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The leftist elite that dominates government, academia, and the media can’t comprehend, let alone address the divide between themselves and the population of over 100 million deplorables who own firearms and resist efforts to further restrict the right to keep and bear arms.

It is on the issue of guns that this incomprehension [by the new class] is most pronounced. The cable news anchors expressing frustration and disbelief that the latest shooting may not result in tighter regulation of firearms are sincere. They live safe and satisfying lives without guns; why can’t the rest of the country do the same? Yet the spokesmen for “doing something” do not appreciate the equal sincerity of gun owners, whose weapons are not just possessions but also, on some level, part of their identity.

Guns are especially frustrating to the new class because they are the rare case where the courts, which normally are its ally, have not achieved its objectives. The Heller decision (2008) irks Democrats to no end because the Supreme Court said that Second Amendment guarantees rule out some forms of regulation. Gun owners have been adept at using the language of rights—usually the preferred means of the new class—to attain ends the new class abhors. That has forced advocates of gun control back into the democratic arena, where the new class has so often been repudiated.

No amount of evidence showing the inefficacy of gun control, or the virtues of alternative policies, will convince the new class to drop its crusade for regulation. That is not just because guns are safety hazards. It is because guns remind the new class that it has not succeeded in imposing the values of one part of the country, and one segment of the population, on the rest.

– Matthew Continetti in Guns and the ‘New Class’

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  1. Guns are the only obstacle left in the way to a big bright socialist future where the gov need to take stuff from the ones that have it to give it to the ones that need it.

    • Exactly John the 3rd. The only difference between a socialist and a communist is that a socialist doesn’t have the right to take everything that you own and eliminate your rights… least not yet.

        • They are no longer hiding that they are anti-American, anti-gun anti-Liberty communists that won’t accept the verdict of history (and human nature) so they are making another push to enslave the world. In short, they are THE reason Amendment 2 exists.

      • In that description most of us re the ones they want to give stuff to, not the ones they want to take from. Not that it’s an accurate description of the liberal left.

        People use the terms “Socialist” and “Communist” while having no idea what they mean. Mostly, because these are evil concepts, people just pick up the words and throw them at whatever they dislike. It’s like throwing mud at somebody you figure deserves to have mud thrown at them. They may be wrong, but the mud throwing defines the thrower, not the intended target.

        American Liberals are not Marxist Socialists or Communists, with some very minor exceptions. The Democratic Socialists are especially confusing as they never entirely say what they mean or what their plans are. I suspect “AOC” leans well to a Marxist line of thinking, but Bernie Sanders does not.

        Which makes Sanders, who used to be pro-gun but has sniffed the winds of change and altered his tune, is extra-confusing. He’s all about the humanist policies of some northern European nations, which have very anti-Marxist foundations.

        In any case the liberals figure that guns are the root cause of bad human behaviors. They are wrong, but as our side does zip to help solve the Human Violence problem, we will eventually lose.

        Especially with so many of us rattling off fear filled conspiracy theory hogwash.

        • Enuf, I think you are wrong there.

          Even if that average democrat voter doesn’t think of themselves as communist and Pelosi, or Fienstien, or the Clintons are more self enriching gangsters than ideologues of any kind, the policies and prograsm they espouse lead inevitably to what we have see in the USSR, China, Cambodia, North Korea, Cuba, Zimbabwe, and most recently Argentina. They support disarmament, elimination of free speech, government control of all industries initially through hyper regulation but no doubt eventually through direct control, a leveling of society by taking from the rich and giving to the poor, and defining humans by class as oppressors or oppressed.

          If it looks like socialism/communism, sounds like socialism/communism, and smells like socialism/communism then it damn well is socialism/communism.

        • Your post is nonsense. Sanders did not change his tune on guns out of the blue, he is a deeply corrupt opportunist and did so because the Democrat party is the party against Heller, against even your ability to own a revolver — even if you have undergone a background check and training. As soon as he needed national votes of progressives and liberals he changed his tune.

