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He’d have to sneak ’em past Justin Castro to all those freedom loving hosers in the Great White North, eh?


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  1. I was thinking of this meme the other day, with the same caption.

    You may get your door knocked down and 4:00 am and your dog shot, however. The Feds are gonna corral you for “encouraging violence.”

    • This is why I have cats. They know to hide from the feds. I’m sure all the meowing means “I know my rights”, “do you have a warrant”, and “I do not consent to this search”. Also probably “the food bowl is empty again, feed me” and “I want attention, pet me”.

      • Weird. I also have cats because of the feds. I use mine for target practice.

        Hitting smallish moving targets is a bit of a challenge. So, zap a kitty with a home-made cattle prod and then try to shoot the cat. Once you’re good at this body armor is basically a moot point for the other guys.

        I call it “Tacticats Tachytelic Targeting Training”.

        Yes, /sarc, obvs.

      • Though dogs are great, and you can count me among those who want 5 acres and two oddly enough ours is absolutely worthless in the middle of the night and sleeps like he’s in a coma. It’s actually our cat that wakes me up when he hears a raccoon outside in our yard. As in, literally runs into the bedroom, jumps up onto my pillow to wake me up, softly growls until I respond, and then leads me to window and pushes his nose thru the blinds. Just like a pointer. And then I robe up and grab ‘ol Bessy chambered in .22 Short to dispatch the vermin.

        Best cat in the world.

        • That’s one of the differences between cats and dogs, right there. You’d train a dog, but that cat seems to have trained you. 🙂

          My cat just skips the softly growling on the pillow part and goes straight apeshit at the window, kind of like a dog warning off intruders. Makes an infernal racket.

          Mostly he wakes me up for cats whose asses he wants to kick, but he’s gotten upset about raccoons and skunks, too. Chased a full-grown fox out of our yard twice (during the day, though). He’s quite the little ball of fire. Strangely, he *loves* deer. When they’re wintering in our yard, he’ll follow them around and hang out next to them for hours.

        • Hmm. Looks like a portion of the first sentence in my comment mysteriously disappeared. Again.

          Weird gremlins in the TTAG/Wordpress machine.

    • Every rig circling the Kings palace in Ottawa should’ve had a gun owner, well armed, riding shotgun, given the impending gun ban in May. Every single one. That ‘mandate’ has to go as well. With prejudice.

    • Only they’re calling it the “People’s Convoy.”

      The name reeks of “hello there, fellow right wingers” false-flagging to me, but they’ve got a *lot* of people on board. Maybe it’s a troll, so that when BidenHarris follow Justin Castro’s lead they can say, “If you were REAL communists, you’d support The People! Come see the violence inherent in the system!”

  2. Seizing bank accounts, seizing dogs, Canadian DSS taking kids, arrests ect.

    Canada just turned from super polite to “Hey America, hold my beer.”

    • Greetings from Canada. Sorry and excuse me, but regarding that whole politeness thing: “Be polite. Be professional. But have a plan to kill everyone in the room”. Cheers.

  3. I went to Canada once. I was on a deployment to Ft. Drum, NY. After three weeks in the field the Army gave us a day off and bussed us to Watertown. Everyone else started partying. Me and two buddies met a local. He loaned fishing gear and we rented a couple of boats. Only time I caught smallmouth and walleye. (No disrespect to anyone, but we use fish that size for bait down here.) Anyway, we crossed the St. Lawrence Seaway. Ate, went to a tittie bar and back to the U.S. No one asked a question. We could have taken anything back and forth.

    • I once smuggled a woman into Canada. When I left, they made me bring my wife back with me. If I could just have taught her to end every sentence with ‘hey’ or ‘ehh’, I’d have got away with it.

    • Bit different now, even six years ago I was seeing backscatter xray scanners at the Niagara Falls area crossing and I would imagine it’s not the only one that has one.

  4. Maybe we could get Joe Brandon to ask the Sinaloa cartel if they could send some of the Fast and Furious guns up north.

