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It’s Saturday. I guess that explains why so many pro-gun commentators have slipped past the Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Facebook “moderator” – who normally deletes anything other than anti-gun sentiments within a femtosecond of their appearance on the page. And then bans the offending commentators from further participation. Meanwhile, the usual “blame the NRA” for any all firearms-related deaths (save those carried out by the police) continues apace on their page. A bunch more after the jump . . .

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    Because of moments like these, kids. Know your adversary.

      • No surprise about the standard grabber reaction to any mass shooting occurring anywhere except Chicago.

        They will never give up.
        Neither must we.

        • As far as MDA is concerned…YES! All firearms related deaths in the world can be blamed on the NRA because the firearms could have been bought in the U.S.
          It would not surprise me if the lying Bloomberg put those who died in that Belgium shooting on a list of people who have died in mass shootings in America.

      • You all work for the NRA! Don’t you take any responsibility for anything!? For God’s sake!

        • “Don’t you take any responsibility for anything!?”

          Yes, as a matter of fact I do. I take responsibility for my own actions. How about you?

        • Maybe moms should take responsibility for raising there kids. It can all be traced back to bad parenting.

        • Of course. I take responsibility for every round I fire.
          As I take responsibility for that, and you think my gun ownership is a crime, I will accept your reasoning.
          However, it is a fact, documented for years, that people raise more people who use their fists, or even hammers to kill others. Therefore, when you are prepared to make tits illegal because they are raising criminals, you may come have a rational discussion. Until then, take your criminal raising tits out of a conversation with adults.

        • Unlike Everytown, or Joe Nocera’s blog at New York Times, where Jennifer Macias, Shannon Watts number two works- TTAG doesnt block commenters. Your post may be MODERATED for calling names, but thats about it.

          But welcome- even to trolls. Stay and debate the facts, if you can.

        • We work for the NRA. Wait…WHAT!?

          Last time I checked TTAG is not owned or sponsored by the NRA. It is sometimes critical of the NRA.

          But that is also not the point. The NRA does not sell guns, it does not put guns in people’s hands, it protects the 2nd amendment by promoting the right to keep and bear arms.

          This nut job armed himself despite the best efforts of California laws, social workers, therapists, police, and HIS OWN DAMN PARENTS, and went on a rampage.

          The NRA is no more at fault than BMW and whoever made the knife he used to kill three people. The sicko who did this is responsible. The parents who raised this sicko and who did not do their job are responsible.

          So I, a responsible parent and gun owner, will not take responsibility for the actions of a psychopath.That would be like making the ACLU take responsibility for the hateful rantings of the Westboro Baptist church.

      • Since my posts are being deleted (BIG SURPRISE) I’ll just say this:

        If you like #mda and #everytown, you’re going to love #safecities and #hy2!!!

    • Being that this took place in CA, they have no valid argument. So they blame the NRA, which equates to lack of thinking..

      • They would have no valid argument regardless of where it occurred. They never had any valid arguments since before MDA’s inception. They are never going to have any valid arguments, either.

    • Because like the rest of us… he can’t stand them, and is letting us know what they are up too.

    • I have my contest entry all planned out, and yes it will feature MDA. From a woman’s perspective.

  2. The one at the top of the page kind of sounds like a death threat. They just left out “for the children”.

  3. Why must we be tortured with their stupidity? I know it’s there, but I sure as hell don’t want to see it. This seems to have gone from “know your enemy” to masochism.

    • You need to stop thinking of them as “stupid”. Everything they do is very well-planned out, and they seem to know when shootings are about to occur. (Ahem.)

      In some ways they are clearly warped in their ideas and notions, of course. We can all see that. But they’re very well-funded, and they’re working from a time-proven playbook.

      So I would say we need a better playbook than whatever it is we’re currently working from. GET SMART, people! Would you believe….. 😀

      • This. These people are not stupid at all. They know what works on the masses and they use it to great effect.

        Meanwhile, what does our side have? A bunch of dumbasses brandishing ARs in restaurants, providing the other side with pictures and doing part of their job for them.

  4. blah blah. the NRA didn’t fail to raise that kid into a 22 year old narcissist who feels he’s entitled to women and sex and is willing to kill to seek retribution for not getting laid. Maybe daddy was too busy at work directing movies about kids killing each other to notice the warning signs..

