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H&K gets plenty of hate from a dedicated group in the gun community. But now the German small arms maker is branching out, becoming the target of the German left. A group with the Orwellian name of The Center for Political Beauty (“one of Germany’s most ambitious art groups forcing reality to do acts of immense moral beauty”) has arrived at a final solution for the Oberndorf gunmaker — they plan to encase the Heckler und Koch factory in cement sarcophagus. And they’ve launched an IndieGoGo fundraising effort to get the process going . . .

From the website:

The Plan

We plan to put a sarcophagus, similar to the one that encases the Chernobyl reactor, over Germany’s deadliest factory, so that none of its lethal “products” can illegally escape.

Okay, first, I’m pretty sure that rather than the guns “escaping” being illegal (since they are currently legally sold on the market), in fact the act of encasing the factory in concrete against the owners’ wishes would be illegal. But of course, that would require the ability to use logic.

Why do they want to encase the factory in cement?


While fear of nuclear technology dominates the media headlines, the “products” by Heckler & Koch (“G3” and “G36”) silently killed at least 1.5 million people (375x as many as in Chernobyl’s nuclear disaster). Between 2 and 21 million people are wiped out every year by small arms fire. The weapons “G3” and “G36” appear everywhere despite an export ban in countries like Libya, Georgia and Mexico. This sarcophagus shall once and for all prevent illegal exports of German weapons to war-torn countries. Heckler & Koch is by far the most unscrupulous exporter of German weapons.

Please help us now to collect the budget for a work of art. Any small amount is helpful! Not only Heckler & Koch – the heart of darkness itself, the small town of Oberndorf – will finally gather the attention of the international audience. Even the smallest donations are welcome. This gigantic catastrophe can not be solved politically. It has to be managed architecturally.

Yeah, “silently” killing isn’t something often equated with firearms.

There’s a difference between “illegal” and “morally opposed” that I don’t think these people are understanding. Just like most of the gun control advocates here in the United States, these Germans seem to be operating more on emotion rather than logic. Emotionally they feel that H&K is an evil company that kills innocent people, And that justifies their own illegal activities

Everything about this screams “hysterical overreaction.” Look at their overall plan; wanting to encase the factory in concrete like nuclear waste. They even say in the video that they believe guns have some sort of evil radiation they give off that makes people go insane and go on murdering sprees, so the entire factory needs to be treated like Chernobyl. Just like every other “gun control advocate” they blame the tools for being immoral instead of the people who use them. So naturally, removing the tools will remove the evil impulse.

But there are a couple of even more puzzling aspects to CPB’s extremist gambol. One, I’m pretty sure they can’t get much done with their meager budget of 3,400 Euros. That amount might cover the catering budget for the workers for a couple days once work begins. Two, knowing that this is insane, people have still donated actual money towards the cause — money that will go to whoever is in charge of this little adventure.

I have no problem with people arguing for more restrictions on firearms and their manufacture. Public discourse is a wonderful and beautiful thing that makes democracies work. What I have a slight problem with, though, is small groups of people who believe that they’re acting in the best interests of the world — a world that doesn’t realize the hidden dangers that only their little group can perceive. At least they aren’t sending the guns to concentration camps. Yet.

[h/t _soames]

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  1. “one of Germany’s most ambitious art groups forcing reality to do acts of immense moral beauty”
    The fvck did I just read?

  2. Is it just me, or are the anti-gunners starting to sound remarkably like the prohibitionists?

    And that one didn’t turn out too well.

  3. This project is too big for the Center for Political Nutjobs. They should start with something smaller — like the White House.

    • City Hall
      – Chicago
      – New York
      – SF
      – LA

      So much need, so little concrete Will need to use quick setting cement. you don’t want the libtards to get out..

  4. “Between 2 and 21 million people are wiped out every year by small arms fire.”

    That is either a typo or the worst margine for error I have ever seen in a statistic. Why not just say between 1 and 7,000,000,000? That way, no matter what happens they will always be right.

    • Shouldn’t that be “Between 0 and 7 Billion,” that way if they ever figure out guns don’t kill people, they’re still right!

  5. Germans are collectively meshugge. It became clear after the Tohoku quake and tsunami last year when Geiger counters were sold out in Germany a few days after the first hydrogen explosion at Fukushima.

  6. Being that they are Germans I wonder why they don’t realize that there are literally miles and miles of tunnels under what was known as West Germany!!
    Oh and lest I forget guns and good old American Fighting Spirit is what freed their ass’es from Hitler a few decades back!!
    Or did Obama claim that we didn’t do that and I just missed it??!!

    • Hey, some of the GDR’s useful idiots are still around!

      Oops. Didn’t mean for this to be a reply but a standalone comment. Oh well.

  7. Um the USA is a Constitutional Republic & some quick searching indicates that Germany is a Federal Parliamentary Republic.

    Please stop believing the left that we are a Democracy. Remember a Democracy is where two wolves & one sheep vote on whats for dinner. Also since we don’t vote on every last thing we can’t be a Democracy.

  8. Dumb: thinking that HK and the German government will sit with thumbs up their collective butts while these ‘artists’ “…drop a sand and concrete mixture from helicopters onto the weapons factory…”

    Dumber: thinking that they can encase the factory – hell, even cause a disruption – with 3400 Euros. That won’t cover the deposit on the helicopter.