    • I wish I found any of this “funny”. Castreau needs to get his comeuppance. This same BS is endemic in Australia,Britain & New Zealand. And ‘Murica. Lexington & Concord time…

      • If I were to put money on it I’d wager this ends with pajama boy losing his job. Imagine if even just 10% of Canadian truck drivers called in sick for a week at the same time. There would be a massive run on EVERYTHING. There’s already a run on Canadian banks (and who in their right mind would leave a significant amount of money in a Canadian bank right now? – if your cousin donated $40 to the truckers you might get your account seized). If he doesn’t back down and isn’t removed from office he will crash the Canadian economy. Hopefully he’s removed swiftly as I think there are a lot of other governments watching to see if he gets away with it.

        • Why call in sick? They’re already going to take the protestors licenses, pull their insurance and close their bank accounts.

          They they’ll arrest the protestors and try to figure out how to move the trucks.

          They’ll be unemployed and unemployable soonish.

          No reason for a strike when you’re all shitcanned by the same government that’s trying to force you to work under their rules.

        • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

          “They they’ll arrest the protestors and try to figure out how to move the trucks.

          They’ll be unemployed and unemployable soonish.”

          That seems an extremely dangerous path to take.

          It seems to me, if they do that here, their lives will be effectively ruined. Meaning, they will literally have nothing to live for.

          Someone in that situation could decide they want to water the ‘Tree of Liberty’.

          Sounds like a perfect recipe to start a for-real civil war. How many retired combat troops have been created over the last 20-odd years?

          Several hundred thousand seems like a reasonable number. Currently serving troops are 80 percent conservative, and vote that way. Do they seriously believe they will open fire on the citizens?

          The troops the Chinese used to crush the Tienanmen Square protesters were gathered from the distant providence. They won’t have that option here…

        • I’m not really seeing a run on Canadian banks…

          But it is interesting to see the Silicon Valley tech billionaires contributing to the so-called trucker strike…

          “One of the top donors to the ‘Freedom Convoy’ is a billionaire Silicon Valley executive
          Tom Siebel, chief executive officer of Inc., donated $90,000 to protestors demonstrating against Canada’s vaccine mandates and COVID rules.

          February 17, 2022 10:04 PM EST”

        • It seems to me, if they do that here, their lives will be effectively ruined. Meaning, they will literally have nothing to live for.

          Dude… seriously? These people in government tell you what they plan to do and at this point you don’t take it seriously even as they do it?

          The same people who’ve openly suggested that they’re going to kill the protestors pets as retribution?

          At this point you have crypto exchanging sending out blast emails warning ALL users that the company running the exchange “cannot protect you” if the government decides to go after your exchange-based wallet(s).

          That’s a de facto admission that the Trudeau government literally controls who has currency and how much currency they have AND is both able and willing to use that as a weapon, and in fact, already is doing so.

          Which, as an aside, might just have something to do with the five biggest Canadian banks all having *cough* problems *cough* allowing customers to do sweet-fuck-all the other day. The Gov’s, not wrong on this, that’s a pretty good sign that they were either dealing with or heading off a bank run. And why wouldn’t there be a run on Canadian banks at this point? Shit, I bet JayPow’s a bit nervous himself, wondering how many “minutes” he’s got before shit blows up in his face.

          So, yes, they wish to completely destroy the lives of anyone who defies them. They’ve been quite open about this. Considering what they actually DID yesterday, I’d say taking them at their word is, at best, the starting point.

          Sounds like a perfect recipe to start a for-real civil war.

          Umm… yeah. Kinda the point, no? Comply or we’ll find a reason to come after you… Heads we win, tails you lose. Standard tyranny since time immemorial.

          Don’t worry though, you’ll get to taste the sting of this kind of whip before this is over. You can be quite well assured of that. You won’t question the build of the whip after you feel it, that’s for damned sure. Just you wait until the markets and the morons over on SquawkBox realize what’s actually going on both here and there.

          That’s gonna be a fun day.

