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The NRA’s not wrong here. Trying to sell NRA members and sympathetic others on the joys of Donald Trump is like trying to sell a Texan a GLOCK 43 for harvesting wild pigs. The best the NRA can do: promote The Donald as the anti-Hillary. Which is both true and…true. ‘Nuff said?

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    • Yes, but it’s OUR evil. It’s always better to be the man on the spiky throne than the guy getting his head chopped off.

      • Not MY evil. Unfortunately, as a single issue voter, I think I’m stuck with the lessor. I’ve held my nose and voted R for the last several cycles. What has that done for me? Clinton 2x, GWB 2x, and Obama 2x. We need people of character again. People like Madison, Washington, even Hamilton (as big government as he was) are better that any that have followed.

        Edit: I know Hamilton was never president. He was one of the great thinkers of the late 18th century.

        We’re far down the rabbit hole……………ballot, jury, ammunition. Which one next?

        • Don’t lose too much sleep, Congress would reign him in.

          He may not even be the nominee. There is plenty of time left for him to say something so awful that he would have to be dumped. A bland consensus candidate would then be the nominee.

      • In order of most to least desirable:
        1) A republican convention revolt where they dump the unelectable Trumpa Loompa and put ANYone else on the ballot. There’s still three weeks to go. They could do this. But it’s unlikely.

        2) An indictment against Hillary, which removes her political viability. Of course, now that Bill schmoozed the AG, that’s less likely. Sigh.

        3) Trump chooses a brilliant VP candidate. I don’t care who, Condoleeza Rice, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, hell, I’d take Newt Gingrich. Just not another Sarah Palin disaster, please. He wins the election. Then, the second “president” Trump does something outlandish and unconstitutional, both the R’s and D’s in Congress impeach the lying swindling sleazebag con artist, and we end up with a real president being elevated into the office.

        4) Barring all that, Texit. Screw accepting “evil”, cut the evil cancer out, jettison the dead weight and the parasites, and set your own course. To hell with “playing the game” that they try to corner us into. Accept (and even celebrate?) the lesser of two evils? Hell no. Screw that. Texit. It worked in 1776, it can work again.

        • Number 1 is unlikely, but I would support 2 – 4 completely.

          Just got back from my latest visit to Texas. In the past month I’ve been to Abilene, Midland and Dallas. I liked Midland the best.

        • I’d love the 2 or 4 to be honest… As a French guy that legally immigrate to Texas for a while, and came back in Europe when my visa did expired (because that’s what law abiding people do), I wouldn’t mind to migrate again, but to a free Texas this time… and hopefully this time the administration wouldn’t make it so difficult for legal migrants (when they already do it so easy for illegals).

      • I would have voted for Bernie. I would never vote for Hilary, if she wins it’s a guarantee of more of the same. However, if Trump wins, he will be held to a higher standard than Hilary or there will be blood in the streets. Trump it is.

    • So what are u gonna do about it?

      Lets spread out our votes to somebody with no hope of winning so that hillary can win?

      • Well, the principled libertarians and conservatives aren’t going to vote for Trump. The best we can hope for is that everyone else vote for Johnson to not split the vote. At this point, a vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary.

    • With Trump, there’s no problem replacing him with someone better down the road. He either floats or sinks in the next four years, but he’s nothing out of the ordinary for politics. He talks louder than he acts.

      With Hillary it’s a definite eight with her choice of replacement and scotus judges. She’s rigging the system in her favor and not even the FBI or congress can reign her in it seems.
      If she gets in it’s going to be bad and the trouble will last a long time.

  1. Vote Trump! He wasn’t my first choice, but Clinton is sure as hell my last choice and trump does have some good ideas and experience, not to mention supports the Second Amendment. As for voting for some third party or independent who has no chance of winning, might as well just stay home and let Clinton rack up anther vote ahead of Trump and in so doing, help her win the election.

