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Oooh yeah. The first P320 with an aluminum frame, the P320-AXG Legion does not disappoint! Ergos on this bad boy are absolutely fantastic, plus it rocks a great trigger, an integrally compensated slide, and is optics ready. Phil from SIG gave us the full rundown in the video below:

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  1. i like my p365xl
    not as much as i thought i would though
    i do carry it every day
    its also my nightstand gun some nights
    when im too lazy or too tired
    to get the glock 22 out of my bedroom closet safe
    like i said i like it
    but not enough to buy a p320

    • 320 is great for restricted states where acquisition of new pistols (or legally available variety) is a reality. With that said I could see a knock off Glock clone being successful that can take a variety of slide/barrel/caliber combinations doing very well especially if grip length can be easily changed. SIG can get pricy for the flexibility it offers.

    • When you have a large pool of fanboys with disposable income, you can never have too many designations.

  2. I’ll stick with my much less costly CZ-75 D PCR Compact. . .and have lots of money left for ammo. When Sig’s get Legionaires, the price goes into the Twilight Zone . . .

  3. I just got my P320 Xfive Legion and love it. I have 3 other SIGs and they are flawless. But I also love Rugers, S&W revolvers, High Standards and Brownings. So I’m not to particular. My next firearm will be a 322.

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