    • Gov, that’s a great idea! Really, we might as well get them back while we can. Let’s just treat them as a legitimate import same as any other. After all, if the pencil necks, and those of minor abilities get their way, firearms will be another form of contraband flowing north anyway. The imbeciles just can’t understand that no matter what they do demand for firearms will not go away. So. Will all you left wing apologists please go away?

  5. While I get the humor the cold reality is that Canada’s problem is essentially a proxy of the ideology-war that’s going on in the US.

    The symptom, not the cause, as it were.

    We, essentially, gave them the fucked up philosophical end point and they’re arguing on policy prescription that’s the best way to get there. Their political culture doesn’t really promote the idea of going back to see if the philosophy was fucked from the jump.

    You see the same basic thing play out in Oz, NZ and most of the rest of Europe. I’m not entirely sure I buy the argument that the policy-nuance obsession is a facet of Parliamentary politics but I can see where that argument comes from.

    • It took them all of 5 seconds to go full on authoritarian. We should pay attention to the politicians here that take sides in the northern showdown.

      • This is my take on it too, but some of the dems appear to notice that the worm is turning and they’re on the wrong side of it. Some of them are going to squirm out of the way.

      • This is how I would tend to look at this:

        Democrats love to talk about being more like Europe and I suspect the reason for that is that, regardless of reason, European countries tend to be much more policy-nuance based than they are philosophy based.

        Essentially what I mean by that statement is that the US government, to a large degree, has this quite broad intrinsic question within every debate that occurs. The question is about the relationship between the citizenry and the government. It’s basically a philosophical question about the nature, size and scope of government.

        European-style governments tend to be much more policy based. A PM (or someone, it can vary on the specific country) sets an agenda and then the entire question of government is how to execute that agenda . Which is to say they debate policy at a practical level with an eye towards getting to the goal and they don’t spend much time asking if the goal is “good” or “useful” or “within the proper scope of government”. They look for the most efficient way to get to the policy’s stated endpoint without much thought as to if it’s a good policy. One can call this a “technocracy” if one chooses to do so.

        We in the US OTOH tend to go about this the opposite way. We damn the nuance of policy execution in favor of asking/debating larger philosophical questions about the overarching nature of the policy and how it fits into a supposedly proper relationship between government and people.

        Democrats, in general, prefer the Euro-style. They don’t much care about the policy in-and-of-itself but rather about the path to the endpoint, come Hell or high water.

        IMHO, both systems as they currently are, get this wrong. The answer is to debate the philosophy and come up with good policy which is then properly executed. It’s not to blindly do a good job of executing bad policy, as is common in Europe or Canada, nor is the answer to do a shit job of implementing arguably good policy as we do in the US.

        IRL, in the US we elect morons and most of us are uneducated, shallow thinkers. The result is shit philosophy that generates terribly policy which is then, generally, poorly executed at an insane cost.

        So it’s not terribly surprising to me that such a government would, as you say, take “all of 5 seconds to go full on authoritarian”. That just makes sense from a technocratic point of view. One does not question the policy, one drives solely towards the implementation of the policy to the stated endpoint without concern about the nature of that policy.

        Some cultures seem to prefer this methodology. And, honestly, it generally works. The weakness is what you see today. Blind execution with no discussion.

        Which taken to it’s extreme is how you get the Holocaust, with technocrats worried about train schedules and the logistics of supply fuel for incinerators rather than if mass murder is a *good* policy.

        Our system in the US is different and has a far greater tendency towards civil war than organized mass oppression.

        • Good analysis. However, what you see today up here isn’t the norm, of course. This is an arrogant, spoiled child trying to get his way, who knows the other kids all hate him. We have our system, for better or worse, as you have yours and we both have similar thieves and grifters in charge trying their best to twist these systems so they may profit from it. We are very much the same people, with the same needs and desires and, amongst the more upstanding of us, the same principles and morals. The only real difference is a (relatively) short span of differing political systems. For what it’s worth I think Canada desperately needs to adopt/craft a true Constitution such as yours, and soon. I, along with countless others, believe it to be the finest document yet penned by man. And we would be correct.