    • I’m of a similar mind. Trump wasn’t my first choice. Or my second-to-last-choice. But when it comes to him versus Clinton, I’ll vote early and often for Not-Hillary. I won’t like it, but I’ll do it, because politics in this great nation is a festering cesspool.

    • I’m not so sure that when push comes to shove he will turn out to be all that pro gun.

      On the other hand I’m absolutely positive that H*ll*ry Cl*nt*n is anti-gun.

      So. This is a contest between “Oh, Shit!” and “Hell No!” I guess “Oh Shit!” is the choice.

      • Yeah, can’t disagree with you there. I will just never vote for Clinton and I will not waste my vote on someone I know has no chance of winning. I don’t completely trust Trump either, but he sure as hell wouldn’t be as bad as Clinton.

        • On gun rights? No, Trump will definitely be better than Clinton.

          But on everything else? You’ve got to listen to that idiot — his way of dealing with debt has typically been to just not pay. He stiffs his contractors, he doesn’t pay his bills, and he goes bankrupt to get out of paying his obligations. And he’s threatened to do that with the country already! Can you imagine the worldwide turmoil that would happen, and the utter destruction of American society, if that Trumphole puts out there that the USA is actually going to default on their debt? That the USA is going to “renegotiate” (meaning, a “haircut” or something similar) where investors don’t get paid back what they were promised?

          The US$ isn’t the Euro, or the Yen, or the Ruble. It’s the world’s reserve currency. And Trump’s already threatened to use his same techniques (stiffing the people we owe, slashing our obligations, and destroying the validity of the reserve currency).

          If Hillary wins, we’ll have 8 more years of Obama. A disaster, yes, but we might likely still have some manner of country left, even if it is disarmed. If Trump gets in and actually does any of the things that he’s repeatedly demonstrated are his go-to techniques? I don’t know that there will be an America left 8 years from now.

          It’s the Kobiyashi Maru. You don’t win by Trump winning, you’re screwed either way in a no-win scenario. The best possible course of action is “dump Trump” (which seems highly unlikely at this point, I know, but it’d be the best we could get).

        • I hear you, but I am a single issue voter. Second Amendment rights trump everything else (no pun intended), and Clinton would screw us over in every way imaginable.

        • ^^^ Bingo^^^
          In this election cycle, I’m a single issue voter. And that issue is the Second Amendment.

        • I’m also a single thing issue voter. Just not guns. It’s never vote for a Democrat. Everything else will work itself out with no Democrats.

          And by the way, I like Trump. He’s been my guy from Day 1.

  2. We can fix whatever Trump may screw up. Without war, we cannot fix what Hillary plans to do to our freedoms.

    • We can’t fix what’s wrong and remain united even now. It’s all arrangement of deck chairs on the Titanic. Liberty will only be restored through an Amexit; peaceful or otherwise. If not soon, the whole country will sink under the waves and there ain’t nearly enough lifeboats. In another 10 to 15 years, World War III will be the rest of the world against a tyrannical UNITED States.

  3. With the Supreme Court in play, a vote for Hillary Clinton will mean an end to liberty in this country.

    Maybe not for you, but certainly for your grandchildren.

    • Only if the Democrats win the Senate.

      The president doesn’t appoint Supreme Court justices. The president nominates a candidate, and the Senate confirms or rejects. The Senate has rejected before. They can do so again. There is no requirement for them to confirm any new Supreme Court justices at all in the next 4 years. If justices retire or die, then the congress can change the size of the court, eliminating any vacancies.

      Unlikely, yes. But not nearly as unlikely as the fearmongering hype that this particular election will be the end of all freedom just because Pantsuit gets to “nominate” (not appoint) POTENTIAL justices. In a time when the Dems can stage fake sit-ins on the House floor, who’s to say the Reps can’t just refuse to confirm candidates?

      • “The president doesn’t appoint Supreme Court justices.”

        The President does appoint the justices, and if the POTUS can but enough support, they will get confirmed.

