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Over at TTAG’s Facebook page, Ray Martinie offers his analysis of Elliot Rodger’s Santa Barbara spree killing:

And this folks, is exactly why people should teach discipline to their children and put this “everyone’s a winner” bullsh*t behind us. Narcissistic sh*tbags that get handled with kid gloves all their life get a taste of the real world, which is NEVER fair, and they don’t have the coping skills to deal with it. Let the kids stumble and fall a bit when they are young, so they can deal with real life once the stakes are raised in adulthood. Winning and losing are NOT the same thing, they are not equal. You didn’t “win” a trophy by losing . . .

What you win by losing is the ability to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try fucking again. And we got a whole generation of kids out there going into adulthood that never learned these lessons. It should come as no surprise to anyone that some of them just fucking snap and retreat into their little fantasy world where “everyone is against them! Oh woe is me!” This will undoubtedly be addressed as “Gun Violence Issue”, when it’s not. It’s a Mental Health issue, just like every other mass shooting of note in the last decade. Raising a generation of whiney, entitled pussies doesn’t help matters any.

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        • Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Dept. sent out one of it’s EEOC/AA hires, a female Public Relations officer (she’s too small to be on patrol) at the press conference to spread the news, she confirmed three (3) were stabbed in the killer, Elliot Rodgers, a Registered Democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter’s apartment. In his manifesto Rodgers admitted he planned on luring potential victims to his apartment so he could stab and kill them.

        • Thanks for this. Oh, and of course he’s a registered DemoKKKrat. That also fits the a-typical profile of a spree killer.

      • I blame the National Knife Association. These instruments of the kitchen don’t belong on our city streets. It’s time we ban these culinary style weapons.

        • We can’t forget cars, we have to ban those evil, black, “assault” BMW’s too especially the large capacity 4-door version or would doing that be considered “racist”? Remember “it’s for the children”.

      • So what? In Japan hardly anybody gets stabbed to death. The absence of guns and the reduced homicide rates aren’t a pure coincidence.

    • “try fucking again” that line did make me laugh given Elliot’s anger of being a virgin.

      Why didn’t he just hire a prositi.., ‘escort’, to get him a hump to get over the hump? He drove a BMW. I’m certain he could afford the courtesy charge.

  1. Is it any wonder why women were not interested in a self absorbed silver spoon douche? When you think you’re better than everyone around you, it should come as no surprise that those people do not want you around. Ray is spot on with his assessment.

    • Women are totally interested in a self absorbed, silver spoon douche. What world do you live in?

      This dude’s problem was that he was creepy. Even the best looking guy can drive girls off by being a creeper.

      • Carl Rowan was staunchly against guns too. Didn’t keep him from having one and letting fly at some drunk or some such who tried to take a dip in Carl’s swimming pool.

        • I remember that. He was one of the L337 in Congress’ Lil’ Plantation on the Potomac, so he got a pass on the shooting. Some things don’t change; they just move.

  2. My uncle always said to be wary of men in bow ties or that have two first names. And RF, this prick’s last name is Rodger, not Rodgers.

    • I also wear bow ties, it’s a dying art.

      Every many should know how to tie a bow tie, or he’ll end up as one of those guys that has to use a clip on/pre-tied bow tie with their tux. You can always tell who uses them because they are too…perfect.

      Besides, bow ties allow for bolder patterns than four-in-hand ties.

      Bow ties are cool, and anyone who says otherwise just doesn’t know how to tie one for himself.

      • Why in God’s name would I ever need a tux? I’m 49 and I only own 1 button up shirt. Never worn a suit even once, much less owned one. Only time I’ve ever worn a tie was in the service, and I probably tied it once and then slipped it on and off.

        • Drew,
          You need to get out more. Knowing how to not only tie a tie, but tie a bow tie is right there with knowing how to build a fire, rebuild an engine, suture a wound, dance(properly), castrate a farm animal, plant a garden,
          Grill a perfect steak…

        • Hah! You’d have better luck getting getting pigs to fly then making me a competent dancer. Unless rhythm and meter transplants are available these days..

        • Getting pigs to fly can be done. What’s that thing called, a trebuchet or something? That also tenderizes them for roasting.

      • a good look to be sure. and harder to grab and drag than a leash like windsor.
        still, i love the way clip- ons pop off when yanked.

    • My son wears bow ties. He doesn’t own a car much less a BMW, but he does have a girlfriend. I think that has something to do with not being a self absorbed creepy asshole.

  3. I’ve tried to remain quiet about this incident. I think the level of public attention brought to this tragedy is disgusting considering 7+ people are shot almost daily in Chicago, to the enduring silence of the mainstream media.

    That being said, the commentary above is far too simplistic. Not everyone in the rural country is a hardworking citizen, and not everyone in high speed low drag trendy Southern California is a stuck up coddled twit.

