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 Jack Dorsey in Italy (courtesy

According to, mobile payment service provider Square is preparing for an IPO. Financial advisors looking to “clean-up” the company’s image may account for Square’s decision to kneecap its customers’ human, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Alternatively, Square’s CEO Jack Dorsey may have banned guns and ammo on his own for personal/political reasons . . .

The Twitter co-founder’s on record as admitting that he’d like to be Mayor of New York City. Yup, Dorsey’s a big fan of hi-tech eavesdropper, civilian disarmament proponent and all around fascist bastard, Michael Bloomberg.

“I think that Mayor Bloomberg has done an amazing job, and I and a lot of Silicon Valley look to him as a guiding light because he’s completely rethought what it means to be mayor,” Dorsey told CNN.

I don’t think that means what Dorsey thinks it means, as The People of the Gun will no doubt remind him. That would be the same group of gun owners who are not well pleased with Square’s official explanation for their guns and ammo ban:

A Square spokesman declined to comment on this specific change, but said: “From time to time we revisit our policies governing the use of Square to ensure they are consistent with our values and in the best interests of our customers.”

They did it for their customers. So now you know.

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  1. Big surprise – I stated as much in a previous post – Bloomberg’s influence via money, leverage, social position, name your poison.

    • “he’s completely rethought what it means to be mayor”

      He’s absolutely right. After being elected as mayor, he appointed himself queen. They should both put on their best skinny ties and then hang themselves with them.

  2. A lot of credit unions offer the same types of swiper services, with similar prices, and lots less judgement.
    I appreciate their making these kinds of decisions easily. I wish all businesses wore their “I wanna crawl up Bloomberg’s ass!” buttons so openly, it would make not giving them money much more expedient.

    • yes, we are a preferred provider for the NRA; I would love the opportunity to help with your processing needs.
      Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.
      Mike Peterson 866-651-3068

  3. I have added Square to my ever growing boycott list, all Movies, Network and Cable news, Paypal, Ebay ect…

  4. I will no longer use Square for my business. Guess they can kiss that $15K in fees goodbye.

    • And I won’t use companies that use Square. You ought to advertise that you don’t use Square.

    • yes, we are a preferred provider for the NRA; I would love the opportunity to help with your processing needs.
      Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.
      Mike Peterson 866-651-3068

  5. ” in the best interests of our customers.”

    What an infuriating, nanny-state thing to say! Who in the heck do they think they are?

    • Oh dear, you poor misguided little serf. They KNOW that they are the intellectual and ideological aristocracy, and they KNOW what is best for us pathetic little peasants. You should be ever so grateful that they are kind enough to look out for your best interests, since you obviously don’t know what is good for you.

      And the attitude of such people has gone a long ways towards removing any sympathy I may once have had for the French aristos in 1789 and following years. I now have a much better understanding of the French crowds who cheered each drop of the guillotine’s blade.

  6. Money doesn’t solve all your problems, buy happiness or love, it just lets you be a bigger asshole.

  7. “Yup, Dorsey’s a big fan of hi-tech eavesdropper, civilian disarmament proponent and all around fascist bastard, Michael Bloomberg.”

    Nice, but you forgot Stop-and-Frisker, billionaire out-of-state political donor, social elitist, etc.

    I find it amusing that “elite” NYers from the city are all sharing web petitions against racial profiling on the southern border but love the guy doing it in their own town.

    • That’s because the NYC bigoted lib Dem elitist crowd gets to live in their tony little Bloomberg protected colonies with no worries about being run over by unending groups of Tonks and shot at by drug gangs and bandits.

      So since they know it all, I guess the lib NYC elitist crowd can justify being judge mental about how things go along a border line they never visit or care about other than to condemn the U S CITIZENS who must daily deal with the low life alien trespassers.

      Sounds like gun grabbers – who know all they need to know about guns because they’re “scary” so they have to go.

  8. Silicon Valley, San Jose, San Francisco, Berkeley are only very tolerant and “open-minded” places if you share or go-along-with their political values.

  9. I think we should coin the phrase “Neo-Puritans” for these Bloombergites (<- or we could just go with that). They love witch hunts, they love rigid rules (when it applies to others…don't ask what goes on at home), they demand we all live by the restrictions of their irrational fears…and they think they're cleansing the world of evil through superficial means.

    • I wouldn’t use that term of art. The puritans were stiff, but they were also the core and driving force behind the Abolitionist movement, both here and in Britain, that resulted in legal actions against and the ultimate extirpation of chattel slavery. That’s a serious moral feather for their caps.

      I just call them “Statists” or “Anti-Constitutionalists”

  10. Another metrosexual plutocrat who is ready, willing and able to turn America into sh1t.

  11. Thomas
    MAY 11, 2013 | 05:17PM PDT
    Original message
    Dear Square,

    I just heard about your change in your terms of service where you will not allow processing of transaction relating to firearms and ammo sales.

    I am a strong believer in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Please consider this notice that I will no longer conduct any transactions through your service, and when presented with a Square checkout, I will either end my transaction with the vendor, or pay cash, and inform the vendor of my choice not to conduct business with your company.

    Please forward my comments to your Board of Directors, CEO, and anyone else in a position of power in your company.


    Thomas M.

    • Square Support Team
      6:05 PM (20 hours ago)

      Hello Thomas,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      We’re constantly working to improve our products and services based on the feedback we receive from customers. I’ll be sure to share this with the appropriate team.

