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“Police in Oregon say a gunman fatally shot a student at a high school near Portland,” “Authorities said Tuesday the suspect also was dead and the situation is stabilized. The Multnomah County sheriff’s office said there were reports of shots fired about 8 a.m. at Reynolds High School in Troutdale. Authorities say they’re now focusing on reuniting students with their parents.”

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  1. All the kids are being bussed to a local shopping center.
    Sounds like it was over shortly after it began.

    • Some more local news. This one from someone who lives next to the school and also used to work there. Her description of the neighbor hood is interesting:

      Dianne Schulte, who lives in a subdivision next to Reynolds High School, was shocked that a shooting had come so close to her home and life.

      “I worked there for 13 years,” said Schulte, 71. “My daughter worked there for a year. Both of my grandkids went to school there.”

      But Schulte said times have changed since she worked at Reynolds as a cook manager, with students roaming the neighborhood at just about all times of day.

      “They get to come and go as they please,” Schulte said. “We walk to Safeway every morning to get a paper. There are always kids everywhere.”

      She said students – and the public – can stroll right in the front door at Reynolds.

      For people who live in the area, though, she said it’s the trash that students leave that poses the biggest problem. She said police resource officer from the high school got an earful from local residents a local homeowners’ meeting last month.

      “We were concerned about all the garbage,” she said. “He said they would try something different next year to keep them in school.”

      I like on the other side of Portland from here, and from what I remember it isn’t one of the nicer parts of town.

    • Seriously.
      Everytime I come here I feel like I must have typed

      Disclaimer: This is not a knock on TTAG. You guys are (rightly) reporting what’s happening AND without the MSM spin. So I’m grateful for that. Just sick of these sickos.

      • I totally agree with you. I just don’t know if we are hearing more and more because the news is actually reporting it or if there are just more copycats every day. I can’t quite figure out the cycle.

        • They are definitely jumping all over these. 1 kid shooting 1 other kid in some school somewhere should not even make national news, much less be the number 1 thing on all internet news’ top stories.

        • Media outlets are hunting down these stories and making them headline news because it drives up viewership.

        • It gets to support the so-called stats that were released about a school shooting a week. They report even the smallest ones, and voila, combined with the “stats” it must me 100% true, and (all terrified must overreact to it) must demand gun owners submit to the draconian legislations just so everyone can feel safer, regardless of the truth.

  2. […] One father of a student trapped in the school explained that his wife was “in culture shock;” being from Iran, he said, “if this happened there, all the families would show up with guns and take care of it.”

        • Nope, but will happily recruit another sheepdog to the brood any day. If you can have parents who become passionate about the anti-gun cause after a tragic incident, I will happily take one for our side who will work hard to change the stupid laws.

    • If only we lived in a country that respected individual rights as much as…Iran?…seriously?
      Man, that hurts!

      • Don’t mistake a complete absence of oversight or law enforcement for respect of liberty. Everyone in Africa has a gun, that doesn’t mean Africa is the land of the free.

        • Your point is valid, but your example is completely wrong. Not everybody in Africa has guns, only the government and groups of criminals:

          “In Africa, gun-free zones have always been the most dangerous places to be. Rwanda was a gun-free zone – 800,000 people were murdered there,” he said. “In Uganda we had Idi Amin, who was a Muslim, murdering 600,000 Christians and also passed gun-control laws before that. We have 4 million people murdered in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, also a gun-free zone.”

          He emphasized that in gun-free zones in Africa, the rebel soldiers, the police and the army are armed.
          “We’ve had pastors in the Democratic Republic of the Congo being buried alive. And I said to one of the pastors there, ‘Why didn’t the whole congregation bring out their firearms when the rebels came along and say, ‘Go ahead make our day? How can they just walk in and take the pastor?’ He said, ‘No, we’ve been completely disarmed. We can’t protect ourselves at all.’

          His story has been chronicled in the book “Shooting Back: The Right and Duty of Self-Defense” and also a video documentary, the first ever produced by WND Films.”

  3. So, they’re saying a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun? Of do police officers not count as “good guys”?

  4. Can we acknowledge that these people simply are inspired by each other and copy each other based on whatever the media meme is?

    If the media meme was “running trucks into post offices” then that’s what would occasionally happen in tight clusters. If it was “lighting churches on fire” that’s what would occasionally happen in tight clusters. If it was “lighting milk cartons of gasoline up on public transit”, that’s what would happen occasionally in tight clusters. If they glorify the AR15 then we get more AR15 copy attacks. After one uses a shotgun we get more shotgun copy attacks. If they glorify a handgun attack we seem to get more handgun copy attacks.

