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“In white veils, our walkers silently held posters with the photos and names of the Aurora victims, alongside two dozen of us. We chanted in the BlackRock atrium, went up to employees smoking outside, and said: ‘If you work for BlackRock, shame on you, go tell your CEO to drop these stocks right now.’ You have blood on your hands. We had a die-in—outside, on the sidewalk, we chalked the outlines of those bodies and threw popcorn and fake blood, because that’s what that theater looked like after the massacre.” GAG media coordinator Tim Murphy in Can Gays Against Guns Break the American Gun Industrial Complex? [via]


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Prosecute AR-15-Winning Oregon Pastor?">Previous Post
Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: There's One Mexican Gun Store, And That's It">Next Post


      • The lamestream marxist/progressive mass media was already largely leaning/activists that supported degenerates of all stripes. They are not gun owners/users/supporters so while they do react to guns as Hillary does to wolfbain, it does not indicate they are particularly influential in the current ongoing antigun unpleasantness.

        With sodomy activism they were able to support something the activists could recast as a positive “movement”. The opposite situation exists with guns. The majority of the population support the concept of the 2nd and a huge number of gun owners (as least in free states) passion defend our gun rights. Different situation (opposite) of the sodomy lobby’s program.

  1. “I’m a historically oppressed minority hated by two-thirds of the worlds population and put to death by the governments of 15 nations! Disarm me now!”

    Makes sense.

    • I’m copying that for my internet wisdom quote bank, and dammit you owe me a new keyboard.

    • No Shire-man, it makes perfect sense. Being gay has been almost universally rejected as a “life-style choice” by all cultures for all of history. Even Spartans that had same sex relationships as part of their warrior culture, expected those same Spartans to marry and have children; or be publically ostracized and shunned.. Any culture that does not see protecting marriage with the intent to have children as the primary purpose of society, dies very quickly, historically speaking..

      The GAG movement is simply acknowledging the reality of the state’s use of it’s power to force rhe rest of society to accept the gay agenda. The gay culture, (as well as the the women’s rights movement, B.L.M, multi-culturalism, etc.) is being used by the liberal/progressives with the intent to destroy our traditional cultures family values, individual responsibility and personal freedoms, to be replaced by the cult of the Nanny State.

      So of course the GAG movement is simply acknowledging, by their symbolic action of surrendering their right to KABA to their masters, who has the power to force the agenda of maybe two percent of the total population, along with the other apects of the statist agenda, on the rest of society.

    • And they live in a country where they have the legal, moral, constitutional, god given right to possess the means with which to protect themselves and they refuse. Life is about choices. We make our choices and reap the rewards or pay the consequences. Sometimes it is a little but of both.

  2. “we chalked the outlines of those bodies and threw popcorn and fake blood”

    You have a right to protest, but when does it transition to littering or vandalism?

    • You have a right to protest on public property. Not in the atrium of a privately held firm.

      Heads should have been cracked open.

      • You have the right to protest YOUR GOVERNMENT. In the absence of that it’s assault on private individuals, trespassing and disruption of commerce.

        If they haven’t protested their government first, then it is just subversive behavior.

      • You’re completely right, but look at who we’re dealing with here. Gay America has been hijacked by the neo-Soviet progressives in the same way as black America. The growing fanaticism of college SJW culture in the past five years alone has made it perfectly clear that the left wants a national hive mind and will use mob violence to intimidate everyone to conformity, and the media is on their side. I predict that once the welfare well runs totally dry, mobs of “protected classes” will band together and go on Leninist witch hunts through the suburbs. After all, it’s not like these mobs respect private property let alone believe in its existence.

        • Don’t disparage too much, the college SJWs are their own worst enemy and are actively turning the tide against themselves. Hopefully that trend will continue for the next decade or so, because then we would have a young, educated population who realizes and understands the idiocy and hypocrisy of the left.

        • I’m cool with the ‘growing fanaticism of college SJW culture’.

          When they start showing up in corporate HR departments demanding their ‘safe spaces’, it will free up job openings for those who actually need the work…

        • Protected class mobs which invade suburbs, especially “white” ones, will quickly discover a rifle aimed from every house with someone’s life savings tied up in it. Behind each rifle will be the blazing eyes of a homeowner determined to protect what is his.

          During the L.A. riots in 1992 rapper Sister Souljah called for rioters to go and burn down white suburbs instead of their own ‘hoods. She got no takers & was even dissed by Bill Clinton. Rioters ain’t that stupid.

  3. It may just be me, but why can’t these people commit public suicide to “demonstrate” how guns kill people?

    • Great point. Buddist monks used gasoline and self-immolation to make their point. The pig was committed to making the farmer’s breakfast. The chicken was just “involved”.

      To damn many progtards are allowed to run/influence the world by being “involved”/whining. Should require commitment. “Skin in the game and accept the consequences nancy or STFU”.

      • That’s why the Founders put restrictions on who could vote. I’m thinking of property ownership, of course.

  4. We chanted in the BlackRock atrium, went up to employees smoking outside, and said: ‘If you work for BlackRock, shame on you, go tell your CEO to drop these stocks right now.’

