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The main draw of the Xtech Tactical MTX 365 +3 baseplate for your SIG SAUER P365 is the same draw of the P365 itself. In 2018 SIG hit the concealed carry market with a sledgehammer and all but killed the single stack 9mm pistol in one foul blow. Now everyone wants a micro-compact and just about everyone makes one.

Shooters and concealed carriers appreciate the small size and decent capacity the guns offers. SIG swung for the fences and knocked a grand slam with the P365.

XTech MTX 365 +3 Round Magazine Extender
For $20 you get the effect of a 12-round magazine with an extra round. (Travis Pike for TTAG)

Since then, the modular P365 has evolved steadily and has become a family of firearms with various magazine capacities. What started as 10-rounders has evolved into 12, 15, and even 17-round options.

Your standard P365 comes with two ten-round magazines, but it’s likely you’ll eventually want at least one 12-rounder…because twelve is better than ten, right? Outside of pocket carry, that additional magazine size is very much worth the squeeze.

XTech MTX 365 +3 Round Magazine Extender
It’s a little shorter than the 15-round magazine. (Travis Pike for TTAG)

Our drawback is the fact that a P365 magazine costs anywhere from $40 to $50. What the Xtech Tactical +3 baseplate offers is a way to convert those ten-rounders your own to 13-round magazines without breaking the bank.

Instead of buying an expensive 12-round magazine, you can spend $20 and get a simple means to extend the capacity of magazines you already own. For the same price as one SIG magazine, you can convert both your stock P365 mags to 13-rounders.

Xtech Tactical +3 Baseplate Design and Installation

XTech Tactical sent me two MTX 365 magazine extensions and I promptly installed them. The installation process isn’t complicated, but there’s more to it than just swapping baseplates. Xtech offers an easy-to-follow instructional video that makes it pretty easy to achieve.

XTech MTX 365 +3 Round Magazine Extender
If you want a 12-rounder, but don’t want to spend $50 bucks, here ya go. (Travis Pike for TTAG)

The installed magazine extension blends in perfectly with the design of the P365. It looks like a natural extension with an identical grip texture and tone that looks a lot like a P365 grip. If aesthetics are your bag, then you won’t be disappointed.

XTech MTX 365 +3 Round Magazine Extender
The length is just right for my P365 setup (Travis Pike for TTAG)

It bears mentioning the XTech magazine extension only works for 10-round magazines. It will not work with a twelve-rounder. Additionally, the extension only allows your ten-round magazine to fit inside the base P365 grip module. It will not work with the XL grip frame and certainly not in the Macro. To be fair, ten-rounders don’t work in either of those anyway.

According to Xtech, the magazine extension will also work with the Wilson Combat aftermarket grip modules as well as the stock SIG grip module.

Adding Length to Micro-Compact Pistols

Obviously, not everyone is attracted to making their micro-compact handgun any larger than it needs to be, but those folks likely aren’t in the market for a longer 12-round magazines either. Even if you’re not looking for more rounds, the Xtech Tactical M 365 extension also makes the gun just right for those of us with larger hands.

XTech MTX 365 +3 Round Magazine Extender
It fits just right if you have big hands. (Travis Pike for TTAG)

The stock SIG ten-round magazines are just too short for my big hands. The ten-rounder I used most often had a slight grip extension installed to prevent the hanging pinky. The Xtech mag extensions fit my hand perfectly, and while larger, they don’t make a big difference to me in terms of concealment.

An alternative use will be carrying your P365 with the ten-round mag to keep the gun small, but packing a spare mag with the Xtech extension to give you three more rounds on tap.

XTech MTX 365 +3 Round Magazine Extender
Yep, its adds some length but also three rounds (Travis Pike for TTAG)

A market certainly exists for the XL grip length grip model and the P365 length slide. SIG introduced the P365X for just those people. If that’s something you’re thinking of, the Xtech baseplates are a cheaper option than buying an XL grip module. It also provides a fairly nice grip overall.

Shooting and Reliability

I’ve had the Xtech Tactical +3 mag extensions for a couple of months now, and they’ve been a part of my daily carry since I got them. I’ve hit the range and trained weekly with these magazines and have had no problems. The magazines feed perfectly, the slide still easily locks to the rear, and they aren’t any more difficult to load than SIG’s 12-round magazines.

They eject and fall freely without issue. I live on a sandhill and in training, my magazines get full of sand. Enough so, I’m convinced they’ll always be a bit rattly. The sand hasn’t proved to be a problem, but I also do clean my magazines fairly regularly.