      • Pretty much.

        Suffice it to say that the most competitive, stress-oriented, diverse, and freest (therefore unequal) culture in the world will always produce motive. As for method, it’s depressing optimism, but if the domestic archetype for these attacks was “bomber” or “arsonist” instead of “shooter”, the death toll would be a lot higher.

    • If there is evidence for that, I’ll acknowledge it.

      Seems to me, however, that your explanation ignores the more likely factor: there are a lot of people running around who have inherited sketchy behavioral genes (low impulse control, high histrionics, no future time orientation, lack of empathy) and did not have the parenting required to rein those in and teach better behaviors.

      Between poor genes and poor parenting, and social enabling of both in the name of fairness, justice, equality, special snowlfake-ism, etc., we can expect this sort of thing to happen…and most particularly in the free-fire zones of society where the antisocial can go to act out their violent fantasies or impulses.

      It strikes me as dreadfully ironic that those who DO have a sense of self control, future time orientation, and empathy create those institutionalized free fire zones, unable to imagine that not all people are like them.

      • I think there is some direct evidence for certain connections, but careful! that doesn’t suggest conspiracy or cause. I read Dave Cullen’s book on Columbine and police say that the personal journals of the killers made it very clear that their attempted bombing was inspired by McVeigh’s bombing, McVeigh being inspired by the catastrophe at Waco. When their bombs failed to work and they went in to try again it became a shooting attack, and the archetype was defined by their look, personalities, and actions. The Seattle Pacific attacker is documented to be aware/obsessed with the Columbine killers. We had 3 AR15 attacks in close succession (Aurora, followed a few months later by Clackamas, followed a few days later by Sandy Hook). Then there was a cluster of shotgun attacks around the time of the Navy Yard shooting. Most recently a cluster of school pistol attacks.

      • There have been several studies linking the media focus of suicides to the increase in suicides. A quick google search will pull these up. Here is one:

        The impact of the media on suicidal behaviour seems to be most likely when a method of suicide is specified—especially when presented in detail—when the story is reported or portrayed dramatically and prominently—for example with photographs of the deceased or large headlines—and when suicides of celebrities are reported.4–6 Younger people seem to be most vulnerable to the influence of the media, although limited evidence also shows an impact on elderly people. Another factor is similarity between the media stimulus or model and the observer in terms of age, sex, and nationality. An important aspect of the presentation of suicide in the media is that it usually oversimplifies the causes, attributing the act to single factors such as financial disasters, broken relationships, or failure in examinations.

        There are already rules/agreements in place when reporting on bank robberies to help prevent copy cats. Why does the media not see a link between reporting and shootings? Has anyone done any studies on this relation already?

    • I would have so much respect for the first news station to openly refuse to post the name and picture of the shooter.

  5. We will need for this to develop some more, but I bet the script will contain one or more of the following:

    1) The shooter has a mental health issue
    2) The shooter was bullied at school and could not take it any more
    3) Everyone knew about 1 or 2 but nobody did anything
    4) Nobody will acknowledge there is a problem with the mental health system we have in place.

  6. I am just a few minutes from there. This is just another shooting in a gun-free zone. This has nothing to do with bad guys with guns…it has to do with not enough good guys with guns. What if that PE teacher was allowed to be deep-cover armed and didn’t have to stand there defenseless and be shot? Nobody should be forced to use just their hands and a cell phone for self-defense!

  7. What the hell is going on? Why does it seem like there’s been a rash of these types of things over the past few weeks? Is everyone just losing their sh*t at the same time? Seems very strange to me…

    • Media outlets are hunting down these stories and making them headline news because it drives up viewership.

  8. We have an education system run by lunatics, a mental health system that’s not run at all and a child-rearing philosophy designed by Benjamin Spock — so attacks like this should come as no surprise to anyone.

    • The New York Daily News is calling it an assault rifle, of course. They also have this wonderful quote: “What was clear is that once again an American school where kids are supposed to be safe was transformed by terror into a crime scene.” So pretty much it is like most urban high schools since the 80s.

  9. Actually the exact same things happen every single day. The difference is that if they happen in a “blighted” area, they are not news.
    Hear anything about the mother and daughter gunned down in Chicago, just yesterday? How about the five shot in Chicago on Sunday or any of the other 34 people killed and wounded in Chicago just this past Friday afternoon through Saturday morning?

