issued by the court when they fell the requesting side’s position will prevail.

      If you do not believe me, consult an attorney who specializes in appeals law.

  15. I think he’s a terrible governor and would disagree on most if not all policy issues. As far as the TX law he’s right though. It’s absurd. And if you support the second amendment then guess what you should enforce the rule of law and proper role of courts as well. And no – abortion is not a constitutional right and yes the 2A is – but simply sayingthat is not helpful here.


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