Question of the Day: Do you Suffer From Mod Mania?


I’m not a big on modifying guns. Sure, Eddie modded my Glock 30SF’s go pedal with a 3.5 lbs. GHOST Rocket Trigger Control Connector. And yes, my SP101 .22LR now has a Hogue grip and a reduced trigger pull. And I’ve talked to ace gunsmith Dave Santurri about adding mag capacity to my Benelli M2. And I’ve got a major hard-on for the Volquartsen Scorpion, which is about as modded a Ruger MkIII as [lots of] money can buy. But while I’m showing sign of impending mod mania, most of my guns are as-new. For now. Are you immune to the urge to tinker with factory specs or do you view a new gun as a starting point for customization?