    • Why shouldn’t I send this to my representatives:

      This missive is to remind you that there are over 100 million gun owners in this country. Most of us are quiet, unassuming folks who don’t bother to write to you to express our displeasure with the gun control laws you are contemplating. We do have a habit of showing up to vote regularly. If you choose to allow yourself to be bullied into supporting any of the gun control measures the anti gun left are pushing, you will disappoint and discourage us. Why should we bother to show up at the polls? If our representatives don’t bother to stand up for Constitutional principles, if they turn their back on the entirety of the Bill of Rights, why should we stand up for the politicians who claim to represent us? If the Republican party has become nothing more than Democrat Light why not just go fishing on election day? I can tell you that, as a group, we are profoundly disappointed with the cowardly response we have seen so far!

      Remember not one gun control advocate is actually concerned with saving lives only in control.

      Show us you have a spine!

        • I’d like to send it to my representatives but, if they got a spine, it would be in support of gun control. All Leftists and Leftist RINOs.

        • Feel free! My back feels itchy, like my Republican representatives are about to push in the knife. We need to remind them that there will be a price to pay for abandoning their oath of office!

      • I say similar stuff when arguing with anti-gun people.

        “You want to infringe upon a constitutional right that at least 100,000,000 Americans believe in intensely, are not harming a single person by doing so and had nothing to do with the crimes you are upset about? Yet you think you have an easy solution to Human Violence? By taking rights and property away from 100,000,000 law abiding people? Including many tens of thousands of their jobs and billions of dollars in the economy? All while you ignore the violent people doing these bad things?

        I don’t think you have thought this thing through.”

    • Very well said. That is exactly why we anger them when insisting on our rights. I answer, forget about their attacks and attack them where they are vulnerable. Our rights are protected by the Constitution, their most vulnerable “right” was a SCOTUS decision. Reverse Roe v Wade stop the killing of the babies; do it for the children.

  2. Well I would think the advocacy of slaughtering 600,000 babies every year by one part of our society (the new class?) would be more emblematic, but otherwise, sure.

    • The upside to abortion is that it is usually dems/libs having them…just sayin’…
      we need way more population control…7.5B and still rising…
      if we open the borders any more we will be a nation of 2B+…maybe 3B

      • Well thanks to the urbanization of the population, modern agricultural practices and anthropogenic global warming the earth could now easily support 20 billion people and still leave room for more wildlife.

        Also, if people couldn’t just legally kill their children maybe they’d be a little more careful about what they’re sticking in their vaginas. Simply ending abortion wouldn’t mean there’d be 600,000 unwanted babies every year.

        • Antarctica is a ways away, but Greenland is on pace to be ice free in 13,500 years!

          During the last interglacial period (125k years ago) most of the Greenland Ice Sheet melted, which IMHO sets the bar for what is natural and what is anthropogenic. 500k years ago Greenland was a forest. The Ice Age isn’t over, we’re heading deeper into it. Sometime in the next 10,000 years or so the glaciers will come back and probably kill most of us, if not all.

        • “Begin the colonization of an ice free Antarctica soon!”

          If that actually happens, it’s gonna be a real good thing, since the sea rise will put over 90 percent of Florida underwater.

          I sure hope ‘Florida Man’ can swim… 😉

        • Yes, Antarctica melting would mean the demise of Florida. Greenland melting would only wipe out about a third of Florida. Bear in mind, before the glaciers melted 11,700 years ago sea level was 390 feet lower than today. You could walk from Miami to the Bahamas without getting your socks wet.

        • I hope your not alive in 13000 years, the world will be a lot better off without you..good luck.

        • Well that was unnecessarily petty, Melvin. I think I will live for another 13,000 years just to spite you.

      • I’ve read numerous reports that suggest by the year 2100, the earth’s population will actually begin to decline. None of us will be around for this obviously, but it’s interesting to read about.

        • Historically the world’s population has always been capped by our ability to feed ourselves. Today we have so much food we burn as fuel for our cars just to get rid of it.

        • Hans Rowling developed some interestng analysis of population over time … that got him no longer invited to TED. It’s like they have an agenda, but, I digress.

          Follow up Rosling’s data sources, tools, n foundation.

      • You’ve got it backwards. Women who have abortions become democrats because they need constant validation that what they did is OK.

        • Never thought of it that way, but this might explain some women who I have met who couldn’t articulate why they clung to the Democrat party despite it clashing with so many other aspects of their lives and beliefs. 🤔Will have to chew this one over.