    I’m not sure which Blackrock they are protesting. However I have about 25 grand tied up in a Blackrock investment fund. It’s done a little better than my other investments. I didn’t know the fund had stock in gun companies. maybe that explains it. Thanks Obama/hillary. I appreciate it.

    • I just did a little research and yes indeed, the GAG folk are protesting at the same mutual fund I’m currently invested in. I just sent an email to blackrock encouraging them to keep their investments in gun stocks. If they bow to the anti gun pressure, I will move my money elsewhere.

      • Thanks for the tip. I’m going to get hold of my Edward Jones guy and see what I can do.

        • I’m just a little guy. So are you. So is everyone else here. We can vote and it helps the pro gun (freedom) cause. We can talk to individuals and groups about the pro gun (freedom) cause and it helps. We can take newbies shooting and it helps.

          This is america though. In america, money talks. As individuals and as a group, we can do more good by withholding financial backing to those who would support anti gun (anti-freedom) agendas, than any of the before mentioned methods.

          When being anti gun makes people poor, people will rethink being anti gun.

        • “When being anti gun makes people poor, people will rethink being anti gun.”

          No it won’t.

          Progressivism is all about the concept of dragging everybody down to an equally low level.

          The will ‘proudly’ bear that cross. They will feel righteous about it…

      • Thanks for the info and I will do the same. Invest in S&W/Ruger or Tesla/Solendra/CNN? Really a hard choice.

        Invest smart AND support ones agenda. Win win.

      • I wonder who they pay more attention to, smelly faggots screeching and protesting in the atrium, or people who actually invest with them?

  5. Say what you will about their motives and politics, but at least the gays are willing to act up and protest to achieve their goals. Gun owners, particularly those in endangered states like California, Oregon and Massachusetts better get off their fat asses before it’s too late. And, that goes for the rest of us too. The days when we could rely on the permanency of the Bill of Rights are over.

    • What are you smoking? Gun owners have been protesting at capitols in anti-gun states and going to carry rallies all over the country for years; acting on infinitely better behavior than any of these leftist groups have for decades. Big Media just refuses to cover it in any way that doesn’t involve the wholesale demonization of our rights, and so we turn to the internet to make our voices heard as best we can. At least we don’t resort to the desecration of private property and mob intimidation like this lot.

      • waffensammler98,

        What have you been smoking? California supposedly has about 9 million firearm owners. And yet all they can muster is about 200 people to show up at a rally/protest. That is 0.0022% of firearms owners, or about one in 45,000 firearm owners. That is so far beyond pathetic that there isn’t a word to describe it.

        On the other hand, if just one in 100 firearm owners would attend a rally/protest, that would be a crowd of 90,000 people descending on Sacramento (or an alternate location more centralized to the population core). Add an air of extreme dissatisfaction that could “blossom” into something more destructive for the politicians and those firearm owners in California would most definitely have the attention of their politicians.

        Come back and tell me how active and effective firearm owners are when even one in 1000 firearm owners attend rallies/protests.

        • I can’t speak for anyone else, and generally don’t want to. So I will speak for myself when I point out that the few protests that I have wanted to attend happened during a time when I had to work so that I could afford to NOT be on welfare, etc. and could over time afford the possibility of upgrading my personal protection options to something besides sticks, fists and rocks.

          Maybe I’m just a slacker…
          What really sucks is when I finally bought a canoe so that I could enjoy what little free time I do have. Do you know how tippy those things are? So now I’m back to rocks, sticks and fists. grrr.

        • I honestly don’t know what to think of California as someone who has never lived there, but I’m sure I know how lots of life-long pro-gun residents stuck there feel as an NJ gun owner.

          The politicians in both NJ and CA are so insanely distant from their constituents, and have lived with democratic supermajorities for so long, that they refuse to recognize the existence of anyone but their own. I have lived my whole life here, and grown to see NJ as a lost cause. Before long I’ll move to greener pastures. Call me a pessimist, that’s just what years of keeping my eyes and ears open on the subject of guns here has done to me. Part of me wants to say the same about Cali, but I also believe the only real solution would be for that state to split in two along a north/south line.

          You must live in a pro-gun state, so it must be frustrating to see a lack of decisive action on our part where it matters while the left’s got protesting down to a science. I’ve spent my whole life in NJ, so when I see things like campus carry and OC in Texas, it brightens my day because I know pro-gun states are becoming moreso in the face of adversity elsewhere in the country. These may be baby steps, but they still matter.

          Balkanization of the country is inevitable at this point, so spend your money in places where it counts as I do. I go out of my way to shoot and buy all things gun related in Pennsylvania or Delaware, because at least my rights are respected there.

    • Seen a gay pride parade lately?
      These people are so pathetically desperate for attention, this sort of thing is instinctive.

      • I actually marched in one last week. It was amazing to see the transformation — people I knew as professionals who have their sh!t together showed up in bizarre hairdos and attire so unflattering to their figures that it scarred my eyes.

        I guess it’s effective at getting attention, but it’s hard to take anyone seriously when they look like that.