        • Well, no, the president doesn’t appoint them. He nominates them, and if he gains the confirmation of the Senate, then they are appointed.

          Article 2 of the US Constitution, in part: “he shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint … Judges of the supreme Court…”

          If the Senate doesn’t consent, then there is no appointing done. The president, alone, cannot do anything to/with the Supreme Court.

        • This true and I appreciate the distinction. But very few POTUS nominees are rejected by Congress after all the deal making is over.

  4. Sure Trump it is(my potus vote counts ZERO in Illinois). We heard exactly the same about the weak-azz Mitt from the NRA- anything but the democrat party…

      • Rauner was elected(barely) partly from black folks sick of Quinn. After the budget debacles I can assure you Bruce’s reign will be one and done. Just another rich dude running for the 1st time(sound familiar?). Yeah I’m voting Donnie.

  5. Funny thing — people may not be able to vote for the Crusty Old Crook even if they want to. After the secret tete-a-tete between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch, it’s almost impossible for the FBI not to move against the Crook.

    I mean, we all know that Lynch and the Feebs are in the tank, but it just wouldn’t do to make it obvious. The Feebs are almost forced to toss Queen Hillary out of the lifeboat and let her sink or swim.

    • I’d love to see that happen, but I don’t think it will. It’s partisanship uber alles for the progbot legions.

    • My fondest wish: they indict Hillary, the Dems dump her, and the Repubs are emboldened by this and they drump the Trumpa Loompa too. We hit the reset button on the 2016 election, and everyone gets a do-over. It cannot possibly get any worse, it can only get better.

    • “After the secret tete-a-tete between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch, it’s almost impossible for the FBI not to move against the Crook.”

      I’ve heard rumors that more than a few FBI agents are prepared to go public if the FBI refuses to recommend prosecution.

      The FBI giving the IT guy immunity to prosecution for his testimony in this leads me to believe that they have something on her.

      The bottom line is the elephant in the room. There is only *one* thing that matters to Obama.

      Preserving his legacy. He has to be fully aware of the HildaBeast’s negative poll numbers, at least as bad as Trump’s. If he’s worried she may lose to Trump, he’ll throw her fat ass under the bus *fast*.

      One of the things that indicates to me he’s worried is the angry tone he’s using recently when referring to Trump, especially after the shock that the UK didn’t do as he instructed them to do. He used to just dismiss him as a credible Republican candidate.

      He isn’t laughing now. The FBI agents willing to quit and go public just may well force his hand on this one…

    • That’s actually starting to sound appealing.

      It beats a ringside seat at the fall of the American republic.

      • I respect your choice but I’d rather get in that last round of target shooting. And, I am probably part of a minority of gun owner’s that don’t actually enjoy target shooting.

        The end of one of the Squidbillies’ theme songs has it about right, I reckon. 😀

  6. Stockpile *ammunition*. That is all.

    **’s added to defeat the spam bot that tried to turn the word into an ad.

  7. Vote Democrat party= Hillary wins and is terrible for gun owners
    Vote Libertarian party= Hillary wins and is terrible for gun owners
    Vote Republican party= Trump MIGHT win and May be good for gun owners.
    It’s as simple as that.

    • Or dump Trump, nominate a real gun rights guy at a contested convention, and then voting Republican might be great for gun owners.

      Or secede, elevate Gov. Greg Abbott to President Greg Abbott, and get Constitutional Carry nationwide in the new Republic of Texas And Every Other State With The Good Sense To Secede From The Sinking Ship That Used To Be The USA But Has Been Rotted Through And Through By Parasitical Progressives.

      Might need to shorten that country name up a tad though.

      • Nobody is going to secede. So vote for trump or watch what rights you have go away. If hillary wins CA gun laws are going to look like the good old days.