    Dumbest: Over 100 people have donated. Spent money on what they think is a good idea.

    Bonus: since the campaign is obviously illegal (and therefore in violation of the Indigogo ToS), how long will it take for someone to complain and Indiegogo to shut them down?

    • This. I would pay SCAR prices for a civilian G36 to go with my beloved USP.

      Alternatively, we could start a counter-campaign to have the HQ of this group (aka the head loony’s house) encased in concrete. It would be just as legal and defensible as their proposed attack on the HK factory.

  9. Wow, some folks will give money away to anything. If’n I didn’t have a moral compass I’d start doing fund raising jobs like this. Save the Two Legged Humanoids, “Every Blade Matters” an effort to get folks to stop mowing their lawns, and “Stop the Fall” End Gravity and it’s evil ways.

    I’d raise thousands a month.

  10. True, these people are wack job extremist. And trying to collect money for an illegal project that will never be attempted could be viewed as fraud. But let’s face it, if you’re stupid enough to donate to this “cause” you probably shouldn’t be trusted to manage your own affairs.

    Germany has CPB fleecing their sheep and we have Alex Jones, works out about the same.

  11. They are trying to raise 3.400€ that is about $4386.34 at today’s exchange rate.

    It cost more than that to do my patio unless they plan to encase a scale model, this is a pretty good scam or there are a lot of idiots because they are half way to their goal right now.

  12. I think they’re collecting money to pay for that nicely made video. It isn’t cheap to get that done to look all professional and researched. I think the whole thing is a scam to liberate Euros from the pockets of other anti-gunners.

    It reminds me of an immigrant friend I had who said the biggest scammers of immigrants are other immigrants.

  13. I smell a tie into the UN efforts to ban ownership of guns. It seems Germany’s latest weapon for global domination is debt and the Euro. They are attempting to do with currency what they could not do with Panzers or 88s which is to dominate Europe.
    Read Jim Marrs book the Rise of the 4th Reich for clarification.

  14. Heh. I’d like to see the HK factory encased in a concrete sarcophagus by way of helicopter drops.

    No, seriouisly. First of all, I’m not a fan of HK. Second, I think it would be downright entertaining to see it happen, especially in the manner described in the video.

    I reckon that would cost more to accomplish such a feat than buying the company outright. How many runs do you think it would take for a medium-sized helicopter–like the ones shown in the animatic–carrying its lift capacity of sand and cement to encase the factory to the degree that it would have to permanently cease operations?

  15. Yeah, so I guess the real question here is “What will that money actually be spent on?” I’m guessing this is simply no more than a personal-enrichment scheme at the expense of idiots.

    In fact, I really, really hope that whomever is scamming people is doing so for the purpose of buying of H&K products on someone else’s dime. (Still fraudulent, but at least with an appealing irony to it).

  16. Dear H&K – As an American I would like to cordially invite you to move your firearms production facilities, corporate offices, and other offices to the United States. States like Arizona, Texas, and Nevada have an outstanding pro-firearms culture and favorable tax rates / business laws that will boost your overall performance.

    Come on down!

  17. They should talk to FN, Glock, Beretta, or SIG or any other European firearms manufactuer. I’m sure they would be more than happy to donate money to take out the competition.

  18. I wonder if they realize that most if not all of the “illegal gun exporting” that turns up H&K firearms in countries they shouldn’t be in is due to various governments buying them and giving them away to questionable people in order to further their own particular foreign policy agendas?

    Nope, what was i thinking? Clearly the gun is just evil and needs to be buried.

  19. If they can make a G3 or G36 “appear everywhere” including my Xmas stocking, then I’m all for it! I would prefer the G3, but I’m not picky.

  20. H&K has nothing to worry about, I’m sure they have a few dozen GMG’s laying around just for this occasion. Grenade Machine Gun > Helo Hauling Cement

  21. I have started a concentration camp for guns, so if anyone wants to send me any evil guns, along with a check to handle administrative costs, I will handle their reeducation.

  22. Cool.

    Go ahead. Put them out of business.

    Doing so will give some American arms manufacture9s) an opportunity to pick up the slack.

    While they’re at it, they could put FN, Steyr and Sauer all out of business too.

    More money for US gun makers is A-OK with me.

    BTW – this wouldn’t be the first time a major arms plant in Obendorf has been destroyed. Check out what happened to the Mauser plant post-WWII.

  23. The nut jobs are coming out of the woodwork it seems now. I’m quite sure H&K will have something to say about them trying to destroy their private property (Well, as private as Germany will allow.)

  24. They apparently also have a plan to float life rafts in the Mediterranean Sea for all the illegal immigrants who run into trouble trying to get into Europe. There’s just something wacky about a handful of unarmed idiots trying to bury a gun factory. It sounds like a Monty Python sketch, not a real program.

  25. CHERNOBYL NEEDS A NEW SARCOPHAGUS. Seriously! The one on there now is a stopgap! If any of the fallen columns in the reactor collapses, it will send radioactive dust into the air and poison hundreds of thousands! WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS INSTEAD??
    Oh. Right. Assholes. Got it.

  26. Someone tell them a company that makes guns won’t stand idly by and let them cover the building with concrete. Might get a little noisy and messy.

  27. If I were a weapons manufacturer, I would endeavor to avoid seeing my weapons in the hands of evil-doers worldwide: Sell only to the common-man, not governments!

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