    • Actually, he did notice the warning signs. His family reported him to the police a week prior to the shooting.

      • Certainly. And then what happened? You know what prevents the criminal and mentally ill from harming society? locking them up.

        • The majority of police are trained to do either of three things when confronted by a mentally ill person (or evidence thereof):
          – Ignore them
          – Tase them and arrest them
          – Shoot and kill them.

          The scant training provided to big departments usually consists of one or two officers who respond as an extra duty.

          The Santa Barbara Police chose door #1. Make of it what you will.

        • The point is, you can’t really blame the family can you? They did right. You can try to blame the police, but they have a limited toolbox that’s centered around crimes that have occurred. The mental health system? Maybe, but it costs money.

          Sometimes bad\sick people do bad things to others. I’m not saying we all throw our hands up and surrender but keep in mind someday someone might decide to say that you’re disturbed… how easy do you want to make it to take your guns and commit you?

    • NO! The NRA sold the guns though, didn’t they? Do you all feel better, holding your guns?

        • You think this is funny??? You don’t care about anything but playing with your guns. GROW UP. Afraid of your own shadow and having to carry guns to feel tough.

        • Harper — it is not only not funny, it is totally ignorant. Please learn first that the NRA does NOT “sell guns”. I have bought many guns, some from the U S Government, some from Colt, some from S & W, etc. but not one from the NRA. They are not in that business.

      • Didn’t tits nurture that child?
        By your argument, Harper, I can find a reason to blame everything but the shooter.
        If the gun was in illegal hands, that boy was committing a crime.
        If the family allowed that boy the firearm, that is a crime?
        That the boy used that firearm to harm others is a crime?
        The gun didn’t do a damn thing. The child did.
        Blame the child for not learning the value of life, or his family for not teaching him the value of life. A firearm is just a tool.
        And, yes, I shoot frequently. I am a responsible American citizen. I keep my weapons safe and practice more than you preach.
        Therefore, we know it wasn’t the weapon that did a damned thing, any more than it was the tit that nurtured this boy when he was young, don’t we?

      • Harper what kind of drugs are you on?

        The NRA does not SELL GUNS. They are not a gun dealer.

        You purchase firearms from a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer.

        I have never gone to my local “NRA Store” and bought a gun.

        Please at least try to sound less ignorant than you obviously are.

  5. When gun rights advocates speak out against gun control, they are “gun bullies” who need to be stopped.

    When Moms Demand Action and their members advocate for the mass execution of gun rights advocates, its ‘free speech.’

    The double standard on display from these nuts is amazing.

    • Nuts!? You’re the ones who need guns and you call us nuts?? Why do you have to have your NRA guns? What are you afraid of!? How much more needs to happen?

      I can’t wait until 2016, have fun playing with your toys while you can.

      • And people who own fire extinguishers are all wimpy little men, who live in constant fear of a house fire, even when the chance of the happening in our 1st world, developed country is almost zero.

        Owning guns isn’t about fear. It’s about not being a victim.

      • Harper stop stirring things up with your psycho babble. I don’t need a gun…till your president tries taking my rights and freedoms. Until then I have them and use them responsibly. And in 2016 Obama will be gone. The country can heal from his disasterous 8 year reign. And people like you will still follow him around like a lost puppy cause you can’t blaze your own trail in life you find the most powerful (that’s power hungry to the people here on earth) and you follow everything they say.

    • The double standard is that the NRA gets to sell guns and lobby at the same time. We’re voting them out so play with your toys while you can. Common sense will prevail.

      #safecities #2016 #hy2

      • What part of NRA Doesn’t Sell Guns isn’t being understood here? The NRA simply fights for the RIGHT TO KEEP THEM. Please learn about a group before you speak against them.

      • Harper, The NRA doesn’t fight for us so we can keep “our toys”; it’s about our American rights. If you and the rest of the MDA are so willing to give up your rights that our ancestors fought and died for, then what’s to stop the government from taking away the rest of our rights? Maybe you should STOP and read the Bill of Rights, then decide if you like living in a country without ALL of those American rights. If you and the MDA think the Bill of Rights are unnecessary, then you are ALL more than welcome to leave and go live in another country. Until then, the NRA and all its members will continue to fight for our American rights, even yours Harper.

