The Trace Traces Clinton’s Stance on Guns


The anti-gun agitprop propagators at Michael Bloomberg’s The Trace has assembled direct quotes from Ms. Clinton indicating that the Democratic presidential candidate supports gun rights. Oh wait! The quotes do no such thing. In fact, The Trace provides the pro-gun side with additional ammo for their argument that Ms. Clinton is to gun rights what the Orkin army is to cockroaches. Check it out . . .

“The Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment. And I am going to make that case every chance I get.”


Funded by the aforementioned anti-ballistic billionaire bully boy, Democrats have decided that they can say it loud and say it proud: individual Americans don’t have a Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, as determined by the Supreme Court’s Heller and McDonald decisions.

By opposing the Supreme Court’s decision affirming and incorporating Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, Ms. Clinton revealed her unabashed, unalloyed antipathy to gun rights. Full stop.

“I do not believe that the NRA represents most gun owners. They sure don’t represent the majority of Americans. But they have so intimidated elected members of Congress and other legislative bodies that these people are passing the most absurd laws.”


The NRA enjoys more popular support — a 58 percent favorability rating — than Congress, Ms, Clinton and the media. Yet Ms. Clinton’s slavish devotion to Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals playbook requires that she demonize someone for the firearms freedom she detests. The NRA is it.

Equally, Ms. Clinton’s use of the word “absurd” to characterize laws protecting gun rights tells us what we need to know about that. Again.

“A good first step is closing the ‘Charleston loophole’ in our gun laws, which allows a person otherwise prohibited from buying a gun — such as a domestic abuser or other violent criminal — to buy one if a background check isn’t completed within three business days. This loophole allowed the alleged Charleston shooter to buy his gun despite his prior arrest record.”


The anti-gun left created the term “Charleston loophole” to exploit a horrific mass murder — and obscure the fact that the FBI failed in its statutory obligation to process an “instant” firearms background check in the required three days. Ms. Clinton would like to see the three-day period abolished, allowing the government to delay firearms purchases indefinitely. As Martin Luther King pointed out, a right delayed is a right denied.

“If the FBI is watching you for suspected terrorists links, you shouldn’t be able to just go buy a gun.”

If the FBI is watching you for suspected terrorists links, you shouldn’t be able to vote. Or have due process. Etc. This is naked government tyranny, brought to you by a woman who wants to be president who views laws protecting gun rights as “absurd.”


  1. avatar John L. says:

    Re the photo, orange suits her well.

    1. avatar Andrew Lias says:

      She should have an all orange extended sleepover and bring plenty of her friends.

      1. avatar Chicago Steve says:

        Maybe Martha Stewart can give her advice. Although, i’m willing to bet that Martha made the best toilet wine and presented it in a basket woven from toilet paper.

      2. avatar Naz says:

        She could use it as an opportunity to register new voters if her extended stay is in Virginia.

    2. avatar Jiz says:

      have you seen those T-shits and signs that say “Hilary for Prison 2016”?

      “If the FBI is watching you for suspected SAP/TS/SCI violations, you shouldn’t be able to just go and run for President”

  2. avatar John says:

    “This is naked government tyranny, brought to you by a woman who wants to be president who views laws protecting gun any of your rights as “absurd.””

    FIFY. Who needs those pesky rights when the government will see to all of your justifiable needs?

    1. avatar FedUp says:

      “Naked” and HRC should never be mentioned in the same sentence. Some of us might be eating…

      1. avatar General Zod says:

        You have to admit, it makes for an excellent appetite control technique.

        1. avatar Cliff H says:

          Bulimia is not an appetite control technique.

  3. avatar FormerWaterWalker says:

    Does the midget meglomaniac know his creation isn’t toeing the line? 🙂

  4. avatar Arkansas kurt says:

    I have a liberal enclave of cousins that live in kansas. Prior to the FBI director calling clinton incompetent, all I saw on my Facebook news feed out of them was a bunch of pro hillary stuff. These cousins of mine are real died in the blue freedom hating, Obama lovin, communist leaning liberals. Since then, I see nothing out of them. I don’t know what this implies, being anecdotal, but it gives me hope that maybe even they may in the very least abstain from voting.

  5. avatar Shire-man says:

    I have my fingers crossed one of her dozen or so health/brain issues results in a Scanners-esque dome pop during the debates.