        • This is an arrogant, spoiled child trying to get his way, who knows the other kids all hate him.

          So is Joe Biden but he runs into a lot more trouble trying to execute policy than does Trudeau. The reasons for that are related to government structure which is a reflection of overarching *average* cultural.

          The US and Canadian governments have, really, quite different systems and that’s due to a different base philosophy that crafted those systems. That base philosophy, along with several hundred years of different government structure has created two distinct cultures on the average.

          Which is to say that while your *average American* and *average Canadian* would agree on most things it’s the minority of things upon which they disagree quite vociferously that mark the dividing line between the two, mostly, similar cultures.

          It’s not a judgement thing in either direction, it’s just the way things are from the 30,000ft/~9140m point of view.

        • *culture (and probably other typos).

          One day I’ll learn to stop typing out long shit on my phone where it’s basically impossible to proof-read.

        • strych9; replying to your reply; yup, I would agree with all of that with adding that the idiot manchild (in this case) normally would have a much harder time ‘implementing policy’ if our official opposition party still had any testicular fortitude and actually opposed instead of just calling each other names across the floor of parliament. We have our procedures, checks and balances as well but somebody has to implement them. And tyrants gonna tyrant.

        • “…if our official opposition party still had any testicular fortitude and actually opposed instead of just calling each other names across the floor of parliament.”

          Wait, do you mean to tell me that there’s some point to parliament other than yelling insults across the floor?

          Here I thought that this was the main point, punctuated by the occasionally face-meltingly boring technical speech which served the function of making sure everyone could take a nap to get ready for the next round of verbal abuse slinging.

          Damn. I guess it’s true that you learn something every day.

          Seriously though, I hope things get better up north. In the short term I rather doubt it. I’m disturbed but unsurprised that our own State Department hasn’t chided your PM but then, Biden and Mayorkas were advising your government on how to turn the screws so… sorry about that.

        • Ha! Yeah, one would certainly get that impression watching these assclowns ‘deliberate’. We will see what develops, as they say. Finally ordered some plates, put it off too long. I mean, the Kings men are, literally, trampling us with horses now, right? Globally, I might add. Maybe TTAG could post some revealing “this is what happens…” pics or vids showing the diff between the armed protest in Virginia and the more recent unarmed ones in all the Queens colonies and the rest of oh-so civilized Europe. Pretty revealing. Cheers.

        • I ordered a set of United Armor level 4 steel 10×12 shooters cut @ $342ca ea. All the newfangled hotness plates in level 4 seem to utilize ceramic, aren’t multi shot rated (for whatever that might be worth), seem just as heavy, are susceptible to damage and are twice the price. Selection is, of course, somewhat limited up here in the colonies. And no doubt the idiot manchild and his fellow travellers will Ban™ armor next. At least for the peasant proletariat.

        • Forgot to add: and thanks for the good wishes. I’m sure it’ll get worse before things get better too. Powders dry.

        • Well, you’ll be in damned good shape hoofing Level IV steel plates around lol.

          There are Lvl IV plates that are lighter and multihit-rated up to .30-06 though. A mix of Aluminum oxide ceramic and UHMWPE.

          Prime Armor sells them around $300USD/plate and often runs 15-20% off sales.

          Best of luck to you up there. Seems like things got even wilder yesterday. Now they’re saying that even the people who left will be gone after? Wow, authorities are dumb, I mean, if you’re screwed financially and legally anyway… why comply?

        • Well I figure I prob won’t have to hoof the steel plates around for very long, one way or the other. Too crippled up and slow to run for cover so I’m just gonna have to stand there and hurl lead and nasty elderberry epithets at them, and the longer I can do that the better. I guess. Yeah, aware of other products, thanks, but good luck finding them up here, especially now. The head cop in Ottawa resigned and, big surprise, was immediately replaced by a full on, tactically bald, card carrying Gestapo vowing to put everyone involved into the cattle cars with free showers. Us “fringe minority” are getting pretty pissed off. May we live in interesting times 😉. Best of luck, Strych9.

