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Paris shooting (courtesy

Sources are reporting that the firearms used in the November terrorist attacks in Paris have been traced to an American gun owner in Phoenix, Arizona. The gun laws in France are famously strict, with possession of a semi-automatic firearm similar to the ones used in the attack subject to stricter controls than firearms subject to the National Firearms Act here in the United States (such as silencers and machine guns). It had been theorized that the firearms used by the terrorists might have been brought across Europe from the Middle East where it is much easier to obtain such firearms but this latest information seems to indicate otherwise.

In the United States it is possible to trace the ownership of a firearm from the manufacturer to the individual owner by looking through the “bound book” records of the licensed gun stores through which it passed. According to Judicial Watch’s sources the ATF performed such a trace of the firearms used in the Paris terrorist attacks and found that an individual gun owner in Phoenix, Arizona was the last documented person to own the firearm in question.

Sources say that the individual was investigated and found to be in possession of an unregistered fully automatic machine gun, but no action was ever taken against the individual.

The Phoenix gun owner that the weapon was traced back to was found to have at least two federal firearms violations—for selling one weapon illegally and possessing an unregistered automatic—but no enforcement or prosecutorial action was taken against the individual. Instead, ATF leaders went out of their way to keep the information under the radar and ensure that the gun owner’s identity was “kept quiet,” according to law enforcement sources involved with the case. “Agents were told, in the process of taking the fully auto, not to anger the seller to prevent him from going public,” a veteran law enforcement official told Judicial Watch.

According to Judicial Watch (who was instrumental in uncovering the “Fast and Furious” debacle where ATF agents allowed firearms to be sold to straw purchasers who then “walked” them across the border to Mexico) this indicates that the firearm used in the Paris terrorist attacks may have been sold as part of the “Fast and Furious” scandal, with this individual being one of the straw purchasers that the ATF allowed to continue funneling firearms to Mexican cartels.

TTAG was unable to independently verify this information, but given Judicial Watch’s prior work it is highly likely that the information is accurate.

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    • MSM , will TRY to bury this ..But it ain’t going away. It is – accessory to murder; and BEATS Nixons tapes by a mile !

      • The opposite is true I’m afraid. This will “prove” the US must ratify the UN small arms treaty and ban civilian firearm ownership as a part of the international “effort” to “combat” terrorism. What will be ignored, however, is any F&F connection and the administration’s role.

        • Folks , we really don’t need any more proof that our country is currently in the LOST category . There is no rule of law , there are two classes of Americans , the untouchables and the rest of us . There is a solid group of conspirators who are acting above the law to undermine the sovereignty of America and the framework in which it was founded . This is not currently a country ruled by law but one ruled by men and it is quickly being entrenched beyond reversal .
          How can people continue to be unchallenged by the press , the fourth arm of government , by Congress and by the law enforcement community ?
          Hillary ~ Benghazi
          Holder ~ Fast and Furious
          The list only grows larger and peoples discontent and disenfranchisement grows proportionately .
          Trouble is brewing , steam is building and the cork is close to the rim .

    • C’mon Nick, give credit where credit is due. David Codrea (who used(?) to write for your guys) and Mike Vanderboegh did the heavy lifting on F&F.

    • 100+ thumbs up! It dropped out of “warp” and reentered Earth’s atmosphere…Unlike our Astro-nut who should have remained “Lost in Space “! Made he and his wife can go on a long term mission from Earth , and be the first DNC Libtards to start a Martian Colony…Then the DemoCRAPS can flood Mars with “illegal aliens. ” Wait! Is that an oxymoron….War of the EBT cards!

  1. Not quite sure about this article…Is it a “pro-gun control” piece..? That we should have “stricter, regulations ” like a foreign country like France? Or that the so-called “terrorist firearms” were somehow connected to the USA through a so-called “American gun owner ” ? Don’t know…..Is the point of the article related to “Fast and the Furious 7.5 : The Whitehouse Edtion.” Or because some parts of the USA aren’t under the “Jack boots ” of local/state police, as is the rest of the US populace living in “anti-freedom states.” Or shall I say , “Authoritarianism-crystal lite…” Don’t know about this article…..

