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SIG SAUER’s Rado Skoczylas doesn’t expect customers to get a tattoo to match their gun. Methinks Rado doesn’t quite understand how rad gun owners’ love can be. Then again, I’m not sure that people partial to tramp stamps are the same sort of folk who’re ready, willing and able to shell out $1300 for a handgun. If they are, they may be pleased (or perplexed) to know that the gun’s slide has been high-polished, glass beaded and then “masked off the areas for the tribal configuration.” That’s right, this P226 Nitron variant is called the “Tribal,” created for the next series of Survivor . . .

JK. To finish it off, the slide’s “coated with a DNC coating.” (It’s not resistant to Democrats; that’s an electroless nickel layer with 9 to 13 percent phosphorus.) If you want to spend less, SIG offers the same gun in two-tone for $1100 retail. Make the jump more special edition taste failure¬†collectibles.

That be the $18,500 P226 Black Beauty, one of three. Rado says the gun’s been fired once as part of the standard manufacturing protocol. One of the troika sits in SIG’s CEO’s office, waiting for someone to dare point out that the gun is named after amphetamines. No matter what you call it, the BB boasts more inlaid gold than a rapper’s grill. Sense a theme here?

Go on: guess how many Molon Labe SIGs they’re making. And then ask yourself why a German gunmaker known for Bauhausian minimalism has gone native. I’m thinking . . . money. You?

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  1. To me, this is the equivalent of the barbed wire or tribal tat encircling the bicep. It just screams, “hey, I’m cool and I have this to prove it.” Ridiculous.

    • Agreed. WTF is Sig doing, anyway? They should focus on improving the quality of their guns (especially that awful finish on their barrels), not on drawing stupid pictures on them.

  2. We can safely assume this means there will be “mom” written in script, on a heart for mother’s day available.

    • Oh now that would just take the cake wouldn’t it?
      Sons buy moms guns on mothers day lol
      I don’t know the tribal is kinda growing on me.

  3. What tribe do you belong to CHAD? Too funny, when I see anyone but an Indian with a tribal tattoo. You can keep those gun tat’s!

  4. and I thought the “Rainbow” guns were bad…little did I know…..Come on whats next a P226 “Zombie Hunter” edition?

    • Hey you took that idea!!!
      I was thinking go zombie line.. Now that would be cool!
      biohazard symbols and neon green all over the place lol

  5. The graphics look backward to me. Not that they could ever look right. Sort of like a hot pink plastic license plate bracket on a Rolls.

  6. The tribal tattoo one is ridiculous, but the Black Beauty, despite its stupid name, is a work of art.

  7. The “Tribal” Sig looks like it is intended to dispense Axe body spray out of the muzzle.

  8. How about “This Side Toward Enemy” engraved on the muzzle in some kinda fancy gold script? It would look nicer than that tribull tramp stamp, nein?

  9. Man, I thought SIG jumped the shark with those diamond plate slides.

    J. Fritz was wrong again.

  10. Is it me or is Sig turning into the new Taurus when it comes to gaudy flashy guns?

    Wait, I guess I just insulted Taurus…To my knowledge, they have never made a Tribal print gun (whatever the heck “tribal” print is supposed to be).

  11. I think John Leguizamo carried one of these as Tybalt in Baz Luhrman’s Romeo+Juliet. A little too Dionysian for my tastes. SIG should stick with the Apollonian aesthetic.

  12. Molon Labe is a quote from the battle of Thermopylae 480 B.C.. It was the answer that King Leonidas ,leader of the Spartans, gave the Persians when they asked his 300 men to throw down their weapons.The Spartans were greatly outnumbered by the Persians and “Molon Labe” translates to “Come and take them”.The words are engraved on a memorial ,located in Thermopylae, in honor of Leonidas.It is somewhat similar to the answer General McAuliffe gave the German General to surrender on December 22,1944 when surrounded by the Germans at Bastogne, Belgium.”NUTS was his one word answer”.General McAuliffe has a memorial dedicated to him at Bastogne Square.

    At this time I am waiting for the delivery of my SIG Sauer Black Beauty which is a work of art.

  13. Can’t wait to see the “gay Pride” Commemorative. While Sig was figuring out what kind of finishes and cosmetics to put on their 1911s, Springfield caught up and ran far beyond.

    Sig’s new tagline; “Our guns can’t hit SH*T, but at least they look good doing it…”

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