        • The “elderberry epithets” line got a pretty good laugh out of me.

          On a serious note though, I’d recommend considering a change of tactics from “bullet sponge” to something more survivable. You guys have deer rifles, eh? I grew up right across that Gitche Gumee puddle from you guys and was of the impression that your gun culture was quite similar to the one I grew up in, at least partially based around putting fairly large, heavy rounds on target at long range for hunting purposes.

          Shoot and scoot’s hard to deal with and people who are good shots with decent rifles and heavier bullets can raise a ruckus, especially if they know the area and the opposition doesn’t. Just sayin’.

          I’d certainly hope it doesn’t come to that but, quite frankly, at this point I don’t think you’re going to get much of a choice in the matter. It seems to me that the choice has already been made for you. Resistance to it carries high risk but the outcome of compliance is certain. All of which suggests to me that the days of refugees and cross-border raids will shortly be upon us once again.

          A damned shame if you ask me but, to be all rock-n-roll about it, at least “we didn’t start the fire”.

        • Ha! Yeah, those guys were off the wall funny. Deer rifles, eh? My friend (if I may), I have more guns than God. Maybe. It’s to the point of bankruptcy. My two main ‘tools of resistance’ are a Robinson Arms XCR in 5.56 and a chinesium M1-A, both great shooters, better than me anyways but I can hold my own. Shoot n scoot is The Way but a lifetime of owning/operating machinery has turned it into shoot n shuffle for me so the big plan is that I draw their fire while everyone else runs away. Not sure how I feel about that but my buddies seem ok with it. Unanimously, in fact. It’s weird, I’ve never seen them agree like that before. Speaking of buddies, two of us are currently schooling ourselves on teamwork running a 338 Lapua at distance. We communicate pretty well so the spotting/firing thing is working out nicely but far from tier one. As you say, hope we never really need it but it’s certainly there if we do. An engine compartment at least is pretty easy meat at long range. As for compliance; yeah, nah. It just ain’t in me. I’ll never live under someone’s thumb (but in truth we already do) and I despise these pr!cks more than words could possibly convey. I’ve lived a decent life and I’d be right damn proud of myself if my death had at least some meaning or worth to it. Blaze of glory, pile of hot brass, etc. These assclowns truly need to be put in the ground, or at least some of them, or they will never stop or even slow down and if all I can manage is one or two of their Nuremberg know nothing enforcers then that’ll have to do. And I will consider all that money well spent. Every dime. Much rather lay on my ass reading TTAG and sampling fine Single Malts, but what can a guy do? I should mention that my buddies call me “the American”. And I’m pretty ok with that.

  6. The Canadian cops killed an elderly woman today.

    If you fellers ain’t prepped, I’d get on it before the trucks stop. Canadian truckers will be shut down before this time next week, watch. Ours could shut down in solidarity, or at minimum, refuse to cross the border. Big trouble coming.
    Keep your powder dry.

  7. Looking at that picture in the heading I see
    Her: Oh gawd chili again.
    Him: Oh gawd that last fart felt a little juicy, hope I didn’t,,,,, yep I did.

    • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

      “Oh gawd that last fart felt a little juicy, hope I didn’t,,,,, yep I did.”

      An old favorite of my dad’s when he served in Vietnam was : “Happiness is a dry fart”… 🙂

    • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

      Ask yourself, how many demolition experts were created in the last 20-odd years by our military?

      Get them mad enough, and they have the knowledge to create all kinds of ‘mischief’ if so motivated… 🙂

      • Ask yourself, how many demolition experts were created in the last 20-odd years by our military?

        Now ask yourself how many breachers got their brain partially scrambled by standing next to breaching charges and taking the concussion thrown by such an explosion… repeatedly for years.

