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“Nigerian soldiers angry about the killing of an officer shot dead more than 30 civilians Monday in a northeastern city long under siege by a radical Islamist sect,” reports. “An Associated Press reporter in Maiduguri counted the dead while on a tour of the still-smoldering neighborhood Monday afternoon. The journalist saw no weapons or evidence that the dead belonged to the sect. A soldier nearby, who did not identify himself, claimed the attack was a response to a bombing nearby earlier Monday that he said killed a lieutenant. ‘They killed our officer!’ the soldier shouted. ‘We had no options!'” If you’re looking for “good guys” in this conflict, neither do you . . .

The killing of civilians comes as Boko Haram continues its bloody guerrilla campaign against Nigeria’s weak central government. The sect, whose name means “Western education is sacrilege” in the Hausa language of Nigeria’s north, is blamed for killing more than 690 people in drive-by killings and bombings this year alone, according to an AP count. The sect has demanded the release of all its captive members and has called for strict Shariah law to be implemented across the entire country . . .

Diplomats and Western security officials say Boko Haram has loose links to African terror groups al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb and al-Shabab of Somalia.

Time to send in U.S. troops! Yes, well, no. Separating the “good guys” from the “bad guys” in so-called developing countries is like choosing between drowning and asphyxiation. The key to creating any kind of stability in these “war torn” areas is . . . hell if I no. But the key to creating instability is civilian disarmament.

When individuals are left defenseless, evil men of all stripes are free to intimidate, extort, wound, rape, torture, murder and generally, viciously, relentlessly exploit the populace’s weakness. And the evil men know it. Which is why they disarm the populace.

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  1. The secret here is not to try to cure the woes of place “A”. There’s too many place “A”‘s in the world and you’ll exhaust yourself and your resources.

    The secret is to see to it that your “Place” doesn’t become place “A”. The secret to that is to get involved and active in your “Place” so that it never happens.

    • America needs to focus on its circle of influence (America) and not its circle of concern (the world). America borrows money from around the world in vain imperialistic attempts to Americanize the world.

      “If” America is going to do any borrowing of money from Saudi Arabia, Japan, and China the money should be used to re-build America and not nation-build places like Afghanistan, Iraq, and given away in various ways around the world as has been done the past 50 years.

  2. Instead of killing the Islamists they had in custody in retaliation (which would’ve been wrong too but less wrong) they decided to murder innocents. Despicable.

  3. What ever happened to good old fashioned colonialism? Say we go in, plant some US flags and declare this is now US soil. They get a court system, roads, schools, prisons, a constitution, rights, etc. Can anyone really say that they wouldn’t be better off?

    I just don’t see this nation building that we get ourselves into (not talking about Nigeria now). Either blow up an enemies capabilities to attack us, take over the place completely, or stay the F out. I don’t see how any other option works.

    • The other options work wonderfully. You’re simply confused about the actual objectives, such as maintaining the military industrial complex.

  4. Just kill them all and take their resources. Don’t piss around with “uplifting” anybody. It’s been a flawless strategy since the dawn of time. Why fix what ain’t broke?

    • Just kill them all and take their resources

      It’s just not a good idea to base a foreign policy on the plot for “Independence Day.” It’s much better to just leave them alone and let them kill each other if that’s their national sport.

      • “Just kill them all and take their resources”

        That was the centuries old standard of behavior at the party across the pond, until some Germans got hammered a second time and took it way too far. In light of the tragic events, the spectrum shifted to the total opposite. All world leaders have to be best friends forever now and can never hurt each others’ feelings or God forbid raise citizens to have a little pride in their own country.

        • Except their not best friends, they just pretend they are and stab each other in the back instead. Preferably I’d rather be stabbed in the chest so at least I can’t blame myself for being a fool.

  5. The older I get, the less I see that it’s possible to make other people do. The fact is that we can’t reshape the world in our image by force. What we can do is maintain our own greatness and let other countries decide if they want to follow our example or come up with some other solution. The only exceptions would be cases like Somalia where pirates are mucking up trade or some country throwing nukes around to poison the planet. Other than that, just try to kill each other down wind, O.K.?

  6. “Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.”

    Mahatma Gandhi


    • Having no means to defend yourself whatsoever works every time.
      After all; who would possibly stoop so low as to murder, rape mutilate a defenceless victim.
      Oh wait…..

      You’re not very bright, are you?


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