    What we have here is a man who lost it, period. There’s no ‘reason’ . We can’t point the finger at Factor X and say “HA! Case Closed.”

    This dude mentally snapped, and decided to go out shooting-literally. There is no law ,no creed, no silver bullet which can ban craziness. We should cease pretending there is one.

    • Thank you.

      Many of the comments on these threads get fucking stupid, incredibly quickly.

      Some people are broken, despite good parents. I have a good friend whose brother is a violent alcoholic who can’t function; my friend has a Masters and a good job. Same parents, same parenting. Vastly different results. It’s particularly egregious in the case of this shooter because his parents were attempting to have therapist and LEOs work with him; they knew something was fucked up and were trying to get help and contact authorities.

      • Rational thought in for a fact quite common here, you mean. It’s very rare — banned actually — on anti-gun blogs, “news” sites, and Facebook pages.

        • I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree on that. Don’t get me wrong, gun rights are definitely the correct “side”, IMO, but there are very similar amounts of motivated reasoning on both sides of the debate.

    • I have to disagree with you on one point:

      This spoiled, disaffected young man did not “snap.” After wading through this 100K+ word “manifesto,” it became (again) painfully clear to me that this subject did not snap. He, like the killers at Columbine and Newtown, did a year+ slow burn to the point where he acted.

      The “he just snapped” analysis is looking at only the last day of his miserable (self professed) life and his years-long laundry list of first world problems.

      After reading this youth’s “manifesto” (really a long list of trivial complaints and solipsism), the best solution I can now proffer to parents of youths like this is to buy them a one-way ticket to, oh, Africa. Pick just about any nation on the continent of Africa and force these twerps to stay there for, oh, five years.

      That oughta rid them of their whining about their computers, game consoles, blonde girls with perky boobs that ignore them, etc.

      • I like your idea.. These types have too much time on their hands to fret about stupid feelings…. if they were working for their food and living a life of interaction with a 2nd or 3rd world environment maybe they’d gain a better perspective on their issues… or maybe an elephant would step on them to stop their bitching and crying about getting laid.

  4. This goes beyond depression, knowing how to picking yourself up and try again, though. This kid was a diagnosed Asperger’s. His brain doesn’t work like ours.

    My big question is, how did he get access to the gun?

        • Does Asperger’s require Shield, or might a Sig or 1911 suffice? And my (limited) understanding of Asperger’s does not include any tendency toward mass murder, he may have been misdiagnosed.

  5. That could indeed be the case, but we must also remember that we have had both murderers and mass murderers for a very long time. The weapons change, but there have been many before with a will to take lives. There will be many killers in the future, regardless of the laws we pass. Situational awareness, the willingness to de-escalate conflict, and the presence of a reliable firearm are the best tools available for self defense.

  6. More early on discipline issues.He needed his ass spanked a few times ,I doubt it ever was ,Stupid liberal California’we have a better way’ attitude, that’s why they have 2 million gangbangers in the state.
    Now the liberal media and the antis will start their BS again ,while completely ignoring the drug issue this p.o.s had!

    • …I disagree with the ass-spanking (violence) suggestion….I was raised by terribly violent parents…it is an unhealthy and unwholesome environment in which to be raised and taught how to properly interact with others….hitting or beating…(spanking) only makes the child afraid in the moment and does very little to teach them how to handle themselves as adults…

      RJ O’Guillory
      Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

      • There is a HUGE difference between violence (spanking) in the form of structured punishment of which you have been told will occur if you choose to engage in whatever action you have been warned against, and a parent being violent out of anger.

        Personally, my 25 year old ass is thankful for the whoopin’ it received through my childhood. It surely made me a better person, but if my parents would have done it in anger or for random reasons, I doubt I’d feel the same way about it as I do now.

        • I understand your POV…it is prevalent in Western Society…and is rooted in the old “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” mentality…and that we have to “toughen up” our kids to be “prepared for life”. Unfortunately, there is more than a kernel of truth in these adages…and therefore people who use abusive techniques on their own children…(or was done to themselves)…tend to stand behind them as “productive”….? Well…look around you…look at all the drug addicts…the alcoholics…the work-alcoholics…the people in line at Wal-Mart who scream at their kids and act no more than children themselves? Does America…or Western Society really look healthy to you? And think of it this way…think about it like you are a computer programmer…think abut all the damage that is done to our young kids emotional well being…all the problems they have adjusting…staying cool…self-confident…yet how do we go about “reprogramming” our kids? We use ridicule….anger and demeaning comments as well as physical punishments to “motivate” them to “do the right thing”? Huh? You all think that is working out well here in The USA? How many kids do you know who have any cue how to make good decisions, weigh information…use ethics and morality in their thought processes? We need to stop beating the potential out of our kids and begin to raise them in a way to take advantage of their strengths …teach them to build on their weaknesses to the degree possible…and grow to be productive adults…

