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Houston Open Carry demo (courtesy

These days, anything a gun rights supporter says can and will be used against them in the court of public opinion. The antis mine the Twitterverse and comments sections to find examples of pro-gunners’ misogyny, racism, threatening remarks and general all-round douchebaggery. Hence TTAG’s Facebook ban-hammer and web page Adhomineminator. Simply put, we don’t want to give the antis ammunition. But even a casual reader knows we like to poke the bear from time to time – in the nicest possible way – to vent a little of the pressure created by gun control advocates’ atavistic attacks. All of which means it’s time to exercise your inner anti-anti impishness. What are the three things you shouldn’t say at a long gun open carry demonstration? I suggest . . .

1. I don’t know about you but my finger’s getting itchy.

2. Whoa! Is that a Rufous-Capped Warbler? Use your scope!

3. Let’s end this thing with a twenty-one gun salute!

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  1. “I don’t think it’s loaded…here, let’s pull the trigger and find out.”

    “Let’s go to Chipotle and show how awesome we are.”

    “Want to see what full auto is like?”

      • Doesn’t matter why they did, it remains a moronic tactic that has resulted in little more than scorn and derision being heaped on the open carry movement, rightly so.

        We don’t need Chipotle Ninjas representing responsible gun owners, because they don’t.

        They are, and remain, idiots.

        • Correct, because black rifles don’t belong at the burrito bar any more than black people belonged at the lunch counter.

          You’re on the wrong side of history. Decades hence, when your grandkids ask “What did you do in the the firearms civil rights movement?”, you can say “I let others do all the hard work, while I heaped derision on them from the sidelines.” Nice legacy.

        • John in Houston, what a load of garbage. Comparing traipsing into your local Chipotle with your “black rifle” at the low ready to serving Blacks at lunch counters is about the most idiotic argument I’ve read so far from the Chipotle Ninja crowd, but then again, one can never underestimate this group’s capacity for idiotic behavior and argumentation, such as we have on display again here.

        • I’m so damn tired of that stupid comparison. It makes exactly no sense. Government sponsored socially ingrained bigotry and a restaurant or place of business asking people who have (intentionally!!!) frightened their customers to not open carry long guns are two completely different things. They aren’t even saying “No Guns Allowed”.

          Seriously. If you can’t come up with a logical, coherent argument for your point of view then just say “I disagree” and let someone else do all the talking for you.

        • “people who have (intentionally!!!) frightened their customers”

          Except that the customers haven’t been frightened, intentionally or otherwise. Not at Chipotle, not at Jack in the Box.

        • If you have seen the Shannon Watts video that was posted up yesterday you would understand why it was such a bad move. They showed that picture a dozen times during her segment and it fits their agenda perfectly, making gun owners look like overweight losers trying to look cool. It put a bad taste in my mouth for that OCT rally when i was extremely supportive of it at first.

      • Doesn’t mean it was a smart idea. Now there’s yet another place that doesn’t want us to excercise our freedoms. It’s a shame too. I like Chipotle and now I can’t eat there.

        • Sure you can. Chipotle hasn’t banned guns. And this particular Chipotle restaurant says OCT is welcome back anytime they want.

        • If you are going to be stupid enough to stroll into a Chipotle with your AR or AK at the low ready, then I don’t want you entering it.

          One of these days, a concealed carry permit holder is going to perforate one of these idiots claiming that he perceived a threat to his life when the dumb-dumb walked in looking locked and loaded, ready to go.

      • Danny, here’s a helpful mathematical formula that might help you in future debates:

        (Words Danny disagrees with) ≠ (Hate)

        • @danny
          When corporate respectfully “asks me not to bring firearms into their restaurant” I choose not to patronize…frankly, I can’t believe you’d even consider it.

        • Clark, I’ve never been in a Chipotle in my life. And I don’t know how Chipotle is set up, but to use Sonic as an example, they are independently owned franchises and do whatever they want. My friends own a handful of Sonic franchises and welcome both OC and CC. They laughed at Sonic’s statement issued by “headquarters,” and said they rarely agree with anything corporate says.

          So if the restaurant owner welcomes you, why not patronize them?

  2. “Permits? We doan’ need no steenkin’ permits!”
    “Lemme borrow that Carcano and I’ll show ya just how Oswald did it.”
    Singing bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name”, in unison.
    “Ready on the right? Ready on the left?…”
    ” Wanna see how I accidentally shot myself?”

  3. 1. Your kid looks like he’d like to handle this weapon, how about I show him how it operates?
    2. So, your wife has your balls in her purse, huh?
    3. Only police should have guns? Explain to me the course of action when they decide they’re carrying them on behalf of the politicians and not the public?