    • What’s so hard to understand? It’s pointing out the Obama administration’s hypocrisy in arming criminals and terrorists while they demand stricter gun control for U.S. citizens.

    • If your reading comprehension is that poor you should consider it taking legal action against your elementary school.

      • should consider it taking legal

        If you’re going to throw out insults accusing people of being unable to read, you should make sure you don’t have an extra “it” in your insult. Sure, that’s writing, not reading, but it’s a pretty basic thing.

    • There is no lack of reading comprehension, rather there is a lack of credulity. I think that Aaron has a point. It would seem to me that it would be much easier to smuggle a Romanian AK into Belgium by car than it would be to smuggle it out of the US, probably via Mexico, ship it all the way back to Europe where, due to the greater availability of underground fully automatic weapons, it would lose much of the value it has here in such a limited market. I mean, who would pay $10,000 for a full auto AK then try shipping it all over the place, avoiding customs wherever it goes, rather than have one just drive in from one nearby location to another?

      • No kidding. It is impossibly easy to purchase a full-auto AK in Africa or Eastern Europe for around $1-2K. Then to move it a few hundred or a thousand miles – god knows they can’t seem to stop thousands of people, whaddya think the chances are of stopping something as readily hidden as a gun?

  2. “Sources say that the individual was investigated and found to be in possession of an unregistered fully automatic machine gun, but no action was ever taken against the individual.”

    As Artie Johnson once said – “Veddy Interesting…”

    ‘Fast & Furious’, the gift that just keeps on giving…

  3. I’m betting that AZ may catch some flak from this–IF the MSM actually reports this. If it *is* tied to Fast & Furious, it will get buried and the Demoncraps will continue harping about No Fly-No Buy. Shouldn’t Holder be in a cell wearing orange by now?

  4. So… the Paris attacks were possibly perpetrated with a pew-pew from our program. They found the enemy and they is them? Fast and the people should be furious.

  5. Could be the beer I just drank… But, am I crazy to think this could be enough to finally force ‘Fast and Furious’ out into the public eye? A drug agent gets killed by drug runners with a government supplied rifle is one thing, a large terrorist attack on a major ally is something else entirely.

    I guess Eric Holder needs to go on some secret no fly/no buy list now. Maybe those lists will work after all!

  6. As soon as I read the headline I was curious if they were F&F guns. I’m not so sure this is going to be the case as the someone already tried pointing fingers at Century Arms. If it is a F&F scandal I bet pardens will be handed out like candy at Halloween!

  7. My first thought was of that mosque in Phoenix/Scottsdale where those two guys who attacked that Texas art exhibition last year. Didn’t think of the possible FF connection until I read the article.

  8. Hmm… Phoenix AZ, Wait! Who else do we know affiliated with ISIS from Phoenix? Why the Garland TX would be jihadist at the draw muhammad contest! What would you bet the unregistered gun walker and the attackers in Garland are members of the same Mosque? If the guy was muslim it would explain why the ATF never pressed charges. P.C. Police strike again.

    • What because of an illegal sale that the feds deliberately allowed to happen in order to push tighter gun laws?

    • Government can’t take rights they never gave us. Government in this country governs via consent of the people. Once enough of the people decide we no longer consent then it would be best for those ruling by tyrannical means to get out.

  9. Well, that sucks! Everybody in AZ check your inventory before the knock on the door comes. Guessing the weapons wnet South of the border before going to Europe. Here in El Paso, your cars, guns, whatever are in Mexico before you realize they’re gone.

  10. Kinda hard to stop a terrorist attack when the feds are supplying weapons. And as bad as this admin is, hillary’s would be worse.