        • This is so true. This is also why they are so pro gun control. It lets them feel like the are making up for what they did. And you will never change them.

      • The problem is not population growth in the western world. It’s illiterate third world savages having 12 kids and then running away and claiming “asylum” in the West because their countries are literal shitholes.

    • Is a woman who would rather have an abortion than a baby good parenting material? That includes women who are smart enough to know better but are careless about birth control. I know that women are only half of the equation but they are the ones who get stuck with the unplanned baby. Using birth control, or insisting that their partners use it, is self defense just as much as carrying a gun.

      Teenage girls get knocked up because their mothers didn’t explain the disadvantages of putting out for the neighborhood studs. (That’s probably how the daughter was conceived.) When the baby arrives, the studs are nowhere to be found (They’re off knocking up other girls.) and the mother has neither the maturity nor the resources to raise it properly. Fifteen or twenty years later, when the baby has grown into an unsocialized thug and is shot to death by police or a crime victim, is it self defense or just a really, really late term abortion?

      The good news about population growth in third world countries (which were the greatest worry) is that, as the level of education increases, the birth rate decreases. People realize that fewer children mean a better life for them and for the children they do have.

      • ‘Is a woman who would rather have an abortion than a baby good parenting material?’

        Probably not, but last I checked, having shitty parents is not a capital crime (unless your shitty parents decide so), and many people manage to transcend their upbringing, not to mention 9 months of pregnancy occasionally serves as a maturing experience for many women.

        Also, it may be the women who get stuck with the baby, but if you don’t think a couple hundred thousand dollars in wage garnishment isn’t ‘getting stuck’ you probably need your head examined.

    • While I’m generally in favor of abortion without being a zealot I have to agree that it seems a lot more polarizing than gun rights. Most people don’t really give a shit about guns, one way or another. It’s just that the dems have seen how useful the gop has been at using it as an issue and want in on it.

      • Regardless of what side of the debate anyone is on, or the circumstances of an actual abortion, it’s a truth that all abortions result in a dead innocent baby.

        To me, the #1 worst thing any woman can do is kill her own child as a matter of inconvenience.

        And every single person who advocates abortion has the ability to argue his/her point today because his/her mother didn’t abort. Ironic, isn’t it? They certainly claim the gift of life for themselves, but choose to deny it to society’s most vulnerable.

  3. “There is No Single Issue More Emblematic of the Divide in American Society Than Guns”

    Actually, I would say it “race”…

    Everytime the left runs out of arguments for anything, they turn to race to stoke the fires…
    Then it’s an entire litany of things…the entire process seems to be cyclic…

    • The ONLY reason race is a divisive issue is because the left makes it one. They want non-whites to resent whites and they want whites to feel guilt. It’s how they maintain power since they seem to be out of real ideas to help Americans.

        • I don’t think race is really the biggest divide. The biggest divide, in my opinion is class and wealth. The left likes to pretend that the elite is only occupied by white people that are busy holding back non-whites, which is of course a massive lie. Race really doesn’t even matter when you get into class warfare.

    • The article implicitly admits its race and culture.
      “It is because guns remind the new class that it has not succeeded in imposing the values of one part of the country, and one segment of the population, on the rest.”
      Guns are an ethnic tradition to white males like Sikhs and their daggers or the daishō and the Samurai. In the latter case the Japanese government had to fight a war to eradicate the Samurai. The pretext was the carrying of swords but the real target was the people and their way of life.

      • CLarson,

        … [the new class] has not succeeded in imposing the values of one part of the country, and one segment of the population, on the rest.

        And that there, ladies and gentlemen, is the root problem. History tells the same story thousands of times: self-proclaimed “superior” demographics insisting that “inferior” demographics give up their lives for the sole benefit of the “superior” demographics.

        Stealing, subjugation, and murder: part-and-parcel of human existence since the beginning of time.

        • 👍 Traditional America has lost so much ground believing in assimilation based on the “superiorness” of American culture. The truth is that it’s a infinite way street and a pure numbers game. We are the latest native Americans and we are being colonized. We don’t get to keep our quaint but incovienant customs, like gun ownership. Worse, we are being sold out by our chiefs for shiney beads and fire water, ”cheap jobs and GDP.” In the end I doubt we will even get a reservation. Hopefully enough people wake up before it’s to late to draw a line and keep a few States.

