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  1. She even makes the Army BDU’s look good. Ummm, I wonder why they picked her for the NG “commercial” though?

    • This ad is so sexist and insulting to most women in the Army. I think it is discrimination to use a cute woman in an ad and not an unattractive, loyal, hard-working, and efficient large woman to represent the service.

  2. She wanted to better herself for her later career to become a police officer? Well, it could have been worse.

    • Don’t you think this lady could improve any PD? She shouldn’t carry a gun of course. But, just having her strut around HQ and parking lot doing “whatever,” could inspire the force to seek improved muscle tone and pounds shed. We need her it my township. It’s a health issue. (What a classic, thanks.)

  3. I’d think she was pretty cute even if I hadn’t seen her with 85% less clothes on already.

    She wants to be a cop, and she’s listed as “Basic Training, Military Police.” Does this mean she actually did get to do what she wanted? I thought that’s just what the recruiter promised you to get your ass on the bus?

    • Joining the military is a “quick and dirty” method of gaining law enforcement experience needed for qualification into the FBI, Secret Service, or other federal law enforcement body. The alternative means the applicant has to either go to college and/or join a police agency, and college isn’t a financial option for a lot of families lucky to dodge foreclosure.Joining a civilian police agency in an age of public budget cuts is a shaky plan , but Uncle Sam is always hiring

      A lot of Air Force Security Forces troops I knew are in uniform with aspirations on joining other Law Enforcement agencies down the road.

      • I believe the FBI (and other Fed LE agencies) require a 4-year degree either way. The difference is by joining the Military, you can go to college on the GI Bill and other Tuition Assistance programs the military has.

        But your point is still valid for the most part.

      • If she was in a thong she would not be boring. I didn’t find anything she had to say interesting or new, so yup boring.

  4. i really like the lady from Venezuela, she is on point, yet she was happy to celebrate with her teammates after her awesome string with the Vaquero revolver.

  5. Robert, you’ve lost me. You are a silly, puerile, and sexist little man. For some reason you get off on triggering this kind of controversy, and I am tired of your juvenile posts. This is supposed to be “The Truth About Guns,” and instead it’s “The Truth About Robert’s Unresolved Issues About Women.” You are a walking advertisement for why 2nd amendment support is limited to men. Good work, dude.

    • “You are a silly, puerile, and sexist little man”

      I hear you. How does it make you feel deep down in your gut that Robert is like that?

    • Phil H: Now you’ve done it. I just can’t believe you called Robert ‘silly.’ The Truth About Guns is in the reviews and certain of the editorial content. The rest is really, I assume, intended to lighten a break from options trading, trust drafting, or applied library science, once a person, be it a man or woman, has decided that unlike the SEC enforcement division staff, he doesn’t think eight hours of tranny porn is the healthy choice for leisure minutes. I, too, wish more articles dealt with the frank details of lower court soon-to-be-overturned holdings concerning evidence chain-of-custody, but this simply cannot be expected on a site with a general readership. I have yet to read here, I note, a credible comparison of 10 gun lubes on old revolvers in a salt-water torture test so I, too, have my reservations. You are not alone.

    • Just caught this, guess so:

      Robert Farago says:
      February 16, 2012 at 6:24 AM
      If I did I wouldn’t post it. But this brand/website belongs to its readers. I am a slave to the brand.

  6. You can’t be all things to all people. A PC “safe supportive environment” site is going to lose plenty of men. In most cases, when any organization liberalizes, feminizes, and tries to be PC the men take off and quality drops. Look at American firms that have gone all into that type of culture and look at the USG. Christian and Jewish denominations that have liberalized and gone all PC sensitive have had the men leaving in droves. Robert is probably aware of how Jewish men have disappeared from, the super-liberal PC Reformed Jewish Movement except for the few remaining eunuchs. The big question there, which they seem unable to answer, is ‘where are all the men?’ TTAG is no where near that type of cross-roads issue of needing to choose yet very long term the shrill yelping of the massing of the harpies intimidates men to shutting up and being dominated. Men either turn into zombies or grab their kit and bug out.

  7. I think, or should I say “feel” that it is insulting that she talks about candy and ice cream. Yes she is obviously burning lots of calories running around in the woods with all those clothes on but Team 44 featuring Ms. O are out working very hard every day to make sure that our kids eat well. We cant have these attractive people in camo promoting poor habits…I think, I mean feel that I should report her to the Truth Team.

  8. First off, it wasnt just me who got picked to do an interview in Basic. Yes i went to better my self as a person and i wanted some training and the experience to then become a cop later in life. I am going to college for my degree. Jesus people, could you judge an harder?
    “This ad is so sexist and insulting to most women in the Army. I think it is discrimination to use a cute woman in an ad and not an unattractive, loyal, hard-working, and efficient large woman to represent the service.”

    How is it sexist? I fucking worked hard through Basic like any one else. I was a PT stud, Paid attention, and had a great experience. If you thinnk i looked cute there… lol anyways. Who says im not loyal or hard working? Thats Bullshit. Plus why in the hell would a fat ass be in the army? That isnt Army standards.

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