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Technical difficulties have delayed our EDC Pocket Dump of the Day.  However, much to the chagrin of haters, we’re back up and running.  Today’s “A Sunday Carry” comes from DC, a machinist in Colorado.

Gun?  He doesn’t include his piece in the photo, but he does carry a speed loader.  I doubt he’s planning on throwing those .44 caliber freedom pills at evildoers.

In addition to the Mauro II Armellini Tobacco Pipe (modestly priced), he carries a Zippo, a Fenix flashlight and an old-school Buck knife.  I met Chuck Buck one night when he came to a Guns Save Life meeting and told us the story about his company and the changes it has endured to remain competitive.  Including moving out of California if I recall correctly.

DC is old school in so many ways.  Not a thing wrong with that!

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  1. An EDC on a firearms forum with no firearm. I like the knife, but this is dumber than the last two nights.

      • guest, I’m not a hater, nor chagrined. Unless you’re really old I’ve been advocating EDC longer than you’ve been breathing air. Teaching CCW classes for almost thirty years. That’s a lot of permits in wallets and purses and a lot of firearms in the hands of citizens on the street. Just curious guest; what have you contributed to the 2A cause?

        • Pretty sure it was a joke and a fairly good one at that. It doesn’t look ill spirited.

    • You would think the lighter fluid would ruin the flavor of the tobacco.

      • I would think. Pipes are supposed to be about taste. I’ve never been into them but it’s bad form to light a good cigar with a Zippo because taste so I imagine it’s not great for a pipe.

        Like Geoff says, just the scent of the burning fluid is kinda nasty.

        • Only briefly smoked a pipe and cigars. My grandfather and uncles that smoked both said that strike anywhere’s were the way to go. My father smoked Winstons and used a zippo. I don’t remember, and I’ll be the first to admit that I forget more than I remember these days, ‘disposable’ lighters in those days.

          I didn’t smoke until I enlisted. Then I went winston and zippo like my old man. Sometimes, when we were deployed, lighter fluid was hard to get. It was not unheard of for us to put gas and jet fuel from the choppers in them as a substitute.

        • Matches are nasty for cigars because of the sulfur content…

        • I disagree. You let the sulpher burn out and then light it. Yes otherwise the sulpher is really bad.

    • I just don’t like inhaling the benzine ‘tang’ from zippo smoke…

      Edit – Yeah, Possum, it does nasty it up for me…

      • Yep! I never saw the point, not when there are relatively tough cheap functional Bic lighters that don’t have their fuel evaporate over time. I have a couple that have gone from one get home bag to another that are years old, and they still work fine. But, I am more of a function over form kinda guy (still on my original wife).

    • I used to smoke cigarettes and had several zippos, but never knew, till today, zippo made pipe lighters so the flame can go down to the pipe. This one, I believe would have had to be retrofited with a pipe lighter inside case.

  2. With all his other stuff, the speed loader surprises me.

    I would have figured a single action is a Huckleberry rig.

    Dont need no swing out cylinders!

  3. Da Gat must be in the gun pocket of the vest. Lol. No worse than a whole lot of others that have been featured. Sundays show up every seven days but the knife case and lighter show no signs of wear? The only things with wear that i can determine is the watch and wallet. Is it all EDC or just Show and Tell? It is always entertaining to some degree.

    My gear looks like it came from the scratch and dent sale bin at a second hand store. I’ve had to file down sharp edges from being gouged, treat pits from rust (Fl beach life) & touch up finishes, ding on blade edge not sharpened out yet with bent clip, scratches in kydex, stained wallet. No phone, no watch: don’t care. Thats from normal use not rolling round in gravel.

    • Knives are not pry bars nor screwdrivers,. I’ve ruined a lot of knives.

      • “all tools are hammers except screwdrivers, which are prybars and chisels.”

        truer words.

    • Agreed. Gun EDC’s usually have a gun in it that the owner suposedly carries for self defense. This owner, I think was going for the artsy photo shoot and maybe his revolver was too shiny for the amount of brightness level??? Maybe did not fit in the picture frame???? The gun he left out:
      Even if he didn’t have a holster, including the revolver would have completed the ensemble.

  4. No one commenting on the pen? Looks like a Zebra. That’s what I carry. Durable, reliable, and you can actually replace the ink cartridge. I do not, however, carry a reload for it. Risky living!

  5. The “old school” Buck is really “new school”
    Old school is the 3 pin 110.
    The 4 pin came about when Buck brought out the companion knives that were smaller.
    How hard can he throw the speed loader?

  6. That Armellini looks an awful lot like a Peterson, I probably have at least 5 pipes to every firearm. I don’t EDC my pipes though. Only carry them when going to a cigar lounge.

    • Maybe he wears all that under a tac vest and carries his gun in a leg holster.

      Would that not offend your tacticool/ ninja sensibilities.?

      And you have no idea how many tattoos he has or how large his beard is.

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