          RJ O’Guillory
          Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

        • Ha!….Some in my circle may disagree with you on that…but thanks for the thought! I was raised by corrupt law enforcement parents and family members…I worked for 24 years for US DoD all over the world as a “Federally Protected Whistle Blower” (little good that did)…as I hate systemic corruption…and I was taught business by McDonald’s while still in my teens…and was able to turn that into an executive position with DoD…but as you will read in my memoir (and hopefully see on film someday)…my parents …and their generation were really abusive, frustrated alcoholics who took out their life failures on their kids. McDonald’s Hamburger University taught me all about ego-states, human motivation and communication…and how to re-shape your perspective…so I’m still working on undoing the damage of my childhood…but I do so by trying to understand…and take responsibility for my current actions…. something this young man was never taught how to do..


          RJ O’Guillory
          Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

  7. I’m a professional educator and psychology instructor and you better listen when I say… nailed it. Entitlement and narcissism is rampant in our culture, and other than merely degrading us as a whole it can turn into a perfect shitstorm that endangeres both the poorly-raised youth and those around them. Every “active shooter” is only stopped when they meet credible (armed) resistance and either get popped or pop themselves with rare exception.

    • Don’t worry. The house of cards this nation is sitting on will fall any time now–and when it does these self-absorbed, lazy twits will be among the first out.

  8. Just watching the press conference right now. The kid had two Sig 226 and one Glock 34 long slide handguns WITH 34 loaded 10-round magazines for the Sigs and 10 7-round magazines for the Glock. Sounds backwards to me as to the magazines but that’s what the Sheriff’s reporting. The loaded count after the fact was 400 rounds of remaining ammunition.

    The police did STOP this from being a lot worse.

    • Sheriff’s also saying that the head shot seems to be self inflicted. They did shoot him in the left hip.

    • So now the NCR “New California Republic” is going to push for a mag ban of anything more than 5 rounds… Or just ban semi autos all together…. Meanwhile NY, NJ, MA, and CT will now all push to ban… I don’t know.. they’ve banned everything pretty much already….

      • And in Maryland (the Worker’s Paradise), O’Malley the Wannabe President will play “I’ll top that!” by banning gun owners. We will all be banished to Virginia’s Eastern Shore to languish forever.

        • Hey, maybe then they’ll just go on a ban everything spree until they ban all the states in the US except the NCR and the New England states and then the rest of America can get back to being America.

        • Come on down. We have better sweet tea. And we ignore the anti’s. They never accomplish anything, but they do get loud.

  9. It seems like this little puke may also have killed three housemates before he set out to murder blonde girls. What a POS he was. I’m happy he’s dead, and sad for his victims and their families.

  10. Wow a rich, self absorbed little shit who thought the world revolved around him. Parents were clearly a class act. Hmmm, and shannon has a few kids in or headed to college. Just saying

    • True and we shall see. The parents sicked the cops on the kid but did not know that he owned three handguns? Great parents.

    • More importantly, how did the ATF trace the handguns to the Federal Firearm Licensees who sold them to the spree killer so quickly? How could they have possibly went to every gun store in Southern California and reviewed every gun sale in every gun store’s bound book in 18 hours?

      • From what I understand, California has their own separate system of registration independent of the federal government. That is probably why.

        • That is correct. Cal DOJ database of pistol purchases for some time now. Long arms added last year. So, any pistol purchased in the past few years in California is quickly traceable as soon as Police get the serial number.

  11. Not sure if anyone has seen the latest update, he stabbed and killed 3 people at his apartment first before going out to shoot others.

  12. So? Last weekend, 19 people were shot, and two people were killed, in shootings across Chicago beginning Friday night and continuing through the following Sunday morning. And why is CNN going wall to wall on this and not on Chicago?

      • ….or until a “White-Hispanic” defending his family from a carjacker shoots a violent Son of Obama then all we’ll see for months are pics of the “victim” from Kindergarten

    • That’s the sad fact right now; what is happening in Chicago is not newsworthy because the deaths mostly involve minorities and Chicago is run by corrupt and inept people.

    • I think as far as the Left controlled media is concerned the weekly number of Black Americans killed in Chicago is just “old news” (to the Media’s extreme shame and disgrace), and they don’t want to help the public connect Chicago’s ridiculous gun laws with this dismal, tragic failure week-after-week.

  13. “Wow a rich, self absorbed little shit who thought the world revolved around him.” There have been plenty of those and no one got shot — I DO NOT think this is a “Mental Health” issue — unless someone can prove that he was unmedicated. People of the gun need to dig deeper.

    • You think a SANE person could do what this person flambe’ did? I think your definition of sane and mine are not the same.

      Let’s see if I get away with that.

