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One of my favorite reality TV shows is “Auction Hunters”.  At the NRA convention, Clinton “Ton” Jones was ambling his way across my path, his distinctive tattoos the thing that prompted my recognition.

With his partner Allen Haff, they cross the country scoring sweet swag at storage locker auctions.  Ton’s face lights up when they score shooting irons, and it is always fun to see them wheel and deal over vintage firearms.

“You know what I love about your show?” I said.  “The lack of drama.”

Ton nodded “Yeah, we’re just there to do business and make money.”

Unlike some shows that feature firearms, they save the drama for their mama and work out their differences like grown up.  Take a note, like, everyone.

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  1. I do enjoy their show, it’s nice to see two people getting along so well. Plus, they always find the most interesting cra- err, stuff.

  2. That is why I like that show too. Firstly they disclose that the super money lockers they find are a handful amongst many, unlike the other shows. Second it is not about Drama, it is about finding stuff they can make money on. It also seems that Ton has a legit interest in firearms. Too bad they lives in Kalifornia.

  3. Tim, you do a great job…………..making Ton look………….well ah……small! keep it up……show us your tats! no i didnt misspell & leave out the i…………….

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