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This is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace: Windy City Retail Edition

“Quizhpe said he didn’t know he had been shot until his brother-in-law had chased the robbers out of the store with a fire extinguisher and Quizhpe was on the phone calling police. ‘I felt something warm down my leg,’ he said. ‘I lost about a pint of blood.'” That’s Luis Quizhpe, the man with the bat doing his best to fend off two armed robbers shooting at him in his Chicago store. Mayor Rahm and Superintendent McCarthy would no doubt have advised Quizhpe to just empty the till, give the two walking pieces of excrement what they wanted and they’d be on their way. Except, as the video reveals, the gunman in the grey hoodie fired at least one shot at the store owner before he even picked up his Louisville Slugger . . .

The firm believers in the wisdom of strong gun control laws at have the report:

“I thought it was a toy, but what made me frightened and really made me angry was when they grabbed my brother-in-law by the neck and they were pointing the gun at him,” Quizhpe, 62, said Wednesday from Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, where he was nursing a leg wound.

“It was like the Fourth of July. Pow, pow, pow,” he said. “Then he was yelling, ‘Kill the (expletive).”

The store owner’s brother helped drive the two doods out the front door with the help of a stool and a fire extinguisher. And this isn’t the first time Quizhpe’s Gifts and Sports has been targeted.

Aida Quizphe said the family has had their share of break-ins in the store they have run for 28 years at 2242 N. Western Ave. Her husband was shot at during a robbery more than a dozen years ago, and someone pointed a gun at her years ago but the gun jammed.

But the dedicated disarmers in Chicago’s and Illionis’ government are still working hard to keep law abiding citizens disarmed, despite a court order directing them to enact concealed carry in the Land of Lincoln. Meanwhile, the law-abiding are easy pickins for criminals who know that, when knocking over a store, there’s little chance of meeting armed self defense.

For Mr. Quizhpe and his brother, we’d suggest a Mossberg 500 and a Glock 19. For Mayor Rahm, Superintendent McCarthy and Speaker Michael Madigan, a liberal application of tar and feathers seem to fit the bill.

[h/t Tyler Kee]


  1. avatar Nate says:

    You have to admire that man’s spirit though. He fought as hard as he could til they left. If he had better form, I imagine the grey hoodie perp would have had some major head injuries. The stool toss was a nice touch too.

    1. avatar NWGlocker says:

      +1. I thought the same thing about the stool toss: “Good arms”. He just needed firearms

  2. avatar SAS 2008 says:

    That guy’s gun handling skillz suck.

    1. avatar DJ says:

      Thank God for that.

      1. avatar You asked for it says:

        AMEN! I have yet to see a “gangsta” that can shoot.

  3. avatar William Burke says:

    An extra hundred points to the guy who threw the stool at him.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      He should have thrown stool, not a stool.

  4. avatar dwb says:

    i dunno about the mossberg. A perfectly fine self defense weapon. Not a precision instrument though. Given a choice, in that situation id rather have my mini-14.

    …orrr the “Ferrari of self protection”

  5. avatar Matt in NC says:

    Not a fan of the automatically loading video on the front page. Bad automatic machine assault videos!

    1. avatar Pantera Vazquez says:

      you mean the one that needs to be clicked off multiple times to actually stop? and clicks on again when commenting……

  6. avatar BlindKyle says:

    How can anyone watch this, and the dozens of videos like it and say that gun control keeps guns out of the hands of criminals?

  7. avatar B says:

    Please kill the video. The dang thing auto plays every time I refresh the page.

  8. The latest here is that the CPD has managed to capture one of them and it also being reported that the one captured was also shot. It’s not clear how the later happened but given the guy’s handling of the weapon it’s a surprise half the neighborhood wasn’t hit.

    Illustrating Chicago’s Murders, Homicides, Violence and Idiocy at

    1. avatar dwb says:

      wish there was a page like that for baltimore. with a picture of chairman Mao’Malley up top.

    2. avatar Matt in FL says:

      Doesn’t surprise me that the other perp was hit. The first shot looked “danger close,” and then the camera froze for a second during which I’m pretty sure there was a second shot fired. The second perp then limped all the way to the front door.

      Why did the guy in the grey hoodie keep coming back? So weird. He walked away three times, including once all the way to the front door, before coming back. Bizarre.

      The stool throw made me laugh. I’m glad the injury wasn’t major.

      1. avatar KCK says:

        The gunman keeps firing as he tries to jump over the counter and reach a button to unlock the door

      2. The front door autolocked and he wasn’t able to get out, hence why he kept coming back.

        Or he forgot his change and a mint.

      3. avatar dwb says:

        when gun banners talk about gun training, do they really mean that they want the criminals to be a better shot?