XTech MTX 365 +3 Round Magazine Extender
It’s an affordable, American made solution (Travis Pike for TTAG)

After a few hundred rounds of varying qualities, I’m sold on these little magazine extensions. The low price point and added capacity add to what makes the P365 already great as an everyday carry handgun. The Xtech M 365 extensions will make your gun longer, but if that’s not a concern, they’re a cost-effective means to increase capacity and grip length.

Installation is easy, and reliability isn’t an issue either. For only $20, you’re getting a made-in-America accessory that does exactly what it promises. Check it out Check out XTech’s magazine extensions.

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  1. OK. A few years ago I put +2 extenders on all my G43 mags. It made them bigger and increased grip purchase. Had to replace my holster. Glad I did it; love not having to mags as often. HOWEVER, with all the mostly peaceful but violent social unrest, I realized I wanted more accuracy at a distance; (stop them before they get too close, so I upgraded my EDC to an M&P 9c. Except when I go into Philadelphia. Then, I carry my G17 and my LCP2.

    • Philly still one media outrage from a mostly peaceful protest that gets next to no coverage outside of the local stations?

  2. I put the Magguts +2 spring kit in my magazines and they are maybe 1/8″ longer than the stock magazine.They have performed flawlessly.
    These are much longer.

  3. I have 6 sig 15 rd. mags and 3 Sig 17 rd (and more coming) for my P365. The 15 rd was a big improvement for large hands and the 17 rder is PERFECT for large hands.

    I’m waiting on Sig to make a 21 and 30 rd mag for it like they did the P320/M17. I have 3 17 rd., 6 21 rd. and two 30rd mags for my M17. All run perfect too. No FTE,misfeed/stove pipe , nothing. Fires and loads as fast as I can pull the trigger. But I take it easy on the bbl though.

    • But it could help a shooter put rounds on target by making the pistol easier to secure in the hand; more gripping surface especially on a micro-compact.

      • Found a good balance was the mags with only a slight pinky extension but flush in the middle to the back. Easier to conceal and still have a good grip. But more a solution for 10 round limited states.

        • I have that for my Shield Plus. I rarely carry it with one of the longer mags because it’s more difficult to conceal. I can OWB conceal carry with a t-shirt. I have some pants that even allow pocket carry with it. It’s very convenient. You can always throw a spare 15 round mag in your pocket for backup. Magguts can also turn the 10 round magazine into a 13 round magazine.

  4. I have come to trust Mr Pikes reporting.

    Yet= I have yet to see a reliable magazine extension save the Glock factory 19 round magazines. If dropped they break, sometimes fail to feed. Maybe I am bad luck.

  5. “A market certainly exists for the XL grip length grip model and the P365 length slide.”

    Huh. Calls to mind the Walther PPK/S.

    • Also the 365x……but whatever I am using a 365L and it was easy to set up.

  6. The P365 has come a loooong way from it’s original CCW gamechanger in 9mm’s. I bought that specific model with ten round mags thinking that the 3-4 extra per mag was more than enough upgrade in capacity. After all, I had 21 rounds in two mags – a 7 round mag only gave me 22 in three, requiring an extra mag change which is always problematic whether target or two way range.

    We are now at the other end of the capacity wars with 17 round XL’s holding 35 – and that is a lawman load out, which some prefer. Along the way, tho? It is in no way as concealable as the original, and it’s certainly not as light in daily carry, either. Should I want that, I could carry a Canik SF with 18 round mags. And do – cheaper. Just saying. Which, btw, I bought Promags which work just fine. I have, in fact, not even shot the factory ones yet.

    Reading this trail of development over the last 3-4 years with bigger, longer, and higher capacity guns seemingly being preferred for carry makes me think its more a question of media and enthusiast preference – not the average man in the street. After all, the competing smaller round count guns now in the market haven’t stretched out to 17 rounds – yet – and the talk in those circles seems to be 10 is enough for carry. I get the feeling it’s a SIG thing.

    Since I may carry the P365 during our Pistol season and the cost of mags aint cheap, I will stick to the 10 round count for now – it’s plenty enough for carry or legal hunting. Should by some stroke of luck I pick up the winning lottery ticket blowing in the breeze, tho, and a late career of competitive shooter unfolds, I’d be more than happy to load up 30 round mags to get 10,000 a year down range. Until then, I will just have to sigh (in relief?) and stick to what I got.

  7. I just brought four x tech tactical 10rd magazine extenders for my P365…but can only get 11rds in the magazine after installing the extenders
    I used the mag loader but could not get rds 12&13 loaded into the magazine….I am certain I installed the extenders correctly

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