Question of the Day: Do you Suffer From Mod Mania?


I’m not a big on modifying guns. Sure, Eddie modded my Glock 30SF’s go pedal with a 3.5 lbs. GHOST Rocket Trigger Control Connector. And yes, my SP101 .22LR now has a Hogue grip and a reduced trigger pull. And I’ve talked to ace gunsmith Dave Santurri about adding mag capacity to my Benelli M2. And I’ve got a major hard-on for the Volquartsen Scorpion, which is about as modded a Ruger MkIII as [lots of] money can buy. But while I’m showing sign of impending mod mania, most of my guns are as-new. For now. Are you immune to the urge to tinker with factory specs or do you view a new gun as a starting point for customization?


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17 Responses to Question of the Day: Do you Suffer From Mod Mania?

  1. avatarDyspeptic Gunsmith says:

    Um, yes. It’s sort of my job.

  2. avatarThomas Paine says:

    nah, though i enjoy returning import defective firearms back into their original surplus configuration.

    Otherwise, i don’t see the utility in putting a 2lb UTG rail on a 8 lb rifle, and then adding 2 more lbs of lasers and lights. Go ahead, hump that thing thru the woods (or around the block) for 10 miles. Go ahead.

    I mod to go lighter, if anything.

    • avatarGettoPhilospher says:

      I agree, which is why I always replace my plastic handguards with Seekins Precision SAR rails…lighter than my plastic handguards, free floated, multiple QD sling mount points, and plenty of room for a handstop and a lightweight light+polymer mount. ;)

  3. avatarJon R. says:

    What in the heck is that in the photo?

  4. avatarWill says:

    It looks like a Juggernaut chassis on a M1A/M14. I love modifying things, be it cars, or guns. Although everything has a balance and shouldn’t be overdone.

    • avatarMichael F. says:

      Agreed. I have no problem customizing anything to fit my individual needs. But it has to have a balance to it.

  5. avatarBob H says:

    According to the link (Run your pointer over the pic ) It is from Oleg Volk. If you click on the image Oleg tells you exactly what is. To wit “Springfield M1A Scout in a Rogue bullpup chassis. Weaver 2.5-10x scope, Magpul BUIS, Atlas bipod. Until recently, I didn’t even know Thermold made M1A and FAL magazines.”

  6. avatarKarl says:

    Ordered a Volquartsen Scorpion about 7 months ago. Welcome to test when I get it Robert. I might get the 22 Sparrow suppressor I ordered for it before I get the gun at this rate.

  7. avatarsurlycmd says:

    I like mods. Not the one in the picture but others. A SOCOM 16 in a Troy MCS or a Scout Squad in a VLTOR. All for my own enjoyment.

  8. avatarMatt in FL says:

    My carry guns are bone stock, though I’m thinking about putting night sights on both of them. My 10/22 is tweaked a bit, because it’s a 10/22. If I wasn’t going to mess with it I’d have bought a Mossberg. Finally got my first black rifle lowers a couple days ago, so I have to figure out what to do with them….

  9. avatarWilliam says:

    All my guns (except for my Garand) are in some way modified. Whether it is something simple as trigger springs and new grips on my single actions, or a bucket of aftermarket parts on my 10/22. I’ve even made custom parts for some of my guns. I love making each gun mine…it’s my favorite part of the obsession.

  10. avatarscott says:

    the only mods I make to my firearms are practical ones, my carry weapon is a Sig P238 and I changed the grips out for some VZ that have more grip.. The Sig came with Sig Light tritium night sights or I would have changed that as well..My Colt AR I added Troy battle sights with the tritium inserts and a magpul moe for a better grip and for one rail to mount a surefire G2.. I think its best to keep a firearm simple and only add what makes it function better not what makes it look like it looks mean …

  11. avatarblehtastic says:

    The mods to my Mossberg 590 cost about the same as the gun itself, mesa tactical, hogue grip, ctr stock. mesa tactical picatinny side rail combo etc.. My 4th Gen Glock 17 has a third gen trigger to get rid of that little dimple thing and all of my mags have the two round extensions. My AR15, I built the lower, Bravo Company mid length upper, so the whole thing is a Magpul’d out mod’d mall ninjafied piece of awesomeness.

    I like projects.

  12. avatarAnthony Meruelo says:

    I like to customize my weapons to fit my needs but I severely scrutinize prospective mods. I want to know all the possible pros and cons so that I don’t do something that could possibly get me killed if I ever have to defend myself. I’m currently researching adding a Trijicon RMR to my carry Glock 19.

  13. avatarMatt (Louisiana) says:

    Only enough fever to want to build my .308 AR from the ground up (ordered the lower this morning). A good technical project is the name of my favorite game.

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