Ramaswamy: The ‘AR’ in AR-15 Stands for Freedom

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Somebody out there…I was walking the halls…asked me a question. He said, “What kinda gun do you own?” I said I own an AR-15. He gave me a little quiz. He said, “What does that stand for?” I said, you want to know what that stands for? It stands for freedom. That’s the real answer. 

– Vivek Ramaswamy via Twitter

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  1. No no no!! Not fair! All non whites must adopt an anti gun narrative!! Don’t they know their place!!

    • Symbolically AR stands for Freedom whereas Gun Control stands for Racism and Genocide…I applaud the speaker but next time fire both barrels.

      • Debbie:
        “…but next time fire both barrels.”
        You need a scattergun for that! He has an AR15. Just saying.

  2. I once had somebody ask me “what do you shoot?”

    My mind raced with potential responses. Deer? Targets? Commies? Rifles? Pistols? Clays? Pool? Shotguns? AR’s or AK’s? 3-Gun? IDPA? All of the above? What was this person really asking me and what were they fishing for?

    I thought of the poor indigent out there who must only have one gun to shoot. Surely, the person such a question was meant for.

    What kinda gun do I own? Mostly the kind that shoots. I have a couple that don’t currently but they will in time.

    • Commies…………. almost makes me want to set up a course of fire that uses the pop up Ivan’s for open range, transitions to precision shooting in woodlands for mountain guerilla targets, then a shoot house decked out like a eastern European commiebloc apartment to extract an asset. Extra points for using only 70’s or 80’s period appropriate gear.

      • The commies we need to worry about are Chicoms and their paid stooges in the USA (like the occupant of the white house) hoping to disarm the civilian population so they can easily take it without a rifle hiding behind every blade of grass. That is their end game.

    • “I once had somebody ask me “what do you shoot?””

      Whatever needs an appropriate application of high-velocity lead therapy, of course.

      In Redneck-ese : “Whatever needs a good shootin’ “… 🙂

    • A lot of folks OWN a gun or two.

      The real question is “what do you carry?”

      The correct answer is “none of your business”.

  3. A coworker asked me what I was going to do over the weekend.
    I said, “Going to the range to hit a few golf balls.”
    He then asked what my par was.
    I replied, “We are not talking about the same thing.”
    After I explained, I dont think he ever looked at me the same again.

    • “I said, “Going to the range to hit a few golf balls.””

      I ask golfers I know for their beat-to-hell-sliced-up golf balls, several are happy to oblige.

      They get to spend their retirement ‘dancing’ downrange… 🙂

    • Don’t trust anyone the NRA endorses. They have had a really bad track record with Mitch McConnell, John, Cornyn, Bill Connelly, Lindsey Graham, Dan Crenshaw, and even Liz Cheney. Good grief the NRA can back some real losing horses that shouldn’t have even made it to the track.

        • @.40, 😂😂😂 Why not, they make a “tactical” everything else? My favorite is the “tactical clothes hanger by HICE” 🤪🙄

          Thanks for the laugh sir!

    • Vivek Ramawhatever is a frequent guest on FOX news. Running for president he sez-making $ seems to be his main expertise. I doubt he’s ever shot an AR. But cudos for the “support”🙄

  4. Amusing how the AR has been around since the mid 1960’s but has become the monster only in more recent decades. Guess the idiots in the disarmament industry and in the Dementiacrat Party forget just how many people have been terminated with other firearms. Or is their fixation their attempt to get more than just the camel’s nose under the tent wall?
    Just my take on the AR-15. Never really thought of it as a combat or defensive weapon. More of a varmint and pest control rifle. My first choice for a battle rifle would be something like the Springfield M1A or the military M-14. Or, perhaps the FN FL. For a defensive use long arm I would prefer something like a pump shotgun or heavy caliber pistol.
    Of course the media and political hype along with a general lack of knowledge and experience make the super scary and wildly powerful AR the spree shooters choice when planning their atrocities. Must have that scary gun that vaporizes torsos and disintegrates heads.

    • The AR did not become a huge seller until the 1968 GCA banned M-16s and the Colt patent expired. The 1994 assault weapons ban was a big boost to sales after it expired.

    • “More of a varmint and pest control rifle.”

      Some varmints and pests that need eliminating don’t move on 4 legs.

      Like snakes. 🙂

    • In the 80s the Saturday Night Special was the big bad bugaboo. Most of the libs didn’t know what the original name of the Sat Nite Sp. was. In my old hood growing up it was N X X X X R Town Saturday Night Special. A cheap .32 S&W short 2-inch barrel revolver add 10% for chrome plating and pearlite grips. Used to settle bar arguments at bad breath distance.

  5. The problem with guys like this is they are all supportive of the 2nd Amendment up until they get elected and the then, the 2 nd I support it, BUT…..

    • Too true. Look at The Donald and that funny trigger. The NRA loved him but he is no more a Second Amendment supporter than I am an elephant. Well, if an elephant can be a person why can’t a person be an elephant.?

  6. AR-15:
    Americas Rifle 15 x better
    than an ak…
    1 cheaper
    2 more modular
    3 continuous top rail for optics standard
    4 more handguard space for accessories
    5 any caliber you like from varminting to elk
    6 more modern
    7 better looking
    8 must be more badass – nobody talks about banning the ak
    9 everything else tries to be more like the ar
    10 everything else tries to use ar parts
    11 never seen an ak at the 300 or 500 yard range by me
    12 last round bolt hold open
    13 thumb/ambi safety
    14 easy to add ambi charging ability
    and last but not least:
    15 in 30 years the only gun i ever saw blow up at the range…was an ak
    extra added bonus reason:
    the antifa dope in austin that got dusted by the army sergeant…was toting an ak
    “dont be like that guy”

    • fires the same ammo as an M-16 or an M-4…[therefore plentiful!]….and is similar in operation…making it easy to transition from one to the other…exactly what the founding fathers had in mind….

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