      • I can honestly say that I am glad that you are one of the people *correctly* not choosing to exercise your 2nd amendment right. Thank you for that.

      • The NRA doesn’t sell guns, you fucking lunatic. The NRA doesn’t sell anything but memberships and NRA merchandise like hats and t-shirts. How do you expect anyone to take anything you say with any seriousness if you are clearly so misguided on the very basic point?

        But please, don’t let me get in the way of you making a fool of yourself.

  6. Why wouldn’t the NRA sue them for defamation? This is precisely where my disappointment and distrust of the NRA come from.

    • I don’t think it’s nefarious that they don’t. They’d have to be able to prove damages or loss of income, which is probably hard for a non-profit.

    • In the US it’s very hard for a public figure or org to prove defamation in court. It’s usually not worth the trouble to sue.

  7. Well sure. I mean, there has to be *somebody* to blame for this. Clearly we shouldn’t blame the kid or the parents, and W is no longer in office. So who else is left? (Or is that right?)

    On another note: Robert, didn’t you mean femmetosecond?

    • Oops. It’s femtosecond.


      A femtosecond is the SI unit of time equal to 10−15 of a second. That is one quadrillionth, or one millionth of one billionth, of a second. For context, a femtosecond is to a second as a second is to about 31.7 million years; a ray of light travels approximately 0.3 µm (micrometers) in 1 femtosecond, a distance comparable to the diameter of a virus.

      A femtosecond is equal to 1000 attoseconds, or 1/1000 picosecond. Because the next higher SI unit is 1000 times larger, times of 10−14 and 10−13 seconds are typically expressed as tens or hundreds of femtoseconds.

      UPDATE: DrVino just called and let me in on the joke. D’oh!

  8. We’re approaching that point where it almost doesn’t matter what either side says any longer. The lines are drawn, we’re headed for trouble.
    Problem is, our side won’t lose. And their side wins even when they lose.

  9. Blaming the NRA for that killer’s actions makes about as much sense as him blaming women for not giving him any nookie.

  10. Mental illness is a difficult issue for gun owners and families in general. Obviously most mentally ill people aren’t violent, the issue is that the ones that are do horrible things and make the papers. I don’t know what the solution is, this guy is one in 330000000 and yet he will theoretically set the standard for the antis.

  11. So the NRA kept him from…. what? getting a girlfriend? getting a life?

    In TX, this monster’s reign of terror wouldn’t have lasted so long.

    • That’s a very good question, especially since both his family AND law enforcement knew of his mental instability.

      I’d love to hear the answer.

      • Was there a bed for him? Doubt it. They’re all pretty much taken by the ACTUAL raving lunatics and homicidal maniacs. The scarcity is due to the Liberal Utopia we now live in.

  12. If only someone would give these moms some action they would be less angry. The moms could have avoided this by giving HIM some action.

  13. “Deb Fjetland”…?

    Yeah, that’s not made up. Probably a bunch of made FB profiles, more “grassroots support.”

    Any other good names. Maybe, Hugh Jass, or Mike Hunt, or even Ivana Humpalott.

  14. I regret having clicked on the red link. The nonsense on that facebook page makes my head hurt. When I was growing up in the northern plains guns were commonplace along with an extremely low crime rate. So It makes their attitude towards firearms just so foreign and backwards to me. I will never understand the level of ignorance of these people. America has a serious problem with people like them who shamelessly lie and distort the truth in order to push an agenda. It really makes me wonder what the end game is going to be, if it ever does end. Do people really support this garbage or is Moms Demand Action just a fringe group that will fade into obscurity in a few years?

    • Malcontents and revolutionaries will always find something to rail against. Guns, gender and race are fashionable right now.

  15. Anti-gun death threats are so hollow. What are you going to kill us with, stern looks?

    • Consider upgrading to “Life” status. I just did. They had (are still having?) a “sale.” $500 to upgrade to Life. Good deal!

  16. Their reaction is as predictable as the sunrise.

    One of the biggest reasons I avoid Facebook is the idiocy in the comment section. How “nice” that I can now have comments imported and see them here as well.

