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“A grand jury on Wednesday charged Michael Steven Sandford, 20, with disrupting an official function and two firearm possession counts, U.S. Attorney Daniel Bogden said. Together, the charges could get him up to 30 years in prison.” Trying to explain his motivation in trying to grab a cop’s gun to shoot Donald Trump, Sandford, a Brit whose parents say he suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, reportedly told his father, Paul Davey, that ‘Someone had to stand up for America’.

Mr. Davey sees darker forces at work here.

‘I have never heard him talk like that before. I can’t understand why he was so motivated and politicized that he thought grabbing a gun from a policeman was a good idea.’

Mr Davey said, after spending an hour talking to his son that he believes Michael was brainwashed.

‘I think the people he met, and was living with, may know what motivated Michael. Did someone start feeding him information? Did they set him up for it? I really think he has been brainwashed.

But despite a history of illness, even Sandford’s own attorney doesn’t see an insanity defense in his future.

Sandford’s appointed lawyer, Heather Fraley, said Sandford previously attempted suicide and once ran away from a hospital in England.

However, Fraley said she believed Sandford is competent for trial.

With the scant attention an assassination attempt against a major party candidate has gotten in this case, gun owners should probably be thankful that Sandford, or someone like him, didn’t choose Hillary Clinton for their target. If that had been the case, we’d have been treated to weeks of coverage about America’s toxic culture, our permissive firearms laws, the acrimonious tenor of this season’s political debate, mysogyny, the NRA and climate change as contributing factors. Bullet dodged?

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  1. What he should get is a firing squad.

    Even a partially successful Trump assassination attempt would kick off a civil war in this country. Everybody involved should be tracked down, waterboarded to find other accomplices, and then stood up against a wall and shot.

    • There has been much discussion of late regarding “Due process.” Can we at least agree, to arrested, waterboarded, charged, tried, convicted, then shot?

      (The waterboarded part was a joke.)

    • Since when does attempted murder warrant capital punishment? I’m all for the death penalty, but I tend to draw the line at capital crimes…

      • It’s not an attempted murder, it’s an attempted terrorist act by an illegal combatant. aka an actual war crime. That makes him subject to summary execution as illegal combatants have no legal protections of any sort.

        • No, it’s really not. It’s amazing how someone who probably defends the 2nd is happily ignorant of the rest of the Constitution.

        • So you believe that the Constitution protects foreign combatants on US soil? Perhaps we should have captured all the Japanese in the Philippines and put them on trial?

        • He’s not a combatant anymore than John Hinkley was… people who extend the meaning of things like ‘war powers’ like you are pose a much bigger danger to the Constitution than any assassin.

  2. If he had managed to actually fire a round from the (attempted) gun grab MSM coverage would have been unstoppable. Not because Trump, but because guns.

    • Remember, this would-be assassin attempted to obtain a firearm from a LEO. The liberals want (for now) civil disarmament such that only the state, to include LEO to have firearms.

      The taking of an LEOs firearms does little to move that needle [civil disarmament]. If it had been a CC or OC civilian, then YES, absolutely….

      I would be willing to bet if the liberals start taking LEO firearms, then even the liberal-ist of LEOs would object and/or rise up. Because LEO carve-outs are so not what the 14th Amendment protects against…

      • Yes, but…he practiced beforehand at a Las Vegas gun range called “Battlefield Las Vegas”, which is civilian and caters to foreign tourists. They have an AMAZING collection of machine guns, including a vintage Maxim, for tourists to shoot. It is just off the north end of the Strip behind Circus Circus.

        What he failed to do while practicing with a rented pistol was ask anybody at BFLV how to operate a retention holster. Oops.

  3. But its us crazy conservatives that are the unhinged violent psychos just waiting to fly off the handle!

    Oh man the crapstorm if someone dared to try this to Pantsuit, the pearls could not take such a fierce clutching.

    • May…be…not. Thinks a great relief for the DNC machine. They would claim a hero and quietly backfill with Shotgun Joe. Not to mention the irony of a liberal lunatic firing a gun.

      We can only hope a medicated Transgendered, hemophiliac, African American, Italian Jew with a AR SBR and a slingshot would do the deed and save the nation from emotionally compromised pantsuit loving, Mao tunic wearing Hilibeast.

      • I don’t know- A closeted homosexual Hillary supporter from “The Religion of Peace” wasn’t enough to make them look away from guns, so I don’t think anything would at this point.

    • Ya… The powers that be would name a state of the art Navy missile friggate after her for doing nothing more than getting shot.

  4. “Bullet dodged?”

    He tried to grap a cop’s gun. Which means he wasn’t willing or able to acquire one legally. It doesn’t feed into the liberal narrative about our permissive gun laws.

  5. And THIS crazy British boy was here illegally… conspiracy/dark force’s/Whoopi Goldberg? Stay tuned POTG…

  6. Try him, convict him, sentence him and then ship him to an English prison where the Brits can take care of that clown for the rest of his sentence.

    He should be allowed to stay close to the parents who created him and want to blame his crime on anything but him or bad parenting or not committing the little bastard years ago. “Manchurian Candidate” my ass. More like Adam Lanza Redux.

    • Who wants to bet he gets a “sweetheart” plea deal in the next few months that we later learn includes a Barry Hussein Marshall-Davis/Soetoro pardon signed on his last day in office and DREAMER/DACA status as an added bonus?

    • Sounds good… but he committed a criminal action, so he wouldn’t get anything for a sentence over there. Only if he shot someone in self defense would they be allowed to lock him up and throw away the key.

  7. “I think the people he met, and was living with, may know what motivated Michael. Did someone start feeding him information? Did they set him up for it? I really think he has been brainwashed.”

    It would not surprise me. I have acquaintances who are rabid leftists who would rather have others commit violence for their cause. They are for “re-education camps” and firing squads, but they just don’t want to be there when it happens. I am sure they would hype up someone with developmental issues into a frenzy hoping he/she would do something like this. (BTW, these acquaintance do not know that I am an individualist with a strong attachment to the founding ideas of our country. The day I tell them will be rather interesting, to say the least.)

    • As with all good leftists, they are extremely pro-political violence and pro-gun, they just believe that only people they control should have the guns and only the people they can’t control should be recipients of the violence.

  8. This John Colgosz Sirhan-Guiteau wannabe and POS foreigner is getting scant coverage in the NY/NJ Metro-Area news. Last night the broadcasts on the major network’s “flagship” stations (CBS/NBC/ABC/CW) and local outlets News12 (Cablevision), PBS that did report on his indictment aired pieces that lasted no more than EIGHT (8) SECONDS, (“yes” I timed them) and on each he was described as a “British National” NOT an “illegal alien” who overstayed his “Tourist Visa”.

  9. “The Columbine Effect.”

    If his roomates were his age, there’s a good chance this kid was radicalized by whatever they were watching. Probably “The Young Turks,” but maybe just the regular, sadly.


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