    1. avatar Mack Bolan says:

      Now that would be “TV worth watching”

    2. avatar billy-bob says:

      “She blowed up good, she blowed up real good!”

  6. avatar Joe R. says:

    This is news if you can ignore the POS (D) after her name.

    If you live in a blue state, you may be part of the problem (but (if not) it definitely looks from here like you need to take one for the team). If you have a (D) after your name, are a liberal_progressive_communist, or rino, the problem is part-of-you, you are permanently damaged, and your mother owes us an abortion.

    “Guns” ain’t the only problem with the (D). It’s barely the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

    With the Ohole administration giving over the remainder of control over the internet to foreign concerns, we may be all running up into the coffin-corner of our time and opportunity to get this out (peaceably, and without great use of ‘arms’). So, I’d like to get this out as often as I can. FU(D). FU-n’ the mothers you dropped out of (spit on the ground). Eat sh_t and live.

  7. avatar Chadwick says:

    Yes yes and you Gary Johnson idiots can still vote for open borders, anti-gun measures, and your “principles”. Or against the most pro-gun candidate. Depending on how you look at it and how much critical thought you can muster and if you vote for GJ or HRD that’s probably not much.

    On a lighter not… Orkin’s army and calling it Ms. Clinton almost made me laugh and I’m having a bad day so that’s awesome. Thanks Robert for brightening my day even if just a bit.

  8. avatar Omer Baker says:

    “I do not believe that the NRA represents most gun owners. They sure don’t represent the majority of Americans…”

    I don’t believe that the NAACP represented the majority of Americans in the 1950’s and 60’s, but they were promoting civil rights for a minority of Americans.

  9. avatar Bob says:

    “…which allows a person otherwise prohibited from buying a gun — such as a domestic abuser or other violent criminal — to buy one if a background check isn’t completed within three business days.”

    Wait, wait wait. So, does this mean violent criminals and wife beaters, aren’t locked up, are out and about, living amongst us? And all you are doing with this list of violent people is denying them firearms purchases?

    So Hill-Z, why exactly aren’t you keeping them locked up? Seems like, if you could keep them locked up, or genuinely rehabilitate them, a back ground check wouldn’t even be a needed thing.

    Then if you’re not in jail, you’re safe, and good to go and can own a gun. It’s almost like you are saying, “we aren’t safe, we can’t keep violent criminals in prison, nor rehabilitate them well enough to deem them truly safe”. Sounds like a great reason to own a gun.

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Precisely correct. If a prohibited person even handles a firearm in the gun store, that person is due 5 years in federal prison. If that word does not come back in time to prevent the delivery, that should make no difference in the treatment of that person, who should be arrested, tried, convicted, and imprisoned. The bitch’s bitch comes from the fact that NOBODY is prosecuted, the entire goal of the law is to prevent sales and justify more restrictive laws.

  10. avatar JMAC says:

    Thank the Nevertrumpers for 2-3 decades of an Anti-2A Supreme Court should she win…

    1. avatar Sean says:

      Oh, if your Cheeto Jesus is the winner he says he is, he shouldn’t need the small percentage of Republicans who won’t vote for him! I thought you guys would “win so much you’ll get tired of winning.” Sad!

      1. avatar John says:

        Victory would be more certain if we didn’t have so many traitors trying to hand victory to the leftists.

        1. avatar Sean says:

          Yeah… Look up some polls, it’ll help. Reading always helps. 🙂

      2. avatar Bill in IL says:

        What’s your solution then genius?

        1. avatar Sean says:

          Easy. Join the NRA, vote for third party or write in to send a message to the major parties about how unacceptable both candidates are, and lobby the RNC to pull their money from Trump and put it into the Senate and House races that maintain Republican majorities in the legislature. Also vote in local and state elections.

          What’s your solution, vote for the guy whose giving Hilary the easiest race of her life? Tell the RNC that Trump is the kind of candidate we want? Try thinking next time.

  11. avatar Scott says:

    During the first Democrat Debate in October 2015:

    Anderson Cooper asked each candidate: “You’ve all made a few people upset over your political careers. Which enemy are you the most proud of?”

    Clinton: “Well, in addition to the NRA, the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the Iranians. Probably the Republicans.”

  12. avatar NYC2AZ says:

    If you’re being watched by the FBI, you shouldn’t be allowed to buy a gun run for president.

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