  14. Entitled, undisciplined, not held accountable, no responsibilities, spoiled, “holier than thou”, ungrateful, etc. — all those traits describe my underage nephew.

  15. seeing that little pukes face makes me ill. Can we put a pile of waste in that slot instead? I would bury him and is name so deep that my gps would say he’s in Beijing.

  16. Crapola, my eight year olds were cleaning fish and yes with a fvcking knife, and they also got there butt swatted when they swore or showed any disrespect. And yes I was a contact father, it work for us, as a family! I also told there teachers to demand respect from them and if for some reason they didn’t, well I told them to not spare the rod, but do remember to respect them too. Today all my children and grand children are conservatives and they also know the US Consitution and the Bill of rights! Be safe out there, and watch your rear.

  17. There is a dangerous trend in modern parenting that involves preventing kids from failing and always praising their actions as well as reinforcing a “I am all that matters attitude” There are many ways to prevent this, ass whippings are not one of them. Often physical discipline will make worse underlying mental issues.

  18. If you’ve seen the video he posted the day before, he clearly admits to intense sexual frustration, being a virgin, never been kissed, etc. Sexual frustration issues seem to be at the root of his problems here. I remember reading about one school shooter awhile back who had similar issues. The media prefers not to report on this side of the issue, but when you look at the guy versus what kind of girls he was into, things get a lot more obvious.

    • Sexual frustration is not at the root here, it’s merely another side effect of his inane narcissistic personality. He only had his creepy self to blame for women not liking him enough – what sane girl would?

  19. he listened to whitney houston, blew kisses/winks at himself, and wonders why he could not get laid??

  20. Someone asked how they know where he bought the guns in 18 hours? Easy. Serial number. Call the manufacturer who tells them which distributor got them. Distributor knows which dealer, dealer knows where they went. We get calls a few times a year from the Atf wanting to know who we sold to. All we have to do is look in our books and match it to the 4473 which is all filed by month and year. If the original buyer has since sold the gun it may take a long time if ever to know who has it. Good reason to always get a bill of sale if you ever sell a gun you bought from a dealer.

    • All my guns were stolen, except for a few I sold to some guy at a gun show, for cash. IOW that info is useless. And in order to have the weapon (in order to get the #), without having the shooter, he must have left it behind, probably was not his. In this case, bunghole was dead, who cares where he got the guns?

  21. Ironic.

    He was suffering from loneliness all his life. It was this loneliness that transformed a normal young man into a “monster”. After he was transformed into a “monster” has anyone taken a notice of him..

    Being forgotten is a fate worse than death. He was already planning to commit suicide due to severe depression, but he realized after his death no one will remember him, having lived an fulfilling life, no one would have even missed or thought off him after he died, so he made him self memorable.

    I’m just surprised this doesn’t happen more often. I am quite sure there are lots of repressed boys out there, that are on the verge of braking. Once they brake …of course society will point fingers at these boys and label them mentally ill , insane… while it was society in the first place that turned normal boys into monsters.

    • Oh, god. The only reason why the guy didn’t have any friends (much less girlfriends) to speak of is because he was a narcissistic prick. That much is obvious from his videos and forum posts.

      Now why he was such a prick is another question, but that’s the one for his parents to answer – they are the ones who raised him, or at least were supposed to.

  22. Not necessarily the language I would have used. But… yes.

    Not EVERY person can be “fixed” with good parenting (discipline and teaching responsibility), and by the same token, not everyone can be “broken” with good parenting. Every single person has their own choice to make, whether or not to do awful terrible things. But let’s quit stacking the deck by teaching terrible principles and then acting surprised when the temper tantrums turn into a big deal…

  23. Elliot Rodgers: Over-entitled, arrogant, self-absorbed douchbag.

    He had everything given to him by mummy and daddy. He probably never actually put any effort into life and expected everything to be handed to him on a silver platter.

    But there are some things that cannot be given and you have to get them for yourself.

    In my teens I was a social outcast. Bullied, isolated, and alone. I took the approach if society rejects me, I will reject society and do things my way (but legally). I look back and realize there are a few things I would do differently but not many.

    I look at the positives. I have a supportive family. A large number of very good friends I trust to point I would put my life in their hands because they would do the same for me. A wonderful son I love spending time with. A very faithful dog who gives me totally undeserved loyalty (she has good food, attention, and daily walks). My wife? She decided to separate late last year and her family has cut all contact once my usefulness had passed. However the door is always open for her and her family.

    Currently things are not too good with being out of work for 2 months but I am not giving up. I don’t blame anyone else. My life is my mess and I will sort things out.

  24. All that money and living in CA? He could’ve just hired himself some nookie every night! No shortage of hot escorts in California!

  25. This kid is obviously a true psychopath, which pretty much explains why everyone stayed the hell away from him.

  26. I say this allll the time! Stop making kids believe that they always win, because they grow up with these very issues!


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