  4. I voted for Obama twice.

    Which is best? 9mm or .45?

    I support common sense gun legislation.

    Armatix has a really swell new gun out!

    The 2nd amendment protects my right to hunt.

    Aw come on! Joe Biden isnt THAT bad.

    I got this awesome gift card for my grandpa’s Luger!

    That was more than 3 but I was on a roll.

  5. “I think this is unloaded”
    “Let me demonstrate the effectiveness of this round”
    “Drop test!”
    “Anyone know where the safety is on this thing?”
    “That suppressor is awesome! I could barely hear that!”
    “This trigger pull is soooo light!”
    “What do you mean ‘peaceful protest?'”
    “I saw this in a movie once..”

  6. I support the Second Amendment but …

    I’m not even entirely certain how this thing works! What does this thing do?

  7. 4. My doctor says I should be fine as long as I take my meds.

    5. Ever since I was kidnapped by aliens, I’ve been looking for some payback.

    6. The Second Amendment is my credit card.

  8. This brings back memories of growing up in North Korea.
    I’ve wanted one of these, ever since I used to watch the guards on the wall from the yard.
    It took me minutes to install the auto-sear.

  9. 1. Hey watch this! It’s cool…I learned everything I know about handling guns from Paul T. McCain’s video channel.
    2. That’s right ladies. It’s big, black and needs magnums.
    3. Fvck the Police!

  10. I can’t help but say once more, a bunch of bullshit.

    Using headlines like “Inside the twisted mind of gun grabber X” does not help advance your case that you need to moderate comments.

    But then again it is your website and you can do whatever you want with it. It’s just, being inconsistent makes you look like, well…. [COMMENT MODERATED].

  11. The tactics exercised by Open Carry Texas are not only wildly offensive, but are demonstrably wounding the fight to maintain the Second Amendment intact.

    I grew up in Texas. I served in the military. I am a retired police officer. I learned to shoot at five and have hunted every game animal imaginable and spent years on the range.

    The approach of Open Carry Texas is offense to MANY people, (including those of us who support open carry). We KNOW that we have the right to carry rifles and shotguns, but dressing two buffoons up like street bums and having them parade through a restaurant with M4’s is not only worthy of ridicule, but is most importantly, EXTREMELY bad manners.

    In Texas, we carry and use our weapons judiciously and gentlemanly. We do not brandish weapons in restaurants or stores. That behavior is childish and unworthy of Texans. If we have to use a weapon, we do so legally and with measured response. We shoot to stop.

    What these people are doing has become a lightning rod for the “anti’s” both in Texas and the remainder of the country. The behavior would be laughable, if we were not involved in a titanic struggle to maintain the Second Amendment and expand the right to carry arms openly. Because the the political environment, Open Carry Texas does FAR more harm than good. I am shocked that their leadership has been so short sighted and immature as to utilize this tactic.

    All that the public displays have done is to focus disgust, mistrust, and disdain……on Texas and on Open Carry. There is a way to change laws and it does NOT involve circus-like tactics. It involves working with elected Representatives and Senators to establish a direction, draft a bill, and then work the bill through both houses of the Legislature. That is how laws are made…….how they have always been made and will always be made.

    A pathetic public display only polarizes control advocates against us.

    Remember, we now struggle to perpetuate the right to keep and bear arms against those who would disarm us. If the Second Amendment falls, the remainder of the Bill of Rights is not far behind. Pathetic, side-show displays detract from the primary mission………………and will have little, if any, effect upon the right to openly carry.

    Change tactics…………or stop all together.

    Liberty is too great a blessing to be lost through foolishness.

    • “Open Carry Texas does FAR more harm than good”

      Is that why you have both gubernatorial candidates falling all over themselves saying they will sign an OC bill if it hits their desk?

      OCT says that, as with any newly formed group, they’ve had their growing pains. They don’t have billionaire philanthropists who can hire full-time consultants, public relations specialists, attorneys or meme designers. They are admitting that they’ve made several public relations mistakes and have learned from them. They’ve also seen that with great success comes even greater opposition.

      All anti-gun groups such as MDA and the media have lied, distorted, and tried to manipulate people, and you are playing right into their hands. As OCT states, they seldom encounter people who are frightened of their demonstrations, because they take measures to ensure that they are as friendly and unassuming as possible.

      Hundreds of businesses across Texas have seen for themselves the respectful, courteous and professional nature of OCT and have told them they are still welcome in their stores. OCT has publicly stated, though, that they will no longer be taking long guns into stores any more.

