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“Firearms in Ireland are extremely strictly controlled,” informs, “both with strict legislation governing licencing and very conservative application of that legislation by the Gardaí.” Skipping ahead a bit we learn that “self-defence and the defence of property do not constitute a good reason when applying for a firearms certificate. Applications made for firearms certificates for such reasons will be refused.” And yet there they are, farmers and farming communities plagued by crime, admitting that they’re sleeping with shotguns under the bed. Also illegal! But what you gonna do when gun control somehow mysteriously fails to curb firearms-related crime – or any other crime. Quite the opposite in fact. As they say in the Old Country, God is good, but never dance in a small boat. Or something like that . . .


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  1. The people are so disarmed that they are easy pickings for criminals, but without the criminals what would all the government workers do? Can’t have ordinary folks killing off the bad guys, cause if they did what need would there be for cops, lawyers, judges, and god help them freaking crime victim counselors!

    Without the 2nd Amendment, that would be our lot soon enough.

  2. So, if you can get and own shotguns – legally, is this really a disarmed populace? Being a farmer makes it nearly a rubber stamp for getting a shotgun license. Over at the English Shooting Channel, Callum has ridden the london buses and the tube with his shotguns and M&P .22.

  3. I am glad some of my ancestral families are FROM Ireland.
    If crime is such a problem, maybe the guys should sleep with their shotgun and a DOG.
    Shelties and Collies tend to go nuts at intruders and be part of the perimeter patrol.
    Collie-Shepherds can be real cute in action.

        • No, you got me. I watched that darn movie half a billion times, and didn’t really catch the location.
          Yes on the other too, scary how a place like Australia would do the ankle grab. Met some in Kuwait early 2007 that made me think we’d have some good recruits for Armageddon. They must’ve gotten home to a happy handfull of wtf and hide the good stuff.

  4. If they are admitting to shotguns under the bed, you can be assured there is heavier weaponry hidden about. Knee Capping is still practiced in parts of the country- and the Provo’s were never entirely disarmed.

  5. This Is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace: They Sleep with Illegal Shotguns Under Their Beds, Illegally

    Are the shotguns illegal?

    • In most of Europe, if you don’t have a self-defense license, the firearm must be all time locked in safe, in some countries with ammo stored under a lock in separate location. You can only take the firearm to and from hunt, otherwise keep it under lock. In countries like UK, Germany (I don’t know about Ireland) the popos may come to your house at any time to check on you guns. If they are not in the safe, you lose license, guns are confiscated.

      Without having particular knowledge about the Irish situation, judging from what I know about countries like UK and Germany, having a loaded shotgun under the bed may very well be illegal (even if the possession per se would be in line with law).

  6. There as well (and anywhere else we find it if we’re being honest) their stupid neighbors needing jobs (a/k/a their government) has hobbled them with the line “we can’t protect you until you give up the means of your own protection” coupled with “you don’t rate the authority to protect yourself.”

  7. “Sleep with illegal shotguns under their bed illegally”
    I smell a double negative in there somewhere. Also, is there a “Legal” way to sleep with an illegal shotgun?

  8. Time for another NRA gun lift? This time send direct to citiznes (as Ireland) so the ruling class can’t get their hands on them (and dump in the ocean as in WWII).

    Good bet that Obumer and his jackbooted ATF thugs would come totally unhinged.

  9. There is a simple word for your government when they promise to imprison you if you possess or use a firearm to defend yourself from violent home invaders: and that word is “accomplice” … as in your government is an accomplice to the violent criminals invading your homes.

    I encourage everyone to act accordingly.

  10. Nothing sould be illegal what people do on own will !
    If the goverment is against this then the goverment must repleaced !

  11. There is an incredible irony of Irish gun laws. Under British rule, Irish Catholics, who were the majority in what is now the Irish Republic, were specifically restricted from owning any kind of weapons, under the “Laws in Ireland for the Suppression of Popery” aka the Penal Laws. To arm themselves to win independence, the IRA had to acquire guns illegally, often through smuggled donations of arms from sympathetic Americans and often by stealing them from the British.

    The irony is this: Within a few years of winning independence, the Irish started to pass gun laws based on the Penal Laws, although obviously without the anti-Catholic verbiage. So what the British oppression had done to the Irish for centuries, the independent Irish immediately did to themselves.

    It reminds me of the lyric by The Who, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…We won’t get fooled again.”

  12. After all of the publicity and everything is calmed down, old friend Officer O’Mally will quietly give farmer Malloy his “illegal” shotgun back (for a bottle of Irish Whiskey).

  13. There are only two rights in Ireland. The right to do whatever the whig bearing majority in parliament decide, and STFU and do what you are told as decided by parliament appointed law enforcement officials.

  14. I have travelled on business to Ireland numerous times in the past 15 ears and every time that I return home I’m thankful that my ancestors left 150+ years ago. The people are wonderful, but honestly they’re a nation of children for whom socialism has replaced the church as their source of enslavement. They can parrot the Euro dogma immaculately but once you begin to question them, it falls apart and the discussion ends quickly.

    The issue of rural crime there has been building. This short interview doesn’t get close to addressing the level of violence that is common. Armed gangs, mostly out of Dublin where it has been horrible for decades, make well planned assaults on farms, large and small. Dogs aren’t much good as they will be shot and killed and as you can see from the interview, their police, the Gardai, are completely and perfectly useless.

    The Irish are “Sheepeople” and that will likely never change.

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