        • Ah sht strych9 , I can set a timer de lay that only goes off when you get a 1/4 inch of rain or more.
          And that’s old school,
          them moose lim terriers ist gots the cell phone thing figured out. They can blast it from 1000 miles away. And if they can do it why couldn’t somebody else?
          The hard part would be setting the charges.

        • Beans in a jar works too but it’s not really great if you wanna blow a hole in a building and get inside quickly.

          It’s that whole “rapid entry” bit that requires standing close which is gets people a bit shook up.

          Which, in my personal experience often leads to mild to moderate issues with anger management down the road. The point being that going out of your way to piss of people with TBIs that may cause anger issues when those people happen to be handy at blowing shit up might not fall in the “best ideas ever” category.

        • Strych I was wondering if you were going that way with it and yeah pretty much exactly. The fun part is when you realize how many former door kickers end up working in critical infrastructure doing thankless and largely unsupervised jobs on and around important shit. My nightmare is they are made to do what is needed as what will come next will rival (probably exceed) Soviet levels of general misery and death. My greater fear is that is the intended outcome.

  8. As one of those Freedom loving hosers, don’t sweat it; guns we got. Certainly more should have them but the ones that would actually use them if the need arises are, for sure, well tooled up. Now as long as everyone cowboys the hell up and tells the idiot manchild to go piss up a rope instead of going “awww… do we really have to turn them in?” we will be fine. But please feel free to run some guns anyways and even storm the gates if things go south. Everyone can use a little help now and then, especially good neighbors and brothers/sisters, as we have both always been. Cheers and Respect from the True North, Strong and Free… ish.

    • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

      A perfect response would be all the licensed Canadian truckers declaring solidarity with the arrested drivers by refusing to drive… 🙂

      • And Geoff here will do whatever it takes to support these patriots, provided ‘whatever it takes’ is limited to banging away impotently on his jizz crusted keyboard in his trailer in the city where hope goes to die ie Perry, FL.

        • Hey, drooling window licking troll of many names, we all know yer mom is never gonna let you grow up and leave her basement and will soon want her laptop back, so seeing as how that’s obviously all you have in life why don’t you just do the world a favor and end it all now? I mean really, what’s the point of even carrying on anymore, given what you are and what you never will be?

        • Lol. Imagine living a that’s life so sad and bereft of meaning that you encourage others to commit suicide. I hope you don’t have to wait too long to get the help you need, ‘Rider/Shooter’.

        • Seriously, end it. No way that someone that spends time trolling like you do is a producer. You are a parasite.

        • But I didn’t encourage others to remove themselves permanently from the biosphere, window licker. Just you. Do it. Do it now. Maybe we will name a holiday after you, or a noxious odor, or something.

      • It would, along with every right minded gun owner in the country pitching in in some way. The idiot manchild has of course declared us an endangered species as well. May we live in interesting times… 😉.

      • I’m kinda a underhanded bastard though, If I was the POTUS I’d drop the Ukrainian’s and help the Canadiens over throw their government, then I’d obligatorially faux annex Canada, then I’d neutron bloomb south America because the Russians put missiles in Cuba and tell China and India to get fcked.
        But I ain’t the Pestident

      • Personally need, possum? Just plates, thanks, and they are now, finally, on the way. I mean, the Kings men are, literally, now trampling us with horses, right? Globally. What our country needs though is prob summed up in your following comment. Plus more gunms! And maybe more ammooo!

  9. The tyrant in charge of Canada has just done a Lee Paige and will find himself hobbling off stage Left in a couple of months. He clearly has no idea what kind of damage he has just done to his economy. Lots of guys are gonna park their rigs and those that don’t won’t be able to pick up the slack, and will charge more for every load; think you have seen empty store shelves? That’s nothing compared to Canada six weeks from now.

    • Hey, smug little guy of no faith; inner Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and the CBC ain’t all of Canada. Trust me. Oh, and let me know when you, personally, have charged the gates and removed your current assclowns in charge from their seat of power. I’ll wait.



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