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Jason Adams (courtesy

Look closely at the headline: it says “Idiot” gun owner of the day, not “Irresponsible.” I’ve created the new category – however temporarily – because there’s a difference between being an idiot and being irresponsible. It’s hard to describe, but you’ll know it when you read it. “Police said a man caught last month using a law-enforcement shooting range at 1 a.m. was rearrested Monday when officers seized more guns and narcotics at his northwest Fresno home,” reports. Get my drift? If not, the Bee and TTAG reader FTA lay it out for us along with a couple of TTAG exclusive photos of the gun haul . . .

Sgt. Jerardo Chamalbide said Jason Adams, 23, was first arrested on gun and drug charges April 24 after officers got a call about an unauthorized person shooting at the Fresno County Peace Officers Range near Herndon Avenue and Highway 99.

Jason Adams' (ex) firearm collection

Police said Adams, who was shooting an AK-47 at the range, also had a shotgun and possessed hashish and methamphetamine.

Jason Adams' (ex) gun collection

In a follow-up investigation, officers from the Street Violence Tactical Team served a warrant Monday at a home in the 1500 block of West Sierra Avenue, where Adams lived, Chamalbide said. Seized were a 7.62 mm rifle, a sawed-off shotgun, a .38 caliber revolver, a 9 mm handgun, ecstasy and methamphetamine.

Take it away FTA:

And that’s why you don’t go to the PoPo range in the middle of the night to shoot an AK while possessing meth and hash, in California no less.  To be fair, the article calls his AK a rifle which is not correct.  Looks like a pistol with a bullet button to me which is legal in California, until a magazine over 10 rounds is inserted (stupid ass laws in our state).  Even worse, after being booked and released, this guy got raided a few weeks later where police found a sawed off shotgun and more meth.  You would think that he would have done some serious housekeeping after the initial arrest.

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  1. So……..that’s the gun haul?
    I gotta say, there are things you really shouldn’t do, and what that bozo did ranks right up at the top.

  2. I used to tell people, we only caught the dumb ones.
    This is a dumb one.
    Creating a new category for his type is apropos.

    • It sure looks like a Moisn Nagat with an archangle stock. I can see the round ball on the bolt, and the shrouded front sight. But keep the name, they are still awesome guns.

  3. Yikes! Now if I called someone an idiot would THAT be an ad hominem attack RF? Seriously I need a little levity after seeing the spree killer news conference a few minutes ago. Very sad.

    • I can’t speak for RF but I do know that “ad hominem” only applies to debates/arguments. When you insult somebody as a reply to their logical argument, it’s an ad hominem logical fallacy.

      Otherwise, it’s just a valid descriptor (in this case) or an unwarranted insult (most cases).

    • Yeah, but unlike the other fella you don’t go shoot it at the police range in the middle of the night without permission while under the influence or in possession of illicit drugs. Slight difference there.


  4. Wow, I must be with a bunch of english professors, I better start using longer words! Just from an ole mechanical engineer, you know the type involved in the moon landing and stuff. Be cool no disrespect intended, even though I shoot.

    • My thoughts, exactly.

      It’s also possible that a part of him wants to get caught. He is hoping that a while in a prison will allow him to get off the meth, and get his life straightened out.

  5. Is he one of the good guys with a gun that the NRA talks about?

    Since my posts are being deleted (BIG SURPRISE) I’ll just say this:

    If you like #mda and #everytown, you’re going to love #safecities and #hy2!!!

    See ya in #2016

    • No. He is an outlier. Someone who falls way outside the norm.

      Do you honestly believe that we should take away the guns of over 100 Million law-abiding citizens, due to the anomalous actions of a very small group of outliers? How irrational can you get?

    • So…true grassroots movements are planned two years in advance? If you guys would just slow down, and try to extract from our words the actual meaning we intend to convey instead of twisting them to fit the rhetoric that you’ve bought into, we could have an actual honest discussion on this topic nationally.

      An example of what I’m talking about: Your taking the phrase “good guy with a gun” and choosing to interpret it to include this meth head. As if you believe the fact that the existence of the person in this story proves that all gun owners are crazy people.

      Not that you have enough interest in an actual discussion to revisit this site, or the courage to respond in earnest, without snark or agenda, should you do so, but do you believe that an armed citizen can, in any circumstances, use a gun to stop another person behaving in a criminally violent way?

    • “See ya in #2016”

      What’s gonna happen in 2016? Hillary get elected, rub her cankles together, and all the guns will magically disappear?

  6. Ah yes, Fresno, the place of my birth, from a level of gang activity it is believed to be worse than LA

  7. Hashish? I had no idea that it had found its way here. Maybe the Old Man in the Mountain lives in the Rockies…

  8. Is that a Mosin? Sure looks like the TTAG rebuild, though not quite as sexy.

    What a douche.

  9. I wonder if he didn’t know it was a LE gun range. Still an idiot, but a little more understandable.

  10. anyone surprised to see a Hi-Point in that first photo? did he throw it through the window of the shooting range to gain entry, since there were no other bricks around ?

  11. Pretty sure I met this guy at a public range in the mountains.

    He was shooting tracers, which is also illegal in this state (CA), BUT ALSO A BAD IDEA SINCE WE’RE ALWAYS ON FIRE.

  12. Dear Jason: A simple lesson that has kept me unfingerprinted for over 60 years – Don’t compound your felonies. One at a time is more than enough.

  13. A sawed off shotgun, so was he booked on federal charges for violating the NFA and throwing a 10 year sentence on top of the drug charges, or does the ATF only go after some green firearms enthusiast who put a VFW on his pistol for shits and grins?

  14. I know Jason personally, as to him being there without “permission” is not true. There was a lot broken rules when he was arrested. like the sheriff ripping his membership card and saying he was trespassing. My friend is nowhere near the “idiot” this journalist makes him out to be. Just saying people need to know the whole story before they go judging someone based on one biased article.


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