    These shootings make national news because they are happening where they don’t normally happen.

    But make no mistake, they happen every single day, multiple times, all over the country.

    They just are just reported because nationally because they serve another purpose and that is ratcheting up the demand for gun control.

    All those other shootings? They don’t count because you know, they don’t count

    • That is all background noise. This shootin was in OREGON – destination for “right” thinking libtard Californians.

    • Well, we know why the shootings you mentioned don’t count, but it would be crass to point it out explicitly.

      • Sian

        I used Chicago as an example but the same is true in Detroit, Newark, Cleveland, etc
        It has nothing at all to do with the geographical location and every thing to do with the type of location

  10. Interesting report, who knows if it’s fact:

    10:47 a.m.: Reynolds students are now talking about what they heard and saw:

    The gunman wounded a teacher, then was trapped in a bathroom.
    The confusion that occurred about the number of gunmen at the scene apparently happened because two students were found carrying guns when authorities did a pat-down.
    A 14-year-old boy who was in the gym said he heard a loud noise. He and his friends thought something had fallen. It was a gunshot.

  11. I don’t understand why the kids were taken to a nearby market. I mean, it is a Safeway lol… but seriously, why?

  12. It’s a Progressive Town and a Progressive School, even w/two Resource Officers a rifle was brought on campus for pre-meditated Progressive Sanctioned Murder

  13. Progressive Sanctioned Murder?

    Start with Gun Free Zones; beloved by Progressives:
    Add the medication of your or
    a syco-Docs choice;
    Add the withdrawl of same;
    Mix IN legal or illegal weapons;
    To deamonize along with Reupblicans;
    Now add The Progressive outrage and
    Lust for POWER over—

    We the People!

  14. Instead of keeping a low profile when this happens, we (POTG) should visably demand an end to GFZs. I’m am sick of these school murders.

  15. Its been said before, but in the time it took for the cops to get to the school in Oregon, how many inner city kids were shot and killed in Chicago, New York, DC, Los Angeles, Oakland, etc. The media doesnt care about people shot in the ‘hood, since it doesnt fit their agenda.

  16. And the President wastes no time saying that we should “be ashamed” about school shootings and calls on Congress to stop being scared of the NRA and enact tough gun restrictions .

    Probably not a damn thing in any way related to today’s shooting. But never let a good tragedy go to waste.

    • I know I’m ashamed. We are still leaving children and teachers defenseless in this day and age in free range psycho zones. I want to know how it stopped. One of the 2 school resource officers in a school of 3k kids? Shooter got his target the first time and gave it up after? News has sort of died down, likely the answers are not conducive to the narrative just like the last few shootings.

  17. Obama can kiss my ass. I will stand behind him when they introduce legislation that will actually do something, not just anything just to make them look good. People are not that stupid.
    When are they going to figure out that people don’t believe the mainstream media anymore or Obamas lying lip-service.

  18. There’s got to be a connection between the shooter and the victim.

    Schools get A LOT of former students (those who should have graduated and moved on to better things) who come back to pick fights with known current students.

  19. Another dead shooter at a school, the most emotional of gun free zones.

    Smells like another Bloomie and MDA false flag.

    Cue all the TTAGers calling my a conspiracy theorist. Sorry, but things are just way too convenient this week, leading right up to Obama’s hard on for confiscation.

  20. Man, I feel like it’s another school rampage every week. What is it that makes our nation produce these little punk p_ssies that need to go and harm other people??? It’s “Man, that girl blew me off, so I’m going to off her” or “Those people made fun of how nerdy I look, so I lets off them.” All of these people are a worthless bunch of p_ssies who are too spineless to try to talk their problems out or deal with them, and the world will do well without useless PoS like them – but what is it that is creating this bunch of spineless trash? What’s sending them the message that that’s how you handle problems? It’s like they think the world owes them something.

    With this generation/s of worthless and spineless kids, I’m glad I’m not a student anywhere.

    What school will have a violence/killing spree next week?

    • they think the world owes them something.

      I believe that is a huge part of it. They believe themselves entitled to that which they are not while they don’t realize they are really entitled to the freedom to pursue it. The true nature of Liberty is not taught to them. Some modern progressive concoction is fed in place of the truth; reinforced by parents, peers, media, and government.


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