  17. I would like to know how exactly how the NRA gets all these democrats to kill random people. I thought they were part of the RNC. /sarc

  18. Oh no! The CA gun laws didn’t work? I thought criminals would obey laws…oh wait! Nope…hence the fact that they are criminals!

  19. Assigning blame to the NRA is a great fallback for the anti’s… especially in a place like California where the NRA has virtually no political influence over the state legislature. The control schemes obviously don’t really work to prevent these types of events, but if we just believe a bit more and pass even more laws and “because the NRA” a bit more, then everything will be better in unicornland… until the next time, then rinse and repeat. It kind of shows how these people really don’t care much about the victims. It’s sad that there will be more innocent people that are killed in the future due to furthering failed policies.

  20. Things to bear in mind when it comes to MDA/Everytown:

    1) Their rank and file are passionate, just like the PotG;

    2) They have access to deep pockets to fund their campaigns;

    3) They have good leadership; and

    4) Most importantly, they should not be ignored or underestimated, ever.

    Look at what is happening all over the country – MDA and Everytown are contacting their politicians, they are contacting businesses, they are taking the fight to us. We cannot ignore them or their actions. We cannot write them off as a bunch of nutters. We must take them seriously and recognize MDA as the threat it is. Maybe not a physical threat, but they have a core constituency that is NOT falling asleep at the switch. We must understand that if we screw up (even a little) the MDA crowd will be there to pounce.

    For example:

    We (the PotG) gave them the Chipotle mess on a silver platter. We have all seen the photo, is *anyone* here going to argue that the two men with the rifles (especially the one on the right in the photo) represent responsible gun owners? The rifle wasn’t slung, it was in his hands, in a restaurant. His firing hand was not just on the butt of the rifle, it was on the grip, his finger was clear of the trigger, yes, but most people don’t look for that.

    So, yeah, MDA was able to take that one fuck up and generate outrage. With that outrage they lobbied Chipotle and succeeded in removing yet another business from the ‘places we can carry’ list.

    Was that MDA’s fault? Yes, but we gave them the ammo. Or, rather, the two guys in that photo did. Maybe they are great guys, maybe they are responsible gun owners. I don’t know them so I can’t say one way or the other. What I do know is that they made a bad choice and *all* of us are paying for it.

    PR is about imagery. If we keep giving them images they can use to generate outrage against us, well…how does that further our goals of Constitutional carry? How does that help us win the hearts and minds of our fellow Americans, many of whom don’t have personal experience with firearms?

    What can we do? We can be smart. We can police our own ranks. We can make sure that if we are going to be toting our rifles around we don’t look like slobs or tacticool idiots. We can do our best to prevent *those* guys from being the poster boys for the rest of us. If we see someone doing something dumb we can speak up. Otherwise guys like the Chipotle-duo and the guy running around in the Georgia park being an ass will be what people think of when they think of us.

  21. Yes, it is clearly the NRA’s fault. Such as it is BMW’s fault for producing that car which he drove. (Sarc)
    Perhaps if these people actually looked outside their fantasy bubbles, they would see how hypocritical and frankly silly they are.
    Moreover, it is typical double standard that every time something like this happens, every single gun owner, gun-rights group, second amendment supporter and the NRA is blamed, even if they live on the other side of America or CLEARLY are not responsible they are blamed. But if this were to be say, an Islamic terrorist attack, we would be told not to blame the actions of an individual nutter on the many who done nothing wrong., but it appears we don’t get that sort of treatment.

  22. It’s a typical rich momma’s boy that doesn’t know how to get laid. Blame the parents, not the NRA! Again the lil wussy killed, not the gun.

  23. I’ve been banned from posting there. It’s quite apparent they have NO, ZERO, NADA interest in opposing views.

  24. “The NRA and their congressional stooges need to RIP”

    Wow, I’m pretty sure that’s an implied death threat, or at least a death wish. If a pro-gun person posted “Shannon Watts should RIP”, they would plaster the screenshot all over MSNBC and conclude that all gun owners are crazy, violence-prone “gun bullies”.

    • surely you’re not surprised by the double standard any longer.


  26. They don’t blame the parents, the police who interviewed him, his schools, the websites he visited and posted on, no they blame the NRA. Typical reaction, don’t use the truth when the lie fosters the agenda.