  9. avatar Randy Drescher says:

    The one guy shouldn’t have came back for a second helping. The vid has to be staged though as it’s illegal to have a handgun in Chicago, sorry, couldn’t have happened. Yes, you are looking at liberal paradise, take a gander at the magnificence, Randy

  10. avatar Colt Magnum says:

    It’s a shame their government won’t let them have the weapons they need to survive. The perp kept attacking. Kudos to them for not giving up. They’re alive because of their fortitude.

    1. avatar GS650G says:

      Imagine the brother coming out from the back of the store with a AR and liquidating the perp right there on the spot.

  11. avatar Chuck in IL says:

    Autoplay video has got to go! Big internet faux pas. Please excuse my French.

  12. avatar Buzzlefutt says:

    I’m waiting to read that a gun isn’t necessary because he was successful with a bat.

  13. avatar jp says:

    Tar and feathering is a little light for those two grandstanding douchebags. They need to spend some quality time disarmed in those areas….. if they make it out alive maybe they will realize the error of their ways……. doubtful but one can always hope!

  14. avatar KCK says:

    This is why he kept on comming back to the counter
    “The gunman keeps firing as he tries to jump over the counter and reach a button to unlock the door”

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      Oh, that’s awesome. Could you imagine if the shopkeeper did have an 870?

      Edit because I used the phrase wrong:

      “Now youse can’t leave.”

  15. avatar KCK says:

    Lets see if the perp is charged with attempted murder with a firearm during commision of a felony/posession of fire arm by prohibited person/assult with a deadly weapon (his accomplice)
    misdemeanor discharge of gun within city limits, released on his own recog.

    1. avatar JAS says:

      The city will press charges against the owner with the bat. The perp was shooting to protect himself…… bizarro world.

    2. avatar Dan Frain says:

      Why not charge him with possession w/o valid FOID card? It’s a bullshit charg, but it’s worth a year in the clink on the first offense. If you don’t want that dimwit walking around with a gun, set his bail high enough that he can’t pay it.

      Sure, it seemingly violates the Sixth Amendment, but why should they care more about the Sixteenth than they do the First, Second, Fourth, or Fifth?

    3. Probably the latter.
      If the shop owner had used an unlicensed handgun to defend himself then HE would be locked up with a gazillion dollars bail needed.

  16. avatar questionableprovenance says:

    In New York, the guy with the bat would have been arrested for committing self-defense in the third degree.

  17. avatar Bob says:

    I like how he comes BACK just for that sweet taste of baseball bat to the face.

  18. Now according to NBC5, here’s the security camera that caught it all. And people say Barry doesn’t care about the little people. Pfft.

    This unassuming video cam captured the Logan Square clerk brawling w/ robbers. #chicagogram— NBC Chicago (@nbcchicago) April 11, 2013

    Illustrating Chicago’s Murders, Homicides, Violence and Idiocy at

  19. avatar Big C says:

    Show this video to the next person who says “just give them the money, they won’t hurt you. Using a gun just makes things worse.”

    These perps were not afraid to kill for a few bucks, and even came back to finish the job in cold blood. And they call pro 2A people heartless.

  20. avatar Irideducs says:

    This pisses me off. The civilian disarmers should be ashamed of themselves, but they have no shame. Trying to remove (and succeeding in many cases) the right to self defense should be a criminal offense. This video also proves another thing – “high capacity” magazines are necessary for defense. The perp got off at least 5 rounds without stopping the defender so more than 5 rounds are needed for stopping power with just one opponent. I have the natural right to choose how I defend myself, my loved ones and my property. Everyone should be assured of that right. Civilian disarmament laws and their proponents should be treated as an assault – that is criminally. I hope this store owner sues the pants off the elected officials who legislated these laws.

  21. avatar LJM says:

    When I see stuff like this, can’t help but think about the incidents at Brown’s Chicken and Lane Bryant. Those of us that live in No. Illinois know those cases quite well and are exhibit A for CCW.

  22. avatar Avid Reader says:

    Bet these POS are on the street again in less than a month. Maybe even a week.

    1. avatar Joe says:

      …and armed.

  23. avatar Gregolas says:

    As Jeff Cooper said, “Robbers should be shot.” But that’s hard to do when your a law-abiding disarmee in a town trying to keep robbers safe from you.

  24. avatar Silver says:

    Oh, I get it. It’s an interpretive play of the government’s relationship with honest Americans.

  25. avatar Joe says:

    Why didn’t those evil shop owners tired of getting robbed just call 911 like they’re supposed to? Chicago, police are only 10 mins away.

  26. avatar Russ Bixby says:

    “Pieces of excrement…” Hardly. Manure at least has uses.

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