        • CLarsen: Indians in North and South America were invaded and overcome by technologically superior Europeans. The Europeans came over in sailing ships and were armed with guns. The Indians had canoes, bows and arrows and tomahawks. Indians resisted as well as they could but couldn’t stand up to the more sophisticated culture. Science fiction authors speculate that the same would happen to the human race as a whole if we were visited by space aliens whose technology was advanced enough to permit interstellar travel.

          The current invasion by low skilled immigrants, mostly illegal, is a deliberate strategy to create a patron class, beholden to the Democratic Party, large enough to guarantee Democratic control of the government for the foreseeable future. Lyndon Johnson did just that with African Americans (completely aside from their deserving relief from racial discrimination). It worked so well that Democrats are now doing it with Hispanics.

          They are trying the same with poor whites, with less success, by railing against the 1%. In reality, if they get their way, it will be the next 10% that suffers. After your first billion, higher taxes aren’t going to alter your lifestyle. The people who will be cut off at the knees are those who finished school, learning enough to qualify for a good job, stayed out of trouble with drugs and crime, and were careful enough about money to build a retirement nest egg. What surprises me is the number of them who buy into the Democrats’ fairy tale. They seem not to comprehend that it will leave them, despite all their hard work, no better off than a dropout incapable of earning more than minimum wage.

    • From the recent demographics of the customers at my local suburban gun store and indoor range, playing the race card against guns isn’t working.

    • No, make America 1781 again. I wouldn’t trade the wisdom of one Thomas Jefferson for all the Democrats that are alive today put together.

    • I’d be ok with a retro 50s tech but advanced to today’s levels, kinda like in fallout. Imagine the fun on the freeways driving fusion powered cars.

    • The ’50s had a lot wrong with them. Jim Crow laws are a prime example. Civil rights legislation was supposed to fix that. Black people were supposed to think, “If my kid is smart and studies hard, he can go to college on an academic scholarship and become a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer just like a white kid.” Quite a few did and now form a well off black middle class. Unfortunately, too many failed to seize the opportunity.

  4. If they do take our guns they will murder us.the left likes murder 60 million abortions without Christ we will continue to murder.satans plan is to take as many to hell with as he can.accept Christ and live forever

    • I think Jesus knows how to use punctuation.

      He probably also knows how to get this comment section to work right.

    • Let me put it to you this way, Reno –

      If the Leftists weren’t having abortions at the rate they currently are, we would be *seriously* out-numbered by now when it comes to voting. I personally believe abortion is murder, but if a Leftist wants one, I want the government to pay for it if she can’t. On the house. I support providing whatever means necessary to reduce ‘Progressive’ birth rates…

      • It’s an ugly truth. The dems, racist as ever, had too much success with their ‘family planning’ tactic. What race was dedicated to the dem party for generations? Black. What race is over represented in abortions? Again, black. What is the only race in America to lose ground, numbers wise? Again, black.

        The dems, old wealthy white folks, woke up one morning and realized their racist genocide was working too damn well. So what have they done when they realized they had dropped the numbers of their supporters?

        They have basically abandoned their black contingents to die off in their ghetto plantations and have now embraced their knew victims. The illegals.

  5. It wouldn’t be so bad if the other side even half had a brain. Between the shoulder things going up willful ignorance and the “everyone should have to pass the same background check that every mass shooter passed” inanity one wonders why these idiots have a voice at all.

    • A friend of mine once commented about the type of which you mention. He said, ” With a little more education, ( he or she ) would make a good idiot “. Too bad that common sense is un- teachable.

  6. The “Do Something” campaign is an overreaction, essentially compensating for not doing anything. As I’ve mentioned before, death threats are routinely ignored by the police. More progressive Attorney Generals are being elected, and implementing an extreme decriminalization policy.

    Here’s the decriminalization list from the new Boston DA, Rachael Rollins:
    Charges To Be Declined

    Charges for which the Default is to Decline Prosecuting (unless supervisor permission is obtained).