  27. hmmm…from now on, anytime a black man commits a crime, i’m going to indict the entire black population of america. because apparently it is alright to do that again.

    is it that hard to see that these liberals of today were the same white sheet wearing, black man hanging, assholes of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries?

  28. I have to wonder if those police officers that questioned the soon to be killer
    had a psychologist with them or were former officers with enough time
    and grade to make Investigator/Detective. Had a psychologist been present
    he/she may have seen though whatever BS he told them.

  29. I don’t get “Moms” groups. At any level. MDA, MADD, so what? Being a mother is not an accomplishment, and you should not feel special.

    Raising a child into a productive adult who contributes to society? THAT’S an accomplishment. I want to see “Seniors whose kids are out of the house and off welfare against Drunk Driving”. That group may actually have some wisdom.

    Most that I’ve met in this category have no problems with private firearm ownership.

    • It’s ok, They probably think they can pee on a rapist to stop him like MSNBC suggests.

  30. The ‘upside’ to such nonsense is that it speaks to the Antis absolute visceral hatred of the NRA–the ability of the NRA and its membership to so efficiently and effectively fight against the incessant onslaught of countless “gun-control” measures and outright effort to overturn The Second Amendment (Constitution @large) infuriates ‘entities’ such as Moms Against Guns and the like. In essence, the Antis long for the day of a Country absent the NRA as it remains the biggest obstacle to their goal of total across the board gun confiscation.

  31. Watch the news, CNN in particular. That’s where the antis gather. I watched live when (anchor Deborah Feyerick specifically) the question was raised about why there are no requirements for mental illness exams for anyone that wants to purchase a firearm. This was around 4:00pm EST.

    This is where they have to go to now because it was one of theirs. Now the solution is mental illness exams for everyone.

    • They REALLY ought to be more careful about what they wish for. OCD is a mental disorder.

    • At least one other person here gets it! Exactly. Why is the NRA still selling guns to people with mental illness and why don’t they stop the background check loophole?

  32. More anti-NRA comments. These people are like a giant ignorance spill that threatens the entire environment around them – like some code 4 health pollutant on the NFPA 704 triangle.

    The NRA is an ancient organization started in 1871 in New York. They are simply for shooting safety, shooting sports, self defense, and shooting rights. All these ridiculous brainwashed people blaming the NRA when some criminal kills someone (with a gun). Please. If a man stabbed a child with a fork would they shake their fingers at dinnerware companies? What is wrong with these people. By all means keep watching the main stream media and believe everything told to you. Maybe they would like everything banned, regulated, controlled, and wrapped in a tight white illuminated foam rubber room where they can be spoon fed, be happy, and never worry about anything. Never have to think about anything either. Just watch TV, the mainstream media news, eat, drink, crap, and repeat.

  33. You should really start blaming the person who did it. He had a complex, why? Because I don’t know, he felt he was worthless. Why? Was he bullied? Did they laugh at him? But here is the thing, this guy was nuts. If he didn’t have a gun he would have probably used his car or invited them for kool-aid or beer and used poison or a knife. It was going to happen anyway–stop blaming the guns.

    • Good to see at least ONE MOM here: exactly, bullying won’t solve this and we need common sense actions, not guns.


  34. Well right on cue, here come the jackals and ghouls, climbing over the still-warm bodies to get to the bullhorn.

    And also right on cue, our side is late to the party. Again. Still.

  35. Is there a problem with TTAG hosting? I’m getting random new TTAG homepage redirects while in the comment box drafting a reply. Might be a function of kindle browser but doesnt happen elsewhwere. Still getting the random open in mobile format despite desktop setting in kindle and reset at bottom of TTAG pagex too…annoying.

  36. Where is MDA spewing their(stuff) about the 16 year old black kid in Pennsylvania that placed two rounds in the back of the head to a cabbie for supposedly taking a longer route? What’s up Shannon? This doesn’t fall into your agenda? I thought not. You represent nothing real.

  37. All the young man wanted was some action. Where was the “Moms” who demand action for this young man?

    They failed.

    Too soon?

  38. California, one of the leading Democrat centers of gun control and yet a gun shot 7 people today. Hey, morons! Gun control doesn’t stop murder!

  39. Who will Shannon Watts blame for the three men this guy stabbed to death before shooting people? The manufacturers of knives?