        • We’ll see. Stranger things have happened. Six months ago you could have said “no way in hell the Republicans would ever nominate Trump.” Six months ago you could have said “no way on Earth an actual Socialist puts up a credible campaign.” Six months ago you would have said that there’s no way the House would devolve into a pajama party temper tantrum — we’re talking about the fricking U.S. House Of Representatives, for cryin’ out loud! They turned it into a pajama party.

          Four years ago, Obama was opposed to same-sex marriage. Today it’s the law of the land.

          They said Britain would never exit the EU.

          One day there was a Berlin wall. Next day there wasn’t.

          Are you really, really sure of what the landscape will look like over the course of the next four to eight years? I think secession is a remote possibility, but it’s a possibility.

      • Because Texas has Constitutional Carry now . . . right?

        Don’t get me wrong, I like Texas a lot but Texas gun laws are stricter that Virginia’s..

    • Vote for Trump. Sure, the country may have to lump along for a few years, but we can survive that. Vote for anyone else, Hillary wins and within a few years, we will likely go to war and a lot of people will die. Hillary wants to be a dictator, and if she wins, the US as we know it will end. I cannot say this enough: This election is for all the marbles. If we screw this up, we will probably lose our freedom for literally decades. Please, if you are reading this, be smart. If you truly believe in this country, the Constitution, and freedom, you will hold your nose and vote for Trump.

      • Agree on all points PLUS Trump did gain far more delegates then then his competitors. If Republicans try to take that away at convention, those who voted for him will stay home. Hillary will win by a landslide. Mittens, sore loser, needs to STFU.

      • >> Hillary wants to be a dictator, and if she wins, the US as we know it will end.

        8 years ago, you guys were saying the same exact thing about Obama, word for word. So, when’s that martial law coming?

    • IMHO, Hitlery has this in the bag. It was a done deal when she stood by her man. I suspect a lot of people are going to be very disillusioned after this election.

      Regardless, if she wins, there will be unrest. Likewise if he wins. By the way, it will never be business as usual again after January 2017, at the latest. The Union, as we have either known it or imagined it to be, is toast.

  8. Mistakes repeated no ron paul before 2016 >> no rand paul 2016 >> self diss
    But yes trump is the second worstcase behind hillary so trump ^^

  9. Im philosophic.. I vote the R.. not the D.. straight ticket.. Ds will be railroaded to vote against the second amendment, even of they “claim” to be for guns.. dont screw yourself.. vote for our second amendment rights.. period.

  10. I just voted in the Australian Federal Election.

    I put the Greens last on the lower house ballot. And put the “Shooters, Fishers, and Farmers” party first on the Senate ballot.

  11. Over the last few years, the press has been pushing the idea of a Republican civil war. I think they are on the verge of getting it and it won’t be confined to heated discussions amongst the Yale and Harvard credentialed elites over who controls the kick-backs. Trump has earned enough delegates to be the nominee on the first ballot and all the scheming to change rules, filing a lawsuit to release delegates from their commitment or other attempts to outright steal the nomination from the candidate chosen by primary voters will tear the party to pieces.

    I have sucked-it-up and cast ballots for some really horrible candidates favored by the establishment: Dole, W, Romney and even that old guy who was on the ballot with Palin (she earned my vote). So, to all those NeverTrump-ers, DumpTrump-ers and establishment types in need of some Preparation-H, I say this: Suck-it-up and vote Trump… you owe those of us who went along with your twenty damn years of crap candidates at least that much!

  12. Trump is the man!
    Statements made by Donald Trump

    Make America great again

    Restore respect for USA

    Build the wall

    Revise tariffs

    Strengthen Military

    Help veterans

    Protect 2nd amendment

    Eliminate IRS

    Reduce taxes

    Get rid of Obama care

    Appoint conservative judges

    Strengthen economy

    Eliminate Common Core

    Countries pay us back for help

    Remove illegal executive orders by Obama

    Negotiate better treaties and deals

    Destroy Islamic Muslim terrorists

    Unite Republican Party

    Select smart cabinet members and advisors

    Beat Hilary in general election

    How could any conservative be against this?
    Vote Hillary or democrat and the country is done!