    Shoplifting (including offenses that are essentially shoplifting but charged as larceny)
    Larceny under $250
    Disorderly conduct
    Disturbing the peace
    Receiving stolen property
    Minor driving offenses, including operating with a suspend or revoked license
    Breaking and entering — where it is into a vacant property or where it is for the purpose of sleeping or seeking refuge from the cold and there is no actual damage to property
    Wanton or malicious destruction of property
    Threats – excluding domestic violence
    Minor in possession of alcohol
    Drug possession
    Drug possession with intent to distribute
    A stand alone resisting arrest charge, i.e. cases where a person is charged with resisting arrest and that is the only charge
    A resisting arrest charge combined with only charges that all fall under the list of charges to decline to prosecute, e.g. resisting arrest charge combined only with a trespassing charge

    **The ideology, as I understand it, is that there are too many black people in prison because of racism. So this is their way of rectifying that problem.

    George Soros is backing DAs across the county that have this same extreme decriminalization ideology. Someone please explain how fewer criminals in jail facing no consequences for their actions help the “gun violence” problem. How can anyone know this and still vote democrat? Serious question.

    • … You had me until “A stand alone resisting arrest charge, i.e. cases where a person is charged with resisting arrest and that is the only charge”. You can’t resist arrest without first being arrested for an actual reason.

      Of course that shouldn’t be prosecuted. Any cop that uses it should be fired. And in an ideal world, shot too.

  7. The sign says “stop gun violence”. So knife violence is ok with them? Sounds kinda racist. Are machete’s a protected class of knives?
    Also, isn’t it always the elite with bodyguards who want to ban guns?

  8. Ehhh…murdering babies is #1 with me and a host of others. Even my Catholic “brethren” who hate guns abhor abortion. And a lot of them have a “come to JESUS” moment when they’re robbed/raped/ murdered or carjacked(or shot at Wal-Mart).

  9. Guns no different than most other prejudices: a product of the fact that too many people are too stupid to question things they are led to believe starting in childhood.

    I was raised in NJ. The attitude is basically “Only cops and bad guys have guns, good normal citizens don’t ‘need’ them”. People grow up and just accept it.

  10. “…guns remind the new class that it has not succeeded in imposing the values of one part of the country, and one segment of the population, on the rest.”

    I think this is an important insight from this short article. From my own observations, the primary motivation for many, if not most, gun grabbers is dunking on the opposition despite using appeals to public safety, emotion, etc., in their public discourse. They push for regulations that would be ineffective (UBCs) or unconstitutional (ERPOs), and many of them know this, because it’s really about scoring points against the Deplorables/gun culture.

    It’s interesting to note that it seems like many current neocons are all also aboard the gun control train and I expect the motivation is the same.

  11. The essential distinction of a gun owner is a belief in self reliance, not reliance on the State. Statists, especially multigenerational urbanites, simply cannot comprehend this, and therefore cannot comprehend anyone else wanting to be self reliant. The Jeffersonian vs. Hamiltonian division on how a society should be governed is as strong as ever, but now with sexual and racial identity politics adopted by the Hamiltonian side.

    • The statists simply can’t make it work if they don’t keep the individualists in the harness and pulling. That’s why they hate them. The individualists are the people who actually know how to do the work and are willing to do the work. All the statists want to do is sit back and crack the whip. That doesn’t work quite so well if the team has guns.

  12. The “leftist elite” dominates government and media?

    Fox News and the Republicans are the leftist elite?

    The wannabe-victim horseshit you and Boch spread on this site is part of the problem. Sowing division in order to reap clicks.

    • Fox news wins the same way Ford trucks always outsell Chevy. Combine ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN, and Fox News doesn’t win the ratings game. Combine Chevy and GMC sells, and Ford won’t always win.

      Leftists dominate federal government, even with a republican administration. Check the number of Hillary voters in DC, and the surrounding counties in Virginia and Maryland. It’s probably the highest concentration of democrats in the country. It also happens to be the wealthiest area in the country.

    • Yeah… because gun control is totally not part of the DNC platform. The way I see it, the Demokkkommie party is a terrorist organization and should be treated as such.

    • Look, the days of the american people sitting around the tv every night and swallowing whatever crap NBC, ABC, and CBS threw at them or whatever the liberal newspapers tried to tell them are over. Give it up.