  40. Half the dead were stabbed to death. I wonder if his knife was over 4″ in length. NO ONE needs a knife that big. Need to get MDA to expand their focus to include knifes.

    • You’re right, no one does need that. The funny thing is that you think you’re joking, but that focus may be covered in #mda, #safecities, and #hy2.

      Keep the ideas coming!

      • Liberalism is a serious mental defect. If the first place they checked on a gun screening was the voter registration, and disallowed all liberals from owning guns, Newtown would not have happened. Aurora would not have happened, and this would have been a stabbing only incident, and Harpo would be trolling TTAK.

  41. Anyone else notice that 99.9% of the mass shootings happen in Gun Free Zones, and people blame the NRA? Use your head people! The problem isn’t the NRA! It’s people trying to create more of these “Gun Free Zones.” You don’t like guns, go bask in the city of Chicago. Enjoy the strict gun control AND and one of the highest crime rates in the nation.

    • I wonder why I am the only person who thinks we should counter their logic with tits.
      We know that guns don’t kill anyone. It is the intent of the user that defines a firearms actions. However, according to their logic, the gun is at fault. The firearm, then, is no more to blame than the tit that nurtured the child.
      Seems to be a valid argument using their logic. Winning isn’t always about destroying your opponent. Sometimes, it is about showing how foolish your opponent and their argument really is.

  42. What a lot of people don’t seem to understand is that a lot of people that would use firearms in a case of mental incapacity, buy the gun BEFORE they have any apparent mental issues. How do you keep a mental patient from buying a gun when they have no mental issues? That’s like trying to have a chicken before the egg hatches.

  43. Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense sounds like a bunch of heifers pleasuring each other with dildos.

    I’m going to scour the porn sites for the most revolting video where a few 300+ lb fatties assault themselves with a dwarf or double-ended (barrel) latex phallus preferably an “evil”, “black” one then copy/save it and repost it with the “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense” tag line. If we can generate enough hits that should place it the top of online searches and when the uninformed click on it they’ll be disgusted and stop trying to link to the actual organization.

    The game is rigged against us, remember the anti’s are NOT using the same playbook as us pro-2nd Amendment advocates, they use Sol Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” and their mantra is “By ANY Means Necessary” that’s why they lie to advance their twisted agenda, we MUST respond accordingly.

  44. Well, this day was just full of stupid. Where’s the NRA gun store everyone keeps talking about it and why wasn’t I told of it? Gaaaaaawd. These people don’t even give the facts a cursory glance these days. If there was a gun involved, it’s the NRA’s fault. A real one-string banjo we’ve got here.

  45. Hey Harps…

    You really dont know how to communicate, do you? I mean every response to your bullshit has delivered common sense and facts, and you havent even slowed down to smell the roses..look through your ranks at mda, and give us the collective IQ and GPA. Then, poll your dissenting members, find their reasons. Hey, this might wake you u……no. it wont…

  46. What about your kitchens knives mirg and harper? Ya really just dislike thinking things thru, donchya?!

  47. As a mother and gun owner I have to agree that we must pay attention to maa and maig now everytow simply because the have deep pockets and an army of paid PR professionals, shannon watts IS a PR professional, at their beck and call to vilify all of us.

    As for the troll that keeps saying the NRA sells guns: get a life and an education you sound like an uneducated fool.

    Yacope, Armed Mother

    • “As a mother…”

      You sound just like Shannon Watts. Why do you think that shitting out a kid makes you an expert?

  48. As per usual, it’s rather insulting to all law-abiding gun owners in the country when the MDA group attempts to use this (and any future) murderous mentally ill persons as a caricature of the NRA — when the NRA had absolutely zero to do with the decisions he made .

    So I guess it would just as logical for people to say for every rape, murder, and violent act committed against innocents, we should blame the MDA for every victim that was unarmed and unable to defend themselves?

    Same strategy.

  49. I’m seeing this “bend over” comment a lot. Do these people have a twisted sexual desire thing going, here? I realize I’m indisputably what these ladies *cough* would call a gun goon, but REALLY? I don’t even LIKE anal sex.

  50. That is so funny, Mom’s blaming laws for their lack of parenting skills… Stop producing ignorant, uncivil offspring, and releasing them into our society…

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