  11. Why would any Foreign Terrorists care to import US civilian weapons…When the middle east is full of “Weapon Bazaars” filled with Military grade weapons equipment?! But, “Full auto” Russian, Iranian, etc..”Assault Rifles” , Battle rifles” , grenade launchers ,RPGs surface-to-air missiles, etc…” Just doesn’t make sense….Are they saying someone sent them DHL/FED/UPS …To what end….Especially when you have heavy ordinance from nearby Middle Eastern Neighbors which is closer…….

    • Anywhere drugs go the guns can go as well. If there is cocaine or any other drug coming from central/south America, guns can come with that shipment. It’s entirely plausible that some of the the fast and furious guns got packaged up with a drug shipment heading to Europe. Drug smugglers have established routes and contacts into any country and can traffic any good they choose.

      • Brussels is the cocaine capital of the world. The Paris shooters were from Belgium were they not? It is entirely plausible then that drug guns going through one of the largest ports in Europe could be picked up by terrorists easier than going to eastern europe.

  12. If this is indeed the case I wonder how the weapons were imported into France. It’s not like you can just drive to there from Phoenix.

    • The chances that any country has enough customs people to inspect the contents of every cargo container that comes off the increasingly massive ships are slim at best. And, if this gun did get walked south of the border from AZ, it wouldn’t take much to find some friendly customs inspector willing to do you a favor.

      • I have picked up and delivered hundreds of containers from west coast ports. They are ALWAYS sealed, sometimes with two thick, hardened, bolt-type seals. I have NEVER delivered a container that did not have the original shipping seal on it, intact. If customs, or any law enforcement agency, inspects a shipment, they have to break the original seal and then re-seal it with their own official seal, along with documentation to the driver as to the reason.

        Even crossing the U.S./Canada border the only inspection that generally takes place is that a certain percentage of trailers will be x-rayed and scanned for radioactives, just in case someone is trying to ship in a nuke, you know.

  13. Maybe the French will send in a team to pick up Holder, Noriega-style, in the dead of night. I know Mexico lacks the clout to get a former US official extradited for the mass-murders of a bunch of nameless peasants, but when a wealthy, nuclear-armed super-ally with the second-largest military in Europe suffers an act of war facilitated by an illegal arms smuggling operation under cover of our official government?

      • Don’t forget back in 1985 the French DGSE (Intelligence Service) sent an “action team” to New Zealand to sink the Rainbow Warrior.

      • For the historical record (I am not French), Napoleon was French and nearly ruled all of Europe and made it to Moscow before being turned back, Even Hitler and his vaunted Warmacht didn’t get into Moscow.

        The French forces fought the Germans to a draw in WW I, suffering horendous casualties along the way

        The French Army fought a valiant battle against the Nazis at the beginning of WW II and the partisans continued to fight right through liberation.

        Contrary to popular opinion/propaganda promoted by WW II historians the Vichy French in North Africa put up a solid fight against the American invasion forces before we convinced them to stand down.

        And then there is the French Foreign Legion.

        Throughout history the failure of the French Armies can be traced to inept generalship (even Napoleon in his decision to invade Russia), not to the unwillingness or inability of the individual French soldier to fight and fight well under totally incompetent officers.

        • +1. It’s lack of will amongst the leadership that gives the French their bad reputation, NOT the guy in the trenches.

  14. “Fully expecting Obama to come on TV today and blame the NRA and Americans’ easy access to guns, and also conspicuously avoid mentioning radical islam.”

    Shit guys I was joking goddammit.

    So this is a rifle that’s wrapped up in some Federal LE shenanigans? Maybe even a F&F gun? That means we’ll probably never hear the truth.

  15. This has me confused. So is this a total loss for gun owners because someone took advantage of the relatively easy process of buying a gun in AZ, and then sold them to terrorists? Or is this a win for us because it exposes Obama to be a corrupt hypocrite because of F&F scandal? Was the seller a known criminal who was not prosecuted because of his participation in F&F?

    • If I remember correctly, the F&F was a scandal because the ATF ordered (or knowingly allowed) gun stores to sell to known straw-purchasers. This was to establish credence to the “iron river” of guns flowing from the US to Mexico (which is ludicrous, because full-auto weapons can be smuggled from wherever or appropriated from the Mexican military – why put up with semi-auto fodder from the US?).