  12. 1. I’m so high right now
    2. I walked out of my own intervention to be here
    3. Little underwhelmed by the ordnance here… we had better stuff in the klan.

  13. 1. “I want them to know that Dolemite is my name, and f–king up motherf–kers is my game.”
    2. “You talking to me? You…You talking to me? I’m the only one here!”
    3. “ my…BOOMSTICK!!!”

  14. Once again, all I see is division, and misunderstanding. Really sad how easily and quickly we are tearing each other apart over this issue.

  15. Both candidates say they will sign it, IF it hits their desk……………..

    Perhaps phone calls, letters, and un-armed rallies would further the cause of OC for Texans.

    Make enough of a stink, cause enough constituents to s**t their pants over it, and you can bet it will never hit the Governor’s desk.

    It’s ours game to lose, Texas………………………

  16. 3.Hey, you don’t like guns, YOU ARE A F’KING TRAITOR!
    2.I hate … and they should be…(Shot, preferably)
    1.My safety’s off, and my finger’s itchin. (Or something along those lines)

  17. 1) I did an 8 ball of coke and 4 hits of acid. The next thing I knew… here I was!

    2) This ammo is 2.5 MOA on paper, 1 MOA on hipster.

    3) I have M855 and a penis… and one of them is going inside of you.

  18. 1)Scream out the words “This is my weapon, there are many like it but this one is mine!”

    2)”Hold mah beer, what’cha wanna bet I hit that there bird from here”

    3)”How does my new Shemagh look? I wore it today just to feel extra Tacticool”

  19. Anyone wanna check out the book depository?

    Time to cash in my ONE FREEBIE card.

    Any sentence beginning with “I was having lunch with James Yeager the other day…”

  20. “hey guys have any of you seen my rifle around here?”

    “hold this while I get another beer.”

    “what is so bad about registration?”

    “after this do you wanna grab a bite to eat at Chipotle?”

    “its fine I safety checked it after the last time I went shooting.”

  21. “Hey guys?! I’m not so sure that acid was good.”

    “All work and no play…*mumbling*”

    Can’t think of a 3’d

  22. “Want to see my Chow Yun Fat impression?”

    “Man.. How many cans of steel reserve did we drink back there?”

    • That ordinance might be short-lived. The legislature has already passed a preemption ban forbidding localities from prohibiting open carry. Unless the governor vetoes it, it will become law. Then this Lake Ozark law will be unenforceable.

      • The legislature has already passed a preemption ban forbidding localities from prohibiting open carry. Unless the governor vetoes it, it will become law.

        As mentioned in the link above, Open Carry Texas has been giving politicians across the country lots of reasons to avoid signing bills into law that would protect or expand open carry. And wouldn’t the governor just have to not sign the law, as opposed to vetoing it?

        Point being, these attention whoring rifle OCing clowns are running around jeopardizing gun rights for all Americans, while at the same time demanding that they are true 2nd Amendment crusaders. They’ll keep repeating that line until every last retail establishment has changed their gun policies for the worse, and every state has restricted open carry. And the same idiots here and elsewhere will continue to support them. In addition to being attention whores, they have a persecution complex. Everyone is against them, which only proves how right they are. Just like those Flat Earth people..

        ETA: Danny Griffin, I just took a moment to peruse the rest of the comments and noticed that you’re one of the Open Carry Texas apologists. That means you’re also part of the problem.

        • In most states, bills automatically become law after so many days even if not signed unless vetoed. There are some exceptions, like pocket vetoes, but we don’t need to get into that here.

        • “They’ll keep repeating that line until every last retail establishment has changed their gun policies for the worse, and every state has restricted open carry.”

          OCT has stopped carrying in retail establishments.

          “And the same idiots here and elsewhere will continue to support them.”

          There are 100 million gun owners in the United States. If gun owners stopped supporting businesses that prohibited guns, businesses would stop putting up No Guns Allowed signs. So I could equally say “the same idiot gun owners here and elsewhere will continue to support anti-gun businesses.” Either you are pro-2A and pro-liberty or you are not.

          Five, six years ago people said the same thing about handgun open carry, how it was frightening the masses and it would cause businesses to ban guns and cause states to enact anti-gun laws. None of that happened. False claims were made by anti-gunners’ 25 years ago when “shall-issue” started becoming law, too. “Blood will run in the streets!”

          I don’t carry long guns myself, but I am not going to criticize OCT for doing that in protest in Texas. What they are doing is legal and is putting pressure on the legislature. Gun-owners need to stick together, not create divisions among ourselves.


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