        My daughter, on the other hand, marched as her usual beautiful self — in a t-shirt that said “NOBODY KNOWS I’M A LESBIAN” on the front. I kind of want one for myself. 🙂

  6. This is awesome. In 30 years of ACT UP stunts, there is still no cure for AIDS and it’s fallen off the national radar. GAG has the potential to suck all the air out of Everytown, Brady, etc and make wacky gay guys the face of gun control. Gay marriage wasn’t enough. Shared bathrooms wasn’t enough. Now they want your guns. With GAG leading the way, attempts at gun control will fail for the next 30 years.

    • Every year in Texas there is the Texas Women’s Anglers Tournament. That’s not a joke. It’s a real thing. I remember when I saw the acronym on the Parks and Wildlife calendar of events. I was just floored.

  7. I hope I am not censored for this, but it is fact of biology and recent history that the unsheathed gay male appendage has been responsible for more deaths than all firearms owned by law abiding civilians for all time. Therefore they should be considered assault weapons and banned immediately. Unprotected gay male sex should be again made illegal because it is too risky a behavior. Being scientifically valid conclusions, they will be ignored by politicians and the media.

  8. So, let me see. They feel it is perfectly acceptable to trample on my rights so…………………

    tell me again how I shouldn’t stomp the crap out of any rights they demand?

  9. So a group of people that has been oppressed and treated unfairly for a good number of years because of something they do now wants to oppress a different group of people and have them treated unfairly because of something that group does.

    Or did I oversimplify it too much?

    • You didn’t simplify jack, the left really is that childish. Notice how the old hippies who protested in support of free speech at UC Berkeley and elsewhere back in the day have been curtailing the very freedom they fought for now that they run the institutions. Same thing is happening here

      • Reminds me of the big to-do a few years back over the “defacing” of an old piece of hippie graffiti (in Seattle, I think it was). Someone tacked “WHY?” onto the end of the venerated “Question authority” slogan, and all the lefties gave birth to kittens.

  10. GAG!? When they were coming up with their name did they go for a max irony score or did they contact the guys from Southpark and ask them for a Team America-esque name?

  11. I wonder if they’d have let me have some of their popcorn to munch on while watching their performance?

    Man, they are just so butthurt over firearms rights. Sorry that was crass and I usually try to keep it classy and intellectual on this site but c’mon.

  12. The lover’s of Ernst Rohm would be proud.
    The founders of ACT UP publicly admitted several years ago the group was based on Adolf Hitlers book Mien Kampf. (see the Sacramento Bee 1993 or 1994).
    Which makes sense because the SA or “brown shirts “, we’re founded by and lead by homosexuals. Sure they had plenty of straight racists in the group. But the leadership was evil racist homosexual white men. Tough ruff homosexual men destroyed many lives in Germany.

    That right I said it. You can read books about this or watch the History Channel. The British WW2 documentaries tend to be more honest than the American ones when the subject of the SA is discussed.

    It was the SA who confiscated guns of the “undesirable” in Germany. I doubt they will teach that gay history in California to 5th graders.

    Homosexuals disarmed the City of San Francisco. They closed the last gun store in SF. They wanted government cameras in private business to spy on customers.
    The proud gay white man, law maker Tom Ammiano wrote the law in California, making stalking victims wait an additional 10 days to get a gun.
    I wonder how many women have been raped while wait to get a gun????

    Homosexuals in the past supported ACT UP attacking churches.
    Now will they attack a mosque????
    Or will they work to disarm the homosexual population of Orlando Florida? ???

    It seems those right wing white Christians who have sex in the missionary position with the lights off have many more guns than gays do. Christians made different lifestyle choices.

    Harvey Milk was the one and only pro second amendment homosexual leader. Today the gay leadership is anti-freedom. They are anti-liberty.

  13. So much for the “what goes on behind closed doors is nobody else’s business” myth. That was always a lie. These people have always longed for approval and embrace of their lifestyle choices, not simply tolerance or indifference.

    I can’t wait for the front lines in 21st century America’s pseudo-civil rights struggle to shift from the bedroom to the bathroom. Oops! Its already happening! First came trannies in the dunnies. What’s the next salvo?

    Smart money says they’ll assail the urinal. It’s a porcelain micro aggression, I tell you! Hanging there, judging all, it’s mocking you, son, for sitting to pee. “Stalls for all!”, the crybabies will cry.

    Our national narcissism of minor differences will compel others to jump on the bathroom bandwagon. In solemn tones, adults will debate rights to and practices of bathroom behavior and how personal preferences can somehow be converted in public grievances. When you’re done, rise to wipe or remain seated? On toilet paper: single or two ply, scented or non, colored or plain, patterned or quilted, crumpled in a wad or neatly folded? Rock ‘n roll and cola wars, I can’t take it anymore!

    At the height of the absurdity, we’ll see defiant young people, speaking truth to, well, to nobody who cares and to everyone who prefers they’d just hush up and keep private matters private. Loud and proud, they’ll march and chant in pretentious parades. And you just know, some self-righteous jackwagon will sport a T-shirt that reads “NOBODY KNOWS I’M A CRUMPLER” written across the front.

  14. I have heard that pointing and laughing works very well. It non-violently can end protests by taking the wind completely out of their sails.

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