    • Really? You’re going to sit there and say the media isn’t the right arm of the liberal elite? Name one other conservative news outlet other then FOX. I mean “real” news outlet with a channel and actual press credentials. Not just bs internet opinion sites. Let’s see:


      CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, BBC, and Al



  13. Remember when the only things lefties didn’t trust were the gummint and “anyone over 30?” Good times, good times..

  14. And many of the common people have no conception they are participating in the attempted destruction of the Constitution. They seem to have forgotten how greedy the left is. The anti-gun politicians are the same ones who want to take away health insurance, raise taxes and cause us to be cold in the winter and hot in the summer and read by the light of the moon.

  15. Anyone have a guess as to the percentage of US citizens under the age of 40 who have actually read the US Constitution and Bill of Rights?

  16. As far as I can tell the biggest difference between Communists and Socialists is that for Communists the key is to control the means of production and Socialists are for the most part, are content to simply control the money.

  17. IMO the big problem is we’re not providing actual “reasonable” alternatives that play to the liberals’ angst. Want some good suggestions that don’t involve trampling the Constitution and criminalizing your friends and neighbors? Consider:

    1) Get some actual therapists into public schools to talk to children and identify problems early. It doesn’t have to be simply anger issues. It can also address depression, anxiety, eating disorders, compulsions and more. Make sure they leave school with a real support network and know where to get help to cope with their feelings.

    2) Secure the schools to restore the confidence of children and parents alike that these are not just corrals for victims.

    3) Educate on the value of human life and on the proper role of tools in society. Yes, in school. It is possible to teach that cognizant living beings are special and good and have immense value without even once resorting to religion.

    4) End so-called “gun free zones” which are simply victim pools. Stop encouraging spree murders by idiots who think they have large undefended targets. Show them that every target is hard now and they will be shot or hung.

    5) Announce that you will prosecute – and then actually prosecute – everyone who had knowledge that the murderer intended to kill people. If they fed them, sheltered them, gave them money or support in any way, prosecute them. No more of this after-the-fact crap about “everyone knew this person was going to do something awful.”

    6) The left wouldn’t even consider infringing on the first amendment rights of social media and news organizations to spew falsehoods and propaganda after the fact, but why don’t we have the social media and news organizations placed under requirements to report threatening communications to the FBI? They can apparently find a lot of porn on tinder but can’t run a word filter on their comments and posts for premeditated murder? Please. Make them run filters and transfer the results to law enforcement or face penalties.

    How’s that for a good start that doesn’t try to criminalize 80-100 million Americans?

  18. Generally there are Americans loyal to the US Constitution, and those who are not and not a few wish to subvert and ultimately destroy the US constitution. Among the group who are not loyal there are a large number who don’t know what the US Consitition is, why it exists, or that it even exists at all.

    Unfortunately, all in the latter group are being ruthlessly and systematically manipulated through the radical left US media, who are actively engaged (along with their DNC political comrades) in subverting the US Constitution, overthrowing the duly elected US President, and overthrowing the US Constitutional Republic.

    This one isn’t hard to figure out at all. We know who is who, and exactly what the motives are. I’m sorry to say the situation is likely to get a whole lot worse, before it gets better.

  19. All this talk of the U.S. constitution is wasted breath. The constitution got us to where we are today. Nobody you’re trying to convince cares what the constitution says; they care about their own values, not yours. If you want to convince them, you have to appeal to their values.

    The “Marxist leftist democrats” (or whatever other ridiculous, childish names you’re using these days) care about equality. So argue with them that a state monopoly on arms is not equality. They value diversity. So explain to them that you have a right to your way of life. They hate oppression. Explain that gun control is violence and that it’s been the principle stepping stone for oppression throughout history. If they ask you why you want children to die, ask them why they are willing to murder peaceful, responsible people who haven’t threatened anyone (explain that that’s what gun confiscation is).

    And maybe you won’t get through to that many people – because most people (probably even you) just believe what they believe and have no awareness of the inconsistencies in the principles behind their beliefs – but some of them will have to start thinking.

    Or just keep yelling “MUH CONSTITUTION!” and dehumanizing your opposition. It’s accomplished nothing so far.