    • Even a cursory Google search can find that he’s said completely contradictory statements, repeatedly, and more recently, on many if not most of those subjects. Even more of his stated policy goals either won’t do anything to remedy those problems, or even work to exacerbate them. Especially your precious wall, and foreign trade/jerbs policy.

      But it sure felt fun to vote “Cathartic Release 2016,” after told you the media didn’t want him to win, didn’t it?

  13. Trump can eat a dick, and you know what? So can the NRA, these days. Gun rights are in a tight enough spot as it is without their weakness destroying what few advantages we have remaining.

    Our side was doing just fine, sticking to the “Screw You” strategy of rigid, unapologetic refusal to hear these moronic reactionary gun control proposals. But first Feinstein, followed shortly by none other than Trump, discovered they could get the cowardly “National Security” Republicans on board with gun control by conflating criminal usage with terrorists after the San Bernadino shooting. The NRA was also right there with them, for no reason at all that I can understand given their previous strategic standing.

    Now that we’ve allowed this weakness to flourish, the dems are boldly passing intentionally unconstitutional laws at the state level, hoping to force a challenge & reversal of Heller, McDonald, and even Miller. An election that was in the bag in favor of gun rights for once, due to the weakest opposition candidate in history, is now somewhere between an unprecedented rout and a moot point, due to such backsliding & confusion on gun control and individual liberties by the presumptive candidate Trump. After securing the most state and national congressional representatives on the side of gun rights (at least nominally) enormous numbers of ‘down ballet’ candidates now find themselves at odds with the figurehead of the party and vulnerable whether they flip flop to keep up with him, or reject his bullshit to stick to their principles. The old guard of Gun Control birthed from the sixties turmoil & assassinations was on the verge of dying off and being forgotten, and now several of the biggest rising stars in the opposition party as well as the primary stated policy goals of Hillary are the most onerous gun laws we’ve yet encountered. The population of gunowners that was exploding at unprecedented rates among all demographic groups, is about to slow dramatically & reverse in these highly populated statist shitholes that have openly dedicated their public policy to making gun ownership suicidally dangerous. We had just forced none other than Chicago & DC to finally permit conceal carry –hell we’d forced DC to allow unlicensed open carry for a day!– and now we are forced to begin adopting a defensive posture for the next ten years or so, retreating back the states where our support & freedoms are most entrenched to defend against incoming federal overreach.

    Whether it is directly due to Trump’s influence as an obvious spoiler for the predictable conservative wave election we were about to enjoy, so-called ‘conservative’ values voters not having any idea at all what their principles actually were (assuming they ever actually had any, and weren’t just following whichever party said the nastiest things about groups they despise), or some combination of the two, we’ve managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, just as we were about to start making permanent gains on the treatment of the second amendment. Had a real conservative won on conservative principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility –which goes along with gun rights– we would likely be seeing 5-4 or 6-3 supreme court rulings striking down May Issue & NFA policy, decades-old import bans coming down at last, and even legislative reform or repeals of even older fundamental gun laws.

    Instead we’re staring down the barrel of the two largest & most influential states in the union doubling down on ridiculous gun control, the largest political party openly pursuing outright bans & confiscation on entire classes of commonly owned weaponry in a resurgent position before a presidential election, and our own candidate is of the belief that having the power to arbitrarily put people on a secret list to be denied their civil liberties without Due Process and a pathetic kangaroo court for an appeals process –like the freaking Star Chamber– is a pro-gun position because he isn’t actively calling for the AR15 to be banned.

    “I’m voting Trump, because he’ll burn this motherfucker down!” –Congratulations, Trump Republicans, and especially Trump Democrats


        • You mean in “see Spot run” sentences like a slow kid? Or repeating yourself three times constantly when talking so stupid people buy into your bullshit lies, the greatest lies, the best lies, beautiful lies?


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