      ​Feel free to let me know if I can assist you further.

      Square Support ​

      • What they really meant to say was:

        Square Support Team
        6:05 PM (20 hours ago)

        Hello Thomas,

        Thanks for your feedback.

        We’re constantly working to improve our products and services based on the feedback we receive from customers. We know what’s best, and we will tell you what that is. If you don’t like it, FOAD. WDGAF what you think, and we don’t need your business.

        ​Feel free to let me know if I can assist you further.

        Square Support ​

      • Same reply I got. Ignored. I didn’t realize the CEO was both already stinking rich and had political aspirations.

    • Hi Thomas;
      We are a preferred provider for the NRA; I would love the opportunity to help with your processing needs.
      Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.
      Mike Peterson 866-651-3068

  12. It’s about POWER. That’s all it has ever been about. Three words on a bumper sticker say it all: “You’ll Take Orders”.

  13. I’m sure gay rights persecution is next, no?….. Probably not, otherwise that necktie would have to go. Hopefully one day our rights will have some real teeth, Randy

  14. I can’t get bent out of shape about this. Dorsey is merely exercising his property and First Amendment rights. He cannot violate anyone’s Constitutional Rights since he is a private citizen. The proper response is for us to take our business elsewhere. If consumer choice results in too much lost business he will reverse his policy or go out of business.

    • but by all means let them know why you are boycotting them if you can.

  15. I don’t get it. Square can prevent sales to law-abiding citizens for personal and political reasons, yet Chik-Fil-A must allow abortion-friendly insurance for its employees despite the owner’s personal reasons. Sounds like a huge double-standard to me.

    • We’ll support our preferred vendor, then anti’s will support theirs, and the country gets more and more divided. No help for it. We didn’t start this conflict, but we can’t avoid it either. I’m feeling Jealous of the Cubans. At least they had somewhere to go when their country went to hell.

      • Not just us Cubans, but the whole world has used the U.S. as their refuge when SHTF in their country. Now we are all Americans and those of us that can remember why we are Americans have to remind those that were born here and don’t know any better why they should care about where they stand.

        • @webpawn. Quite true, especially due to the fact that the education system has turn to teaching the students to pass standardized tests for funding, versus the real world. I have my concerns of where our country is going.

  16. I have never seen so much crying over this. Damn people, grow up. There are other options and stop your whining.

    • Hi, I just read your post and I am a merchant consultant here @ Frontline Processing, a level 1 security 1 processing provider. we offer an i-phone swiper which is secure, cheaper, and actually works! we also have an in-house live customer support team. If your interested please contact us via email

  17. Hey Randy, we do have real teeth. “Firearms are the Americans liberty teeth….” G. Washington.

  18. I love how these posts about Square bring out all the other processors to spam us. Seriously Farago, once there is 3 posts with the same CC’d message pushing their business…..maybe its time to start hitting the comment delete button

  19. We still have choices. Better to use another service than have these fascist collaborators using our money against us.

  20. “I work closely with the owner and operator of a local small business. Our business is completely unrelated to the firearms community. However, both myself and my employer are avid sportsmen, hunters, and law abiding citizens. We legally carry personal firearms concealed at all times in order to protect ourselves, our families, our customers, and other civilians. Armed citizens, either police officers or not, carry weapons on a day to day basis to protect you. We put our lives on the line every day to keep you and your loved ones safe. And we will continue to do just that. But your decision to restrict the flow of money related to firearms makes our job, the defense of other unarmed civilians, more difficult.

    Ironically, your barring of firearms or ammunition related sales is the perfect representation of why gun control measures do not work to keep us any safer. You as a company have absolutely no control whatsoever on what your product is used for. You are not present at point of sale, and the only people who will be affected by your blanket ban on the processing of these sales are people who follow the rules anyway. Customers who don’t care about your terms of service will continue to use their square product to buy and sell firearms and ammunition. Exactly the same way that criminals who could care less about our laws will continue to harm citizens with weapons, regardless of what gun control measures are passed. Because criminals DO NOT CARE about the law.

    The only persons affected by your blanket ban are the good guys, the civilian sheepdogs, that are out among you willing to do what you are unwilling to do: use force in the name of justice to protect you and your loved ones. Your motivations for this are more than likely the ties your CEO has to a potential run for the mayor of New York, or your upcoming IPO than any actual moral stance on the issue of responsible civilian gun ownership.

    Although we process few transactions through your system, my business will no longer, in any way, shape, or form, use or accept your product for any financial service, ever again. We will speak to our customers, and inform them of your attack on our rights as American citizens. We will speak to our friends and families, and persuade them away from your product. Our business and thousands of others like us may only be individually a few dollars to you, but together, we will boycott your product, and we will affect your bottom line.

    I would close with a plea for you to reconsider, but in today’s political climate, it wouldn’t matter: regardless of your choices, we will never choose square again.

    Jacob —–”

    just sent to square.


  22. I “used to” accept credit cards via Square, they “were” very handy, until they no longer allowed weapons.

    It is too bad that they are so uninformed.

    NOW I vote to NOT use them any more and will not purchase from anyone that does.

  23. As I have said before, Ware-Ever Pay is perfectly fine with firearm sales through their mobile payment service.

  24. My father just bought this POS and I warned about the dangers of it being anti-constitutional. Sadly he doesnt care and believes that nothings going to happen. What the fuck is wrong of people. hes brainwashed by the media.

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