      • You sure did. Don’t pat yourself on the back for it too hard though.
        Snowflakes are nothing but one big ball of searching for something to be offended about. So hitting one of their nerves is kind of like hitting the broad side of a barn… from the inside. It’s almost impossible NOT to offend them. They can’t even not offend each other. Just watch this and see:

        • Well thanks for the example, Ken (really enjoyed it), but I assure you this one is a ‘special kind’ of stupid. The kind that takes a perfectly average intellect, and completely subverts it to mindless religious adherence to a political doctrine that has absolutely failed every time, time after time, for over 100 years. Pathetic, really.

        • Yup. Mindless adherence to a dogma. The same as every other religious fundamentalist. They are, indeed, the brainless sheeple.

  20. “Our principle is that the Party commands the gun, and the gun must never be allowed to command the Party.” MAO ZEDONG
    Mao was #1 on the people killer hit parade of the 20th century, Hitler was just #3. After disarming China after WWII his policies lead to the deaths of up to 20 million of his fellow countrymen. Beware of politicians that want to take away your last ditch means of resistance to THEIR policies!

    • Jeffrey Epstein???
      Who was being held in a Democrat controlled prison in a Democrat City. Accused of helping mostly or all Democrats engage in underage sex activities.

  21. One of the biggest impediments to a honest and upfront conversation has been the Left’s continued use of false and erroneous statistics (with a serious lack of basic mathmatics skills on their part), their “definitions” rather than accepted and accurate definitions, their refusal to set aside their preconceived and often wrong opinions, their inability to calmly and rationally have an intelligent discussion about the issues and discuss any alternatives other than more legislation, which hilights their inability to accept that previous legislation failed in such a monumental way, and just generally because they’re all products of A**holism.
    Until the Left is ready to get off their self appointed and commie annointed platform and really listen and have an open discussion, I have nothing to say to them.

  22. Guns are divisive however abortion can be just as polarizing.

    Take an issue with no clear answer, mix in a lot of emotion, and bake it in an environment where everyone a rou new you nods in agreement and you get dogma. Or at least hardened people who think yuour wrong, crazy, and dangerous enough to ask law enforcement to arrest you.
    See red flag laws for the result.

  23. Does anybody actually believe that the average suburban soccer mom gives a rat’s hat about 2A? Or would she rather flush it down the toilet and hire an “undocumented immigrant” on the cheap to clean that selfsame commode?

    People vote their self-interest, except when they have no clue what their self-interest is. That’s when they vote Demonrat.

    • Actually, I think there are quite a few who do care about it. Such suburban soccer moms are who helped put Trump into office. Not every suburban soccer mom is a straight San Francisco-style liberal. But they are not all conservative either. They lean one way or another on the spectrum.

  24. The friend of the elites has always been the Welfare Industrial Complex. The more people on welfare the easier it is to keep them disarmed and controlled.

    It is why they hate the traditional family. The quickest way to disarm a family is to separate the father who provides for the family and protect them with his firearms.

    What is interesting is to here so-called gun rights also advocate for the welfare state. That is how you know they really don’t believe in gun civil rights. They believe that people or should I say “certain people” should be subservient to the state.

    The best way to keep the welfare class disarmed is to make sure guns are expensive and to badmouth any and all inexpensive firearms.

  25. Liberals and Leftist want to be victims and have someone in authority take care of them. They are the ultimate BETA Males.

  26. It shouldn’t matter even if gun control does prevent shootings. You still don’t do it, no more than you infringe on the rights to privacy, freedom of speech, religion, right to due process, etc…even if doing so can legitimately be shown to prevent terrorist attacks. Freedom vs security. I choose freedom.

  27. “Guns” aren’t the issue. This isn’t about laws.

    This is, at it’s root, one power-hungry tribe trying to conquer the tribe in power by disarming their enemy.

    Recognize that and the solution is much more clear.

  28. There are many decisively dividing issues. Gun rights are are just one. By design. The ruling class is playing chess against a mentally challenged monkey.

  29. The only thing more problematic is the mental disease know as Leftism and the left is happy to not even seek help for it,instead the push their heads deeper in the kool aid.

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