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You may remember TTAG’s previous post on firearms sales at the Ireland Road Walmart in South Bend, Indiana. City Council Vice President Oliver J. Davis wrote a letter to the retail giant yanking their chain for contravening an agreement to keep handguns and “tactical weapons” off the shelves. (The appearance of “tactical shotguns” got Davis’ proverbial knickers in a twist.) reports that Walmart attorney Joseph D. Calderon wrote back that “the tactical shotguns displayed in the Ireland Road store performed in the same way as traditional shotguns in that they do not fire more rapidly. However, the weapons are designed to look like tactical weapons so they are marketed as such.” With that little point of order out of the way . . .

. . . the store has removed the weapons marketed as tactical shotguns and blocked further shipments, though the company did not believe it was violating the agreement . . .

“We hope that the prompt response to the concern raised by the council indicates to the council that Wal-Mart is in fact a good corporate citizen of South Bend.”

So good, in fact, they’ve agreed to go even further in their efforts to kiss Davis’ ass demonstrate their corporate responsibility . .

Wal-Mart has limited the sale of firearms to begin at 8 a.m. and end at 9 p.m., though that is not part of the original agreement.

Previously the hours were not restricted in the 24-hour Wal-Mart, a concern for people in his district, Davis said.

So a big win for the good people of South Bend, who no longer have to worry about handguns, tactical shotguns and other Walmart-sourced tactical weapons (e. not g., baseball bats and kitchen knives) falling into the hands of criminals.

“We are very pleased with how these matters turned out,” Davis said.

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  1. Too bad the word “tactical” when used as a marketing tool really doesn’t mean anything at all. Take a standard item and paint it black and it’s tactical. Same item painted chartreuse and it’s zombie killer. I would think the zombie killer stuff would be more of a threat to the antis than anything labeled tactical. “Tactical/ Zombie”, it’s all just bullshit anyway. It doesn’t take much to frighten some folks.

    • When emotions and feelings are more important than facts and logic, yes, it doesn’t take much to frighten folks.

      City Council Vice President Oliver J. Davis is a power-hungry, elitist fool, and it was cowardly for the Walmart to cave in to him. They could have easily defeated him in court.

      • Almost every company caves anymore. That’s the problem – they became so focused on the one aspect of capitalism (profit maximization) that they forgot that you can still have morals and integrity too. We need more companies like Barrett out there who are willing to tell government thugs to f-off.

    • I have a butter knife. It can be both an assault weapon and a tactical weapon. Now that we have clarified that these terms mean nothing, I will add that I did not buy my butter knife at Walmart.

  2. God forbid they have shotguns with that diabolical shoulder thing that goes up. That’s just crossing the line of human decency *facepalm*

    • Especially if they were to be available to the public at 9:05 PM. After all we ALL know what sorts of people do their shopping after 9:00 PM. (sarcasm off) Seriously, I’d like to take my size 14 EEEE tactical sneaker (it’s black) and kick Mr. Davis in the butt so hard that I’d need to get my foot surgically removed. And I’d like him to know that I am available for this butt kicking between the hours of 9:00 PM and 8:00 AM when Zombies roam the plains of Indiana, and his constituants can no longer shop for protection at their trusty Walmart.

  3. Well, I just lost some more respect for Walmart. Way to let an over zealous piece of garbage walk all over you. Seriously, you have a corporate legal staff and the backing of the Constitution and you caved.

  4. Did not know that Mossberg shotguns are now made in China
    Value of my made in USA Mossberg shotguns just increased

  5. I have been to Walmart in South Bend. Maybe not the Walmart mentioned above, but they had ammo purchase restrictions. No ammunition sales during evening hours on Fridays and Saturdays. So if you intend on shooting on the weekend, purchase your ammo before dark.

  6. The word “tactical” repels me almost as much as the words “zombie” and “Kardashian”.

    In my opinion, anybody that uses these words in a serious discussion are flagrant marketing whores.

  7. I wonder if my car is considered tactical…. Its bright yellow and I added bull horns to it…. Are horns considered *tactical* when it comes to cars?

  8. I hope California legislators don’t get wind of this. I carry two tactical phones and a tactical Leatherman Skeletool. (Tactical black, all of them.) Oh, and I’m wearing tactical sunglasses and a tactical jacket, not to mention my tactical Ecco dress shoes…

  9. Another example of Walmart selling out for $$$. Poor Sam must be irate and disgusted with what they did to his company.

  10. Interesting choice of words, RF. “yanking their chain” refers to the old hard rock miner’s practice of putting a chain under the wheels of the “honey hole” mine cart to keep it in place while taking a dump. When someone yanked your chain, you found yourself on a rapidly accelerating toilet.

    It’s appropriate, though; Wal-Mart will likely end up being taken for a ride and covered in sh!t.

  11. Cowards. Haven’t we learned as a country yet that giving in to bullies only makes them worse? That’s what this Davis fellow is. Walmart should have sent him a copy of the Constitution free gratis and invited him to understand that he gets to say what he wants, but that’s the limit of it.

  12. I’m thinking we hit Wal-Mart where it hurts. Could we organize such a thing, and if so, would it do any good?

  13. I just e-maile Walmart corp and asked if they would ship those firearms to my Walmart.

    They don’t sell them right now and I’d love to be able to buy them here.

    Thank you.

  14. Thus capitalism takes over: Walmart loses money, which is spent elsewhere by discerning consumers looking to get their American pastime on, so on and so forth. Big deal. Not as big a deal as my local Scheels refusing to stock certain ARs because they’re too “tactical” (though they’re just fine with stocking some of the more popular ARs… hey, money is money, policies be damned).

  15. My Wally mart does not carry firearms anymore. Still have some ammo though. Last time I bought ammo from them was at a different Wally mart nearby. I had to wait and watch 4 people (2 employees + 2 customers) put a pump shotgun back in its cardboard box! It took 5 minutes! No, I did not help them.

  16. I am not sure what Indianas gun laws are but do know that WalMarts official corporate polocy is for its stores to follow the laws of the STATE they occupy. Not the city.

    I buy my ammo from mom and pops gun stores, one of which is across the street from my local WalMart that sells Colt and Sig ARs. Ill pay more to support small business, especialy pro-2A/customer vs pro-$ business.

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