Pro Gun Rally Virginia
Demonstrators are seen during a pro-gun rally, Monday, Jan. 20, 2020, in Richmond, Va. (AP Photo/Sarah Rankin)
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[VCDL President Philip] Van Cleave has encouraged his members to stay in their cars but said that nothing prohibits them from getting out and stretching their legs around Richmond. If they’re carrying firearms, he said, so be it.

A slate of gun control groups is using the prospect of armed demonstrators milling around town to tout a proposal to ban the open carrying of firearms in Virginia. One of the groups, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, will push the idea in a virtual event on Monday that Northam is scheduled to attend.

“We’ve seen armed intimidation at the Capitol for years,” Lori Haas, the coalition’s Virginia director, said Friday in an interview. “After the violent insurrection that happened last week — which would have been more deadly without D.C.’s strong gun laws, including a ban on open carry — it’s time that Virginia … ban open carry in public.”

Van Cleave dismissed any notion that his members pose a threat. For 25 years, he said, the Citizens Defense League has held rallies on Lobby Day in Richmond without any violence.

— Gregory S. Schneider in Virginia officials on edge as pro-gun caravans prepare to gather in Richmond on Monday

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  1. Things are different this year.

    With the communists in charge they can now instigate violence with provocateurs mixed in the crowd and blame the whole crowd and organizers for what happened. The provocateurs will not “be identified” and will get away with actually doing the violence.

    I predict trouble this year and new “gun control” laws to follow soon.

    • I agree that this is a serious possibility. If this is read by anyone attending, watch out for this! Perhaps record any violent actors. Also, would it would reflect well on the 2A community if buildings were actually protected from hostile actors by the 2A supporters?

      • “Perhaps record any violent actors“

        Please do! Citizen videos have proved invaluable in rounding up the insurrectionists that attacked our government on January 6

        • minor 49 IQ…No need for you to sneak around and play on words. Your bias sticks out like a sore thumb. As time marches on more evidence surfaces about your very destructive antifa pals leading the charge. Your commits, apologies are?

    • “and blame the whole crowd and organizers for what happened”

      They won’t just blame the entire crowd. They’ll blame all gun owners, just like they’ve been smearing all Trump voters.

    • they can now instigate violence with provocateurs mixed in the crowd and blame the whole crowd and organizers for what happened.

      You mean like on January 6?

    • It’s funny how many people have been identified and charged from the capitol mob who are most definitely not “left wing instigators”. Their Trump bonafides are as good as they get. So even if we engage in the conspiracy theory that there are dark, shadowy forces somehow doing all this stuff without being found (despite cameras everywhere, owned by private citizens), it’s a little funny how there are so many trumpers that got caught on video doing just as much.

      Now, that doesn’t mean it’s everyone. I saw trumpers beating a cop who was facedown on the ground after getting pulled down some capitol steps. I also saw other trumpers pick him up and get him out of there. But there is a deep failure to reckon with the former group. Pretending that they’re all “antifa” or some nonsense is just pathetic. Antifa was absolutely instigating all kinds of things during the summer riots- some of the best videos were when they got called out or even grabbed by black people who saw them pulling it. Well, that and when they set themselves on fire with a molly.

      The latest numbskullery was not them.

    • Amen. How about not going at all – especially during this week? This is the kind of stuff that is just ripe for a false flag operation by someone like Antifa. Or, in a crowd that size, you have some guy get off his meds and do something stupid. Any time that you have a crowd that size, you can have some random loose cannon, and the left would just love to see something happen early on dementia Joe’s administration.

      • People looking like Trump supporters, but actually Leftist, doing stupid things with the intent of it being caught on video, thereby getting Trump supporters falsely blamed.

        “A false flag operation is an act committed with the intent of disguising the actual source of responsibility and pinning blame on a second party.”

        It’s a classic dis-information Leftist-Marxist-Communist trick from their playbook…

      • Also, do you think they’re going to let it be known that they summoned 25,000 soldiers and turned Washington DC into an armed camp for nothing? Iraq and Afghanistan don’t have that many active troops, and we’re still under a declaration of war in one of those countries.

        If nothing happens, they’ll invent something; they almost *have* to at this point. Anything that happens, no matter how small or where it is, or who did it, even if they have to fake it, will be held up as proof that they’re right.

  2. Same fear-mongering as last year. End result was 1 arrest for wearing a mask. No violence, no intimidation of anyone except those who panic at the mere sight of someone with a firearm and not in a police uniform, no looting, no vandalism, not even littering.

    • Technically, she was arrested for disobeying multiple orders to remove her mask in the pre-COVID era. But that was the arrestable charge, not the underlying reason

      Truthfully, she was arrested for trying to instigate conflict with the 2A demonstrators (yes, she’s young, dumb, and ANTIFA).

  3. Ol’ Black Face northham the 9th month baby killing pos can take his Gun Control and stick it up his despicable, gutless. mentally deranged behind.

    My advice is stay home, don’t waste your time or resources. After one big previous rally you said what you had to say so leave it at that. If the Gun Control rot did not hear you the first time that’s their problem and too bad for them.

    Bottom line…If and when you see sht that looks like the KKK Gun Control military wing of the demncRat Party or the nazi SS at your door or your neighbor’s door to confiscate firearms give them the bullets first .And don’t stop shooting until the racist, genocidal stench rooted in Gun Control is gone in America forever.

  4. Still waiting on the call to take out the Communist trash once and for all.

    Guess y’all are comfortable with the Chinese Communist Party calling the shots in the USA for the next 4 years.

