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“[Houston] Officer Rodney Johnson [above] spotted a speeding vehicle doing 50 MPH in 30 MPH zone,” reports. “The speeding vehicle was a white Ford pickup truck operated by Juan Leonardo Quintero-Perez. Johnson pulled over Quintero for speeding and requested to see his driver’s license. Quintero did not possess a driver’s license and Johnson decided to arrest him. Johnson handcuffed Quintero and performed a pat down search. After being handcuffed, Quintero was placed in the backseat of Johnson’s police car. Johnson sat in the driver’s seat his patrol car and began writing a police report . . .

While Johnson was writing the report, Juan Quintero managed to move his handcuffed hands in front of him, pulled out a concealed 9mm semi-automatic hand handgun from his waistband through thick layers of clothing and he then shot Officer Rodney Johnson at pointblank range four times in the back of his head.

Despite being shot and dying, Johnson managed to push an emergency button in his patrol car, which alerted other Houston patrol officers of the situation. After Quintero shot Johnson, he then fired some shots which missed a tow truck driver who was near the scene. When officers arrived, they found Quintero, still in the backseat of the patrol car handcuffed with the gun.

The perp plead-out on an insanity defense, dodging the needle for a life sentence. Officer Johnson’s wife also works for the Houston Police Department. She’s suing the the city of Houston for the illegal city’s illegal immigrant sanctuary policy that she believes contributed to her husband’s death. And for good reason . . .

Quintero, having an extensive criminal record including sex crimes, was deported back to Mexico in 1999, but he illegally re-entered the United States.

Here’s her specific beef:

The lawsuit filed on September 21, 2009, claims that Houston’s sanctuary policies harm Sergeant Johnson’s ability to communicate with federal immigration officials . . .

Officer Johnson “does not seek to detain or arrest persons in order to inquire about their immigration status,” Judicial Watch noted in its original complaint. “Rather plaintiff [Johnson] seeks to use her professional judgment to determine when it is appropriate to contact ICE [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement] to inquire or provide information about a person’s immigration status if, in the course of carrying out her duties and responsibilities as a law enforcement officer, she has reason to believe a crime may have been committed.”

While we await the final verdict, it seems Ralph’s assertion that the government promotes the guilty is not without merit. During the course of this case, the Obama Administration promoted Mr. and Mrs. Johnson’s boss at the time. Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt is now the director for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Office of State and Local Coordination.

Officer Johnson is survived by his wife, their three daughters and two sons.

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  1. I’ve lived in Houston for 3 years now, but this is the first I’ve heard about the “Sanctuary” policy. The fact that it limits what can be done to fix an illegal immigrant problem, is annoying to say the least. It’s almost as if our country wants to protect those who live here illegally. And that, disgusts me.

  2. There are a lot of official “sanctuary cities” dotting the bombed-out American landscape these days, providing a safe-haven for criminals of every variety and stripe. Providence is an unofficial “sanctuary,” which is just one more reason why the city is sinking under its own weight.

    Will the last person to leave The Renaissance City please flush the toilet?

  3. Democrats won’t stop immigration because they want to bolster their voting bloc with more non-Whites.

    Republicans won’t stop it because they want more cheap labor and more Christians.

    If we Americans insist on arguing two sides of the same coin…..we’re screwed.

    • That brings up what I’ve heard so many times. “They take the jobs that average Americans don’t want”

      What utter bs. They take the jobs before anyone else has a chance to take them, because the government hands them out to “help” them out and become citizens, meanwhile, they abuse that system all they can.

      Then politicians complain about how high our unemployment rate is? Boy golly, I wonder why??? Kick them all the hell out is what I say. Split it between both sides, and say screw them both.

      • I don’t care how much you pay someone, there is no way they are going to do the work that Latino’s will. Again it doesn’t matter if I paid someone $100,000 they wouldn’t do the work, day in and day out, that Latin’s will. PERIOD. What everyone needs to remember here is MOST BUSINESS model’s use this labor force.

        Kick out the work force and just see how far your dollar goes.

        If you are worried about your jobs, kick out the Indian’s, Pakistani’s, Chinese, Japanese, and all the other highly educated immigrants taking American job’s.

        Don’t forget to stop Union’s from fucking up the fair market and forcing an employer to pay exorbitant rates for bolt tighteners and maybe there would be more jobs here and not lost to China.

        • I don’t buy that argument. As an anglo-saxon, white teenager (and all my similar junior high school friends), I worked alongside the illegal immigrants and did the same jobs they did in the fields. PERIOD. Back then, I got minimum wage; no one offered me (or them) a lot of money to do any job. Believe me, we would have taken it! Your claim that only Latins will do these kind of jobs (due to some innate superiority?) is absurd. I doubt there are many people in America right now, who are barely scraping by (I’m one of them) who would not do any job for the amounts you are proposing. Unless of course you are including illegal activity as a job requirement. Please let me know what $100,000 jobs you have available so I can place my application!

        • Raising the minimum wage made employing a teenager worth $3.50/hr or an illegal that can do the job at 7 whatever a simple choice. Now young people can’t work if they wanted to. They can’t learn the skills and ethics of the work force that they need for adult life.

          How many illegals are getting paid less than minimum wage because they are off the books?

          Many latinos have an outstanding work ethic. Many don’t. Many that do are here just for the money, and could care less about this country. They bankrupt our social services and send the paycheck south. We get less than nothing in the bargain. Do we really want to perpetuate an illiterate underclass with no loyalty to the country? Ship them all home. If they come here legally, to be US citizens, and contribute to our society, I will welcome them with open arms.

          You want more anglos to do they hard, crummy jobs? Take them off the government teat. If they HAD to work, they would learn to.

          Jobs that americans won’t do is B.S.

  4. So if I’m getting this right the “Sanctuary” policy allows illegal immigrants to enter the US commit a crime and instead of being trailed and imprisoned they just send them back home because they don’t want to spend resources/money on trailing illegal immigrants. I may be wrong on that but the wiki on this subject isn’t to clear.

  5. It’s amazing that Juan survived this . In Philly I promise you he would not have. Now the taxpayers get to take care of Juan until he is released, deported, and reenters the US again and buys another pickup truck.

      • It depends.

        The case in the OP involves an armed criminal in the process of committing multiple violent felonies. In many states, a citizen would be legally justified to means up to, and including, lethal force to stop the threat posed by the armed criminal.

  6. I know this sounds insensitive(probably because it is), but four rounds of 9mm to the back of the head at point blank didn’t immediately kill Officer Johnson? Is this the end of the 9mm argument or did the guy manage to miss his brain stem AND his medula?

  7. It doesn’t specify exactly where the rounds entered, nor where they exited. It also fails to state the type of ammunition used, whether FMJ or JHP, and if the the latter whether expansion took place at all, and if so to what degree.

    The article also fails to state what the barrier material between the front and back of the passenger compartment was; It’s generally either a metal cage, or a plexiglas/lexan wall.

    Depending on the exact paths the bullets took, and what (if anything) slowed them down, it’s very possible that the specific brain regions required to cause the Peace Officer to hit his panic button weren’t effected strongly/immediately enough to prevent his final action.

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