  16. Maybe this explains why Loretta Lynch made a recent trip to Arizona,in addition to meeting with B.J. Clinton to talk about their grandkids.

    • Back in the day, when Clinton had a secret rendezvous with an ugly woman, it wasn’t to discuss the grand kids.

    • Thanks for your comment, the ruester.

      Yes, indeed! It was David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh who brought the whistleblowers at into view. Everybody else who did anything with the story would never have known about it otherwise.

      I had the same thought that prompted your comment when I read the article. I really admire the good folks at Judicial Watch, but it was David and MIke and the ATF whistleblowers who deserve to get major credit for the story.

  17. So with the 130 deaths in Paris,the couple of thousands in Mexico and BP Agent Brian Terry, this now is how many victims attributable to the “Fast and Furious” fiasco?

  18. “TTAG was unable to independently verify this information, but given Judicial Watch’s prior work it is highly likely that the information is accurate.”

    What prior work, the blatant falsehood that they’re Vanderboegh and Codrea and broke F&F???

    • I guess I need to dial it back a notch. Nick didn’t say they broke the story, he said uncovered.

      Blogger David Codrea said of Judicial Watch and F&F:

      They have done a lot of uncovering. How instrumental they were in breaking is another matter altogether. I’d be interested to see when they first got involved and started publishing their findings.

  19. AZ Private gun owner, two prior violations of which one is for a machine gun and BATFE turn away and does nothing! NOTHING! Since when has that ever been documented? This stinks of Big Gov cover up, possible a gov sanctioned or pressured gun running scheme.

    As people have said the links are not pratical for a person to ship and illegal gun(s) as AK are abundantly avail within in a few hundred miles of Paris. But it could be very convienient for our Gov to do it. Was it shipped for use by “friedly” rebels then into terrorist hands ending up in Paris? Possibly a plot in support of the U. N. Treaty to stop trade in small arms by showing in a dramatic way the need for gun bans in the U.S. We the people will Never Ever know the truth on this one. The Gov publicly ID’ed the straw purchaser of the San Bernardino attack in a few week, so whats the hold up on this one: bet they are shredding files and typing back dated documents. If this MAJOR story is false why has the Gov/BATFE not addressed it?

  20. I think this one was already debunked. There was a story on guns from America being used in the attack months ago, and it turned out to be false. Unfortunately on the Internet, everything old is new again.

  21. Eh, maybe. But the Arizona guy could just a cop or some kind of Fed that they “professional courtesied” by not prosecuting.

  22. Here’s the point: “The firearm used in the Paris terrorist attacks may have been sold as part of the “Fast and Furious” scandal, with this individual being one of the straw purchasers that the ATF allowed to continue funneling firearms to Mexican cartels.”

  23. I just have a hard time imagining making any money off a gun bought at a gun store in AZ, smuggled around the world, and sold to a Muslim in Europe.

    Then again, maybe it was a Chinese SKS that jammed on that French train. That could explain our Muslims using ARs now…

  24. Wise up the fix is in, the treasonous Democratic party saw too that, Fast and Furious is under the table,
    Another false flag operation by Obama and his ties too the Muslim Brotherhood, this was another American sponsored attack, why do you think the shooter was allowed to buy a weapon in Florida!
    Benghazi was a waste of time! our political leaders have no balls just go along get along, the judicial dept and the supreme court are now against the people!
    Hillery will never be prosecuted for Sedition and Treason taking money from the Chinese so they can read her E-mail, Harry Reid and his Land grab gone South blaming the Bundies! the BLM boss should be Tarred and feathered after being fired with no pension!
    Obama impeached ain’t going to happen! He wants to destroy guns so bad that he has the ATF sponsor this BS
    Lois Learner should lose her pension and go Jail, So should the F***ups at the VA, Nullify the party of the Illuminati, the Democrats by not voting for them!

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