    Patriots? I don’t see a goddamn one of you doing anything about it.

    • Well preacher perhaps you can practice what you preach…Instead of waiting around for the phone to ring you could use your device to send members of congress an ultimatum. An ultimatum that includes Banning all forms of Gun Control in America because Gun Control in any shape or form is rooted in racism and genocide. If you are not a racist or a nazi and have half a brain both you and your member of congress should fully support that.

      Next you can make it clear to your congress member that you have a deep feeling the democRat Party screwed you out of your vote to reelect DJT. Of course you can only say that if you actually voted for DJT.

      Next you can let them know that mitch mcconnell needs to go. Last straw was mitch throwing the American people scraps left over from all the pork spending. And mitch beating around the bush only to hand joe biden the POTUS DJT’s stand alone $2000 Stimulas idea and and then joe takes DJT’s idea down to GA and use it to reel in lots of democRat votes from very broke Georgians…mitch needs to go.

      And again if you are not a racist or a nazi you can demand that the democRat Party be held monetarily liable for slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, lynching, the KKK, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities.

      The democRat Party acting all innocent and removing statues and throwing other meaningless tokens to gullible, history illiterate Black Americans was and is a disgrace. Hold the democRat Party accountable for their democRat Party history the same way the democRat Party holds all others accountable for their history of human suffering.
      Anyone else sitting by the phone can simply copy and paste the points and send it to their members of congress and do request an itemized reply.

        • Yelling is using all CAPS. The penalty for noncompliance is no vote. I would not advise slapping some of those people…poop splatters. Nonetheless…Write your members of congress.

        • “Yelling is using all CAPS.”

          Cut the Possum some slack. I doubt there was a good school in the ditch where his burrow was at… 🙂

  5. In 532 AD, Emperor Justinian was the contested ruler of the Eastern Roman Empire. Riots had broken out to support another claimant to the throne. The rioters gathered in the hipodrome, normally the venue for chariot races, to crown Clavius Hypatius as Emperor. Encouraged by his wife, a former prostitute who like Kamella Harris was believed to be the true power behind the throne, Emperor Justinian deployed General Belisarius and his elite troops to enter the hipodrome through Emperor Justinian’s balcony. Stealthily securing the high ground at the perimeter of the stadium, General Belisarius and his troops attacked the rebels. It is estimated that General Belisarius and his troops slaughtered 30,000 of the people who supported Emperor Justinian’s political opponent.

    In the wake of the Capitol riot, it is rumored that supporters of President Trump, who continue to believe that his reelection was stolen through voter fraud, will stage armed rallies at not only the US Capitol but at State Capitols across the country to protest the inauguration of President Biden. Although the disturbance at the Capitol was far less violent than many of the incessant riots by BLM ANTIFA activists, the Capitol riot has provoked a profound backlash. Kamella Harris, who supported the fund raising efforts to bail out the most violent of the “peaceful protestors” who have transformed downtown Portland and other cities into warzones reminscent of Beiruit, Sarejavo and Mogodishu, is suddenly opposed to rioting. The same people who supported vandalism, looting, arson, assaults and even murders of President Trump’s supporters, are suddenly opposed to rioting when it is conservatives who are demonstrating. Anyone who questions the veracity of the election is now guilty of sedition and insurrection.

    Heavily armed National Guard units are being deployed to repel the presumed rioters. It appears that the guardsmen will be armed with fully automatic assault rifles rather than the glorified paintball guns that have been deployed against President Biden’s supporters. They might even be backed up by tanks, artillery, and helicopter gunships. Many of President Trump’s supporters are veterans of the Forever Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria that were started by neocon Republicans and Democrats. They understand that by assembling in various Capitols to protest the coronation of the Empress, they are putting themselves in a vulnerable position. They have learned from the insurgents that they have in the past been deployed to fight. They would never make such a tactical mistake.

    Obviously; the optics of any protests, armed or unarmed, would be disastrous for conservatives. The optics of government troops slaughtering presumably armed insurrectionists would be almost as bad because the same complicit journalists who have been gaslighting the public about Biden’s peaceful protestors will fabricate justification for the mass murders of Trump supporters. True conservatives will stay home to deny the new regime the opportunity to commit atrocities that would be exploited to justify totalitarianism and Marshall law.

    • As the saying does go, sleepy, sniffy olé Joe, come’on man…… If you need 20,000 armed soldiers in order to hold your inauguration, you didn’t win jack shit!

    • Huh. Magical terminology, here! “It is rumored”, huh? By whom, on the basis of what? I call bullshit, that is conspiracy theory plain and simple. Planted bullcrap intended to panic the peons into demanding martial law forever, before people figure out that Joe is not the president. There may be another insurgency in Congress which only the Guard can quell, funny how all GOP members of both houses were killed by the right wing insurgents.

      You need to have SOME rational basis for shit shows like this, and there is none.

  6. If the Demons and its media accomplices can weaponize a virus, they can weaponize anything — and will.

    Be careful out there.





  8. Their right you know, violent insurrectionists are known to follow gun laws religiously.

    I hope they’re just disingenuous and actually not just that goddamn stupid.

  9. What concerns me the most is one word “ANTIFA”
    People really need to take the time to study them and their decree of Violence.

  10. Rest easy, Empress KAMALAS brutal subjugation of domestic terrorists will be cloaked in Constitutionality.

    So at least you will have that.

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