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Found this comment by Julio in our post Close the Illegal Immigrants Driver’s License Loophole:

Im 33 years old i being working a full time since i was 15 years old even when i was undocumented and as far as i can remember i always being paying taxes im a legal resident now never commited a crime actually the only member of my family that has ever being in jail was my US citizen brother im about to became a us citizen soon i only ask everyone to be hones to your self and other if the 14 million undocumemted immigrants where white would you feel the same because as far as i know they dont ask permmision to take money from my paycheck to pay uncle sam hes money and is the same to every one where do they get that they dont pay taxes or are criminals please dont believe the racist people ask the guy that cuts your grass or the guy that cooks your food if they dont pay taxes or want to kill you (you will be surprice that maybe you have commited more crimes than them or owe uncle sam more money than them)

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  1. Interestingly the “they’re taking our jobs” claim ignores the fact that being willing to work for less money is part of capitalism, which is something 99% of strongly anti-illegal-immigration claim to be strongly in favor of. That and you never see them with a sign outside of the Home Depot looking for work.

    The border does need to be controlled/protected though, the cartels are getting bad(and I’m pro-legalization, I’m just anti-cartel).

    • I also favor a “path to citizenship.” But I don’t see how illegal aliens should be allowed to own firearms under any circumstances. I reckon they should be deported immediately if they are caught with a gun. Wait ’til you see the next story . . .

      • I’m the exact opposite, don’t care about the jobs, its the citizenship and becoming allowed to vote.

        They don’t come here looking for the American way, they come here looking to jam in here and take over.

        If the French or British were doing the same, I wouldn’t want them either.

        The fact we weren’t deporting illegals really that much in comparison to the fact some how a German family almost got deported, but ended up staying here because judge saw that they wanted to be here for our freedoms instead of handouts.

      • I agree with that. I think illegal immigrants who aren’t committing crimes should have a path to citizenship. I’m not sure about extending rights to them.

        On one hand, if these rights are god-given/natural, who are we to block them from illegal immigrants? Of course this is a philosophical problem, as a practical matter I think we need to carefully restrict them.

    • I would think that liberals would be in favor of a strong boarder as well.
      Liberals like to give stuff to the poor, right? Does that poor extend to Mexico,
      South America or even Africa? If you like giving stuff away, you should like
      strong borders that only contain the votes that you buy with the handouts.

  2. 18 years here and he’s about to be naturalized? how is that possible? Answer: someone is assisting in this fraud by marriage. He’s broken the law every day since arriving here. Since the gubmint is taking taxes from his check then he is using stolen SS identity and his employer may or may not be involved. And somewhere in his town there is an unemployed American who can’t find a job because our hero has this job, and probably is working for less than the average. Should our subject commit a crime, such as DUI with accident, he can flee across the border or disappear very easily because we don’t have any identity on him. I’m glad he’s working and healthy, thanks to our hospital system that creaks under the weight of ever more people, however do we know if he has TB or some other contagious disease? No, nor do we know if he really is a honest person, or an escaped criminal because the immigration precess is not about economics alone, it’s about making sure the right kind of people come here, not just “anyone with a dream”. Think that is harsh, check out other countries and see how tough their immigration rules are. I’ve lived in several of them,
    You sound like a good hard worker, decent, talented and smart. Go back home and make a difference in your native country, then it will be a better place for your children.

    • Oh, please. There are lots of people on this site who would consider carrying illegally if they felt themselves to be in danger and had no legal recourse. Google ‘Mexican Police’ and read any news story that comes up– you’ll see that any illegal immigrant has more compelling reasons for breaking the law than almost any American who is considering criminal trespass by carrying at work against company policy.

      The way you tell it, it sounds as if you know the guy– but it turns you’re just rehearsing the stereotype. You’re better than that, man.

      • I’m against illegal immigration. And that includes illegal immigrants carrying . And despite having a good reason to carry, he shouldn’t be here in the first place in his situation. This isn’t a stereotype for people who run into (literally) illegal aliens and bad things happen. I take it you have not experienced such a scenario firsthand.

        BTW, our friend may not even be who he says he is. Plenty of open border types populate the internet with similar stories to sway opinions and generate sympathy.

  3. I’ll have less of a problem with illegal immigration as soon as every person on earth isn’t capable of henious crimes and Uncle Sam pays out witheld taxes upon proving you are indeed a citizen. AND as soon and the govies fix their piece of crap called E-Verify. That piece of **** doesn’t work and it gets employers into trouble all the time.

  4. “i only ask everyone to be hones to your self and other if the 14 million undocumemted immigrants where white would you feel the same”

    History says yes. Read up on it sometime and you’ll see you don’t have it any worse than the Irish, Italian, Jewish, or any other white waves of immigrants did. Look at any wave of immigrants in any nation at any time and you’ll see hostility from the people already there.

  5. i only ask everyone to be hones to your self and other if the 14 million undocumemted immigrants where white would you feel the same

    Does he mean “wear” white? Like after Labor Day?

  6. Julio, my stance on illegal immigration has nothing to do with the color of your skin. The only person here that is racist is you. I support immigration reform that will allow more immigrants in LEGALLY. Immigration is part of what made this country great. In the meantime, don’t expect any sympathy from me when people who break the law suffer the consequences.

  7. Mexico is waging demographic warfare on the United States. No amount of cheap labor or semantic distortion can justify this.

    If you import a Third World population you will cease to have a First World country.

  8. i think they should get drivers’ licenses like everyone else. a driver’s license was not meant to be a citizenship card. and i don’t have a problem with an undocumented immigrant defending themselves with a firearm. there is nothing violent about mere possession.


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