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You can probably imagine how a love triangle could devolve into a volatile situation. No one likes to share in that department and it’s easy for feelings to get hurt. Rarely does someone like Rick decide to be magnanimous and step aside while Ilsa and Victor Laszlo fly off into the sunset. Or the fog. In any case, it didn’t go nearly as well when James Szczuka of west Knox County, TN woke up to find someone else sleeping with his girlfriend…

Things might not have been a bed of roses to begin with in this little May-September romance considering the two already slept in separate bedrooms.

Homeowner James Szczuka, 49, told detectives he awoke this morning and went into the bedroom of his 24-year-old girlfriend, Dena Harris, where he found the man asleep in bed with her, (sherriff’s office spokeswoman Martha) Dooley said.

Szczuka told authorities the man became aggressive and threatening when he woke him up. The man allegedly refused to leave.

Szczuka grabbed a .40-caliber handgun, which he has a permit for, and shot the man when he allegedly “came at him,” according to Dooley.

The cops were called and found the unnamed leaking lothario already dead with a number of gunshot wounds.

An autopsy is expected to be performed on the victim Friday morning to determine the exact cause of death…

I’ve got a twenty that says he died of multiple gunshot wounds. Do I have any takers?

Let this be a lesson to you kids out there. If you’re unfortunate enough to be caught in bed with another person’s lover – in their own home, no less – etiquette, not to mention good sense, dictates that the right move is not to get on your high horse and challenge the jilted lover. No, best to make a discreet exit as quickly as possible before the jiltee has time to realize how hurt he really is and decide to do something about it.

And if you are going to engage in some predictably risky behavior and sleep with another man’s girl, do what any self-respecting homewrecker would do and pop for a hotel room, OK?

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  1. So James, 49, was boinking Dena, who’s half his age? Rock on, Jimmie, rock on. I just hope that James doesn’t have the tables turned on him in prison.

    FYI, if I was sleeping with a woman half my age, she’d still be close to receiving Social Security.

    • If they were married and living in Texas, I believe that Mr. Szczuka would have been within his rights to shoot the boyfriend.

      This post in no way constitutes legal advice within or without the great state of Texas. Please do not shoot your significant other’s boyfriend/girlfriend.

  2. The story just doesn’t add up. Chris Eledge (the deceased) had just been released from prison a few days before this. He couldn’t have known too much about Miss Dena.

    I’m guessing she told him she didn’t have a boyfriend, and instead maybe had a roommate (if she told him anything). Imagine meeting Miss 24 Year Old, just getting out of prison without female companionship, going home with Little Miss Hot Stuff, and being woken up by a man that you didn’t know lived there, or had a vested interest in her.

    I’m guessing Jim didn’t wake him up sweetly. If you woke up with a strange angry man over you….would you quietly leave or be freaked out and ready to fight?

    I wouldn’t be so quick to assume Mr. Eledge knew what he was getting in to, and that he was an intentional home wrecker.

    Miss Thang has created two victims, I believe. Jim and Chris are paying the price of falling for Delilah.

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